How To Tile Around A Window

Trying your hand at tiling? Finding it easy up until you reach a window? These can be a little trickier to negotiate as it will mean you have to cut the tiles to fit into the shape of the window and then apply a finish. We’ve written a step by step guide on how you can concur this task below:

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  1. Mark & measure up before you start
  2. Measure, measure and measure again. Plan where every tile is going to be prior to starting so you know exactly what materials you will need & include the amount of wastage if necessary. There is nothing worse than getting to putting your adhesive on, turning around and not having enough tiles left!

  3. Attach full tiles around the window
  4. Get as close as necessary to the window. Do all the tiling in and around it that doesn’t involve cutting as this will be your base. Leave the cuts till later.

  5. Make sure your base is level & square
  6. The base tiles you’ve put all around the area up to the window need to all be level in order to get the best finish. Check this with a spirit level.

  7. Measure & mark your cuts cutting
  8. Place the tile over the section you need to cover & the window, make a mark where the line of the window meets the tiles, this will be where you score and cut the tile. You should start with the corners! Using a ruler or your spirit level, make a straight line at the point the two lines you’ve made meet.

  9. Line & score your cuts
  10. Using a tile cutter score the lines where you’ve made the previous marks, be careful and don’t score onto the section of tile that will be on show.

  11. Break off the excess
  12. Once scored you should just be able to use some tile snips or mole grips to snap off the excess section of the tile.

  13. Spread your adhesive
  14. Just like you’ve been doing throughout, spread the adhesive mix on the wall in the section that you want to put your perfectly cut tile.

  15. Fit the tile
  16. Fit the tile to the wall, then all you have to do is rinse & repeat this for all the tiles around the window itself. It’s a simple process once you get the hang of it!

  17. Apply a finish / trim
  18. Finally, all you have to do is apply some kind of a finish, this is usually in the shape of a coloured trim. It’s so the jagged edges of your tiles aren’t just on show & it gives a much neater finish. Then you just need to add the adhesive round the edges & fit the strip once it

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