Why Do Slugs Come into My House and How To Get Rid of Them?

How To Get Rid Of Slugs In Your House

Imagine stepping on a slug while walking to your room with bare feet. Pretty disgusting, right? The same slugs can keep coming back to your house if you don’t find ways to throw them out.

Slugs leave behind their very own scent trail, which allows them to find their way back to your home.

Slugs mostly eat mould, leftovers, algae, and compost. They are attracted to cold, damp, dark refuge areas like drains, vents, and kitchens.

Slugs are more prevalent in old houses as they are damp and cold. If your house is full of moisture and dampness, slumps are more likely to enter your house. Cold and damp places attract slugs, which is why you should take effective measures to prevent it.

Another reason can be pet food. If your house is full of pet food scents, slugs may often make their way into your house. They are more likely to come on rainy nights as their sense of smell maximizes on these days.

Plants or herb pots can also be the reason for regular visits by the slugs.

One way to prevent drugs from entering is to make sure there are no cracks or gaps on your front door and windows.

Slugs come to your house because they usually need something, be it shade, food, or warmth. You should find out what attracts them to your house in order to keep them out.

Here’s a fantastic video that provides some useful tips and tricks on how to get rid of slugs:

How Do Slugs Get In?

Slugs OutsideSlugs can smell pet food and leftovers. They don’t have hard shells like other insects do, which helps them squeeze through tiny cracks.

Slugs can stretch their body up to 20x times than their normal structure. They have no bones or skeletal structure, which causes them to enter through the smallest gaps in your door.

They can walk upside down and climb on vertical surfaces. They have some commonly preferred entry points like ill-fitted doors, spaces under windows, holes drilled in your floors for gas pipes or water, joints along the surface of your walls, holes associated with electrical wiring, cutouts for dryer ducts or furnaces, and others.

How to Stop Slugs From Entering Your Home

Here are some quick tips on how to locate and eliminate the hiding spots of slugs to prevent them from coming back to your house.

Slug Bait

Place pellets where the slugs are more likely to hide. Control the repeated entry to your house by killing them at once with pellets.

These slug baits are not toxic to pets and children of your house, so there is no risk of accidental consumption.

They appear tasty to slugs and are effective in killing them. The last few years have seen improvements in the manufacturing of slug baits. They are developed using iron phosphate, which is toxic only to snails and slugs.

If slugs eat this bait, they will stop feeding and die after a few days. Refrain from using slug baits containing metaldehyde as it is toxic to pets and people.

Read through the specifications before buying a slug bait, as metaldehyde baits have an animal repellent coating. Go for slug baits labelled as safe for pets. You do not want your cat or dog or rabbit feeding on them when you are not looking and fall fatally sick.

You should always opt for the newer variants in slug pellets or baits. The old-style slug baits, apart from being toxic, are also slow in killing the slugs. The new pellets will act on the slugs from the very first time and kill them quickly.

Door Seals

Most doors have a substantial gap between them and the floors. Slugs mostly come in through such gaps as they have no bones in their body.

Door seals are the ideal way to close all entry points of slugs into your home. There are many options for door seals – they are discussed later in this article.

You need to slide the door seals under your door to eliminate the gap between them. If you have a carpeted floor, use a few duct tapes to slide easily under your door.

You can trim the door seals as per your needs and seal all existing gaps between the floor and doors.

Diatomaceous Earth

The fossilized remains of diatom, photosynthetic, single-celled aquatic algae, can also be used to eliminate slugs from your home.

The remains of millions of diatoms over the ages to form the soft, crumbly sedimentary rock called diatomaceous earth. You can sprinkle it on slugs directly or use it at the entry points as a barrier.

If your surrounding environment is dry, diatomaceous earth can effectively kill slugs and other insects. However, it is not effective in wet places. You need to apply them in places where there is no moisture. If you have a damp house, you should directly sprinkle it over the slugs.

Diatomaceous earth contains silica, which is toxic to the digestive system of the slugs.


Salt is an effective barrier to prevent the entry of slugs into your house. However, you should try to place them in an area where it is dry.

They will wash off quickly if you put them in a wet or damp place, as it is the property of any salt to dissolve in water.

If you leave a salt path in your house, it will cause the slugs to dry out along the path and eventually die. You can also sprinkle some salt near your door before going to sleep to prevent the entry of slugs at night.

Crushed Eggshells

Many people suggest crushed eggshells as an alternative for driving away slugs from your house.

However, it is not quite as effective as some of the other remedies on this list.

Create A “Beer” Trap

Some people prefer using beer as a home remedy to kill slugs. The yeasty odour of beer attracts slugs and draws them towards their death.

Slugs may crawl into beer containers and drown in them after failing to find an escape. You can create a beer trap for eliminating slugs from your house.

Find a plastic container with a lid to set up your trap. Margarine tubs or yoghurt containers will be great for this purpose. You should make a few holes on the top of the container to provide access to the slugs.

Bury the beer container in your garden or outside the house by keeping about an inch above the soil. Pour beer into the container and close the lid.

You should regularly check the beer traps to measure its effectiveness.  You should also remove all dead slugs and pour more beer regularly.

Birds, Ducks, And Other Predators

You can build a bird table to attract birds. Birds are predatory towards slugs and will eat them for you. You can also keep pet ducks in your garden for the same purpose.

However, this option is obviously not attainable or affordable for most.

How To Seal Cracks And Stop The Entry Points?

Use PU Foam ForLarge Gaps

If your house is full of larger gaps, you should opt for polyurethane foam cans. Polyurethane foam can expand and fill up all such gaps and cracks in your household.

It creates a waterproof and pest-proof barrier with incredible durability. You should spray it around joints, ducting, and spaces between doors, and anywhere else the slugs can make way through.

Wear old clothes and gloves while spraying expanding PU foam as it will stick to everything nearby when you spray.

After the foam seals and hardens, you can trim off any excess foam using a hack saw blade or serrated knife. Be careful enough to locate all gaps in your house.

Use Sealants For Small Holes

If you have tiny gaps in between your floors or doors, silicone sealant will work better than expanding foam.

You can squeeze out the product and seal of all the suspicious holes in your house. Cover spaces around your door trims, floors, walls, and joints. If you need to work with tight spaces, opt for squeeze tube sealants.

Copper Tapes To Keep Slugs Away

Copper tapes are the easiest solution to eliminate all slugs from your house. However, they are less effective than expanding foams and sealants.

Copper tapes last long, offering greater value for money. You can place them across your floors, door thresholds, and around pots.

Copper is known to react with the slime of a slug, thus disturbing its nervous system. The slugs will feel a reaction equal to an electric shock, causing them to die slowly.

However, in most cases, snails and slugs slide past them without much effort. You should opt for a copper tape with high ratings and good reviews. If you need something more full-proof, then opt for sealants and PU foam.

Tips To Prevent The Entry Of Slugs

Slug In House

  • Preventing the entry of slugs begins with identifying and eliminating all their possible hiding places.
  • If you have firewood piles in your house, move them and keep them off the ground of your living spaces. Put your flower pots and planters away from damp places and windows. Place them on stands or racks to keep off slugs.
  • If you have stones and lumber, you should move them immediately as they offer a great hiding place to slugs as well. You should also close all your exterior doors at night and check for gaps.
  • If you have a damp basement, use a dehumidifier to prevent moisture accumulation and wet environments. Dampness is not good for your house structure either.

What Are The Products That You Can Use To Get Rid Of Slugs At Home?

Slugs can be disturbing and can cause a lot of irritation and damage when allowed to enter your home. And it can get very weird if you accidentally step on it. So, is there any way to avoid slugs? Here we have tried to list some products that can absolutely help you in getting rid of the slug-ish situation.

Everbuild Fix and Fill Quick Setting Expanding Foam, 750 ml
4,319 Customer Reviews
Everbuild Fix and Fill Quick Setting Expanding Foam, 750 ml
Slugs can mostly enter your house through cracks and holes. To make sure that the slugs stay out, you must seal all the cracks. If there are larger cracks in your house, then it is recommended to use sealing foam.

Everbuild sealing foam is perfect for you. The sealing foam works very quickly and expands to 55 times more than the initial amount. This makes it highly effective to seal the cracks and keep all the slugs outside. The best part about this foam is that it can be cut or moulded according to your requirements once it sets.

If you are worried about deep joints, window frames, irregular cracks and gaps, and other situation in which the application becomes difficult? Then, fret not because this sealing foam comes with an attachable nozzle that reaches every corner and gap.  It is available in two sizes, 500 ml, and 750 ml, and you can easily choose according to your needs.

How To Use Sealing Foam?

Sealing foams are a perfect solution if you are constantly bothered by the presence of slugs in your house. It is quick, easy to apply, and very effective. But the question is, what is the right way to use sealing foam?

The first thing before using sealing foam is to make sure that you wear proper gloves and preferably old clothes. The sealing foam is sticky and tends to cling to everything it touches. Carefully analyze the cracks and gaps and apply the sealing foam easily. Once the sealing foam sets, it is now time for you to mould the foam according to your own needs.

The application process of sealing foams is super easy and effective. There are some things that you should keep in mind when using sealing foam.

  • Always wear eye masks, old clothes, and gloves.
  • Never use sealing foam around the potential ignition source.
  • It is always recommended that you use sealing foams in areas with good ventilation.
5 x Copper Foil Tape with Conductive Adhesive for EMI Shielding, Slug Repellent, Crafts, Electrical Repairs - 2 Widths-5m 3mm * 5m
Copper tapes are another popular option when you want to repel slugs. They are easy to use and a convenient and perfect option. The copper tape is suitable to be used in every weather and can protect your house from unwanted slugs and snails.

Copper tape can be used for multiple purposes and are flexible enough to suit every corner and gap of your house.  The copper tapes are convenient to use and a better option because it just repels the slug and not kill it.

How to Use Copper tape?

Copper tape, although it is very convenient to use, you still have to keep certain things in mind. The metal edges of copper tapes are generally very sharp. This makes it extremely important that you always use gloves when applying the copper tape. You just have to look for areas to insulate and then carefully apply it.

Other than this, there are few other things that are a must to know before using copper tape.

  • Copper tapes are long-lasting. Once used, they can go as long as three years. An easy application and slug free home for years.
  • You should have a thing to which you will attach your copper tape. Sometimes it is hard to find something like that. In such situations, using copper tapes can get a little tricky.

In all, it is evident that copper tapes are a wildlife-friendly, effective, and affordable way to keep slugs out.

Silicon SEALANT Clear Tube 70G
5,383 Customer Reviews
Silicon SEALANT Clear Tube 70G
As we discussed earlier, sealants are great if you want to work on small holes and gaps. The small holes and gaps usually are difficult to cover and thus can stay a problem for a longer period of time.

This 151 silicone sealant is the perfect alternative to keep slugs away from your house. This has the capability of reaching even in the minute gaps. The 151 silicone sealant is available in two sizes- 70 grams and 71 grams. This makes it easy to handle the product.

The results of silicone sealants are great, but the application is super easy and less time-consuming. To makes the application easier, it comes with an applicant nozzle. This helps the silicone sealant to reach a place that is very small and not clearly visible.

The 151 sealant is suitable to be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other places. It is waterproof and can be conveniently used to keep slugs out of your humble abode. It is ideal for small tasks as well.

How to Use Silicone Sealant?

The silicone sealant is a great product if your house is intruded by slugs and snails. To use silicone sealant, it is important that you wear gloves. You then need to find the place where you want to cover the gap.

It is at this point that you will squeeze the product and apply it properly. Its small quantity helps you save extra costs when you just have to do a tiny job. One thing that you should keep in mind while using silicone sealant is to not use it very frequently. It is repeatedly exposed to skin, and it can cause problems like dry skin and also cracking.

Slug Nematodes 12million (Treats 40sq.m)
2,911 Customer Reviews
Slug Nematodes 12million (Treats 40sq.m)
Slug baits are another popular and convenient way to prevent slugs from entering and disturbing your house. This Nemaslug Slug bait is a perfect option for you if you want to keep slugs at a distance.

The best part about this slug bait is that it will not harm wildlife and is also completely safe to use around children. It will not affect your crops and will only work on slugs. The product is great to use during every season so that you stay free of slugs all year-round.

The product gets perished when not put to use. It is, therefore, very important that you order this product only when you are ready to use it. It can be re-applied easily and keep slugs out of your garden and also your home.

How to Use Slug Baits?

The application of slug baits is very easy and convenient. This easy and affordable method to keep slugs out will not drain too much time from your schedule. All you need to do is find spots where the slugs can come from.

After this, you have to clearly and carefully apply the bait to such places. The slugs will be repelled by the smell of the bait. And once consumed will cause the slug to die within a few days. This makes sure that you never face any uncomfortable situation with slugs.

Although it is non-toxic, it also requires certain instructions to be followed. Keep in mind that you have prepared the soil in case you are using the bait in the garden. It is a natural method to prevent slugs from entering the outdoor spaces of your house in addition to the outdoor ones.

tesamoll Door-to-Floor Double-Roll, Non-Adhesive Draft Excluder - for gaps up to 22mm
4,026 Customer Reviews
tesamoll Door-to-Floor Double-Roll, Non-Adhesive Draft Excluder - for gaps up to 22mm
Using door seals is another easy and convenient option to prevent slugs from entering your house. This Tesamoll door seal is a great option for you if you are searching for a door seal. This can be easily used to fill the gap between your door, which can let slugs enter.

The seal is resistant to drought and noise. It is very easy to apply and can be applied without any glue or drills. It is best suitable for a crevice width of about 22 mm. It not only keep slugs out but also prevents wind from entering your house.

The double roll form of this door seal makes it very convenient to use. You can re-use this multiple times. You will be protected from the cold wind in winters and slugs all around the year.

How to Use Door Seals?

As discussed, door seals are absolutely easy to use. You just have to slide the door seal in the gap that you spot between your doors. You can further just the double rollers according to the length you desire.

Door seals usually don’t need extreme work like glueing and drilling. This makes it super easy to use.

Final Verdict

The slimy and weird situation caused by slugs can be very disturbing. And this disgust increase when slugs enter your house. It always becomes a risk to walk bare-footed and even sit without worry.

There are various reasons that might be causing slugs to enter your house. With proper care and the right products, it is possible to always keep the slugs at bay. Figure out what works the best for you, and stay away from this slimy situation.

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