Heating & Cooling

Is the temperature getting that bit too hot? Struggling to get work done with the uncomfortable heat of the British summer? Then an air conditioning unit may be a good choice for you. Here you will find all our tips, hints, guides & tricks on the subject.

Best Dehumidifier For Drying Clothes

dehumidifier to dry clothes

During the wet season, it’s difficult to properly dry clothes because we are determined to get them dry indoors. You may have attempted spreading the clothes indoors and waiting a long time before they dry, but in the end, they never fully dry up and might cause you to have …

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Best Firelogs For Indoor & Outdoor Use


A warming fire quickly makes your environment snug and appealing on a cold night. However, creating a genuine wood fire may be time-consuming and stressful, as it frequently necessitates storing and lifting heavy wood logs. While there’s nothing like a warming, blazing wood fire to heat up a cold night …

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Best German Electric Radiators

German Electric Radiator

A heater is a home appliance that transfers heat from a solid object or liquid material, usually water, to another place. In the past, most heating devices were used for heating buildings and climates. However, the introduction of electricity has changed the way this equipment works. The development of electrical …

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Best Electric Heaters

Electric Heater

As winter approaches, all parts of the world will face a gradual cooling. This is because the sun’s rays become weaker and thus cannot provide as much heat as in summer. It has been observed that at its lowest points, the rays from the sun are not even strong enough …

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Best Oil Filled Radiator

Oil Filled Radiator

Quite a while ago we wrote an article on the best wall mounted oil filled radiators, which has proved popular! However, what about those that don’t want an oil radiator to attach to their wall, and simply want to bring it into their property for the winter months? We’ve got …

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5 tips to save money in your home

Best Energy Efficient Electric Radiator

Using these 5 small tips in your home you can help benefit the environment and also save money in your pocket at the same time. From switching to energy efficient appliances and turning lights off when you leave a room you can help reduce your energy bills and help make …

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Silent Night Air Purifier Review

Silent Night Air Purifier Review

Pollutants from burning wood, tobacco, cooking gases, dust mites, pet dander, and building materials contribute to an unhealthy and unconducive indoor environment that adversely impacts humans. People with respiratory illnesses are the most affected by these pollutants.  Fine particles such as smoke and dust are a major concern because they …

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JML Arctic Air Cooler Review UK

JML Arctic air cooler

JML Arctic air cooler is a personal portable air cooler that uses evaporative cooling technology to bring room temperatures down. The unit uses cold water to cool the air. The unit is at the highest efficiency when filled with ice-cold water and blowing at the maximum fan speeds. The product …

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