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Have you sat on the floor with a pair of scissors or a shaver, attempting to remove the bobbles, fuzz, and fluff off your treasured sweater? It’s tempting to try this de-bobbling procedure, particularly if the bobbles appear on that favourite shirt, but there’s a better and safer way. The best part is that any of the fantastic fabric shavers described in this article can revive your clothing to its previous brilliance. Take a look at our shopping tips following if you’ve never purchased a cloth shaver before.

The bobble extractor is portable and easy to be used at house or on the go. Short and long bobbles can be removed from fabrics using flexible blades. Fabric bobbles are easily removed in seconds! The adjustable head targets short or long bobbles. A lightweight, handheld device that is simple to operate.

Don’t toss out your favourite cardigan just yet! With these convenient handheld lint remover, you can give old, worn sweaters and scarves a new lease on life. The protective blades of Bobble Off revolve to remove unattractive lints, bobbles, and fuzzies easily. Glide over worn areas to remove undesirable fibres that detract from the appearance of your clothing.

What to consider when buying a Bobber:

Textile clippers come in several different forms, but they always do the same thing: they remove unattractive lint balls. Like head size, blade count, and handlebar design, certain elements may function better on some razors than others. It’s also important to consider the cloth kind. These and other factors might help you choose the best fabric shaver for your needs.

Electric or manual:

Cloth shavers are divided into two categories: manual and electric. Manual shavers are gentle on fabrics, making them an excellent choice for thin, delicate fabrics. There’s no need to worry about the charger plugged out with these shavers because they don’t need to be recharged. They are also usually less expensive. On the other hand, manual fabric shavers take longer to operate and require more effort from the user.

Electric cloth shavers come in a variety of speeds and cutting heights or depths, allowing them to work swiftly and efficiently on various fabrics. These models may have an extra-long cable, a comfortable grip, or multi-blade designs to trim quicker. Some greater models include both battery and corded power options, while others only have one or the other. On the negative side, certain versions quickly deplete batteries, losing power before the operation is completed.

Type of fabric:

The greatest fabric shavers include features that make them operate better with different types of cloth. Electric shavers with changeable height and depth, for instance, allow the user to raise the cutting height on thick materials while lowering it on thin fabrics. Capturing or nicking the fabric is less likely as a result. Speed settings are also beneficial. For example, the shaver might function better in a slower setting when shaving thick textiles.

When fabric fibres become loose, pilling occurs. Friction and scraping pull those strands out of the fabric, causing lint balls to form. The friction could be caused by wearing an article of clothing or tumbling it in the dryer. Some textiles are more resistant to pilling than others. Tight weaves last longer than loose weaves, and woven materials pill less than knitted fabrics. Nylon, short-staple cotton, and most artificial materials pill more than long-fibre fabrics like linens, extra-long strand cotton, and silk. Fabric mixtures are also more prone to pilling than single-fibre fabrics.

Blades and shaving heads:

Shaving heads come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 3 inches wide. On large goods like sofas, bigger heads are more effective. Some heads are height-adjustable, which is ideal for those who have to trim a variety of fabrics. Thin, delicate fabrics may be protected from snagging by the adjustability, while heavy fabrics may benefit from additional assistance. Models with several speed settings, such as electric models, provide you with more control. For instance, they enable the customers to move slowly on thicker materials and faster on materials of ordinary thickness. Flexible blades are available on several manual shavers, with some built specifically for thick textiles and others for delicate fabrics.

Corrosion resistance is used in most razors because it keeps sharpness and resists corrosion. Blades constructed of high-quality stainless steel, such as 18/10 or 18/8, withstand rust and corrode better than products in the product of 18/0 stainless steel. Many producers, however, do not display the steel grade, so don’t be shocked if that knowledge isn’t easily available. The design of the blade is also important. Some versions include 3 to 6 teeth on thick textiles to remove lint balls quickly.


Debobblers function best when used straight with the item being treated. The heaviness of the tiny appliance is crucial since it determines how pleasant it is to use, particularly when debobbling large items such as drapes, bedding, or a sofa. The device’s weight will also affect how portable it is, especially if you intend to travel with it.


Electric shavers usually feature a handle or are organically built to be gripped in the palm. Although a handle is helpful when debobbling larger objects, it may not be essential if you only intend on using your electrical debobbler to debobble jumpers and other clothing items. Larger goods benefit from handles, but they add to bulk and mass costs.

Safety gear:

If you do have kids, you need to be particularly cautious when selecting a fabric trimmer. If you have children, seek one with an automated safety device or a well-designed safety guard.

Large cup:

If you pass the fabric razor over a large sofa or do this on many garments, you’ll want one with a big pill cup, so you don’t have to unload it as often.

Doesn’t harm your garments:

This may sound self-evident, but you want to make sure you pick a lint remover that has been thoroughly tested and will not harm your garments.

The number of rotations:

Gunk pullers with a greater amount of rotations per minute can remove tassels more quickly than someone with a lower number.

Power supply:

Debobblers will be supplied by a mains connection, a cell, or a rechargeable battery. A battery-powered or rechargeable model would be more appropriate if you intend to travel with your electric clothing shaver. Debobblers with short run times should be avoided if you often debobble heavy items.


PHILIPS Fabric Shaver, Black, Pack of 1
122,161 Customer Reviews
PHILIPS Fabric Shaver, Black, Pack of 1
The Philips fabric shaver is built to handle garments of various kinds of items with varying degrees of bobbling on them without inflicting damage to the items, which is one of the aspects that allowed it to make our selection of the top lint pullers for clothes. To put it another way, you can customize this lint cleaner to suit the fabric of your garment, such as nylon, cotton, synthetic materials, and so on. The Philips has a broad blade face that allows efficient and quick clothing handling. This lint extractor also comes with an adjustable cap for delicate clothing.

To cope with the varying sizes of bobbles on garments, the shaving head features 3 distinct sizes of holes. It’s simple to remove and clean the lint receptacle where bobbles are stored after they’ve been removed from clothes. A helpful brush is supplied in the packaging for cleaning.

It’s a battery-operated device made exclusively for shaved clothing. It is equipped with 2 long-lasting batteries and an instruction booklet to help you get the most out of it.


  • Swift
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price


  • Needs strong suction to remove bobbles
  • Requires frequent cleaning of the brush head
Minky Bobble Remover, Lint Remover, Lint Remover for Clothes, Hand Held Fabric Shaver, Bobble Remover For Clothes, Debobbler, Lint Removers For Clothes, Battery Operated Home Gadgets
7,745 Customer Reviews
Minky Bobble Remover, Lint Remover, Lint Remover for Clothes, Hand Held Fabric Shaver, Bobble Remover For Clothes, Debobbler, Lint Removers For Clothes, Battery Operated Home Gadgets
Place an inflatable spacer over the mesh to protect your garments from harm. The blades revolve at different angles, picking up and shaving off bobbles from your clothing when in use. The bobbles that have been removed are kept in a little chamber beneath the skull. The gadget immediately shuts down when the razor cover is unfastened or released. This feature helps stop kids (or you) from getting wounded by accident, so you don’t have to be concerned if your children try to use it on their clothes. You may also use this fabric shaver to tidy up your bedding, as the longer-lasting battery makes it simpler to tackle larger things.


  • Lengthy warranty
  • simple to use
  • works of different fabrics


  • has other competitions in the market.
Larger Sized Electric Lint Bobble Remover and Fabric Shaver GC20010 with Free Extra Blade and More Powerful, Multi-Use De Fluffer and De Bobbler Machine for Clothes and More
5,793 Customer Reviews
Larger Sized Electric Lint Bobble Remover and Fabric Shaver GC20010 with Free Extra Blade and More Powerful, Multi-Use De Fluffer and De Bobbler Machine for Clothes and More
This knitwear shaver is convenient travel-size equipment designed to quickly remove lint from various materials. This fabric shaver is simple to operate and may be used either wired or remotely with C batteries. It’s simple to use and can be used on various materials, so it’s a great addition to most households. This lint remover can be used on blankets, bedsheets, and some fabric furnishings in addition to the wardrobe. The machine is simple to operate, and the attractive matt black finish ensures that it will not look out of place. The shaver’s polished steel blades and robust motor make lint and fuzz quick work. This jumper shaver is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on performance. This cloth shaver is great for various materials and may be used at home or on the go.


  • Lightweight
  • Works perfectly on carpets and sofas
  • reasonable


  • weight might lead a buyer to think it’s cheap quality
Thehomeuse Lint Remover, Electric Fabric Shaver Bobble Remover for Clothes, USB Charging Debobbler Clothes Shaver, Portable Removers Fuzz Pill Fluff Carpet Sofa, Blue
458 Customer Reviews
Thehomeuse Lint Remover, Electric Fabric Shaver Bobble Remover for Clothes, USB Charging Debobbler Clothes Shaver, Portable Removers Fuzz Pill Fluff Carpet Sofa, Blue
The cordless fabric razor was created with simplicity of use and convenience in mind. The device can be used on various fabrics, and a safety mesh prevents snagging. The Lint cloth trimmer is a versatile instrument that you may use in almost any room of a typical home. Cushions, carpets, sofas, bedding, clothing, and other items may all be cleaned with this single tool. The shaver is rechargeable by USB and can also be used while plugged in, making it excellent for de-fuzzing big regions.

This tool features a sleek, contemporary, and basic design that is easy to use and maintain and provides excellent results on various fabrics. The clear lint trap makes it simple to see when it has to be cleaned, and the ergonomically adjustable handle makes it comfortable to use. It can be used on various materials thanks to the variable shaver settings, although you should avoid any cloth with a loose weave.


  • Comfortable to use and grab
  • Works excellent to pull out thick fur and bobbles
  • Does wonders on carpets


  • Does not offer a good market price
GLEENER Ultimate Bobble Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover | Adjustable Depiller for Clothes & Furniture (Slate Blue)
11,403 Customer Reviews
GLEENER Ultimate Bobble Remover Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover | Adjustable Depiller for Clothes & Furniture (Slate Blue)
Gleaner’s Ultimate fluff extractor and clothing trimmer is a convenient ultraportable tool with a built-in lint comb for a professional finish when de-pilling clothing, leather, or antiques. The tool comes with three different heads and comes in various colours. Gleaner’s manual cloth shaver comes with three brushes, allowing it to securely shave a wider range of materials than certain manual options. The tool comes with three blades: one for bulky textiles, one for moderate fabrics, and one for delicate items, which are easily interchangeable. For final touches, the gadget includes a built-in lint comb.

Because of the product’s size and robust design, you may use it on garments, furniture, and even fabric furniture. It’s also simple to clean and store the instrument. Because of the three distinct heads on the Gleaner Ultimate bobble remover, it may be used on a variety of materials, including some that are delicate. The tool is simple to operate, and because it is manual, it is more environmentally friendly than electric models; nevertheless, replacement blades are difficult to come by.


  • Offers good value for money
  • Portable
  • Stylish
  • Works amazing on materials like linen, cotton, and wool etc.
  • Offers good grip


  • Has competitions in the market

Lofuanna Portable Lint Remover:

The portable lint extractor from Iofuanna is a simple but effective tool. The lint roller is a handheld device that you may use to remove lint from rugs, upholstery, and even garments. The portable lint remover from Iofuanna is a simple yet effective tool. This lint remover is quite simple to use; all it takes is dragging it across the garment’s surface. This hand tool makes it more environmentally friendly because you don’t have to bother about buying loads and discarding batteries, nor do you have to worry about performance degradation when batteries or engines run out. The Iofuanna cotton roller is simple to use, environmentally friendly, and effective on carpets and durable fabrics. On the other hand, the sharp copper teeth may harm softer, more delicate garments and materials.


  • No need to bother with batteries
  • Perfect for getting fleurs out of carpets
  • Handy
  • Offers good money value


  • Might damage some material due to sharp blades
  • Might have better options in the market
Crazyanna Portable Lint Remover Simple Sweater Defuzzer Clothes Fuzz Shaver Restores Your Clothes and Fabrics (1 pack)
6,473 Customer Reviews
Crazyanna Portable Lint Remover Simple Sweater Defuzzer Clothes Fuzz Shaver Restores Your Clothes and Fabrics (1 pack)
Handheld lint removers from Yewrrite come in useful three-packs and make removing wool bobbles from garments, carpets, and other materials a breeze. These handy lint removers are ideal for removing bobbles, sticky pet hair, and regular lint build-up. The Yewrrite fluff pullers are compact, ergonomic, and simple to use, and they work well on thicker materials to eliminate bobbling. They can, however, damage some lightweight or fragile materials, just like other mechanical scythe lint removers. The lint removers are suitable for pet-owning families since they effectively remove hair from carpets, wool, blankets, and other tough textiles. The manual lint cleaners from Yewrrite have a comfortable fit that promotes comfort while using them, and they work well on tough clothing and carpets covered in pet hair. They are environmentally friendly due to their battery-free functioning, and their tiny size makes them simple to store and travel.


  • Portable
  • Good money value
  • Easy to use


  • Better options in the market

 Lzonunl Bobble Remover:

This is yet another dust remover that is ergonomically built to be simple to grip and use, making it a good choice for somebody with arthritis. The Lzonunl Bobble Remover includes three blades and a safety device that prevents the blades from moving if the covers are loose or not properly secured. It also includes a safety cap that can be put on the gadget while not in use, which is great for keeping curious kids safe. The Lzonunl is small, light, and transportable, and you can dismantle it for cleaning without using any tools. This would be a fantastic little shaver to pack in your suitcase for a trip away to take care of any stray hairs! Thanks to USB charging, you can simply bring the lint roller with you.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Used on light clothing as well


  • Extraction might not be strong enough.
Kanff USB Lint Remover,Electric Clothes Fabric Shaver defuzzer for clothes,Carpet Bobble Remover,Bobbles Fuzz Fluff Removing Shaver,lint removers for clothes,fabric,sofa
228 Customer Reviews
Kanff USB Lint Remover,Electric Clothes Fabric Shaver defuzzer for clothes,Carpet Bobble Remover,Bobbles Fuzz Fluff Removing Shaver,lint removers for clothes,fabric,sofa
The handy Kanff USB Fabric Shaver, Knitted Electric razor almost disappears in a piece of luggage, but it’s packed with capabilities (including suction) that are usually reserved for larger versions. To effectively trap fuzz balls on diverse types of fabric, this small fabric shaver has two speeds and varied lint-hole widths in the foil. A spacer around the foil changes the cutting depth for thick or thin materials. Suction is also included in the shaver to pull the lint inside. The Kanff is charged via a USB cable and may be charged using a power bank, a computer, or an AC adapter. It takes 2 hours to charge fully and can be used for up to 1 hour at a time. However, if it is largely used, you can reduce the operation time. Nevertheless, if it runs predominantly at a higher speed, you can reduce the operating time. If the net covering is discarded or comes loose, an immediate stop mechanism activates, protecting curious children or pets.


  • Good grip
  • Two fast spin speed
  • Strong extraction for fluff


  • No plug for charging requires only a USB


Is there a way to get bobble off work?

Does the job, albeit the bobbles were tough to remove and the batteries were hard to set up. It is powered by two AA batteries (not supplied). With the two Battery packs inserted, the battery chamber proved impossible to release and subsequently close.

What causes clothing to bobble?

Defective fibres that are ripped or shredded from your fabrics and then become stuck in the fibres of your clothing when spinning through the laundry basket or dryer are known as pilling or linting.

Is it possible to remove bobbles with bobble removers?

Fortunately, using a debobbler to remove the bobbles is rather effective on most goods. Electric fabric shavers can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, along with the most fragile wools and silks. In the long run, purchasing a clothes debobbler can save your money.

Why should you buy a cloth shaver?

Many people believe that once a garment starts flaking and bobbles start popping up all over the place, it’s past its prime. That is not true; you can restore it to its original condition using a fabric trimmer. Fabric clippers are a terrific method to keep your garments looking new and prevent them from looking worn out. Textile clippers are especially handy if you have a lot of woollen clothes because wool attracts lint balls significantly more than other materials.


Wave farewell to those pesky fuzz bits on your knitwear!

There are numerous varieties of pill removers available, but perhaps the most common are battery-powered cloth safety razors with constructed motors. These are the most efficient and are suitable for garments as well as furniture. Mechanical solutions, such as sweater combing and sandpaper stones, are smaller and do not require power, but they take much longer to eliminate pills.

That concludes our top ten list of lint pullers and cloth shavers for clothing. The Philips Cloth Shaver is our top selection because it works well, is dependable, and is reasonably priced. We hope this post was helpful in your hunt for the best lint remover; now go de-pill those clothing and breathe new life into your closet!

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