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Where Is The Best Place To Buy a Kitchen?

The kitchen forms the heart and hub of many homes. Without a kitchen, we feel like our house is somehow incomplete. Nowadays, we do not use the kitchen only for cooking but also for warming, socialising, and meetings. So, it is good to invest sufficiently in a good kitchen that will make many activities that are done there more comfortable and appealing as we tend to spend most of our time there. 

If you have a problem getting a good place to buy a good kitchen, you do not need to worry anymore. We have several good kitchen brands that will provide you with excellent quality kitchens, from hand-crafted to bespoke and custom-painted. Whether you lean towards the sleek, shaker, traditional, or country style, you will get your needs fulfilled.

Best places to buy a kitchen in the UK

Below are eleven places where you can get quality kitchens in the UK:

1. Plain English

For more than 25 years, Plain English has been the most preferred place for its exemplary unique and genuine craftsmanship and spare, making it a distinctive brand. Plain English operates from a Georgian farmhouse in Bucolic Suffolk. The style of Plain English is mainly inspired by the most elegant architectural periods. Most people think that Georgian houses primarily situated in London are beautiful and have passed tastes of times. The only word to describe their aesthetic beauty is magnificent.        

Making these kitchens take a considerable amount of time, as there are no shortcuts involved. If you want a quality kitchen, you will have to wait for three months as the process involves consultations, redesigning, fittings, and meticulous craftsmanship. There are great and genuine non-branded cupboards for dressing up or down. Plain English is the place to negotiate for a good kitchen.

2. British Standard

If you are on a budget, you should opt for British Standard Kitchens. This brand is a result of an amalgamation between Niblock and Fontana. It is a form of diffusion line where buyers can purchase off-the-peg cupboards in Plain English style. There are various reasons where this style was sidelined. The available options are similar to those of the PE, but the materials used are simpler, and no design service is offered.

The renaissance of Fontana is providing itself with a second chance to deliver quality kitchen cabinetry. With its well-structured management, this company aims at offering the best quality kitchens.

3. Neptune

Neptune was launched 20 years ago. From Neptune, you will have four different kitchen options available for you, which are:

  • Chichester: offers a traditional country aesthetic taste.
  • The Limehouse: has a smooth design and provides a contemporary esthetic.
  • The Henley: it tends to go heavy on the oak of North America.
  • The Suffolk: this kitchen is shaker-inspired and is renowned for its simplicity.

Whatever you want from a kitchen, you can get it from Neptune. Since its inception, Neptune has been making kitchens from natural materials while maintaining traditional crafts.


Installing a new kitchen is an expensive endeavour. However, with IKEA, you are assured of a budget kitchen to save your day. It excels in clean lines and simplicity, making it possible to pick individual elements from worktops to appliances to cabinets. 

IKEA gives you a chance to use its online planner to check whether its styles are suitable. If you are looking forward to pimping your kitchen, various companies can help you create bespoke cabinet fonts to suit all your tastes and get that artisan aesthetic without a price tag. You may also want to consider  Plykea and Holte Studio, from whom you will get raised off-the-peg kitchens’ designs.

5. DIY Kitchens

DIY KItchens have been there since 1982. This company aims at delivering stunning and cheap kitchens at the same time. If you are looking for an incredible kitchen and operating on a budget, you should try DIY Kitchens. 

The company operates from its workshop, which is located in West Yorkshire. It offers a wide range of choices with more than 50 000 products, all branded right from kitchen appliances to units to accessories. DIY kitchens also give you a mixture of a traditional and modern feel. In addition, you will also get custom-painted, shaker-style, and handleless options.

6. Naked Kitchens

You will hardly find Naked Kitchen showrooms, especially on the high street, because this company believes in what it makes, so there is no need for parading its products. 

It mainly uses most of its energy on detail, exemplary design, the latest technology, and high-end engineering. One of their stunning products is Ladbroke which is a handle-free kitchen with outstanding  Long Acre kitchen craftsmanship. Naked kitchens will offer you a kitchen which is equivalent to the value of your money.

7. Martin Moore

In 1975 the handmade kitchen market was heavily dominated by modern Italian and German styles. Martin and Barbara started designing and making furniture for their just bought old Victorian house, which needed renovation. 

Over forty years later, the family business is still thriving, and the couple’s sons have joined the company. The couples’ sons head up an energetic team of cabinet makers, designers, installation avengers, painters, and fitters, many of whom have worked for the company for decades. This indicates that they have a quite loyal workforce which is also a reflection of a loyal clientele. All this is attributed to their meticulous and exquisite artisanal craftsmanship. 

The collections of Martin Moore kitchens include The Classic, The English, The Modernist, The Architectural, and The New Classic. From its portfolio, you can get a lot of great ideas, including completed projects. When you buy a kitchen from Martin Moore, you are assured of a colourful and vivid kitchen. 

8. Smallbone Of Devizes

Smallbone is one of the most revered terms for kitchen designs for over 40 years. The company was founded in Devizes, Wiltshire, by Mark Wilkinson and Charlie Smallbone. Since then, it continues to deliver signature exquisite craftsmanship, which regularly appears on high-end interiors magazines. Smallbone is well-known for its outstanding work with property developers on a myriad of prestigious projects. 

We love its Macassar kitchen, a neo-classical affair inspired by the legendary Sir John Soane, as well as The Iconic, otherwise known as the original hand-painted kitchen, having spearheaded the movement and inspired countless imitations. The first and still one of the very best. Browse the kitchen collection here. Everything, including the opulent black and gold-motif website, oozes high-end bespoke luxury.

9. deVOL

For over 30 years, deVOL has been designing incredible bespoke kitchens from beautiful Cotes Mill, dating back 1000 years. In some cases, deVOL acts as a standard unit against which other craftsman-made kitchens are measured. The company is gaining worldwide popularity as there are deVOL showrooms in America. 

If you want to get a nutshell of what to expect from deVOL, there is an entire section on its website dedicated to kitchen videos. This will allow you to explore the kitchen to see what goes into the deVOL kitchen making process. When you visit their showrooms, you will see a wide range of kitchens, including the Classic English, the Sabastian Cox, the Haberdasher, and the Real Shaker Kitchen. I can tell you this for sure: when you go to the market for one of these options, you will face the agony of choice.

10. Wren Kitchens

This will be a great kitchen for anyone looking forward to having a knock-out kitchen at a lower price. Wren kitchens have a wide range of budget kitchens and are also available in an excellent variety of styles. 

11. B & Q

B & Q has some of the lowest-priced kitchens that you can find around. It is an excellent rival with some of the most well-established kitchen retailers.

This kitchens’ retailer has won several accolades for offering consistent lowest-priced kitchens. The results are after well-deliberated research and daily activities surrounding prices, promotional activities, and finance deals and directly comparing them with their comparative standards and other leading kitchens.

How to find kitchen fitters 

The following are things to look out for when you are looking for ideal kitchen fitters:

1. Use an approved kitchen installer 

It is good to check whether the specialist doing the installation work is endorsed or accredited by a trustworthy organisation. In the UK, these organisations include; the Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) or the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom Installers (BiKBBI). If such organisations have endorsed your installer, you will be assured of quality services.

2 Get recommendations and check reviews 

Ask around from family and friends to check if anyone has used an installer they would recommend. You may even visit their websites and read a few feedbacks from previous clients. If they are impressive, you would want to reach out and give them the job.

3 Look at pictures of kitchens they’ve fitted 

This may be one of the easiest ways to know what to expect before hiring any installer. On the online reviews, customers might have included pictures and videos that display the installer’s services. 

4 Get several quotes 

You should get at least three basic quotes on the breakdown of all the costs, materials to be used, and the amount of labour that would be required. Also, you should get extras such as waste management.

The perfect kitchen depends on your budget, tastes, needs, and preferences: different retailers offer different styles. 

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