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Best Small Table Top Freezers

The small table top freezer is a perfect storage choice for frozen food items. It is an ideal compact and sufficiently small appliance that can fit any place in your kitchen. Also, its design is quite fashionable, space-saving and economical. When it comes to energy-saving features, most table freezers have an A+ energy ranking. These countertop freezers ensure your food stays fresh and in good condition. Our guide will give you the best small top freezers models with unique and fast freeze options. They function perfectly to reduce the temperature to ensure your food stays longer.  

Having a small space does not mean you will have to limit the number of appliances in your home. You can have smaller versions of most appliances, such as freezers. The table top freezer takes the least space possible and still does the same work as larger freezers. Their compact features allow you to make use of every inch of space. 

What Separates Table Top Freezers From Normal Freezers?

If it is your first time buying a freezer, you should look out the following features before buying your freezer:

1. Capacity

The capacity refers to the usable volume that a freezer possesses. It is the amount of food you can load into it. Capacity is very different from the size, which is the amount of space your freezer will take in your kitchen. 

The freezer’s capacity is measured in cubic feet, and the symbol for this is cu. Ft. Different freezers can have the same capacity but vary in their general dimensions. Some manufacturers apply different techniques to minimize the space that their models take. 

2. Size

The dimensions of a freezer are measured in inches. This is the actual space your freezer will take at your home. If your space is too limited, there are things you should note installation of a freezer:

A) At the freezer’s back, there lies a compressor that does the cooling job. The compressor requires a lot of space for ventilation as it can get too hot. So, you shouldn’t put your freezer in a position that is pressed against the back wall. You should provide it with an allowance of an inch of space. When determining the measurements of a freezer that can fit your space, you should consider this factor.

B) No matter how small your space is, you need to fit your appliance in a place you can access. You should consider the swing of the door measurements. 

3. Accessibility

One of the common features of small table top freezers is their lockable doors. They are usually operated using a key, but this feature is not standard as you will notice the bigger they get, the possibility of them having this feature gets limited. The reversible door is a big plus for these models of freezers. This feature allows you to mount your freezer on either side of your structure, providing a bit of flexibility when it comes to installation. 

4. Energy usage

Freezers use a lot of energy, and most of it goes to waste as heat emission from the compressor. Through some regulations, most manufacturers have made a lot of effort to make their freezers energy-efficient. 

Electrical appliances are supposed to meet certain standards of efficiency. Besides the modern freezers being good for the environment, they help you save on the energy costs allowing you to pay less. 

5. Maintenance

These small freezers require manual defrosting by emptying them, removing accumulated frost/ice, and turning them off. You should regularly do this when the frosts surpass a thickness of around ¼ inches.

Energy-saving tips for small freezers

To ensure you use the minimum energy than usual, take a look at the following simple tips that will help you save energy and money:

  • Do not frequently open the door of your freezer when the weather is humid. The damp air may increase the amount of ice in your freezer hence reducing its efficiency. The more the ice accumulates in your freezer, the less it will perform. 
  • Often, check to confirm whether the ventilation is clear. Freezers require some air circulation behind them.
  • Before adding food to your freezer, ensure it cools first to your room temperature.
  • Defrost your freezer regularly to ensure it uses the minimum amount of energy.

Our best small table top freezers reviews

Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer 31 Litre Capacity White Freestanding Table Top Small Freezer with Adjustable Shelf & Reversible Door RHTTFZ1, 1 Year Guarantee
4,265 Customer Reviews
Russell Hobbs Mini Freezer 31 Litre Capacity White Freestanding Table Top Small Freezer with Adjustable Shelf & Reversible Door RHTTFZ1, 1 Year Guarantee

Product description

This table top freezer has an energy rating of A+, meaning it is energy efficient, and you will spend less concerning energy bills. If you are looking for a freezer that will help you cut down the power costs, this is the product for you. This freezer will keep your food frosty without you having to spend much on larger freezers. Also, you will still be in a position to make the most out of your limited space. 

The size of this table top freezer is small and compact, with dimensions measuring 49.2 x 47.2 45.0 cm ( H x W x D) and with a 32 litres capacity. Its exterior appearance is a clean white, making it a quite attractive appliance to add to your kitchen or office. The noise levels are quite low: 32 decibels. This freezer will operate without causing too many disruptions, especially at night. Also, it is designed with a reversible door and a removable wire shelf for more flexibility and convenience. In addition, you can adjust both the thermostat and feet of this freezer.

Main features

The following are the key components of this product:

  • This small table freezer uses only 153 kWh of energy per year.
  • It is easy to use and comes with an instruction manual to follow.
  • Its lightweight design makes it more portable.
  • The reversible door allows you to put it anywhere in your structure.
  • It works quietly, and you may not even sense the noise produced.

Why we have chosen it

At first, you might think that this freezer has limited capacity to hold your frozen items. Surprisingly, it is an excellent small-sized appliance with perfect size. You will hardly run out of space. It is perfect for small households as you will not require a lot of space to store food in it. The reversible door is a feature that impressed us as you can easily move the door around to swing it out from the other side. 

This freezer has been designed with features that make it more convenient for everyone. From its interchangeable doors, removable drawer, adjustable thermostat and feet, and small-size design, this freezer gives you more than what you may ask for. When you want to move this freezer, you can do it effortlessly as it has a lightweight design that will allow you to handle it easily. Moreover, the freezer will look amazing on your worktop in your kitchen and office. You might confuse it with a wall painting. 

Read reviews

Before you make your decision to buy this product, ensure you read reviews first. They will give you a nutshell of what to expect when you finally get this freezer at home. In the reviews, most of the buyers seem pleased with what it offers. However, there are a few of them who outline their frustrations with this product. Make sure to read reviews to analyse both sides to make a better decision. Depending on your needs, you will know if this is a product to buy or look for other alternatives.

Cookology MFZ32WH 32 Litre Capacity Small Table Top Mini Freezer, with Adjustable Temperature control and Legs, Removable Wire Shelf and a 4 Star Freezer Rating - In White
1,457 Customer Reviews
Cookology MFZ32WH 32 Litre Capacity Small Table Top Mini Freezer, with Adjustable Temperature control and Legs, Removable Wire Shelf and a 4 Star Freezer Rating - In White

Product description

This is among the top-rated table top mini freezers on Amazon. If you want to make your guests more comfortable or are tired of missing food items, you should get yourself this freezer. Being the best selling is proof that this freezer offers excellent results in keeping your food items frosty. This freezer has been developed by Cookology, a reputable manufacturer in the delivery of high-quality kitchen appliances. The manufacturer combines style, practicality and performance all rolled into an affordable and manageable price. 

It has a four-star rating, which reflects how buyers are pleased with what this mini-freezer offers. In addition, this mini-freezer is designed for long-term frosting at -18 degrees celsius. It has a whisper-quiet operation: 42 decibels which makes an appropriate freezer to use all the time as it will not cause any form of disruptions caused by noise. This freezer is most suitable for students who live in dormitories, guest houses, and offices. They have a small, compact design that makes them ideal for use in areas with limited space. 

If you like a neutral look in your kitchen, you should opt for this freezer. It comes in a beautiful clean milky-white colour which adds beauty to your kitchen. The capacity of this mini-freezer is 32 litres which are ideal for small households. It features an adjustable thermostat as well. Also, you can adjust the height of its shelf to accommodate different food item sizes. The freezing capacity of this appliance is 2kg /24 hours. When it comes to the manufacturer’s confidence with this mini-freezer, they offer a one-year guarantee.

Main features

Below are the key selling points of this product:

  • This freezer operates quietly, and you will hardly notice its operation.
  • It is ideal for camp use. You can easily use it with an electrical hook-up.
  • In areas where space is limited, this freezer will be a great asset.
  • It freezes ice cubes rapidly.
  • The setting up process of this freezer is straightforward.
  • The lower shelf is designed with a slipped tray to protect small food items from falling out of the freezer. 
  • The package comes with an ice scraper and ice cube tray.

Why we have chosen it

We were very pleased with this incredible freezer. Upon placing your order, it will arrive on time. Also, it is well and securely packed to ensure you get the product the way the manufacturer produced it. The installation process is very easy as the freezer comes with a guide that guides you throughout the entire process. 

It fits well in galley-like kitchens. If you have limited space, it does not mean you can’t freeze your food. This Cookology Table top freezer allows you to make use of your premium space. It will rapidly freeze your ice cubes which is an indication of how effective this freezer is. Its capacity is enough for you to frost your food items if you live alone or your household is small.

It comes in milky-white, which is quite suitable for anyone who is a fan of neutral appliances. The reviews of this product also contributed to the reasons why we chose it. Most if not all buyers agree with the manufacturer on the quality and efficiency of this freezer. It has helped a lot of people to live better.

Read reviews

Reviews may heavily affect how you see this product. They can encourage you to buy it or discourage you at the same time. The reviews of this product will encourage you to buy it. It has excellent reviews, which reflect that the freezer met the expectations of many buyers. When you analyse reviews, you will know the different sides of these freezers, as some buyers have intensively reviewed this product. You will also get to learn its pros and cons and compare other options on the table.

Lowry LTTFZ1B Black 31L Table Top Mini Freezer with Ice Cube Tray, Removable Shelf & Scraper
246 Customer Reviews
Lowry LTTFZ1B Black 31L Table Top Mini Freezer with Ice Cube Tray, Removable Shelf & Scraper

Product description

This table top freezer has a small design enough to fit your limited space. It is an energy-efficient appliance with an F energy rating which is equivalent to A+ on traditional rating. It will help you keep your electricity bills down. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and a reversible door. The thermostat allows you to easily control temperature and give your food items optimum cooling conditions. Also, it is designed with adjustable feet, which makes sure this appliance is level. The one-year manufacturer guarantee is a plus for this freezer, as the manufacturer will cover all defects that may arise.

The capacity of this table top freezer is 31 litres, and its dimensions are 49.2 x 47.5 x 44.3 cm (H x W x D). The cooling temperature of this freezer is between -12 to -26 degrees celsius, and it gives your food the optimum cooling conditions you need. The annual energy consumption is 184 kW which is relatively low; hence it will save you some money. It produces 41 decibels of sound, which is quite low. The general weight of this appliance is 16.45 kg.

Main features

Below are some of the main selling areas of this product:

  • It features a reversible door.
  • It works quietly, hence ideal for those who get irritated with noise.
  • The annual energy consumption is a bit low, meaning you won’t spend a lot on energy.
  • The adjustable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the freezer.
  • It has small dimensions, making it suitable for kitchens with limited space.

Why we have chosen it

The Lowry LTTFZ1B is created with functionality and style in mind. Its energy rating is F, meaning it is an energy-efficient appliance. Since a freezer runs 24/7, this freezer will be ideal as it is environmentally friendly. 

If you need to cook extra meals, this is a perfect solution for you. This 31-litre capacity freezer will enable you to store your food if you need some extra space. With its compact design and its classic white colour, this table top freezer will perfectly fit your kitchen top even if you have limited space. Also, it will fit well in any space in your home, such as the living room or utility room. 

It comes with a removable wire shelf which gives you the option of having the entire space open for bigger items or dividing the unit into two levels. The adjustable feet also ensure the freezer remains stable even on uneven surfaces. For peace of mind, this freezer comes with a one-year guarantee upon buying and registering it. 

Read reviews

The moment you read reviews, you will get a whole new version of the product. Apart from what the manufacturer gives you, reviews will provide you with different sides of this product. With this information, you will know the good and the bad side of the product. You will also be able to weigh out your options quickly. When reading reviews, you need to look at the ratings of a product as well. A good product like this one has higher ratings. 

Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer | 4-Star Table Top Freezer | Small Energy Efficient Mini Freezer | Adjustable Thermostat & Reversible Door | Customisable Storage Removable Shelf
340 Customer Reviews
Subcold Eco35F Mini Freezer | 4-Star Table Top Freezer | Small Energy Efficient Mini Freezer | Adjustable Thermostat & Reversible Door | Customisable Storage Removable Shelf

Product description

This is a four-star freezer that operates at a minimum temperature of -18 degrees celsius. This means you can keep your food for longer periods without going bad. The adjustable thermostat allows you to store your food at optimum temperature. The adjustable feet and adjustable door allow you to fix this freezer anywhere convenient for you. 

It is small and compact, but at the same time gives you enough capacity for food storage. Its net storage capacity is 30 litres, which is enough to keep your frozen food, especially if you live alone or have a small family. If you need to store larger items, its shelf is removable, and you will just need to remove it. 

The mini-freezer is designed with advanced compressor technology for enhanced performance and energy saving. The amount of noise produced by this freezer is only 41 dB which is relatively low. Its annual energy consumption is only 180kWh, meaning you will pay less than necessary. 

The manufacturer ensures you buy this product with confidence. Upon buying this product and registering, the manufacturer includes a full one-year warranty for added peace of mind. All products from Suncold are manufactured using advanced technologies, come in high standards, and fully comply with all regulations.  

Main features

The following are the key elements that make this product do well on the market:

  • It is a compact mini-freezer with a minimalist design that will utilise your premium space.
  • The freezer is economical since it uses less energy annually.
  • It functions quietly.
  • An adjustable thermostat allows you to keep your food items at optimum temperature.

Why we have chosen it

If you have been searching for a table top freezer that will be suitable for your limited space in your dormitory, office, kitchen, motor-home, bedroom, or caravan, this will be a perfect freezer for you. It comes from a company that is well-known for manufacturing quality products. The freezer has a quality design with advanced compressor technology cooling and great foam insulation for improved performance. 

With this freezer, you get enough space for storage. You will not get disappointed with this freezer, as with larger items, you will just need to adjust or remove the shelf. You can optimise the cooling temperature with its adjustable thermostat. The flexibility of storage is also impressive as you can easily organise it using an adjustable shelf. For enhanced convenience, this appliance comes with adjustable feet and a reversible door.

Read reviews

Learn more about this product from its customers’ reviews. Most buyers heavily depend on customer reviews when they are doing online shopping. Although most buyers give this product a thumb up, some think that this freezer failed to meet their expectations. Depending on your needs, you will know the reviews favour your needs and those that do not. Both positive and negative opinions will help you come up with pros and cons and weigh out the options you have on the table to make the best choice. 

Final thought

Our guide consists of only tabletop freezers that will help store food better and healthier. They all have adjustable thermostats which allow you to cool food at optimum temperature for healthy reasons. We have carefully tested our top picks, and we can assure you that at no point will the above freezers disappoint you. Most people are going for smaller kitchen appliances, and you should not be left out.  All our top picks are also energy-efficient, meaning you will spend less than when using regular freezers.

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