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Best 50cm Gas Cooker

If you are looking forward to having a gas cooker or buying a new one, you will notice that there are many models on the market to choose from. However, you should do some research first to get the right gas cooker for your kitchen. You need a freestanding gas cooker that will fit well and look great in your kitchen. It will include a stove, hob, and grill, but a gas hob will be suitable for cooking.

Space is something that you should consider first when you think about buying a gas cooker. Your kitchen space will determine the type of gas cooker to buy. If your kitchen has limited space, you may consider buying a smaller gas cooker. At 50 cm in width, gas cookers of this size are among the smallest gas cookers you would find on the market today. With their petite nature, they will give you a lot of flexibility. 

If you have limited space, you might feel your choices of gas cookers are limited. However, the opposite is always the case. The 50 cm cookers are designed to provide you with maximum functionality in the minimum space possible. These cooks are quite flexible as you can find them in almost all homes without discriminating against house sizes. 

These 50 cm cookers run on gas, which makes them very popular. They will provide you with instant heat and improved control. For these reasons, many cooks and households prefer gas cookers to other options. You will see from our top picks that these cookers have both great designs and capabilities. If you are looking to improve the appliances in your small-sized kitchen, want something stylish and small, or rarely cook, you should try 50 cm width cookers. 

Some gas cookers come with vital elements such as a fire extinguisher and built-in timer, which help shut up the gas supply for safety and set the time for your food. If you require a gas cooker with a level-grill, it can help you cook food easily. Gas cookers are not usually expensive. However, you will need a professional to install it for you when you buy a new one. We have listed some of the best 50 cm gas cookers in the UK to reduce your struggle if you are looking for one. 

Essential features to consider when buying a gas cooker

1. Gas Hob

Since you already know the size of the cooker: 50 cm, you need now to understand the gas hob. A gas hob is important for proper control of heat and clear visibility. Also, you can use a hob with different kinds of pans. Gas hobs tend to be popular due to their speed and responsiveness, which means whatever you are cooking or preparing will take a shorter time to be ready. When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, you will not have many struggles. 

Some cooks opt to use gas hobs while others get annoyed by spillages, and they go for glass hobs. 

2. Main oven

For main ovens, the most important thing to consider is their catalytic lining. These are catalytic liners that form the wall cover of the oven. They are mainly designed using ceramics which effectively absorb grease and any other stains that may spill as you cook, making the cleaning process more manageable. When you heat the oven enough, the build-ups, stains and grease are automatically cleaned. This self-cleaning process saves you a lot of energy and time spent cleaning the oven. When purchasing a gas cooker, you should remember to confirm if it has these features.

Also, you should consider if the cooker has a single oven or double. With a 50 cm gas cooker, the oven type is usually single because of its size. 

3. Grill

Most gas cookers will have a grilling function, and 50 cm ones are not exceptional. Those who prefer healthier ways of cooking will opt for a cooker with this feature and wouldn’t choose anything less. A grill can be variable or simple. Simple grills often function at set heat or temperature, and you can regulate the heat by placing the dish with the food being prepared closer to the grill or away. On the other hand, you can easily adjust the heat for a specific dish with variable grills. A variable feature will be very important for any gas cooker. 

Grills are important as you can use them to prepare meat or bread with healthier benefits than when you cook on the hobs. This way, you will prepare your fine with less time and in healthier ways. 

4. Energy efficiency

Considering the size of these 50 cm gas cookers, they are energy-efficient. However, it is important to check the energy rating of different cookers to choose the one that saves a lot of energy. Cookers with an A energy rating operate on lower energy levels, and they will not waste energy when in use. These kinds of cookers will help you protect the environment and your energy costs.

5. Price

The 50 cm cookers will be a good option for anyone who is working on a budget. They come at affordable and manageable prices. However, prices vary with brands. Depending on the features of a gas cooker, you will get a gas cooker that matches your budget. The more money you are willing to spend, the more features your gas cooker will have. 

Our best 50 cm gas cookers reviews

Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker Eye Level Grill - White
103 Customer Reviews
Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker Eye Level Grill - White

Product description

The Beko KA52NEW 50 cm Gas Cooker has a great style and comes in white. It has an incredible A+ energy rating, making it cheap to operate. In addition, it is straightforward to use its simple rotary dials for heat adjustment. It includes a handy eye-level grill suitable for people with back issues as no bending will be needed to toast bread or prepare some meat. 

The main oven is ideal for evenly roasting food, and it includes a safety feature: an automatic safety shut-off and a Flame Safety Device. It also has a beneficial space-saving compartment at the bottom to store your baking trays and pans. 

Main features

The following are the main selling areas of this product:

  • It has a variable grill which is vital for heat control.
  • It is easy to use. 
  • The removable inner door glass makes it easy to clean the oven.
  • The oven includes shelves.
  • It is designed with an interior light so that you can see what is taking place inside.
  • This cooker has an A  energy saving rating, meaning it will help you save some money.

Why we have chosen it

If you are looking for a compact and small-sized gas cooker with great features, you should try the Beko KA52NEW Gas Cooker. It has features that will help you cook better and healthier. Also, some of its features ensure you keep it clean. The interior lighting in the oven is a unique feature that will help you observe your food as it cooks. Moreover, it comes with safety features, so you do not have to worry about your safety when preparing food for your family.

Read reviews

Reviews will allow you to counter-check the manufacturer’s details about the performance of this product with what users say about it. This way, you will be able to determine if it is a quality cooker or not

Indesit Freestanding ID5G00KMW/UK 50cm Gas Oven - White
13 Customer Reviews
Indesit Freestanding ID5G00KMW/UK 50cm Gas Oven - White

Product description

The Indest Cloe gives quality cooking with its four burners and one conventional oven. With these great features, you will not need any additional cooking appliances in your kitchen, thus saving on space. The oven comes with a grill function, allowing you to make your various delicious meals, including crunchy snacks, crispy potatoes and many more. 

The 59 litres capacity oven will enable you to prepare meals for many people, notwithstanding the size of the cooker. It is designed with a removable glass door, making cleaning easier. You should expect a reduction in the cost of electricity since this cooker has an A energy rating. 

The interior of this cooker is made of enamel which allows debris and grease to burn by itself in the oven, relieving you of some cleaning struggles. 

Main features

The following are the main selling points of this product:

  • It has a removable glass door in case you want to clean the interiors of the gas cooker.
  • The gas cooker includes a handy gas grill function.
  • The single conventional oven allows you to cook in healthier ways.
  • This gas cooker consumes less energy, hence minimising your energy bills.

Why we have chosen it

This gas cooker will be incredible for your kitchen. First, it will help you use your limited space maximally. It comes with some of the features you would find in larger cooking gas. The gas grill function and the conventional oven will enable you to cook better and healthier. When designing this gas cooker, the manufacturer considered the ease of cleaning. The inside of this gas cooker is made of enamel; when heated, it melts all the debris and grease. This saves you a lot of energy you would have used cleaning this oven. Also, the removable door makes the cleaning process thorough.

Read reviews

Learn more about this product from people who have bought it before you. This way, you will get unbiased opinions about this cooker as the information is usually honest and independent. This product has both positive and negative reviews. From these diverging views, you will be able to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this cooker to make a better decision. 

Hotpoint 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker - Black
42 Customer Reviews
Hotpoint 50cm Double Cavity Gas Cooker - Black

Product description

This cooker has a 67 litres conventional oven, and it will provide you with a delightful cooking experience. In addition, it will offer you some traditional cooking moments, and you will feel like you are using your old cooking stove. You should not worry about the size of this oven as you can still cook meals for many people such as family and friends. The gas cooker is designed with catalytic liners in its main cavity to make cleaning the oven easier. A removable door intensifies the ease of cleaning.

Main features

Below are the key components of this product:


  • The 67 litres capacity is large enough for cooking even large-sized meals.
  • It offers you an automatic ignition.
  • Catalytic liners make cleaning the oven easier.
  • It also comes with a removable glass door, just like most gas cookers on our list.

Why we have chosen it

The first thing that impressed us in this gas cooker, even before testing it, was its incredible design. It will perfectly stand out in your kitchen and give your kitchen that modern outlook. The Hotpoint gas cooker comes with a flame safety device that will immediately shut up your gas supply in case of any possible risk. Another plus side of this gas cooker is it is available at affordable prices; you won’t have to spend too much, but still, get all the features you need to cook better and easier.

Read reviews

Most online shoppers will check customer reviews first before deciding the product to buy. This is because they can tell easily whether the product will meet their expectations or not, even before buying. We encourage you to read the Hotpoint gas cooker reviews before picking it as your best gas cooker. 

Beko KDG581W Freestanding A+ Rated Gas Cooker in White
80 Customer Reviews
Beko KDG581W Freestanding A+ Rated Gas Cooker in White

Product description

Sometimes grilling can be so frustrating, especially with 50 cm gas cookers. The cavities are usually small, and you can hardly slip in a piece of toast. Also, you might end up having unevenly cooked food. If you have been experiencing such challenges, you can still have a 50 cm gas cooker to help you cook better. The Beko KDG581W may be the gas cooker for you. 

The grill and oven are separately placed, giving you plenty of space for each. The capacity of the oven is 61 litres which is larger than most of our options. 

Main features

  • The gas cooker is designed with a separate oven and grill, with each having plenty of room.
  • It has a four-burner gas hob. 
  • The enamel lining in the oven makes it easy to clean the oven.
  • It is designed with an automatic gas shut-off.

Why we have chosen it

With its competent grill and oven, this cooker comes with a lot of other benefits. One of the most impressive is its incredible A+ energy rating. It is very efficient in everything it does. The hobs are designed with different sizes of burners which are easily controlled by rotary dials, giving you full control over the size of flames. 

Read review

When you read reviews, you will understand this gas cooker from the buyers perspective rather than the manufacturer. You will determine if this is the gas cooker you have been looking for or not.

Final thought

50 cm gas cookers are a great alternative to traditional, bulky, and space-consuming cooking stoves. Also, they present a new era where you can smart-cook without having to dig too deep into your pockets. Our top picks will help you get an affordable gas cooker for better and healthier cooking.

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