Honeywell HT900e

Honeywell HT900e Turbo Fan Review

As temperatures start rising this next summer, it might be hard to keep cool. There’s a multitude of solutions you can try and explore, from ceiling fans to having air conditioning installed as an in-house system. Each of these solutions has its own pros and cons, but today we’re gonna have a look at a portable and affordable option.

Very popular, the Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan received a staggering amount of 11,650 ratings on only. It stacks a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars on the platform, so naturally, we had to check just how solid those stars are. It is the most sold for the lowest price when it comes to indoor ventilation and it’s the leader of its category since 2002.

Don’t let its small size or average looks trick you. This fan is a powerful ally to have around in the summer. If you’re looking for something mobile, lightweight, and noise-free to take with you to the office, around your house, or in your dormitory, this might just be just the perfect fit for you.

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
  • Comes with UK plug type
And it doesn’t restrict its use to summertime only. At the lowest speed (it comes with 3 different speeds), it can be used to increase air circulation during winter and can help you save some bucks on your heating bills.

How does that help you save money? It’s simple. Fans don’t really cool the air, but instead, help with air circulation. If you have your heating on, the heated air will naturally rise, this way if you tilt the fan pointing up, it will circulate that air and redirect it back down towards the people who are present in the room.

It is a known way to warm the whole environment, requiring less from your heating system and making it more effective, although it’s important to point out that for that you should leave them on at the lowest speeds.

In the case of the HT900E Turbo Fan, Honeywell’s brand has a reputation for delivering quality products for incredibly affordable prices and with this one, it couldn’t be different. This gigantic multinational conglomerate works across a variety of industries as inventors and manufacturers.

Their areas include aerospace, energy, oil & gas, healthcare, and chemicals, but they don’t restrict themselves to manufacturing for other enterprises only, they also offer brand products and have a robust inventory that can be found all around the internet, easily available to the public and for fairly inexpensive prices.

Product Review

This small fan comes fully assembled inside a box which comes with the instructions of use and nothing else. It can operate on 3 powerful speed levels controlled by a discreet and convenient mount on the upper back.

From it, you can choose the low, medium, and high settings. The lowest setting offers a cool breeze, perfect for usage in small distances, to leave it at your work desk or a nightstand without any inconvenience. It also serves to increase air movement and to keep a small room lightly cool or to keep heat circulating during wintertime.

Both the higher settings are very powerful and can keep a whole small to medium-size room cool. There is a faint noise to it, but the product claims to be 25% quieter than other fans in the same price range, which can grant you a relatively noiseless experience.

Consumers have claimed that it doesn’t affect their sleep at night at all, there’s only a gentle white noise on the background that can be quite pleasant and perhaps even help you fall asleep faster.

Look-wise the fan has a tasteful, average design, all-black and all-plastic, making it fit and blend in very well in all sorts of environments. Though it doesn’t look very elegant or sophisticated as some more expensive models, its appearance is very sturdy and its plastic doesn’t seem to be of poor quality at all.

Unfortunately, this fan model doesn’t oscillate, although it pivots at up to 90-degree angles, and according to users reports it can reach the maximum surface area from distances of more than 3 metres, depending on where you position it around your room.

Some other reviewers have talked about even longer distances where you can feel the fan’s gentle breeze coming your way, while others claimed because it doesn’t oscillate, only parts of their body receive the cool airflow, but it will all depend on how you angle it and, again, at which distance you position it in your room.

The Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan is compact in size, designed to stand near you as you exercise or do other daily activities. Due to its small size, it can be easily moved around your household or office space.

It also makes it comfortable to be taken to other places, such as trips, a friend’s house, social gathering, office meetings, whatever suited setting as long as you have access to electricity in that room, you’re gonna be able to use the fan.

It comes with a UK plug type but it works perfectly well with other adaptors and even with smart plugs, which adds the helpful feature of turning the fan on and off remotely at your convenience. This has been tested and reported back by users who confirmed they didn’t find any technical incompatibilities or connection problems with the model and smart plugs.

Another feature of the product is: you can also have it installed on a wall or on a shelf around your house or office. If you don’t have enough space in the room you’re planning on keeping the fan or if you would like to place it in a space with a high circulation of people, such as a corridor, the original stands work as a wall mount, which you can use to place it at a higher position, leaving the pathway completely free. Might be convenient if you don’t want to keep bumping into it whenever you’re moving around, or if you have small children or pets who might want to play with the fan.

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
  • Comes with UK plug type

Technical Specifications & Main Features

  • 3-speed levels (low, medium, high settings)
  • Wing Color: Black
  • Case Color: Black
  • Item Model Number: HT-900E
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Operating Voltage: 240 V / 50 Hz (any device classified as 240V can be used in a 220V socket)
  • Weight: 1.18 kg or 2.6 lb
  • Product dimensions: 15.9 x 27.71 x 27.71 cm or 11.10 x 6.54 x 11.30 in
  • Grid Diameter or Total Size or Installation: 26 cm
  • Output power: 40W
  • Height: 28 cm or 11 in
  • Noise Emission or Sound Level: From 39 dBA to 56 dB
  • Air Throughput or Air Flow Rate: approximately 740 m/h3
  • Maximum Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM): 185 CFM
  • It has the option to be purchased with a 12-month, 24-month, or 36-month Return to Base Limited Warranty
  • Are Batteries Included? No
  • Are Batteries Required? No
  • Does it come with a User Manual? Yes
  • 90° tilt fan head
  • Fused safety plug
  • Removable grille for easy cleaning
  • Can be used both as a table fan or mounted on a wall
  • Used as a fan or air circulator for energy savings
  • The low and small design prevents it from easily tipping over

What or who this product is useful for?

The Honeywell HT-900e Turbo Fan can be used for many purposes and in almost all sorts of environments. We must warn you it’s not ideal for outdoor places such as a patio, deck, or outdoor gatherings, since it’s built very small and doesn’t have the capacity to oscillate, although it can be helpful if you place it much closer to yourself.

Workplace Ventilation or Personal Work Fan

This product can be used in an office environment, either to be brought by you if your work allows it or to be bought by employers who want to offer some mobile ventilation options for their employees.

A lot of workplaces and smaller offices don’t have any ventilation system installed, being it air conditioning central systems or ceiling fans, thus during warmer days, you could have your personal breeze right there and then.

The size and the looks of the product make it an ideal candidate for a personal fan at work, even if you work in a small cube. You can place it on your desk or on the floor and even share it with colleagues in close proximity.

A major consideration is also the noise levels that need to be kept at a low in most workplace environments, in which case you wouldn’t have to worry so much since this has been taken into consideration for the production of the Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan. It shouldn’t disturb anybody and on the lowest setting, it should be virtually silent.

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
  • Comes with UK plug type

Indoor Exercising and Other Activities

Many customers use this specific product to keep cool while they are practising indoor cycling using bike turbo trainers. Placed on a table or directly on the ground, it offers the right amount of breeze even at the lowest speeds, helping you keep sweat-free for longer.

The sound it makes is also lower than the training equipment you could possibly use and it doesn’t seem to bother consumers at all. The sound output is a lot lower than radio, the motors/power on these kinds of bikes, and you can perfectly hear another person in case you’re sharing the room with somebody else.

It’s recommended to use a fan or other forms of air circulation if you are doing any aerobic and rhythmic exercises indoors. Considering your body is releasing a lot of heat from the exercise, without a fan it can be that this released heat stays accumulated around your body, making it a lot easier for you to overheat.

That is why it is also important to consider the position of the fan, you’ll want the air to reach all the overheated parts of your body and the Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan seems to do it for most of the consumers using it for this purpose.

Take With You On Summer Holiday Trips

Due to its compact size and easy build-in handle located on the back of the stand, which makes it easier to grip and transport it, this fan is perfect for moving around. If you are going on a road trip and you’re not sure the place you are going to stay (usual rentals) has proper ventilation or a cooling system, you might want to take a portable fan with you.

This particular model is obviously not a good item to take on a plane, but it should take very little space in your trunk or as luggage on a bus trip. You can use it not only for cooling, but also to speed up drying clothes if you might need to wash them.

If you’re one of those people who can’t sleep without some sort of white noise in the background, this product might be a good purchase for you. Although it is indeed very quiet, from the medium speed up you can hear a faint soothing hum throughout the room, which can help folks fall asleep faster and improve quality of sleep as well.

At Hospitals, Health Centers, For The Elderly or Bedridden Patients

Another place in which this fan is used is in hospitals, health facilities or private use from a patient being treated at home. During a period of illness, patients need to rest and relax without being disturbed. Having a fan, in this case, would be highly beneficial, especially in the summertime.

Just like we previously mentioned, it’s not that hard for our bodies to overheat, even in resting positions, moreover if it is a really warm day outside. Not every circumstance, depending on the illness, allows the tutor or medical staff to open the windows to let the breeze in, this way a fan would be ideal to prevent overheating the patient and to keep the air circulation happening.

It’s very low noise would also guarantee that the bedridden person wouldn’t be disturbed by it and other activities, such as watching TV, would go perfectly fine with it.

A fan would also help keep it a fresh environment, free from body odours we naturally expel, profusely even as temperature rises, and that can stick to the room, making it unpleasant not only for the staff and caretaker but also for the patient him or herself.

In this case, both medical authorities and consumers who used the fan for this purpose recommend not to point the fan directly to the patient, especially if the illness in question is a cold or if the patient has a fever. It’s important to keep in mind that in such situations the temperature of the body is having a hard time self-regulating, so direct contact with cold air could have consequences to the patient.

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
  • Comes with UK plug type

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Energy efficient
  • Very quiet in comparison to others in the market in the same price range
  • Cost-effective
  • Good for every small and medium-size room
  • Offers gentle air circulation even in larger rooms
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy-built and won’t break easily
  • Can be used both in the summer and winter
  • The design makes it harder to tip over
  • Solid switching action
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Easy to store


  • Does not oscillate
  • Not so easy to clean without taking the grille off
  • Dust accumulates on the grille
  • Only tilts halfway
  • Not so suitable to cool a large room
  • A short plug wire, extension cord might be needed
  • The product design is not so attractive
  • No heated air mode
  • No sleep mode

Our Honest Review

After using the fan for 3 weeks we can say that it’s worth every penny. It is a perfect purchase if you’re looking for a cheaper, simpler option, that is going to deliver a powerful performance.

The Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan is very sturdy and short, so you can take it everywhere and leave it on the ground without having to be super careful with it and without worrying it will tip over and break apart. The longer warranty of up to 3 years testifies for the quality of the product and you should be fully covered if yours came with a missing part, is making strange noises, or stopped working altogether, but we believe those are very rare cases only.

It is even smaller than advertised, which for us, it is an advantage. In the workplace it’s modest size is more than enough to leave plenty of space for people to walk around and quiet enough to be used almost unnoticed. Only from a very close distance can you hear the faint hum it emits and only after we turn it up to the medium or maximum level.

We also tested this fan while indoor exercising and it is excellent. Although the range of the angles it can reach is rather limited, it can be so easily transported that the possibilities for positioning it are almost infinite. It does help keep our body temperatures cooler for longer, which also means that our exercises sessions were longer and more pleasant.

Regarding the noise emission at home (which is supposed to be a quieter environment than an office) we noticed that the lowest setting is not fully silent, far from it, but it seems to be quieter than regular fan or ceiling fans. It sounds like a fan from a computer when being used for light activity and programs, but this also depends on what kind of noises different people are used to.

Honeywell HT 900E Powerful and Quiet Turbo Fan Black
  • TurboForce power for intense cooling or use as air circulator for energy savings (can be felt up to 27 ft. away)
  • Aerodynamic Turbo Design for Maximum Air Movement
  • 25% quieter than comparable fans
  • 3 powerful speed settings with convenient top-mounted speed controls
  • Comes with UK plug type
We believe the design of the fan could be more aesthetically pleasing, but it doesn’t interfere with its performance and it’s not ugly enough to visually pollute the ambient in any way. We also understand that for it to come in such a low price range, we couldn’t expect it to win prizes for its beauty.

Tested as night as well, we can assure you we had a great night of sleep. Its white noise is very pleasant and not disturbing at all. We kept increasing the distance each night and we are surprised at how far the airflow reaches. It could be felt at even 5 metres. For it being a turbofan, you don’t need to keep it very close to you at all.

Trying to mount the fan on a wall is fairly easy. Underneath the stand, there are two little holes meant for connecting it to two screws on a wall. After measuring them and installing the two screws on the wall (make sure you don’t insert the screws all the way in), you only have to attach the base to it and it’s done. It doesn’t look the greatest as decor, but it stays solid in its position on the wall (it doesn’t keep falling over) and performs just as good as on the ground or on a table.
We recommend this model for anybody who might be looking for a lower price option of good quality. It is sturdy, it doesn’t seem to break easily, its airflow is powerful, highly mobile so you can take it anywhere, easy to clean, perfectly fit for medium-sized rooms, and relatively quiet.

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