How Much Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

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What are solar panels?

Solar panels are a collection of solar cells. These cells are attached together in panels that can convert light energy into electricity. This electricity can then be ‘harvested’ and used inside your home instead of paying bills and using electricity from the National Grid and fossil fuels. Solar panels are a more renewable way of powering your home and they can save you some money if you have them for a while.

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Can I get solar panels?

Solar panels are a suitable for most homes, however there are still some restrictions that may apply to you.

You may be unable to install solar panels if:

  • You rent your home – unless you can negotiate this with your landlord
  • If you have a north-facing roof – best to check with the organisation of your choice to check if installing solar panels would be cost-effective as solutions are available for houses that aren’t south-facing
  • You live in a mid-floor or basement flat
  • You live in a grade-listed building or an area marked for conservation
  • You don’t have sufficient room for panels that would make a difference to your property in terms of the energy harvested
  • Your roof is heavily shaded

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How much do they cost?

Getting solar panels and the cost associated depends on the size of the panels and the type of system. The size of panels is usually measured in m2 and this is dependant on the size of your roof. The system is based on how much power you can produce, this is calculated based on average weather in your area and the size of your panels.

Below is a table that gives you a rough idea of the cost. This is just an estimate and you should seek advice from a professional before deciding on which solar panels you’d like, if any.

System Size Roof Space Required Average Cost For Who?
1kW 8m2  and up £1750 1 adult
2kW 11m2 and up £3500 2 adults
3kW 20m2 and up £5500 A small family
4kW 24m2  and up £6500 A large family

For context: a standard 3 bedroom semi-detached home would be about £5500-£6500 as a house of that size would have higher electricity demands than a smaller two bed terrace which would cost around the £3500 mark.

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