Best Paint For Bathrooms

Best Paint For Bathrooms

Before you grab for the paint brush & roller and start covering your bathroom in emulsion you might want to just take a step back. Bathrooms are unlike any other room in the house in terms of paint, think about the amount of moisture that sits in your bathroom after a shower or bath, standard painted walls will soak up this moisture and start to peel.

So if you’re looking to paint your bathroom, read this guide to find out how you can do it & what paints you need to look at buying.

In this article you will learn:

What type of paint is best for bathrooms?

As we touched on before, bathrooms are full of moisture, which means that not all paints are suitable in dealing with the conditions. It tends to be the higher the gloss the better the performance so you’ll usually find high glass paint in older bathrooms, as that used to be the best solution.

Now however there is special Bathroom paint which contains mildew and moisture prevention properties. As this is a specially designed paint, you’ll usually find that it costs significantly more. This is obviously the best option, but it’s not the only one, so if the cost is too much you can always use a suitable alternative.

We’ve broken down each of your paint options and provided an insight into their suitability:

  • Eggshell – This can be a suitable paint option, it’s washable which means if you keep on top of it then you shouldn’t have any issues.
  • Flat – This paint tends to absorb quite a bit of moisture and doesn’t keep it out as well as some of the others, so overtime you may get mildew issues. Not suitable for bathrooms.
  • Satin – It’s not the best option, but you can use it in bathrooms which have good ventilation.
  • Semi or High gloss – As we touched upon earlier in the article, gloss paint works really well as it repels moisture, but it depends whether that is the finish you want, it’s personal preference.
  • Bathroom paint – This is by far your best bet. It’s the longest lasting paint that won’t be affected by mildew, it’s more expensive but will probably leave less headaches in the long run with less cleaning required.

What is the best paint for bathroom ceilings?

You might be wondering if the ceiling is different from the rest of the room, as obviously the moisture rises, the ceiling will be the area most affected. Bathroom paint is the most suitable for this, however you might want to consider alternatives to just having a bare exposed wall, a lot of people choose to install cladding as it’s much longer lasting and easier to clean.

Tips for painting bathrooms

Painting a bathroom is slightly different to a normal room, there are a few other considerations you have to take into account. Here’s a step by step of what you should do:

  1. Make sure you cover all your fixtures & fittings with protective sheets to prevent any splashing or drips ruining other parts of your bathroom.
  2. Protect the floor with a sheet
  3. Make sure all the walls or ceiling are prepared. Giving the walls a quick going over with sandpaper to remove any bumps.
  4. If there is any mildew build up, you should make sure you treat it before just painting over it, as it will usually over time work its way through.
  5. Once all the walls are dried and treated you’re ready to go.
  6. Let the paint fully dry before doing anything that will build up moisture like showering or taking a bath.

Our top bathroom paint picks

Want to know which paint to go for? We’ve picked out our top 5 choices at a range of budgets, I’ve also tried to stick to light colours as these are generally the most possible, but each paint should have colour alternatives. These are all bathroom paints, as described in the article they are far superior, but might not be the cheapest option so that’s something to consider:

Dryzone Anti Mould 1L – Brilliant White
This tub of paint will roughly get you 10m² – 12m² coverage. It has excellent reviews and is one of Amazon’s top picks for bathroom paint. Here are some of the selling points:

  • It will last for 5 years and will prevent any recurrence of black mould
  • It’s compatible with any paint finish
  • Very easy to apply and large amount of coverage for the cost



Johnstone Bathroom Paint – Brilliant White
A smaller tin but cheaper option, still a highly rated bathroom paint on Amazon. Johnstone are one of the most well known brands of paint, so you can be assured it’s high quality.

Here are a few of the selling points:

  • A small tin that goes a long way
  • Johnson are global leaders in the coating market and have designed this paint specifically for bathroom use
  • Easy to apply and doesn’t leave streaks



Dulux Easycare Bathroom – Pure Brilliant White 1L
Dulux is always reliable and you can always ensure that you’ll get a top quality finish, it’s usually quite expensive but this tub seems reasonably priced in comparison to some of the other products. Here are some of the top selling points:

  • Developed their own, MoulTec protection that lasts 5 years
  • 10x tougher than their matt and silk emulsion
  • Only requires two coats, some competitors may require more.



HQC Kitchen & Bathroom Paint – 0.5L
This is quite an expensive one in comparison to a few of the others we’ve displayed, however it’s specifically developed for protection against mould and bacteria. It offers a fantastic finish and a few alternative colour variants that you may not get with other brands. Here are a few of the selling points:

  • Specifically formulated for bathrooms and kitchens to avoid any mould or bacteria growth
  • Water based, washable and great breathability
  • The finish is mid sheen that resists moisture, stains and grease
  • 32 unique colours available

You can also get this in a 2.5L tub.



Berger Paint Kitchen & Bathroom – 1L
I must admit, I’ve never used this paint or heard of this brand, but it has some great reviews on Amazon and is at a fairly competitive price from a few different sellers. Here are some of its selling points:

  • Dries quickly
  • Some users who have reviewed the product say that it only requires a single coat
  • Easy to apply with no mess



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