Best Paint Roller For Emulsion

Why choose expensive paint rollers instead of the generic store brand? To give your paint a professional look and make DIY a memorable experience. Check out our top picks below. Whether you are painting your whole house, inch by inch, or you’re just making your dog’s kennel look Instagram-worthy, you need the right tools. A … Read more

Best Telescopic Ladders

Best telescopic ladders

Whether you are a professional seeking a heavy-duty model or just a regular Joe who wants to get their hands on a DIY suitable model, there is a ladder for you. Conventional models not only tend to be bulky, but they also require a lot of space to be stored away. This is where telescopic … Read more

Best Decking Oil

Best decking oil

It is vital to keep your wooden decking safe and secure from warping, drying, swelling, splitting as well as weathering. We look at the top best decking oils to seal and protect the wood from algae and moisture. Through the seasons, your deck faces different moisture levels and temperatures.  This results in the drying of … Read more

7 Best Radiator Paints UK

Best radiator paint

Let’s face it, radiators stick out like a bit of a sore thumb in any room. They’re not the best looking for features, but living in the UK, as you’ll know, they are extremely essential. As they protrude and often catch the eye it tends to be one of the first things you notice in … Read more

5 Best Paints For Skirting Boards

Best paint for skirting boards

Skirting boards are one of the decorative elements that need to be top-notch when making a home look incredible on your house walls. The primary use of skirting boards is to protect the lower part of the wall from knocks and scuffs mainly. However, skirting boards are used for multiple reasons, from decorative to protecting … Read more

Best Paint Stripper For Wood UK

Paint stripper for wood

In this following article, we are going into detail about everything you need to learn about which paint stripper to for wood you should choose, addressing what they are used for, and what to look for when buying one, and a complete buying guide as well as our top picks. We are providing a breakdown … Read more

Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint UK

Best Kitchen Cupboard Paint UK

Are you looking to revamp your kitchen cupboards and cabinets to avoid the expense of having to replace them all? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we go through what types of paint you should be looking for, some common questions around painting your kitchen units, how to do it & most … Read more