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Building & Fitting Alcove Shelves

Fixing a shelving unit in an alcove

Are you looking to fit a new shelving unit in an alcove inside your home, or perhaps under the stairs? We’ve written a step by step guide on the easiest way to build & fit shelves in an alcove, it’s usually quite straight forward and shouldn’t be too taxing to …

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The History of Electrical Wire Colours in the UK

Electrical rewiring

Electrical wiring in the United Kingdom is defined as any type of electrical installation designed for operation by end users in industrial, commercial, or domestic buildings. This may also include special installations such as caravan parks, marinas, and more. The installation can be differentiated using a number of factors including …

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How To Find & Fix Roof Leaks

Have you got a leak in your roof that’s causing damage to your home? You’ll usually spot this as you’ll have water dripping down your wall coming from the roof, I’ve had an issue with a leaky roof before due to a missing roof tile & it hide itself behind …

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How Much Does A New Staircase Cost?

New Staircase Cost

Quick Answer: A new straight wooden staircase will cost you roughly £770-850 with labour costs included, but this can range as high as £15,000+ depending on the materials and labour involved. Getting a new staircase installed into your home is an undertaking, it’s a big structural change, especially from a …

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How Much Does A Plaster Cost?

cost of a plastering

Have you pulled down a bit of thick layers of wallpaper only to reveal that part of the wall itself has come with it? When doing a bit of decorating it often comes hand in hand with needing to contact a plasterer, especially if the house is relatively unknown, as …

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