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Best Built-In Double Ovens

We have all seen that modern kitchen that has a built-in double oven. This appliance is designed at eye level to provide you with two cavities for double baking and cooking volume. Also, cleaning this type of appliance is quite straightforward, as you won’t struggle too much doing so. 

If you are looking forward to installing a double oven in your kitchen, this guide will help you get a better built-in model. We have picked some of the best built-in double ovens for you. Put your feet up and read all about this year’s best built-in models to help you cook better and healthier. With our top picks, your grilling, roasting, and baking will never be the same again as it will be an absolute pleasure. 

Because not all kitchens have the luxury of space for a separate hob or even, this built-in double oven comes as a solution as you will get two ovens in a single appliance. So, if you are considering replacing your traditional oven, follow us for more. 

What are the different types of the oven?

The following are the three types of ovens available on the market:

1. Single ovens

A typical single oven measures around 60 cm in height, while a compact one measures 45 cm. Single ovens are very convenient, especially if you have limited space at your home or usually cook for one or two people. Also, if you tend to spend less time in your kitchen, a single oven might be the best option for you. You can slot a single oven at eye level or under the counter. Note, with single ovens; it is impossible to grill and cook at the same time. 

2. Double ovens

If you have a larger household or you regularly hold parties, this might be a better choice for you. Double ovens are quite versatile and ideal for families. Double ovens are available in two shapes:

  • Double built-in models measure around 90 cm in height, and they are built-in at an eye level.
  • Smaller built-under models measuring about 70 cm are built under the counter. 

Built-in double ovens are more spacious than their built-under counterparts. You will get more benefits from a larger oven when having entertainment sessions with your friends on a Sunday afternoon than with a smaller oven. You should note that double does not necessarily mean twice the size. Some double ovens have little capacities, which might be more effective for grilling than cooking, especially larger dishes. Double ovens are gradually becoming unpopular, and it is unlikely you will get new models on the market. However, if you have a larger family to feed or like holding parties, a double oven model will be the most appropriate for you.

3. Smart ovens

What makes these ovens smart is that you can use wi-fi or Bluetooth to connect them to your smartphone and control them remotely. They allow you to control them while in another room. Depending on the features and technology used to create these models, some will allow you to control them at a distance. You will easily switch on and off the appliance from the comfort of your couch, and you won’t need to pause your favourite programme. You could even preheat it before you get home from work. 

You can programme these models and save your settings for your next cooking, meaning you can customise your programmes. Smart ovens feature cooking functions for different kinds of foods. So, you will not struggle to set the ideal setting and temperature for specific food; all these are out of your hands just at the press of a button. Also, these models can still be used manually, just like a standard oven, thus making them even more convenient. 

Installing a built-in double oven

Installing built-in double ovens is easy as they perfectly fit your kitchen cabinets. However, they will require more than just slotting them inside the cabinets and plugging them in. Most electric ovens tend to be too powerful just to plug them into your wall socket. All of them come with a manufacturer instruction manual that will help you in the entire process. But, if you are not sure about your efforts, you should ask for help. 

You need to make sure the oven is in the right size to fit well in the area you want to place it. Also, you should consider an allowance space that will allow the appliance door to open fully. In addition, you should ensure the area you want to place the oven is near the power supply, whether gas or electricity and the space ought to be enough to properly install the power supply. You will also need a platform capable of supporting the oven’s weight, which will offer enough clearance to meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. For safety reasons, if you do not have any installation skills, we recommend you contact your Safe Gas engineer or electrical engineer to help you with the installation depending on your power supply. 

Cleaning your oven

In most cases, we tend to pay less attention to our ovens’ interiors than the rest of our kitchen. But, grease and a few pieces of burnt food build up and absorb the heat, hence making your oven less efficient. When the oven’s glass door is clear, it means you see your bakes during the entire cooking process. With the correct tools and methods, cleaning an oven can not be an overwhelming task. We have some tips on how to easily clean your oven and maintain it in a clean state.

1. Getting a pyrolytic oven

This automatic cleaning function uses a combination of pressure with high temperatures to change food residues and grease inside the oven into ash, which collects on the oven’s floor. You can sweep away the ash collected when you are cleaning your kitchen. Depending on your programme, this cleaning process will take around one to three hours. 

When cleaning, the heat surrounds all the corners of the oven cavity. Most ovens that come with this function enclose the residual heat during the cycle. This means the door of the oven temperature should remain low, just like during its normal operation. Also, the oven door automatically closes once the pyrolytic cleaning activates, and you can not open it until the cycle is complete and the temperature of the inside returns to a safe level.

Most modern models have this feature, and you should make the most out of it.

2. Catalytic liners

Some ovens come with catalytic liners that transform your oven into a self-cleaning appliance when heated at higher temperatures. It is not recommended to clean these liners manually. You should replace them when need be. Depending on the type of your oven, you might need to service the oven’s liners by putting your oven on its highest heat setting for one hour. 

Oven accessories

Once you buy a new oven, they come with a range of accessories for enhanced flexibility and convenience. Below are a few common accessories:

1. Oven tray

It is also called the baking tray or universal pan. The name entirely depends on the manufacturer. These trays are multi-purpose, and you can use them to prepare different meals, such as veggies and roasting or baking cakes and bread. You can also use them with the wire rack to grill. In addition, you may use them to catch fat dripping when the grilling is directly on a wire shelf. Most ovens on the market offer you at least one tray, while some models have more than one. 

2. Wire rack

This rack is quite useful for grilling. You can use it for cake tins, ovenware, or other ovenproof dishes. Most modern ovens will offer you a minimum of two racks. 

3. Wire shelves

All ovens come with removable wire shelves that allow you to insert them interchangeably among various shelf positions. This enables you to accommodate different dish sizes. 

4. Telescopic runners

Some ovens may offer telescopic runners, making it easier to pull out wire shelves and push them back. They will also be beneficial when checking cooking progress by just pulling the dish halfway quickly. Some models allow you to move the runners to the shelf you need, while others are fixed, and you can not move them. 

5. Temperature/meat probe

This is a more enhanced specialised accessory. Some ovens may come with this feature that records the temperature of the food when cooking.  

Picking the right double wall oven for you

Below are a few important things to consider when you are searching for the right built-in double oven:

1. Cooking power & range

Your oven is entirely for cooking, so getting an appliance that will give your powerful cooking abilities should be your top priority. Most ovens tend to share a similar highest level of temperature of about 500 F. So you shouldn’t focus much on temperature capabilities but rather on other extra features an oven has. Such features include broiling options, convention fans, dual temperature capabilities, and any other cooking features. 

2. Size

A double oven will take much more space than a single oven, whether arranged vertically or horizontally. You should ensure your kitchen has enough space that will fit your built-in double oven. Away from the appliance dimensions, you should consider the cooking capacity of the oven. Most ovens have a volume of around 5.1 cubic feet or even more. With this kind of volume, you are sure you can prepare multiple meals using these two ovens. When making your choice, you should think about your cooking requirements first.

3. Reliability

You need a built-in double oven that will give you service for many years. When it comes to reliability, most brands are designed differently. So, you should check customers’ satisfaction in the reviews and ratings of the built-in double oven you want to buy. Well-established brands usually have robust warranty programs that speak a lot about the manufacturer’s confidence in their products regarding quality and construction. Make sure you read customers’ reviews not just for the recent model you want to buy but even for previous models to rate the model’s reliability. Most ovens perform well in their first year, but later they start to develop some problems. Ensure you do enough research about a product before picking it.

4. Features

Ovens are not just any hot structure that allows you to bake your cake or roast your meat. The best appliances are loaded with a wide variety of advanced features. Some of the most modern features include remote cooking capabilities using your smartphone, which connects to the oven through wi-fi or Bluetooth. Other notable features include touch screens and customised setting programmes. Although some features are not necessary for the oven, they do not affect the appliance’s performance. However, they will allow you to have an enjoyable experience when cooking. You should always have a few minimum features you want from an oven before considering other features, such as remote cooking. Some features ought to be a priority. 

4. Design

Double ovens take twice the size of space as single ovens. Their visual appeal also should be twice as important. Different built-in double ovens come in different designs. Your choice will largely depend on your preferences and your interior design. Stainless steel finishes are becoming a darling for many buyers. Statement finishes which include custom colours, such as red, blue, orange, or black, are also gaining popularity. Other premium ovens are designed with an infusion of hue into the steel, making the appliances more stain-resistant and durable. Other designs include a touch screen, or physical knob or a combination of both. 

Our best built-in double ovens reviews

Hotpoint Newstyle Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel
113 Customer Reviews
Hotpoint Newstyle Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel

Product description

Hotpoint is a well-established brand that is renowned worldwide for making high-standard electronics. Their built-in oven model remains intact when it comes to quality and design. It Has an energy rating of A, meaning it will save a lot more energy than necessary; hence, it will enable you to save a lot on electricity bills. It cooks food evenly, and it doesn’t matter where you place your dish. It is designed with knob controls and a push-button with an LED display. 

It is electric-powered with an energy rating of A. The dimensions of this Hotpoint built-in oven are 88.7 x 59.5 x 57.5 cm (H x W x D), with the main oven having a capacity of 74 litres and the mini oven 42 litres. 

Main features

The following are the key component of this built-in double oven:

  • This built-in double oven cooks food evenly no matter where you place your meal in the oven.
  • The defrost function allows food to thaw hygienically and quickly.
  • The slow cook function is ideal for cooking tender meat and healthier stews.
  • This is designed with grease-proof enamel, making it easier to clean the oven.

Why we have chosen it

This built-in double oven comes from a well-established brand with a great reputation worldwide. But, that is not the main reason why we have opted to go for it. Its great features and high-performance levels are the key reason we include this product on our list. It comes with a programmable timer that allows precision cooking. 

When it comes to cleaning, you will not have a hard time cleaning the oven as its interior is made with enamel which offers easy cleaning. Also, it fits your kitchen cabinets at eye level, making its operation straightforward. The main oven is equipped with light, which enables you to peek inside as the food cooks. 

Another important thing is its energy consumption. With its “A” energy rating, it means you will save a lot on electricity bills. 

Read reviews

This product has excellent reviews, proving that the manufacturer spent a lot of time ensuring they deliver a quality that will meet their customer’s requirements. At the same time, a few customers feel that this product needs some improvements in certain areas. After reading reviews, you will know the good side and the shortcomings of this product, so that when you buy it, you will be aware of what to expect from it.

Hisense Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel
9 Customer Reviews
Hisense Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel

Product description

This double oven from Hisense will allow you to enjoy your cooking experience. For more consistent cooking, the Hisense Electric Built-In Double Oven has a main oven fan to cook fast and efficiently, especially larger meals. The secondary oven is equipped with a handy grill setting which leaves your meal with a crispy top. With this oven, you will not have to worry about overcooked meals again as it comes with a timer that lets you set your oven on specific meals, and it turns off when the food gets ready. 

The combined capacity of this oven is 92 litres: main oven 54 litres and secondary oven 38 litres. It’s bigger capacity makes it ideal for cooking dinners for family and parties.

Main features

Below are the main features of this product:

  •  This one’s insides have enamel liners that are greaseproof and make it easier to clean the oven. They will just need a quick wipe down.
  • The LED touch offers a fully programmable timer that allows you to keep track of times for cooking.
  • This built-in double oven has a defrost function in the main oven, allowing your food to thaw quickly and gently. 
  • It has a lock function that keeps children protected when the programme is running.

Why we have chosen it

This double oven will help you cook better and faster. Its overall 92 litres capacity will change how you cook for your family and how you conduct parties. The timer function accurately keeps track of times to prevent your food from overcooking. When it comes to your family safety, the manufacturer has looked into this matter, which is why they have equipped this appliance with a protective lock. Stainless steel is another area of attraction as most people today go for home appliances with this kind of finish. It will match well with most of your other kitchen appliances.

Read reviews

Since buying a built-in double is a long-term investment, you need to check its reliability before buying it. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by reading reviews. You will know whether it will meet your expectations or not. Also, you will know how long it might serve you.

Indesit Aria Electric Built In Double Oven - White
42 Customer Reviews
Indesit Aria Electric Built In Double Oven - White

Product description

The Indesit Aria IDD6340WH comes in white with the main fan oven and a conventional secondary oven. It has twin variable grills for more convenience.  This built-in double oven will be a great choice for a smaller household looking to expand its cooking capacity with ease. 

It has a classic white finish with stainless steel handles. The Indesit Aria IDD6340WH will complement most of your kitchen appliances. It boasts a 74-litres  main fan oven capacity, allowing you to cook for your entire family and host dinner parties. The second oven is a bit smaller with a 42 litres capacity, and it will be perfect for preparing smaller meals, such as side dishes and breakfast.

Main features

Below are some of the useful features of this built-in double oven:

  • The Indesit Aria IDD6340WH has an A/A energy efficiency rating for the two ovens, saving you much on electricity bills.
  • The cavities of both ovens come with enamel liners that reduce the hassle of cleaning. 
  • It comes with a sleek design that compliments most of your kitchen interiors.

Why we have chosen it

The Indesit Aria IDD6340WH will improve how you conduct your weekend dinner parties. The process of preparing food will become less overwhelming as you can cook large amounts of meals at a go since the capacity of both ovens is more extensive than most ovens on the market. If you like crips, off brown vegetables, or bacon, the integrated variable grill will allow you to prepare these tasty foods. 

You will no longer need to use stronger chemicals and a lot of scrubbing with this double oven. It has smooth enamel liners that make it easier to clean the interiors of the oven.

Read reviews

Since online shopping took shape, most buyers have been relying on reviews to decide when looking for a perfect product. Reviews are honest and independent thoughts of a product from buyers’ perspectives. When reading, you should be impartial to get the right information about this built-in double oven. 

NEFF U1GCC0AN0B Double Oven with LCD Display, Stainless Steel and Black, Integrated, 88.8 x 59.4 x 55cm (H x W x D)
12 Customer Reviews
NEFF U1GCC0AN0B Double Oven with LCD Display, Stainless Steel and Black, Integrated, 88.8 x 59.4 x 55cm (H x W x D)

Product description

Neff N30 is designed with a CircoTherm, a special hot-air system that allows simultaneous roasting and baking on up to three levels. It is equipped with LED lighting for easier and clear reading. The LED display will let you see how the time is passing as the food cooks. 

The main oven has a capacity of 71 litres, while the secondary top oven has 34 litres. The main oven has five heating methods: CircoTherm, Hot air grilling, CircoTherm gentle, Full surface grilling, and Top/Bottom. 

Main features

The following is what makes up this double oven:

  • It has a larger capacity for cooking for your family and hosting parties.
  •  The inner surface of the oven is made of enamel which makes it easier to clean the oven.
  • It has retractable control dials.
  • It comes with a smooth panel lock.
  • The main oven has a full glass inner door.
  • Both ovens have interior halogen lighting.

Why we have chosen it

This built-in double oven comes with standard accessories that allow you to cook with a lot of conveniences. The appliance has a combined capacity of 105 litres, meaning you can cook for many people.  The energy consumption per cycle is only 1.02kWh and when the oven is in fan-forced mode is 0.81 kWh. From those figures, we were very convinced this double oven will help you save on electricity costs. 

Read review

Do not just buy this oven without doing some more research about it. One of the easiest ways to check how this appliance performs in the kitchen is by reading customer reviews. Each buyer states how the product performs. Some are highly recommending it, while others ask people to look for other options. Read reviews to know if this product is the one for you. 

Zanussi Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel
18 Customer Reviews
Zanussi Electric Built In Double Oven - Stainless Steel

Product description

The Zanussi ZOD35660XK Electric Built-in oven will be a perfect choice for anyone looking for an appliance that will offer a larger cooking capacity and other additional features on top. This product comes at an affordable and manageable price tag, especially when comparing what you get from it. It will help you cook better for your family. Zanussi Electric Built-In Double Oven has a combined grill and oven and an extra fanned oven. The grill offers you fast and standard grilling. 

Main features

Below are the main components of this built-in double oven:

  • You can switch off his oven automatically using a Set and Go function.
  • The multiple features ensure even heat distribution, allowing food to cook evenly no matter where you place it.
  • It has been designed with an excellent LED digital display for clear reading.
  • It has four manual dials for controlling temperature.

Why we have chosen it

Suppose you have been looking for a built-in double oven that will offer you plenty of cooking capacity, standard accessories, evenly cooked meals, and a lot of conveniences. In that case, Zanussi Electric Built-In Double Oven is the product for you. It fulfilled all our irreducible minimums with other additional features for making your cooking experience more intriguing. 

Read reviews

Reviews will help you to know how reliable this built-in double oven is

Final thought

Our guide contains only built-in double ovens with quality standards and more advanced features. All our top picks are some of the latest models and versions from different companies. They will make your kitchen life more interesting and improve how you conduct parties. 

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