How To Get Rid of Pigeon’s – Repellents That Work!

Pigeons are known as “rats of the sky” by some people. And for a good reason: pigeons are filthy birds that spread disease and cause significant property damage. You’re probably close to being frustrated if you have a pigeon problem. Fortunately, our team is here to assist you. Here we will demonstrate some of the best and most effective ways to get rid of pigeons. We’ll also show you how to prevent pigeons from returning by covering your property in netting or sealing all entry points, such as windows and doors.

Pigeon droppings are corrosive, so they rapidly deteriorate any surface they are on. Pigeons might sit on your car and leave droppings on the paint job. Over time, this will cause expensive damage to your vehicle. If you don’t want to clean pigeon droppings off of your property every day, we recommend that you invest in a product like Bird Barriers.

Why are Pigeons a Problem?

Here are a few examples of the problems that pigeons may cause:


Pigeon droppings are a prime incubator for disease, as they can maintain ultra-violet rays, which are deadly to humans.


Droppings may be tough to see on light coloured surfaces, but you’ll notice them easily once they turn dark with age. They’re hard and crusty in texture and may also be smelly.

Damage to property 

Pigeons can cause immense damage to your property by eating away at wood, masonry and soft metals. This is why it’s important to have netting installed around potential entry points for these birds. These materials are especially vulnerable if there is a food source nearby, so you need to remove that temptation to keep pigeons from nesting on your property.

How do you get rid of pigeons? 

There are many different ways you can get rid of pigeons from your property, and we have listed a few below:


You must check traps often because they will catch other animals besides pigeons if left unattended.


If you have space between your roof and the top of your walls, you can use netting to cover this area so that pigeons can’t nest there. You will need to fasten it tightly with clips or staples to keep the pigeons from finding a way in under the netting.


We do not recommend poison because it’s illegal to use, and it may cause other birds, such as crows or seagulls, to become sick. You should never poison pigeons in an attempt to get rid of them, and we don’t recommend that you purchase a product like this either.


This method is difficult because it requires you to perform the deterrent every time that pigeons are around. You can try this technique by using high-pitched noises, bright lights, motion sensor sprinklers or water hoses. These things will cause pigeons to fly away if they think something dangerous is nearby.

Electronic repellents 

You can try using an electronic device that emits sounds or carries vibrations that are usually unpleasant to the pigeon, driving them away. However, if you choose this method, keep in mind that your results may vary. With any repellent device, it’s important to maintain a regular schedule, so the birds don’t get used to the sounds.

Netting is the preferred method of getting rid of pigeons, but it’s also the most expensive. If you can’t afford to hire an exterminator or install netting around your home, other options are available to you. One example is using scaring devices-devices designed to emit an unsettling sound when they are tripped. The problem with these devices is that a pigeon must trigger them to work, and pigeons can quickly figure out where the sound is coming from, so there’s no risk of it scaring them off. If you have a large property or a small budget for dealing with pigeons, you can also wash away any pigeon droppings that you find with a water hose.

How do you prevent pigeons from coming back?

After you’ve gotten rid of the pigeons and cleaned up any droppings, there are several steps you can take to prevent them from returning:

Remove all food sources 

Pigeons will return to your property if they can find food sources. Ensure that all garbage bins are secured tightly, don’t leave pet food out at night, and keep your property free of debris where pigeons could build nests.

Keep surfaces clear 

Pigeons can land on any surface with a flat angle because their feet conform to the shape of the object they land on. Make sure surfaces like this are kept clear, including ledges and any rails or beams that they could land on.

Make it difficult to access your roof 

You can do this by installing spikes or heavy-duty netting around the perimeter of your roof, making it difficult for pigeons to get close enough to build nests. This is a particularly effective way of preventing pigeons from roosting on your property.

Remove hiding places 

Pigeons will find a way to get into any nook or cranny where they can hide. Ensure that there aren’t any beams, rafters or other areas that would allow for this by keeping trees and bushes trimmed back from your roofline.

Be aware of your surroundings 

To prevent pigeons from nesting on your property, you need to be aware of what’s going on in your local environment. If you notice pigeons gathering around an area or notice a lot of droppings where they’re not supposed to be, there’s a good chance that they are building nests and plan to return. In this case, it would be wise to remove their food sources and make it difficult to access your roof until you’ve gotten rid of the birds.

Factors to consider before buying bird repellents

When it comes to looking for a bird repellent, you should consider some important factors that determine the quality and performance of the product. Once you know what you need, you can narrow down your search and look through product descriptions and reviews to find the model that matches your requirements. Below are some of the things to look for:

1. Material

There are two basic types of these products – they can either be made of plastic or metal, depending on their purpose. Plastic repellents are usually used for smaller birds, while the larger ones should have metallic spikes because they’re more efficient at scaring them away.

2. Features

Bird repellents may come with different features that attract attention and scare off pests quickly and easily. For example, the ones that are UV resistant ensure that they will not get discoloured or lose their shape.

3. Type of protection

The most common types of these products are adhesive, pinwheel, spiral and bell catchers, while spikes are also available. Bird spikes can be static or rotating, making them more efficient to use in certain areas.

4. Decorative or functional

In most cases, these products are mostly decorative and can be used outdoors. But some spikes have an increased level of durability due to their stainless steel materials, so they may also be used for more practical purposes. Specialised units can be found online, depending on your needs.

5. Size

Another important factor is the size of the product. Before buying an item, you should take measurements to make sure it fits in perfectly and does its job well. Dimensions are usually provided in detail, so you can determine which model will suit your needs best in advance.

6. Price

Before purchasing a bird repellent, consider how much money you want to spend on it. There are many models available on the market today, so you can choose a more expensive one if you want to get a durable and efficient product with additional features. On the other hand, low-cost repellents do not differ much in their features and performance, but they may be used for smaller areas or simply as decorations.

Our best pigeon repellents reviews

Bird Scarer Discs - Bird Repellent Scare Eye Discs - Scare Woodpecker Pigeon Birds Away from Deterrent Repellent Disks - Keep Birds Away/ 48 Eyes / 24 Discs / 12 Bells
193 Customer Reviews
Bird Scarer Discs - Bird Repellent Scare Eye Discs - Scare Woodpecker Pigeon Birds Away from Deterrent Repellent Disks - Keep Birds Away/ 48 Eyes / 24 Discs / 12 Bells

Product description

Pigeons and woodpeckers are frightened by gleaming, moving objects. This rotating bird control deterrent may be turned freely and reflects light to create a dazzling effect that frightens pest birds away.

This product is a farmer and gardener’s best defence against birds. The shining discs act as if you have your scarecrow army defending your home. This proven and efficient repeller is compatible with bird spikes, netting, owl decoy, and other bird scaring technologies for even more protection.

This bird repellent is easy to use, and all you need to do is hang it from trees, poles, or anything else with a view of the sky and wind to attract birds that may be nesting there. Attract birds nesting in these areas, such as carports, gardens, roofs, over crops, trees, backyards, boats, boat docks/patios & balconies. Unlike those of some competitors, these disks are Double-Sided Bird Repellent Scare Disks with a pair of woodpecker eyes. The eyes of the birds are discomforted by laser reflection.

Main features

The following are the key features of this product:

  • It reflects sunlight to create glare that birds avoid.
  • This product is made of long-lasting material.
  • Even in inclement weather or windy areas, the product works well because the discs are very lightweight. 
  • This deterrent attaches easily with anything you can use to attach string or wire, such as nails, screws, tacks, staples and cable ties.
  • This product also has 24 laser deterrent eyes that rotate frantically to scare every bird away.
  •  The discs are even effective against blackbirds, seagulls, crows and pigeons.
  • The best thing about it is that the disks are environmentally friendly bird repellent because they repel without killing or trapping.
  •  It also protects crops from damage, and the disks will repel birds up to 10 times their size.

Why we have chosen it

If you are concerned about your garden being trashed by birds, this disc is one of the best bird repellents to consider buying. It is truly an effective solution against birds that will not leave your garden alone. This product is easy to use, and you only need to hang it from trees, poles, or anything else with a view of the sky and wind. Get this product to scare birds away from your home without harming them. The glaring reflection of this product discomforts their eyes.

This is one of the most cost-effective bird deterrents on the market, so you have no reason not to have it. With these discs, you are guaranteed protection against birds like to eat up your flowers and crops. It is an effective solution if you can’t take these birds’ mess, noise, and destruction.

We have chosen this product because thousands of other customers have raved about it – so why practice bird control through trial and error when you can take their word for it? Don’t settle for second-rate products that do not deliver promises – do yourself a favour by getting this proven, effective, and economical bird repellent today.

Read reviews 

If you want to know what people who have bought this product think about it, then look at the customer reviews and ratings. These discs will help repel birds from your property – and we can prove it.

Go through what other customers have said and discover why we highly recommend this bird repellent as an essential part of your home’s security and protection system.

Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic Pigeon Deterrent | 5 Metre Pack
710 Customer Reviews
Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic Pigeon Deterrent | 5 Metre Pack

Product description

This bird deterrent is a humane and safe way to prevent pigeons from nesting or roosting on ledges, sills, gable ends, roof ridges and gutters.

It is a sturdy plastic strip that has a strong adhesive backing. The Defender Bird Spikes can be used for your windowsills, ornamentals, air conditioning units, ledges and downpipes. The Defender Bird Spikes will not be effective against all birds. They are useful against smaller breeds such as pigeons, seagulls, and sparrows.

Plastic Pigeon Spikes are a great solution for many applications. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in any space where a bit of height is needed, such as on ledges with a depth of 10 centimetres (4 inches) or more. Window sills, narrow fence tops, rails, and balconies are all place examples.

Installation of Defender Bird Spikes is completely do-it-yourself. There are no special tools or skills required. Every strip may be fixed in place using glue, screws, or cable ties. For application, use a caulking gun with Defender Silicone tubes. The material may be used on most hard surfaces, including wood, brick, plastic, stucco, and metal. Bitumen, asphalt, polypropylene, and polyethene-based surfaces are not suitable for this product.

Main features

Below are the key features of this product:

  • It’s a safe and humane bird repellent.
  • It can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • Its narrow design is perfect for ledges, sills, gable ends.
  • It is easy to install.

Why we have chosen it

Every home needs this product – it is versatile, easy to use, and affordable. It is a humane way to keep birds away from your garden while still being safe for them. Because of its narrow design, you have more options when installing these strips around the home. Be sure to get enough so that every surface on your property has one applied. 

Read reviews 

Hundreds of customers left reviews on amazon.co.uk. Before you decide to buy this product, make sure to read reviews. These can include helpful details on installation, effectiveness, durability, customer service, and more. Although most of these opinions are positive, some are less satisfied with the product, but these are usually not relevant.

Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel, BP-CART, Case of 12
79 Customer Reviews
Bird Proof Bird Repellent Gel, BP-CART, Case of 12

Product description

This is a kind solution since the gel does not harm the birds. The sticky nature of the gel generates an unpleasant surface that prevents birds from settling in undesirable areas, preventing them from roosting in undesirable locations.

The repellent gel is nearly undetectable when applied to surfaces where birds are likely to descend. This includes windowsills, ledges, beams, poles, warehouses, houses, yachts, and more. The Bird Proof Gel is readily biodegradable and doesn’t require any upkeep because it retains its efficiency for up to a year. Bird Proof Gel will protect your protected place from bird droppings, damage, and infestation if utilised as directed. Each tube can cover ten linear feet.

Main features

Here are its key features:

  • It’s a humane solution. 
  • It serves as an effective bird repellent. 
  • It is simple to use.  
  • It can be used on most surfaces.

Why we have chosen it

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to keep birds away from your property, this is the item that you need. It has been tested in UK farms and gardens, where it successfully repelled pigeons, seagulls, crows, ducks, and many others. It is a humane way to get rid of birds without killing them or harming them in any way.

Read reviews

Most customers who purchased this product were generally satisfied with its performance. According to them, it is one of the most effective bird repellents available on the market today. Its main drawback is that it doesn’t last very long, so you will have to replace the gel every few weeks. If applied correctly, however, it is very effective.

500 Customer Reviews

Product description

Grazers have always worked to develop a product portfolio that is completely safe for people, their crops, their pets, and all wild animals. Importantly, the chemicals internalise the pests designed to keep away from plants, for instance, since they play a key role in natural food chains. By using Grazers, you assist our plants in ‘helping themselves,’ giving them the resilience to grow. You are also leaving the pests in their food sources alive for birds, hedgehogs, frogs, and toads to consume. In the end, a healthy environment draws more animals to the region, which consumes even more insects.

Main features 

Here are its key features:

  • This is a one-of-a-kind solution for anticipated damage that started early.
  • To conceal the attractiveness of plants, it mixes well with plant leaves.
  • It strengthens and promotes plant growth, making plants more resilient.
  • Pollinators are protected by this product, which is bromeliad friendly and pests and wildlife safe.
  • It is a ready-to-use sprayer with an upside-down trigger to get under the foliage.

Why we have chosen it

The main reason why we have chosen this product is that it has a unique formula. It protects the plant without harming its growth and thus creates an unhealthy habitat for pests instead of killing them. Plus, it is an insect repellent that doesn’t affect pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Since it has a unique formula, Grazers works very well for different pests. It prevents damage from rabbits, pigeons and deer, and various insects that often destroy young plants and seedlings.

Read reviews

The reviews of this product are mostly excellent. Customers are generally satisfied with its performance. They’ve been using it to protect their trees from pests and other damages for several years, and they haven’t encountered any problem so far. On the other hand, some users say that the product only works for a couple of months, and then it has to be reapplied.

VIIRKUJA bird spikes 3 Metres Stainless Steel Pigeon Repellent 4 Rows Total Length 300 cm 6 Elements 50 cm Bird Repellent with Click Closure and Predetermined Breaking Points
1,743 Customer Reviews
VIIRKUJA bird spikes 3 Metres Stainless Steel Pigeon Repellent 4 Rows Total Length 300 cm 6 Elements 50 cm Bird Repellent with Click Closure and Predetermined Breaking Points

Product description

If you are looking for a way to keep pigeons away, but you don’t want to use any chemicals, this is the product that can help you out. It comes with four vertical rows of scares that create an impression on the birds that there is an obstacle in their way. This causes them to turn around and fly through another area of your property rather than try to get through the metal spikes.

The Virrkuja bird repellent is effective because of its 4-row bird spike construction with a total protection width of approximately 22cm. With prefabricated holes, spikes may be coupled with nails, screws, or mounting glue in no time. The built-in click fastener allows for the connection of separate components without tools.

The stainless steel spikes are a great accessory. They provide long-term protection when attached. They also have a base plate composed of polycarbonate and UV resistance. There are no boundaries to their inventiveness for the locations where the bird spikes may be used – for example, their window sills, canopies, dormers, garages, lights, beams, balconies, terraces or others.

Main features

Below are the key components of this Pidgeon repellent:

  • It is made of sturdy stainless steel, ensuring the product’s long-term durability.
  • The product has a visually compelling appearance that scares pests away.
  • It comes with predrilled holes for easy mounting and installation.
  • This bird spike is simple to install on various surfaces, including guttering, beams, pergolas and many others.
  • It is available in numerous sizes, which allows you to choose the proper one for your needs.

Read reviews

The majority of users are satisfied with this product and recommend it to others. Several clients have installed bird spikes on their balconies, garages or backyards because they wanted to protect their plants from being eaten by birds. They say that it really works and keeps pigeons away.

On the other hand, some users complain about its durability because they’ve used the bird spike only for a couple of months and then it broke. Plus, not all sizes come with predrilled holes, making them difficult to install on your own.


You can learn a lot from our buyer’s guide. It has everything you need to know about bird repellents, including their kinds and features, as well as other useful information that will help you find the appropriate product for your home.

This is why, before you buy the product you need, read our buyer’s guide and see what you should pay attention to when purchasing an item. Finally, there are lots of reviews by real users online that can give you some useful information about their experiences with different products.

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