Best Tool For Removing Mortar

Removing Mortar

Whether you are an aspiring DIYer or a seasoned contractor, you need to have the right tool to get your job done. People who use inappropriate tools they have ended up for any task end up having imperfect results. Tool manufacturers design each tool for a specific purpose. The angle and size of the tool … Read more

Correct Brick Mortar Mix Ratio


When you’re just starting with bricklaying, you probably won’t know how to prepare a mortar. There’s nothing to worry about since even seasoned professionals find it challenging at times. But a builder needs to get the proportion right. It would ensure uniformity of strength throughout the building structure, uniform workability, and uniform colour. If you’re … Read more

What Are The Dimensions Of A Standard Breeze Block?

breeze block

Breeze blocks are the designed concrete blocks used for covering the sides of buildings or piled upon one another to create a wall. However, these blocks are more than just a decoration. Breeze blocks get their name for their nettle-like look, allowing air to pass through while allowing ample protection and privacy. This feature made … Read more

6 Reasons to Use Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete Mix

When it comes to convenience, there no other concrete product like ready mixed concrete. And with ready mix concrete, it means concrete that has been specially formulated to fit different architectural projects. It is a mixture of cement, water, and a mix (of gravel, sand, and crushed stones). Ready mix concrete delivery is mainly done … Read more

Cost of Repointing Brickwork

Cost of repointing

Many homeowners struggle with the upkeep and renovations around the home that are necessary to keep everything up to code. While some things like paint jobs are purely aesthetic, other necessary renovations actually improve the quality of life within the home. Brickwork, while beautiful and durable, does not last forever. The mortar between the joints … Read more

How To Build A Fire Pit In Your Garden

How to build a fire pit

Looking to add that bit extra to your garden? You can liven the look of your home up with a nice toasty fire pit. It’s easier to make a great looking fire pit than you may think. We’ve written a step by step guide to help you on your way to toasting marshmallows on a … Read more