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Flies are more than just a nuisance for your horse because they can spread illness. But how many times have you used a fly repellent on your horse and been disappointed? We’ve gone through hundreds of repellents to figure out which ones work the best. We’ll share our techniques for utilising sprays, so they’re most successful, as well as the six-horse fly sprays that proved to be the most successful.

Horseflies are the most aggressive, hard to avoid biting insects. These pests will fly up and scratch along your horse’s skin right by their eyes, inside the ear, or even underneath the tail of your horse. The results can be severe itching or infection, which is why it’s important to keep them at bay with an effective fly spray.

Horsefly sprays act as a bug repellent for your horse, but they can also block nerve impulses to reduce the sensation of bites immediately after application. This allows you to brush off the flies and remove any eggs before further irritation occurs. Some products also include sunscreen, insect growth regulators (IGRs) or other chemicals to minimise the number of bites.

Why a horsefly repellent is needed

The following are reasons why you need a horsefly repellent:

  • To protect your horse from nasty bites.
  • To protect you and your family from possible diseases contracted through insect bites. You may not be aware of them, but some insects (and their bacteria) carry diseases like West Nile virus or Lyme disease, which can affect humans and animals.
  • To help reduce threat of bruises to tender areas on your horse’s body.
  • To protect your horse from the aggravation of flies swarming around them making it difficult for them to eat or rest comfortably.
  • To avoid loss in performance because your horse is constantly swatting bugs away instead of focusing on you and complying with your aids. 
  • To keep your horse from getting annoyed to the point that they start swatting at you or nip out of irritation.

What are horsefly repellents made of?

Horsefly repellents are either made up of synthetic chemicals, or they’re made with natural ingredients like citronella and neem oil. The former can provide very quick relief against biting insects (even though some people don’t like the smell), but the sprays with natural ingredients typically take longer to be effective.

The products that worked best for us are the sprays with ingredients that repel biting insects slowly over time, so you have more control of their effects. This made it easier to combine them with other products, like sunscreen or insecticides, for added protection outside of horses shows.

What to look for in a fly spray

Horsefly sprays come in many forms:

  • Horsefly sprays can be used either directly on your horse like a traditional fly spray or in combination with other treatments or insect mixes.
  • Spray bottles are best for large areas, while aerosol cans provide more directed coverage.
  • Trigger sprays release more liquid than pump sprays allowing you to get the product where it needs to go with minimal overspray.

Horsefly sprays offer both quick relief and longer-term effects, but those that last the longest are typically not as effective for immediate bugs upon application. They need time to penetrate the skin and repel biting insects over hours instead of minutes.

Factors to consider before purchasing horsefly repellents

Below are some of the things to put in mind when looking for the best horsefly repellent:

1. Ingredients

Ideally, you want a fly spray that contains ingredients like DEET and citronella, which effectively repel insects. Other chemicals commonly found in sprays are permethrin and IR3535; these provide limited protection but can be effective when combined with other ingredients.

2. Effectiveness

The “best” horsefly repellent should provide both immediate and long-term protection. This prevents excessive irritation to the skin from bites and long-lasting consequences that can affect your horse’s health.

3. Application

How you apply a fly spray is important because it will determine how quickly you can move on with other tasks and which parts of the body you can spray. The most efficient ways to apply a repellent are by spraying it on a rag and wiping your horse down or in a trigger-spray bottle that you can directly target specific areas.

4. Safety

Look for a safe product to use around both humans and animals. This will ensure you don’t accidentally get it in your eyes or on other body parts that can cause irritation.

5. Ease of use

The best horsefly spray is one that can be easily applied and requires minimal clean up afterwards, especially if you’re using it for show. This also means not having to worry about over-sprays when working with trigger bottles, which is especially important when using other products affected by the repellent.

6. Price

For most people, the price of a fly spray is one of their major concerns, which is why we’ve included some affordable options in our list below. However, keep in mind that cheaper options may only provide limited protection and work quickly, while more expensive products generally last longer and provide stronger effects.

7. Reviews

Customer reviews can give you a good idea about a product’s quality and effectiveness before placing your order. Therefore, it’s best to look at the horsefly repellent reviews from people who have tried out different brands themselves since they have the most relevant information on how well each one works.

8. Horsefly control

While most products focus on horsefly bites, some also include other bug prevention that can help you better protect your horse. This includes ingredients like permethrin and p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD). While PMD is not an insect repellent itself, it is found in many sprays and is used in combination with other chemicals to provide a synergistic effect against bugs.

Our best horsefly repellent reviews

Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray | Fly Repellent With Aloe, Sunscreen, And Coat Conditioners | Promotes A Healthy Coat And Protection From The Sun | 32 Oz Ready To Use

Product description

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray is an excellent moisturising fly spray that can be used as a conditioning shampoo. It has natural herbal extracts that are known for their fly repelling properties.

Aloe Herbal Horse Spray contains added sunscreen to help prevent sunburn while promoting a healthy coat and protection from the sun. The natural herbal extract of citronella repels stable flies, black flies, face flies, mosquitoes and gnats that may carry West Nile Virus.

This is an excellent fly spray for pets sensitive to traditional chemical fly repellents and provides up to 8 hours of protection.

Product features

The key selling areas include:

  • It helps prevent sunburn and promotes a healthy coat. This is a great selling point for people who have horses living in the sun all day. 
  • It contains natural herbal extracts that help prevent stable flies, black flies, face flies, mosquitoes and gnats from attacking your horse or pet.
  • It works up to 8 hours which is another great selling point for people who lead busy lives and can’t reapply fly spray multiple times throughout the day.
  • The main ingredients are citronella, spearmint, lemongrass, thyme, cedar leaf oil and geranium oil. 
  • This product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is safe for horses, dogs and cats.

Why we have chosen it

We have chosen this repellent because the reviews are very good, especially for people who want to get away from harsh chemicals. Also, it contains natural herbal extracts, which is always better than strong chemicals. The main ingredients are citronella, spearmint, lemongrass, thyme, cedar leaf oil and geranium oil. Furthermore, this product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which can harm your horse. And lastly, the price point is very good compared to other products on the market.

If you are looking for an alternative or want to make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals on your horse, this repellent should be at the top of your list. It is a very good quality product, and the price point is great.

However, we had to take off some points because of the smell. While it may smell good to you, not everyone likes the smell of herbal extracts, and some people would prefer an alternative form of fragrance like citronella and lavender.

Read reviews 

Reading reviews gives you a lot of insight into the product and what people who have already used it think. It allows you to make a more informed buying decision and choose a repellent that will serve you better.

Equine America Fly-Repel Spray | 100% Natural Horse & Pony External Application | Fly & Insect Repellent | 750ml

Product description

This is a 100% natural fly and insect repellent spray for horses, ponies and dogs. The most important ingredients are aloe vera, citronella oil and garlic extracts, which help repel stable flies, black flies, face flies, mosquitoes and gnats that may carry West Nile Virus. This will not only keep the insects at bay but will also help maintain your horse’s coat.

Aloe vera is known for its soothing properties and can be used to reduce skin irritation, inflammation and itching. It also contains Vitamin A, which is good for the eyes, nose, skin and respiratory system. 

Citronella is an effective natural insect repellent, and it gives you eight hours of protection. It is also known for its calming effects, making it perfect to use on your horse before entering the show ring. 

Main features

Below are the key components of this product:

  • Tea tree oil, castor oil, lavender and cedarwood oils are combined in a 100 per cent natural formulation that provides long-term fly protection.
  • With a long-lasting protection layer, your horse will be kept free of biting flies and the infections they spread for up to 8 hours.
  • A sponge or a cloth may be used to apply the lotion directly to your horse’s skin.

Why we have chosen it

This product receives good reviews. Main ingredients include aloe vera, citronella oil and garlic extracts, which help repel stable flies, black flies, face flies, mosquitoes and gnats that may carry West Nile Virus.

The spray is a 100% natural product designed for use on horses, ponies, and camels. It protects your horse from bothersome biting flies and the illnesses they carry. Fly-repel is a required horse care product for long-term fly prevention.

Equine provides a wide range of innovative and customised Equine supplements, each with a unique blend of elements that work together to help horses achieve their maximum level of wellbeing and performance.

The company has a holistic approach that combines years of research, professional knowledge, and expertise.

Read reviews

If you want to get more information about this product, you should not ignore reviews. You will know the positives and negatives of this product before buying. This way, you will make an informed decision without necessarily having to depend on the manufacturer’s information.

NAF Off Citronella Spray
This is a water-based citronella oil fly spray for horses with natural oils. It contains no pyrethrin or synthetic chemicals that are harmful to your horse. Instead, it relies on the power of natural ingredients like lemongrass, clove and lavender oil. NAF Off Citronella Spray is designed to reduce the number of flies that bother your horse. Its scent also masks the smell of horses to keep them out of harm’s way. You can use it when you are riding, grooming or simply when your horse is in the stable.

It also comes with a sponge that attaches to the neck of the bottle and contains natural oils like eucalyptus and cedarwood, which keeps insects at bay for long hours. It even helps keep odours at bay.

Product Safety

Always utilise biocides safely. Before using a product, read the label and manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Main features

The key features include:

  • It comes as a ready-to-use product that you can use to spray your horse as often as needed. Just be sure not to overdo it and avoid spraying the face of the horse.
  • The repellent contains citronella oil. 
  •  It effectively keeps your horse from harm while keeping insects away.
  • It is eco-friendly and comes in recyclable packaging.

Why we have chosen it

This product has all the ingredients you need to properly groom your horse. It keeps insect bites at bay so your horse can enjoy its outdoor environment without being affected by biting flies or insects that are attracted to it. The company behind this product also give 10 per cent of the sales proceeds to various charities.

This is an effective alternative to avoid using products with harmful chemicals. It doesn’t only help your horse but also the environment.

Read reviews

Reviews are an essential part of knowing whether the product is effective or not. Therefore, you need to read reviews before buying any type of fly spray for horses. Also, make sure you read reviews from reliable sites like ours for more details about how this product works and its pros and cons.

Battles Horse & Cattle Fly Repellent Liquid - 1 litre

Product description

This is a water-based fly spray that you can use on horses, cattle and pets. It works with the power of natural ingredients that are 100 per cent biodegradable. It comes as a ready-to-use product that you only need to spray your horse. The company behind this product insists on using quality ingredients to protect your horse from fly bites without exposing it to harmful chemicals.

This product relies on the power of natural ingredients like citronella oil, geranium oil, and lemongrass oil. It contains no pyrethrin or synthetic chemicals that can harm your horse. If you are concerned with the environment, this is a great option.

Main features

The key features include:

  • It is water-based and non-greasy.  
  • It comes as an easy to use spray which you can apply directly on your horse with no need for dilution or mixing with water.  
  • The company behind this product makes sure that it uses the power of natural ingredients in its products.

Why we have chosen it 

This is a great product if you want to protect your horse from fly bites without exposing it to harmful chemicals that may be hazardous to the environment. It uses the power of nature and doesn’t only help your horse but also the environment. It is one of our top picks for these reasons.

If you are concerned with the environment, this is a great option.

Read reviews 

If you want to know what other people think about this product, check out some great reviews on Amazon. You can also read our review for more detailed information before making your final decision.


Maybe you were looking for a specific type of product; if so, just let us know, and we will do our best to find it and include it in this list. We tried out many different product types before finding these as the most effective. Our main intention was to show you only the top products, and we believe we achieved this.

Remember to check out our reviews before purchasing any of these products to understand better how they work and whether or not they are worth getting. Also, don’t forget your horse’s comfort is just as important as yours when dealing with insects, so make sure you find the right product according to your horse’s needs.

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