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Best Petrol Strimmers

Grass grows faster when the rainy season kicks in. This is because the rain tends to be slightly acidic, which helps in activating natural ingredients in ways that a water sprinkler doesn’t. When this happens, it means that there will be a catalysed growth of your yard, and you will need to mow your lawn more often. For this reason, a large lawnmower will be frustrating for you as there will be little room for the next mowing. So, a strimmer will be a good alternative during such seasons. 

Both strimmer and lawnmower are very important as both compliment each other so well. A lawnmower will do certain things better than a strimmer and vice versa. If you use a strimmer to cut the long grass in a medium-sized lawn, you will be fighting a losing battle. Similarly, you will not achieve perfect edged along your lawns’ pathways with a lawnmower. So you will need both for a healthier and beautiful lawn. A lawnmower will be more effective in doing heavy work, while a strimmer will be perfect for polishing and tidying up the final work of your grass lawn. 

The petrol strimmer is an indispensable tool for any garden enthusiast. It’s a versatile piece of kit capable of cutting through the thickest grass and weeds to keep your lawn looking trim and tidy. You can use them on paths, borders, shrubs, trees – in fact, pretty much anything in the garden that needs tidying up!

The downside of this flexibility is that there’s a wide choice available, and it doesn’t make sense to buy a strimmer if you don’t know what separates one model from another. The good news is that we’ve carried out the hard work for you by compiling a list of the best petrol strimmers on the market, with some useful information to help you make your mind up.

Strimmers are available in different sizes and shapes with varying price ranges. However, there are two main categories of strimmers. They are:

  • Petrol powered strimmer
  • Electric powered strimmer

In this guide, we will focus on petrol strimmer 

A petrol strimmer

When you see a petrol strimmer for the first time, you might confuse it with a garden multi-tool or a grass cutter. It is less heavy-duty compared to some more powerful cordless strimmers or electric strimmers. Their main aim is to give you that precise finish of your lawns’ edges. A petrol strimmer will be ideal for anyone with a large lawn or very long garden paths. But, they will be more effective for a medium-sized lawn. Currently, most gardeners are finding cordless and electric strimmers more effective, convenient, and flexible than petrol strimmers. 

The petrol strimmer is versatile, effective and easy to use. It can be used to tackle even the toughest weeds in your lawn or garden. It’s also excellent for cutting long grass down to size without chopping it up as a lawnmower would do.

What fuel does a petrol strimmer use?

Most petrol strimmers are designed with two-stroke engines. These engines are not similar to what you would find in your car. You can not just pour the unleaded petrol into the two engines without mixing it with semi-synthetic two-stroke oil first. However, the ratio of the mixture differs from one product to another. When you buy a strimmer, it will come with instructions to guide you on fueling your strimmer. In addition, you will still find four-stroke petrol strimmers, although on rare occasions. They tend to be more powerful, heavier, and expensive. 

2. Electric strimmer

An electric strimmer is best suited for trimming the edges of a small-sized lawn. Most gardeners confuse an electric strimmer with a cordless strimmer. When we talk about electric strimmers, we talk about a tool connected to the main power supply via a cord.

Some people also mistake buying a strimmer instead of a brushcutter, yet you can still use your electric strimmer with a brushcutter attachment. However, tackling thick brambles and a standard spool fed strimmer will be quite frustrating. 

How to choose a perfect petrol strimmer  

If you are looking for a perfect garden strimmer for maintaining your lawn and are unsure of what you need, worry not. We have gathered a few features and things you need to look out for before picking one.  As part of our analysis, we tested and graded different functions of each garden strimmer to review each product impartially. The following are what you should be more concerned about when choosing the right tool:

1. Engine

You should always check the specifications of the engine before making your decision. Things such as power rating, which are given in cubic centimetres, are abbreviated as ( CCs). The rating indicates the general power of the petrol engine. The higher the number, the higher the cutting power the tool has. 

2. Fuel capacity

The fuel capacity is very critical as it will determine how long your strimmer will run without it needing refuelling. The more capacity a trimmer has, the better. Otherwise, you will always need to stop to refuel the tool in the middle of the work.

3. Cutting width

The cutting determines how quickly you are likely to finish trimming your lawn. When the diameter is more expansive, the less time you will take to finish trimming. Most strimmers have a width of around 20-40 cm. Strimmers with narrower widths will be more appropriate for trimming small-sized lawns, while those with wider widths will be perfect for maintaining large ones. Before choosing a strimmer, you should consider the type of work you will be doing. 

4. Shaft

Strimmers come with various shaft design options, such as straight, curved, and split. Each option has its pros, cons and is suited for specific tasks. So, you should consider the type of maintenance you need to pick a strimmer with the right shaft. 


For instance, a curved shaft will suit maintaining open spaces; hence, it will be excellent for working on wide lawns. Straight shafts will be great for tight spots, and they will be perfect for trimming weed under bushes as well as edging. Split shafts are mainly used on multipurpose tools where you can swap different attachments for particular tasks. A good example is including a brushcutter when you need to cut through some woody growth. 

5. Weight

 Because a petrol strimmer is a cordless device, you should consider the weight when choosing one. Working with a heavy tool will make you tired before even finishing the task, as it will be challenging to operate throughout the mowing or trimming period. A heavy strimmer will also be less convenient for you. 


Most strimmers are designed with support harnesses that help in offsetting and weight issues. Strimmers’ weight ranges between 4 kg and 10 kgs. You should consider this vital factor as a strimmer tends to be a long-term investment. Furthermore, you should also remember that when you add an attachment, you increase the weight of the strimmer. 

6. Line feed

Strimmers use various methods for feeding the nylon line through. Some tend to be more convenient than others. A good example is that an automatic line feed will automatically feed a new line anytime it breaks. A bump feed will require you to bump your trimmer on the ground for feeding it through. A fixed line will involve turning off the power to feed the line manually. 

Safety tips for using a petrol strimmer

It is vital to properly handle any tool. A strimmer is a quite powerful device that may cause injuries if you fail to handle it correctly. In addition, if you are not using it appropriately, it may be less effective and complicated to use than you may think. 

Below are some of the safety tips:

1. Wear the right gear

When handling your strimmer, you should always remember to wear appropriate attire. We recommend you wear thick materials when working just in case you hit yourself with the nylon line. If you wear thin materials and the nylon wire breaks, it will likely cut through the material and hurt you badly. However, you should wear attire that does not restrict your movement around your lawn when working. 

A thick pair of boots or shoes will be perfect as you are assured of protection. Also, remember to wear safety goggles. Gardening gloves will help you reduce the impact of the vibration from the engine, which causes fatigue in your hands. 

2. Know your physical limitations

As we mentioned above, petrol engines make strimmers heavier to operate. So, you should understand your limitations. If you tend to get tired quickly, you need to consider the lightest model possible. If you are using a heavier device, it is worth taking breaks to avoid getting fatigued. 

3. Always read the user manual

This is a very important document that guides you to handle the strimmer appropriately. It will give you clear safety precautions to take when using the device. Also, the user manual will help you to achieve the most from your strimmer. 

3. Inspect the area before you start

Remember to check your garden before you begin using your strimmer. There may be stones or other hard objects that may damage your equipment or flick up and hit you badly. 

Other safety measures include:

  • Cleaning the strimmer after use to make it more durable.
  • Refuel your strimmers only after the engine cools down.
  • Servicing the engine, checking oil levels, cleaning air filters, and sparking plugs.

Facts about petrol strimmers

Petrol strimmers are not hard to use. They are different from electric strimmers at the same time. Below are a few things you sound to be aware of:

A) The practicalities of two-stroke engines

Most petrol strimmers, as we have mentioned above, have two-stroke engines. Sometimes it gets challenging to start the engine. However, you should not be tempted to pull the cord forcefully or vigorously. You need to pull it gently and slowly until you feel some resistance, which is an indication that the engine is at its highest stroke. At this point, release the cord and let it retract into its housing, followed by a firm pull, and your engine should turn over at that point. 

Because all petrol strimmers have specified fuel: oil ratio, it is important to follow these details or damage the engine. Always remember to use two-stroke oil unless advised otherwise. 

B) Talking about vibrations

Vibration is part and parcel of strimmers, especially for petrol ones. They tend to be more powerful than electric strimmers hence the high levels of vibrations. If you do not want to feel much vibration, you can do so by wearing proper gloves. The thicker the gloves, the better. When you feel like the vibration is higher than normal, it may indicate a fault, you have not assembled your device correctly, or you picked a poor model. 


The following are answers to some of the questions most gardeners ask themselves when searching for a perfect strimmer:

1. Is there a difference between a strimmer and a trimmer?

There is no difference between the two. Some people even call these tools trimmers. If you go to a shop and see a trimmer product, it is similar to a strimmer. 

2. Are petrol strimmers better than electric ones?

Both categories of strimmers are perfect for their jobs. However, if you are looking for a grass strimmer to maintain a more extensive lawn, you should go for a petrol strimmer. It tends to have more power compared to an electric one. Also, an electric strimmer will need an extension cable for connecting the tool with the power supply.  

3. Should I get a petrol strimmer or a brush cutter?

If you want a trimmer to maintain lawn edges or perform lighter tasks, a petrol strimmer will be the more appropriate. However, a brush cutter will be more suitable for performing heavy tasks. A strimmer has a nylon line, while a brush cutter typically has a metal blade. The metal blade will have more capabilities of cutting through stubborn and thicker materials, making work easier for you. 

4. What type of fuel does a petrol strimmer use?

This category of strimmers use a mix of unleaded petrol and two-stroke oil. Different models have different fuel: oil ratios. You should always check with the manufacturer to ensure you use the right fuel. 

5. What to do if the petrol strimmer won’t start?

In case your strimmer is faulty or faces any issues, it is always good to let a professional diagnose your device. There are a few things you can check yourself, but you should be very careful with petrol-powered tools. Check if there is any remaining old fuel in the tank and if there is, you should empty the tank and replace the fuel with a new mix of petrol and oil. 

When you leave the oil in the strimmer, there are chances that the spark plug may contain fuel, and have residues on it, preventing it from firing. 

It is always best to have a qualified person diagnose any issues. There are some things you can check but always be safety conscious when working with petrol powered machines. Check if any old fuel is in the tank. If there is, remove it and replace it with a fresh mix of oil and petrol. If you did leave old fuel in the strimmer, there is a chance the spark plug may have fuel residue on it, preventing it from firing. Try giving the spark plug a good clean and then attempt to get it started. 

6. How much oil do you put in a petrol strimmer?

Remember to read the instructions for your model to know how much oil you should mix with the unleaded petrol. In most cases, strimmers will use 50 parts petrol to one part oil. For instance, if you use 2.5 litres of petrol, you will need to mix it with 50 millilitres of oil. 

7. Why is my petrol strimmer smoking?

Two-stroke petrol strimmer emits smoke, but it should not be in excess. If your device is smoking excessively, you likely put too much oil in the petrol, which results in an incorrect ratio. But, there could be some other reasons, such as the failure of some internal parts. 

8. How do you adjust the carburettor?

Most two-stroke garden devices have a similar carburettor with three adjustment screws for different setting options. 

Our best petrol strimmers reviews

Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer

Product description

This is a quite popular petrol strimmer with modern gardeners. They are very common with professional gardeners because of their incredible reliability, excellent quality, and less expensive. If you are working on a budget and you need to own a strimmer to keep your lawn beautiful, Stihl FS 55 R 27.2cc Petrol Brushcutter/Strimmer is the tool for you. Although it is an entry model on the market, that should not fool you. The Stihl FS55 is a top-class model, and it works better than most strimmers available on the market. 

This strimmer stands out with how easy it is to operate, especially when starting its engine. Starting a petrol engine can be frustrating at times. The Stihl FS55 will just need a smooth pull, and its engine immediately bursts into life. The engine has been designed with excellent engineering with no power lags, even when working on a lean with some thickest overgrown edges. Moreover, the engine will help you work silently compared to other cheaper models on the market. The vibration level is slightly lower due to the materials used to construct it and excellent engineering technology. 

Although this strimmer tends to be heavier than some models, this is a sign of its quality and solidness. It is sturdy and steady when working with it, especially when cutting thick grass and not even feeling the weight. The tool is well-balanced, making it easy to manoeuvre the lawn. Everything on this strimmer is part of something better. 

Main features

Below are some of the notable features of this product:

  • The vibration levels of this product are low.
  • You can still use it as a brush cutter.
  • It is easier to start the engine than other models out there.
  • It is a well-balanced machine.
  • The process of assembling the machine is straightforward.

Why we have chosen it

This strimmer will help you complete your task with great precision. Although it entered the market the other day, it brings new trends in the strimmers’ realm. The manufacturer did enough research to identify different niches in the strimmers industry. To begin with, the engine is designed with unique engineering technology that allows it to ignite without having to vigorously pull the cord. This is a new trend, and we found it very attractive. 

In addition, the device will be very appropriate to work with, especially if you live in a neighbourhood that has some noise regulations. The materials used to construct this device are top-notch; hence they will help absorb most vibration that comes from the engine. To reduce vibration, the engine also produces fewer noise levels. 

This machine is easy to operate and assemble. It will take you only around five minutes to get your strimmer up and start the work. All you will just need to do is mix the oil and fuel and provide the purge button with a press followed by a quick pull of the starter cord. You might need a single or two pulls to start the engine. Your strimmer will slice through long grasses and weed faster than you have ever experienced.  

For more convenience and flexibility, this strimmer allows you to use it as a brushcutter. However, you will be required to purchase the brush cutter separately. During our testing period, the machine performed well, and we were not disappointed. Overall, this is a great tool worth your money for your lawn edges’ quality and precise cutting.

Read reviews

This product has attracted many reviews, which shows there is something unique about them. However, the strimmer has positive and negative reviews, but most reviews recommend potential buyers purchase it. Most buyers seem to be pleased by the features and high performance of this product. To know if this strimmer caters your needs, do not forget to read the reviews; they will give you more information on what to expect if you buy this product. 

McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer: 25cc, 40 cm Working Width, Split Shaft, Double Thread Tracking, Combi Guard, Tap N Go Trimmer Head, Lightweight
The best petrol strimmer is determined by two things: weight and height. A strimmer needs to be comfortable for all people with different heights. This strimmer has an adjustable handle for more convenience. McCulloch has ensured you are sorted when it comes to ergonomics. The padding of the triangular handle makes it gentle in your palms, and you will barely feel the vibration which can be so uncomfortable. The manufacturer has designed it with two levers, allowing you to easily slide it up and down. 

The foam tubing protects you from muscle strains and hand injuries. McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer also works quietly and is milder than some of its competitors on the market. It is designed with an anti-vibration system that reduces noise levels; hence, it will help you work quietly without disturbing your neighbours. You can tweak the shank of this strimmer since it is a split-shaft device. In addition, it is a bump strimmer, meaning you can easily rethread by tapping the ground. 

It is constructed using Tap and Go technology. It has a yellow button on the side of the device head. The engine of this strimmer is a 25 cc one, and it emits 600W. The manufacturer designed it for working on tougher sections of your lawn. So, it is not an everyday strimmer. The tank of this device is transparent for easier refuelling and ease of checking the fuel levels at a glance. 

The McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer weighs around 4 kg, meaning it is a lightweight device. It is designed with shoulder straps that lessen the strain as you work to make it more convenient. You can access the filter without any tools; hence you won’t struggle to maintain this tool. What you will need to do is just snap the filter open to clean it out. 

Starting the engine of this strimmer can be challenging, but you can make work easier by purging before pulling the start cord. Purging means putting petrol into your device and pouring it straight into the carburettor. However, it will take several tugs to perform purging. Starting the engine gets easier with time. When the device is new, you might be forced to pull the start cord several times before the engine bursts into life. 

Main features

Below are the main features of this grass strimmer:

  • The trimmer is a lightweight device, making it easier for you to manoeuvre around your lawn. 
  • It is designed with an anti-vibration system which reduces the levels of noise produced.
  • The cutting width is 41 cm with a cutting line, making it easier for you to complete the task in less time.
  • The adjustable handle makes it a device for everyone.
  • Cleaning the filters of this device is very convenient.

Why we have chosen it

This is an excellent strimmer designed to help you work on the edges of your trimmer quickly with great precision. Many things impressed us about this grass strimmer. 

This trimmer is suited to homeowners looking for something small and lightweight that will help them with jobs around the home, including edging along driveways, gutters, fences, etc., basic undergrowth clearing, and general tidy-up jobs around the yard/garden and even clearing small sections of lawn. You can use it to trim grass in gardens, along driveways, sidewalks, and much more.

We did not test this trimmer in detail because they were so lightweight and easy to use that it would have wasted time. However, the strimmer impresses us on the ease of start-up with very little effort required and how quickly they could complete jobs without any real strain on their arms or shoulders. Several reviewers reported that they didn’t even need to use the shoulder strap provided, despite having back problems in some cases!

The line advancement mechanism was also very easy to use, with most reviewers able to manage this without any problems. The line only retreated when you pulled backwards, so there was never any risk of it flying back at your face (which several other products tested had issues with).

However, some users commented on what they thought were weaknesses in the product, so we did want to mention these points. Firstly, the line only cut in one direction, so it did have some limitations. Sometimes new users would get caught up in this and not be sure what to do about it when they got stuck trying to cut into an area that they couldn’t get past.

Secondly, several users pointed out that the line was much thinner than other trimmers they had used in the past, so it became quite quickly consumed when you cut thick undergrowth. Despite this, however, most testers found that the McCulloch TRIMMAC Trimmer was a well-balanced piece of machinery that brought them no issues or concerns.

Read reviews

If you want to know whether this product will meet your expectations or not, read its customers’ reviews. This product has both positive and negative reviews, and all will help you make an informed decision. You will know strengths and weaknesses to compare it with other options on the table. 

AOSOME Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool - Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw Pruner, Grass Trimmer & Extension Pole - 2 Stroke Petrol Engine 52CC/2.2KW/3HP

Product description

The AOSOME multi-function is a 5 in 1 unit that can be used to cut, trim, prune & saw with the long reach of an extension pole.

Up your game this season and start prepping for autumnal projects by investing in quality tools to get the job done. For too long, have tradesmen been confined to specific tools for various jobs, but with the AOSOME multi-function garden tool, you can get more done in a shorter amount of time. Think hedge trimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw pruner, grass trimmer & extension pole all rolled into one!

Every day becomes so much easier when you have the right equipment to help you through. If you’re looking for a new toy to play with, look no further than the AOSOME multi-functiongarden tool! 

This versatile piece of equipment comes with a two-stroke petrol engine and can be used for hours without any problems or delay. Just fill it up, prime the fuel to the carburettor, squeeze your trigger and get cutting.

As well as being a great value, the AOSOME garden tool is manufactured from high-quality materials. The blade can cut through branches up to 38mm in diameter and has a cutting circle of 170 degrees – this means you’re able to reach those hard to get areas without overstretching yourself!

You can also adjust the handle to suit your height for maximum comfort and efficiency.  The AOSOME 5 in 1 has a superior safety lock that ensures both you and the unit are protected at all times, making it one of the safest tools to use on the market. With a safety glass window and protective grilles and housing, as well as a full set of safety instructions with your purchase – we’re looking out for your safety every step of the way.

Also included in this great-value in one package is an extension pole that allows you to cut at heights of up to eight meters, perfect for when your neighbour’s tree takes a turn for the worse! 

They say necessity is the mother of invention; this multi-functional garden machine has ensured that hectic gardeners everywhere can get more done in a shorter time. With the ability to cut, trim, prune & saw, this is one machine you won’t be able to go without!

Main features

The following are the main features of this product:

  • Multifunctional design – The 5 in 1 garden tool is the perfect solution for all your gardening needs
  • Its lightweight design makes it easier to operate through tough sections.
  • The brush cutter will get rid of all the unwanted weeds around your garden without any hassle. You can also use it to cut grass on large areas of land too.
  • The adjustable handle makes it convenient for all. 

Why we have chosen it

We have a large garden and have been buying various items to help us achieve the desired results. We thought we’d try this multi-tool with a hedge trimmer, brush cutter, chainsaw pruner, grass strimmer & extension pole as it looked good value for money from the reviews.

We have not been disappointed! It’s very well designed, so easy to use, and you will enjoy using it as a grass strimmer. 

We have had other multi-tools in the past, but they were very awkward and uncomfortable to hold due to their shape and weight, especially for longer periods. This one is light with a good grip; it’s actually quite comfortable to hold, making a difference when doing larger projects. The cutting blade is very sharp and leaves a good tidy finish, and it’s easy to adjust to the desired length and angle. The brush cutter is fabulous! We live in a rural area where we get lots of overgrown vegetation and the like. This gets deep into the thicker bits and cuts through them effortlessly.

It’s not cheap, but it does all that we need and more without having to buy different tools – five for the price of one (it wouldn’t quite be the price as it also includes an extension pole)!

Read reviews

We encourage you to read reviews about this product to get more details that the manufacturer may not tell you. Although most reviews seem to give this product a thumb up, there are other critical ones. Go through the reviews impartially to get the most out of them. 

52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer

Product description

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer is a powerful and easy-to-use Garden Tool. It is a tool with a simple design but very reliable, flexible, durable, and low-maintenance. It can be used for cutting grasses, weeds, and brushwood in gardens, parks, sports fields, etc.

The trimmer features a high-quality engine with 52cc displacement that provides more than 1HP of power. The alloy cylinder reduces the weight while the large cooling fins dissipate heat effectively for an excellent long life. It has an effective cutting system for large areas of vegetation. It is the fastest way to clear the grass around trees, buildings, or wherever you want. It can be used to trim along fences or walls quickly and easily without causing damage. It has a simple design for easy start-up and operation, two gears for more power, automatic Oiler for less noise level.

The trimmer also comes with a double-wall alloy handle that provides protection against kickback and simplifies the machine’s transport over short distances. A shoulder strap with a safety buckle is supplied as standard with the machine for additional safety and comfort during use. 

ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter Grass Trimmer is suitable for all kinds of gardens and large fields, trees, walls, fences. It can be used both by professional gardeners and homeowners. The trimmer will be delivered, including a nylon cutting head with steel blades, shoulder strap, engine oil bottle, spare spark plug wrench(s), and Operating Manual.

You will need to supply a high-octane petrol/gasoline and two-stroke engine oil mix as follows: 50 parts petrol to one part two-stroke engine oil.

Main features

Below are the important components of this grass strimmer:

  • It comes with a powerful 52cc petrol engine.
  • It is designed with a three-stroke mode: a tree felling saw and a brush cutter.
  • You can start the engine using an electric starter.
  • Maintaining this strimmer is quite simple.
  • It is designed with a double-wall handle which makes it easier to transport and work.

Why we have chosen it

The ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Brushcutter is a very versatile machine that comes equipped with two blades. It can be used as either an upright petrol brush cutter or rolled onto its side and used as a chainsaw for felling trees, cutting logs etc. The machine has three different stroke modes, which allow you to adjust the cutting stroke according to the requirements of the job at hand. It is a very low-cost lawn care solution that provides considerable value for money and has been installed on thousands of properties all over London, UK and is a favourite with many landscapers and gardeners alike.

It is supplied with its own electric starter, which can be used to start the engine if required. However, in most cases, using the pull cord will provide sufficient torque to ensure that the engine starts the first time, every time.

Note: The unit is delivered without fuel or oil in accordance with health & safety regulations.  This ensures that you do not receive the unit with contaminated fuel or oil. Unpacking instructions: Out of the box, this product will require setting up and an initial inspection before use. Open the packaging and remove all of the contents carefully; make sure nothing is left inside. Ensure that there is no dirt and packing material inside and around

Read reviews

Reviews are independent opinions about a product from buyers who have already had an experience with it. If you want more details about this product, read its reviews. You will know whether the strimmer will fulfil your needs or not. Read as many reviews as possible as different buyers have different things to say. You will be able to analyse the pros and cons to make a better decision. 

Einhell GC-BC 52 I AS Petrol Brushcutter And Strimmer | Powerful 1500W 2-in-1 Scythe Cutter And Trimmer With 2-Stoke Engine, Metal Blades, 255/420mm Cutting Width, Bump Fed Spool And Harness

Product description

Einhell is an international brand headquartered in Tübingen, Germany and founded in 1984 by HTS GmbH. The company started as a small family business but soon became Germany’s market leader for power tools. In 2000 Einhell became a subsidiary of Gardena and further expanded their product portfolio, including outdoor power equipment such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, etc.

Einhell offers sturdy yet affordable reliable and durable products while also providing great user value for money. 

The product is a high-performance grass trimmer by Einhell with a two-stroke engine. The engine’s power ranges from 52cc to about 90cc, which enables you to clear large areas in very little time. The ergonomically designed handle allows for easy grip and manoeuvrability, while the adjustable support arm provides comfortable use. It also features an anti-vibration dampening system for smooth operation and reduced vibration to make your workday more comfortable.

The Einhell GC-BC 52 I AS 52 cc Petrol Brush Cutter and Grass Trimmer comes with a harness, shoulder strap or waist belt (not included) that enables you to operate it even with high levels of comfort. You can adjust the harness to fit different body sizes.

The product is made from the best quality materials for increased durability and is equipped with an integrated centrifugal clutch that provides protection against kickback when cutting dense vegetation. It also features an adjustable support arm (550 mm – 860 mm), making it easy to use.

The product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of two years.

Main features

The following are the main selling points of this product:

  • It has a high grade, sturdy, and low-vibration four-stroke engine.
  • The adjustable handle offers excellent control and easy cutting.
  • All the controls of this device are on the blade.
  • The split shaft makes it easier to store and transport this tool.
  • Centrifugal clutch offers more safety.

Why we have chosen it

The replacement of petrol two-stroke engines is a long term trend in handheld tools. In the past, manufacturers have found that they’re not as efficient as their four-stroke counterparts and are usually more expensive to buy and maintain. 

The GC-BC 52 I AS from Einhell Instruments has been designed to be a powerful tool for gardeners and a brush-cutter for small grass areas. It’s billed as a petrol-powered tool that’s suitable to be used on shrubbery, hedges and lawns. It has been built with the two tasks of trimming and edging in mind. It’s been built with a 52 cm / 20-inch blade with a maximum cutting width of 20 centimetres. 

The Einhell GC-BC features a bump feed system for the line, which is activated by pressing down the yellow button at the rear of the machine. The automatic tensioning system has been designed to reduce the trimmer head’s frequency needs to be adjusted. It is powered by a two-stroke engine, which is started by pulling the black cord on the front of the machine. The engine features a centrifugal clutch and a separate cog belt for its running gear.

The engine is air-cooled and has a low noise output. The Einhell Brushcutter’s engine provides the machine with a power output of 2 HP at 5,500 RPM, which means it can give out about 1.49 kW. According to the manufacturer, this power level makes it suitable for trimming shrubby hedges and lawns.

Read reviews

Before you buy any product online, you should first read reviews. Online shoppers rely on reviews, and the better the reviews a product has, the more buyers it attracts. You should not buy any product online without reading what previous buyers have to say about it. You will know different sides of this product after reading its reviews, and you will be in a better position to make an informed decision. 

Hyundai Powerful 26cc Petrol Grass Strimmer, 38cm / 380mm Cutting Width Garden strimmer, Multi Purpose Petrol Brush Cutter with 3 Year Hyundai Warranty

Product description

Take the back-breaking work out of strimming with Hyundai’s professional petrol lawn strimmer/grass trimmer. With a 26cc engine and able to reach a speed of 8000rpm, it will make light work of your overgrown grass. This machine is lightweight at just 4.45kg making prolonged use manageable, has a nylon line cutting blade for hard surfaces, including patios and drives, a brush cutter attachment for thicker vegetation and an adjustable handle to suit your height.

The strimmer is supplied with a shoulder strap making it easier to transport. It has a fuel capacity of 0.57L and comes fitted with alloy wheels with centre locking for added stability when changing direction. The Hyundai strimmer comes complete with a 3 year Hyundai warranty.

Main features

The following are the key selling points of this petrol strimmer:

  • It offers excellent performance facilitated by its powerful 26 cc engine.
  • This strimmer is easy to use.
  • The split design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • The product is designed by a well-established brand, giving you buyer’s confidence. 

Why we have chosen it

A powerful 26cc petrol grass trimmer It has an easy start system and includes a multi-purpose 3 in 1 head, which can be used as a grass strimmer, brushcutter or hedge trimmer. This model also features Hyundai’s home improvements 4-year warranty as standard. This product has both negative and positive reviews, and each review will guide you to determine the right product for you. A product with good reviews like this one will attract many customers. Every manufacturer ensures their products are of high quality to be reviewed positively to attract more customers. 

The Hyundai strimmer is designed for effortless weeding and grass trimming with a powerful 26cc petrol engine and an easy start system. As the multi-purpose model includes a hedge trimmer, brush cutter and grass strimmer head, it can be used for clearing all overgrown areas. The Hyundai Powerful Strimmer is a reliable and practical solution to all of your outdoor trimming needs.

The Hyundai Powerful 26cc Petrol Grass Strimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Brush Cutter & Line Trimmer comes with a multi-purpose 3 in 1 head which can be used as a grass strimmer; brushcutter or hedge trimmer. The Hyundai Powerful Strimmer also features a head that can be adjusted into four different positions, making it more comfortable and easier to use.

Read reviews

Learn more about this Hyundai product before buying it. Reviews will save you a lot of grief which may come from not having more information about it. Some reviewers have intensively analysed this product to ensure every buyer knows what to expect from it. This helps first-time buyers with no experience when it comes to petrol strimmers.

Our final thought

A petrol strimmer is a useful piece of gardening equipment for making your lawn look tidy, but it can also be dangerous if not used correctly. This guide looked at how easy the strimmers were to use and whether they cut well enough to make using them worthwhile. A petrol strimmer is a popular piece of machinery to have in a garden, as it tackles the jobs that a traditional lawn mower will not necessarily reach—looking after your lawn is important if you want to ensure that your grass stays healthy and looks its best all year round. Our guide will help you improve how you trim your lawn’s grass. 

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