How Much Should It Cost For A New Front Door?

New Front Door CostA new front door is a significant investment. Whether you are renovating your house or building a new one, it is incomplete without a front door. A front door not only acts as an entryway but is crucial for protection, safety and privacy as well. You may have never seen a home without a front door.

So when it comes to the cost of a new front door, it can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on various factors.

Cost Determining Factors

As you calculate the cost of a new front door, you need to keep a lot of things in mind such as:

The most important determinant of the total cost of a new front door is the material. There are different materials used for making front doors; such as wood, fibreglass, steel, iron, PVC and composite etc. Below is a comprehensive list along with prices:

  1. Wooden
  2. Wood is the most common material for making a front door, as it neither fades nor rusts. Also, it is stronger than most other materials. An average wooden door costs £300 to £700. If you add extra features like decorative designs, glass, sidelights etc., the cost increases accordingly.

  3. Fibreglass
  4. Fibreglass is a durable material and offers great insulation. It lasts longer and requires little maintenance. A fibreglass door can cost as low as £150 and as high as £3,000 depending on the quality, type and features such as sidelights etc.

  5. Steel
  6. Steel front doors are a recommended option when security is your main concern. These offer the most protection and fall in the affordable category as well. On average, a steel front door costs between £75 and £350. However, these do not look as appealing as wooden front doors and are more prone to dents and scratches.

    Also, the cost adds up if you want some sidelights, glasswork or other decorative features.

  7. Iron
  8. Iron front doors, usually wrought iron, are one of the expensive front doors on this list. They come in a wide variety of styles and can include decorative features. On average, these cost between £1,500 and £9,000.

    When it comes to the appearance, these look quite attractive. Also, these come pre-hung and are just ready to install.

  9. PVC
  10. PVC front doors are becoming quite popular nowadays. These are made of plastic, however, the

    quality of plastic varies. These make the cheapest front doors. On average, it costs lesser than £380 with added style, sidelights and other features.

  11. Composites
  12. Composites are good materials for making front doors. They provide better quality than PVC and offer great strength. Such front doors are thicker, look better and offer more security. Composite doors often come as a combination of different materials such as timber, fibreglass, foam etc. On average, these cost between $400 and £600.


An average front door is 36 inches wide, 80 inches tall and 2 inches thick. Even though this is the standard size of average-sized houses and apartments, it is not the only size. The size of the front door differs in case of different houses and depends on various factors such as:

  • Size of the house
  • Personal preferences

Villas and mansions have larger front doors. Similarly, some people prefer to have wider and open entryways while others are fine with just a decent area left for the entrance. So the size, together with the material determines the cost.


Another important factor that decides the cost of a front door is its style. By style, we mean whether you want a single front door, a double front door or a single/double front door with sidelights.

Know that all the above-mentioned front door material costs are for single front doors. For double doors, the prices double as well.

Adding sidelights increase the cost by large. Sidelights are the glass panels that are added on both sides of the front door. Depending on your preference, you can also choose to go for a single sidelight if the architecture allows. The price varies accordingly.

Price Summary

  • A single wooden door with sidelights costs between £900 to £3,000.
  • A single fibreglass door with sidelights costs between £550 to £3,000.
  • A single steel door with sidelights costs between £500 to £2,500.


While you are calculating the cost for your new front door, do not forget to include installation and finishing costs as well.

Installation depends on whether the door is prehung or not. A pre-hung door comes with frames. One needs only to put it in place and fix the hinges. A pre-hung door costs between £200 & £1,000 to install depending on the area you live in, professional expertise of worker.

size of the door etc.

However, if the door is not prehung and the worker has to make and install the frame as well, the installation costs largely increase. It takes between £5 and £15 per linear foot for front door framing. It depends on material, size and other important elements as well. For example, if the frame needs a load-bearing header etc.

You can easily compare quotes from local tradesmen and national companies by using our online quote system:

Hardware and Extras

Hardware and various extra elements contribute to the cost of a new front door too. You might want to include the cost of the lockset, handle, paint and finishing, and if you want to include a pet door as well, that will cost you too. Together, all of these determine the final cost of a new front door.

Final Thoughts?

The cost for a new front door can be as low as £70 and as high as £3000-£3,500. On average, it costs £700 to install a new front door. The rest depends on the area you live in, the material you choose, the style you want to go for including all the extras and hardware costs.

So if you are planning a renovation or are building a new house, do not forget to add the cost of a new front door. It adds to the beauty and safety and is worth the dollars you spend.

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