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Best Screw Gun For Decking

A screw gun is identical to a power drill; however, it is designed to drive screws only. It shoots screws from a clip in the same way that nail guns feed nails. A screw gun resembles a drill, except instead of a chuck, it has a “nose.” A replaceable 0.25-inch (0.5 cm) shank bit, also known as a tip, is held in the nose. A 1 inch (4 cm) #2 Phillips is the most popular tip. Both screw guns have an adjustable nose that can countersink screws to the desired depth. To engage the clutch and drive the screws, the operator must apply pressure to the bit. While assembling drywall, some screw gun users keep the fast motor start, which makers recommend. The user of a decking screw gun does not have to lean over because the handle is long.

Since you can go to any store and purchase any screw gun you like for your certain building, the process’s convenience and precision will be limited by the screwdriver you use. Using the finest deck screw guns for your project is a guaranteed method to make sure that you complete them as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of calm and no difficulty. It changes your task from a nerve-racking one that you want to do to a simple one that you can finish quickly. Some brands and types put out as the greatest screw guns for deck fitting within this category. Are you falling short on time? This is a detailed guide to the best screw gun for decking; we’ve examined and researched the best screw guns for decking available.

Overview of screw gun

A screw gun resembles a drill in appearance. However, instead of a chuck, it has a “nose.” The nose is where specific drilling bits are kept. “Tips” is a common term for these. The 1-inch tip is the most popular. Other suggestions are also accessible. The one you’ll need is mostly determined by your specific needs and the projects you’re working on. Because they’re relatively affordable, most users have multiple tips. A screw gun is comparable to a staple gun in that it uses a clip to feed screws. You don’t have to line up every screw as a drill. This permits you to work considerably more quickly, putting screw guns ahead of drills in terms of productivity.

After all, a screw gun can only do so much. Because they can only drive screws, they are significantly less adaptable than other solutions. A screw gun, unlike most power tools, has a limited number of applications. They aren’t cheap, either so you’ll have to drive many screws to make this power tool worthwhile.

Types of screw guns

Screw guns are divided into two categories: corded and cordless. Corded screw guns, as the name implies, have a cord that plugs into a wall. Because they require electricity to operate, they are best suited for homeowners who never leave their workshop. They’re less portable, but they’re still reasonably light.

Screw guns with cords are the “standard” option. This is where you’ll discover the majority of screw guns.


The power of cordless screw guns comes from a battery. You may use them almost anyplace as long as their batteries are still charged. Because batteries are generally heavy and expensive, they add significant weight to the tool. These are significantly heavier than other available options. They are also more expensive because you must purchase the battery separately. Batteries are not inexpensive! Cordless choices are far more mobile than corded options because they don’t require a cord. They’re less common because most individuals don’t require a very transportable screw gun. Cordless solutions are only for experts who may need to work without access to electricity.


A screw gun’s sole purpose is to drive screws. It is unable to drill holes or perform similar tasks. Its sole purpose is to drive screws. As you may expect, this severely restricts its applications. It can, however, be advantageous in some circumstances. These weapons, for example, frequently let you regulate the exact drive detail. This is ideal for drywall scenarios, as drywall requires screws to be installed at a specific depth. Screw guns are also useful for putting furniture together. They’re ideal if you frequently shop on Amazon and other similar sites. They’re ideal for DIYers who have a lot of screws to drive.

Difference between screw gun and a drill machine

The distinction between a screw gun and a drill is substantial. You can only use screw guns to drive screws. They accomplish this in a timely and satisfactory manner. You can also get ones with self-feeding belts, allowing you to work rapidly. They are ideal for drywalling since they enable you to set the thickness of the screw you’re driving.

Our suggestions are based on various variables so that one can get the best decking screw gun for your needs. The following are our top picks for the best deck screw guns:

Top picks for the best deck screw guns

POSENPRO Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 7.2V Rechargeable Power Screwdriver with 48 pcs Accessories, Screw Gun with 6+1 Torque Setting & Twistable Handle for Home DIY, BMC Packing - PCCS24OB
276 Customer Reviews
POSENPRO Cordless Electric Screwdriver, 7.2V Rechargeable Power Screwdriver with 48 pcs Accessories, Screw Gun with 6+1 Torque Setting & Twistable Handle for Home DIY, BMC Packing - PCCS24OB
The electrical screwdriver has a torque setting of 6+1 and a maximum torque of 9N.m, giving more precise power and great performance for various materials. Portable screwdriver with resolvable 2-position grip, 90° pistol grip screwdriver, and 180° straight screwdriver, making it easier to work in tight spaces on various tasks and fulfil numerous job needs. 

The cordless screwdriver set includes one-piece magnetic soft shaft, 30 pieces 25mm screwdriver bit, six pieces 50mm screwdriver bit, eight pieces sockets, one-piece 3mm metal drill, one-piece screwdriver tad extension rod, one-piece BMC case, and one-piece charger. Electrical screwdriver sets have a variety of uses, namely the extended screwdriver bit for deeper bolts, the socket for tiny nuts, and so on. It’s an excellent option for completing.

The cordless screwdriver rechargeable is powered by a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery, ensuring a longer operating duration and increased durability. After being fully charged, the screw gun can screw at least 400 screws. Charge it using the charger when it runs out of juice; the charging duration is approximately 2 hours. 

The wireless screwdriver is small and light, ideal for one-handed usage. It’s also easy to control and hold. Self-locking 1/4-inch (6.35mm) hex allows for faster screwdriver bit replacement and eliminates the risk of bits dropping out while working. The electric screwdriver also has a forward and backward switch, allowing you to flexibly change the screw direction and do modest jobs such as hanging and altering pictures, fixing or assembling furniture and cabinets. 

The soft rubber handle on the rechargeable screwdriver provides a more comfortable grip. The tiny electric screwdriver includes the front LED operating light and battery meter. When you push the trigger, the front light illuminates to assist you in locating the target in a dark environment; and if you want to know the remaining battery power capacity, you can press the screwdriver top control button, where three levels of power indicator lights clearly show the remaining working capacity.


  • Best drive technology
  • Versatile tool
  • Reasonable 


  • Doesn’t have an ergonomic design
Dewalt DCF6202 Collated Autofeed Drywall Screwdriver Mechanism Attachment DCF620
104 Customer Reviews
Dewalt DCF6202 Collated Autofeed Drywall Screwdriver Mechanism Attachment DCF620
The DeWalt deck screw pistol is a wired electric-driven tool with a variable speed capability that allows the user to deliver the desired speed while inserting a screw into wood or metal.

It is made of aluminium and rubber, making it lightweight and ensuring that the user does not encounter any weight issues. Its grip allows you to tighten your hand around the handle, which improves your comfort and ability to operate the machine while working. The ergonomics of the grip are also fantastic. With its high torque, you can build decks drywall and work with heavy gauge steel studs with this screw machine. If you don’t know, high torque is great for decks, drywall, and working with heavy gauge steel studs. With its vast range of fantastic screw gun solutions, Dewalt has built a name for itself in the market, but the DW268 stands out as an outstanding screw gun for decking. It’s a compact screwdriver with an anatomical design to make it fun to use as late as necessary. The high-power motor in the DW268 provides torque and 2500 RMP speed, which is beneficial while one works on a metal deck.

Additionally, the pace can be readily altered by the versa-clutch pressure alteration system, allowing for the use of varying screw depths to achieve desired results. Furthermore, with DW268, longevity is not a concern. Hot-treated gears, a steel nose, and helical cast steel are excellent attributes that ensure long-term performance.

Because of its longevity, this best deck screw gun is a popular choice among buyers. This type of drill will meet your demands for building a deck or doing construction work, and you may not need a different gun for other jobs. It’s a wise investment for your future career. Additionally, if you have a higher budget, you can purchase additional accessories to aid you in using this drywall screw gun. Wires are also regarded as the ideal alternative since they provide a significant level of torque, which is required for the building of wood decks and the insertion of various screws.


  • Durable
  • Has ergonomic design
  • cheap


  • not rust proof
Makita DFR550Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Auto-Feed Screwdriver - Batteries and Charger Not Included
1,502 Customer Reviews
Makita DFR550Z 18V Li-Ion LXT Auto-Feed Screwdriver - Batteries and Charger Not Included
Makita is a very well screw gun that, thanks to its durability, allows users to create whatever design they want. A Makita wireless screwdriver is also a good alternative because it has a powerful power-saving motor and matches torque. And RPM to the application’s changing demands, resulting in increased run time, power, speed, and tool life. DUE TO ITS SIMPLICITY, Makita XSF03Z is perfect for hanging sheetrock, aluminium framing, laying along with the backer board, and decking applications.

This Makita cordless screw gun delivers a quieter and more comfortable working environment for the contractor and saves battery power for a longer labour. The DFR550Z includes all the features and machinery that make it a great instrument for expert and personal use. It’s simple to utilize, and even more so, it’s quite practical, reducing weariness when working on lengthy activities.

The DFR550Z’s corner-fit automatic-feed system distinguishes it from most other automatic-feed coil guns on the market. The tool-free coil length alteration is designed to be accessible with either the right or left hand, allowing the operator to replace bits and modify screw span and belt clip quickly. 

Even though the rope makes movement difficult, it is supported by a high-power motor that speeds up to 2500 RPM. As a result of this combination, the tool can satisfy the user. This is one of the best-rated screw machines on the market. It has gained a lot of likings from the public, hence why we cannot step back when it comes to including it in our list of best screw machines.


  • Reliable
  • Has a secure grip
  • Swift option for locking and unlocking


  • Prone to chucks
Hi-Spec 27 Pc Blue 3.6V Cordless Power Electric Screwdriver Set. Rechargeable Battery Screwdriving with 23 Driver Bit Sizes Accesories for Home & Office
8,792 Customer Reviews
Hi-Spec 27 Pc Blue 3.6V Cordless Power Electric Screwdriver Set. Rechargeable Battery Screwdriving with 23 Driver Bit Sizes Accesories for Home & Office
The Hi-Spec Blue 4.8V Electric Power Hand Screwdriver adds a dash of colour to any project. It’s a featherweight, and comfortable grip makes undoing screws, installing flat box furniture, and adjusting loose fixtures and fittings a snap, either at home or work. 

NB: This product is not suitable for drilling. To match whichever screw needs to be turned, swap out the various driver pieces at the chuck head, which are firmly held in place by small built-in magnets. For rapid tightening and loosening, press the huge trigger control in either the forward or backward direction. To brighten dark or obscured working areas, switch on the front Led bulb. A convenient top button turns on a series of LEDs that display the present battery level. 

The bundled wall mains charger charges the battery’s 600mAh NiMh capability in 3-5 hours. This drives a single speed of 180rpm and a turning torque of 2Nm, which is ideal for common screwdriving activities. Controlling is simple, with no extended power lines to entangle up and a suitable 322g / 0.7lb weight. 

Its small size fits comfortably in the palm and is protected by a durable plastic case with a black soft-feel grip. A handy handle strap makes hanging and storing the bag a breeze. Made of difficult and rust-resistant Cr-V steel alloy, this set includes the most typically available home and office drill bit lengths and varieties.


  • Energy saving
  • Lightweight
  • versatile


  • concerning durability
  • not compatible
Rivet Gun Kit, Preciva Riveting Gun Tool, Hand Rivet Plier Kit, Heavy Duty Rivet Gun, Professional Pop Riveting Tool Kit with 150 Rivets 2.4mm 3.2mm 4mm 4.8mm Four Sizes
313 Customer Reviews
Rivet Gun Kit, Preciva Riveting Gun Tool, Hand Rivet Plier Kit, Heavy Duty Rivet Gun, Professional Pop Riveting Tool Kit with 150 Rivets 2.4mm 3.2mm 4mm 4.8mm Four Sizes
Ergonomic in design, the handle boosts work efficiency significantly. The handle is PVC and has a non-slip feel that makes it more pleasant to use. This hand rivet gun package includes 150 rivets, with 50 widely utilized. 4.0mm and 50mm are 3.2mm, while 2.4diameter 25 and 4.8micrometres 25 are 2.4mm and 4.8mm, respectively. This rivet gun kit with aluminium, steel, and stainless-steel rivets can be used. 

It can be used in any situation to secure metals and heavy fabrics in various construction and maintenance applications. Automobiles, aviation, railways, elevators, instrumentation, furniture, and so on are examples.


  • reasonable
  • perfect grip
  • has ergonomic design


  • better options available in the market.
Cordless Screwdriver, 3.6V Electric Screwdriver USB Rechargeable and 42pcs Screw Bit Drill Tool Kit Set in Carry Case Screw Gun Power Drill with LED Light
2 Customer Reviews
Cordless Screwdriver, 3.6V Electric Screwdriver USB Rechargeable and 42pcs Screw Bit Drill Tool Kit Set in Carry Case Screw Gun Power Drill with LED Light
The soft handle structure allows you to work more efficiently. Forward and reverse conversion using a single press. A 3.6 Volt 1300mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery is included. 

The built-in flashlight allows you to do tasks efficiently and swiftly in low-light situations, making it ideal for working in the dark. Suitable for high-rise house decoration operations. This power screwdriver is a great tool for getting into tight spaces.


  • rechargeable battery
  • perfect for heavy decorations
  • portable


  • doesn’t have an ergonomic design


Is it possible to use a screw gun to install decking?

No. For decking, it’s advisable to use the approved decking screws. While using ordinary screws on your deck may be possible, the results will be less than ideal, and the decking’s longevity will be questioned.

Should deck boards be hammered or screwed together?

When building a deck, it’s better to use a blend of nails and screws. Screws are the best option for laying down decking. They keep things flush better and have higher cotter pin strength, so boards don’t pop up with time.

What is the difference between a screw gun and a drill?

A chuck on a drill holds drill bits and other bits that can be used to screw in practically any type of fastener. Screw guns are not intended to drill holes and are used for securing screws.

Is it necessary to pre-drill the decking?

This was required not long ago to assist less in the likelihood of the decking breaking when the screw was pushed in, and many people still do so. However, with today’s new decking screws, drilling a pilot hole for the screw is no longer essential.

When it comes to decking screws, how long should they be?

Deck screws with a length of 3″ are preferable to those with a length of 2.5″ because they seize better. A deck screw with a width of number 8 is best, as any larger would rip the timber. Remember that if you’re working with cedar, you’ll want to utilize a hidden binding technique because the covered screws will tarnish the timber.


This article mentions the best screw deck available to invest in the right deck screw gun. We have also answered relevant queries to give a meticulous guide on what to look for when one buys a screw gun. If you’re mounting drywall, screw guns are the way to go. Both are excellent for any householder who enjoys doing their repairs. 

The task at hand determines the option you select. Buy a screw gun for fitting furniture and drywall together. A drill will be your best choice for everything else. Differences between screw guns and drill machines are also given above not to get confused between the two. 

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