Painting & Decorating

Are you planning on freshening up your home a little bit? Painting and decorating is the perfect solution. Here you will find a bunch of guides to help you with DIY or hiring a professional.

Best Paint For Ceilings UK

Painting Ceilings

Picking the best ceiling paint means getting something that looks good and lasts for a long time but is easy to apply. But how do you know which paint is best for your job? After all, if you get something wrong, it could end up with things like bad-looking patterns …

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Best White Gloss Paint UK

Paint Brush

Finding the right paint is never simple, especially in today’s age when there appears to be an infinite number of paint brands and finishes to choose from. We have carried out in-depth research over several weeks to produce this list, so you can rest assured that it is accurate and …

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Best Fence Paint UK

Best Fence Paint

Fencing is a significant part of protecting your home from would-be intruders, but it’s pretty expensive. It can cost you hundreds of Euros for just one section alone. If you have a decent-sized home or property, fencing in the entire thing could cost a small fortune. Luckily for you, there …

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Can You Use Masonry Paint On Wood?

Masonry Paint For Wood

It is possible to use masonry paint on wood. The main reason for applying this paint is for decorating, but you can use it for insulating and protection purposes. Note that you can’t use the masonry paint directly on your wood. The wood is a porous material, and a lot …

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How To Smooth Walls Without Plastering

Smooth Wall

Plastering is the most commonly used method to smooth walls for a finished look. Plastering needs a professional skill for a smooth application. Applying plaster to walls gives a strong and long-lasting finish. Plastering gives both new and old walls a perfect finish for painting and also helps make the …

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Can you Paint Plasterboard?


People install plasterboard for a variety of reasons. The boards offer additional protection to the wall, create barriers between rooms, are cheap, lower noise pollution, etc. Many people have a question about whether or not they can paint their plasterboard. Well, indeed, you can. You can paint the plaster wall …

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Best Paint Roller For Emulsion

Why choose expensive paint rollers instead of the generic store brand? To give your paint a professional look and make DIY a memorable experience. Check out our top picks below. Whether you are painting your whole house, inch by inch, or you’re just making your dog’s kennel look Instagram-worthy, you …

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