About Us


My names Mat & I run Guides4Homeowners. By day I work as a Digital Marketer, but by night, or weekend, I’m what I like to refer to as a have-a-go-DIYer. At the age of 21 I bought my first house, and I quickly realised, a lot can go wrong in the house & it’s often not cheap to fix.

My boiler broke, my ceiling had a leak & the whole house needed decorating, so I had to go out in to the world, buy my own toolbox & read up on guides of how to fix various issues. My first step into the world of DIY. I’ve done a bit since then, grouting, gardening, fitting my kitchen, sanding the doors & removing whole walls of lat and plaster. By no means is my journey over.

In the meantime though, it hit me, why not help others, learn, create a blog & hopefully earn a little bit of affiliate commission along the way. Combining my need to learn a variety of DIY skills & my passion for digital marketing / website design spawned Guides4Homeowners.

Hopefully this helps a few people along the way!

All the best,