Garden Trellis

Best Trellis Planters to Brighten Up Your Garden

Climbing plants, especially when they are flourishing, provide some of the most beautiful sights in the garden. A supporting framework is required to sustain these climbing plants, which is why trellis planters are a great choice, especially if you don’t have much space in your yard to plant them in the ground.

Trellis planters are available in a variety of materials and sizes, so your options are not restricted. You may choose a size that is appropriate for your own tastes, budget, and the sort of climbing plants you wish to cultivate. Shrubs may also be utilised as a screen backdrop, and the trellis-work can be used as a backdrop.

You should look at the possibilities accessible in garden centres, DIY stores, and, of course, online before picking the finest trellis planters. Given the climate, we’ve developed a selection of eye-catching but high-quality trellis planters that will work well in most UK gardens.

What is a garden trellis?

A garden trellis is a structure made of various materials, such as wood, metal, or netting in certain circumstances. The framework is most commonly used in gardening to provide a base for vines and climbing plants to grow on. They may also be used to prune fruit trees, among other things.

Why do you need a garden trellis?

There are a few reasons why you would wish to build your own garden trellis.

  • They add complexity and variety to your garden

When you have a lot of different plants growing in a small space, it looks amazing, but there’s only so much you can do with plant species variation. You should also provide some diversity, intricacy, and form. And while there are a few different sorts of plants with various forms, it may not be sufficient. Landscape trellises bring fresh forms to your garden that really stand out.

Furthermore, you can create forms with plants that you wouldn’t be able do otherwise. Plants can only grow in certain ways, therefore you’ll need to add special frameworks to allow them to grow in the same way. That’s why, to truly add distinctive forms to your home garden, you’ll need a garden trellis.

  • They let you grow climbing plants

Climbing plants are underappreciated in the gardening world. Many people prefer to cultivate potted plants over climbing plants, which is fine, but climbing plants are very enjoyable to grow. Their most distinguishing feature is that they will eventually take on the shape of whatever structure they are growing on.With garden trills, you can grow climbing plants in the way you want them to, which can produce very interesting results.

Choosing the right garden trellis

Regular planters are good for regular plants, but if you want to grow climbing plants or require a background, a planter with a trellis is much more handy. There are a few ideas in this area that will make buying for the best trellis planter a breeze. To choose the best model within your budget range, you must examine the size and capacity of the trellis planter, among other factors.


The size of your wooden fence trellis is determined by the amount of space available and the purpose for which it will be used. If you want to use your fence trellis as real fencing, you’ll need larger sizes to be cost-efficient, and you’ll also need to account for the fact that they’ll have to fit between your garden’s fence posts.

If your trellis is only for practical reasons – such as raising climbing plants – you may definitely get away with starting with lesser alternatives. This will not only save you money, but it will also save you from having a stack of empty trellis against a wall! Once your plant has established itself, you may add more trellis to allow it to expand farther – if you so choose!

The sizes ranged from roughly 3 feet by 2 feet to 6 feet by 3 feet. If this isn’t enough room for you, remember that you can easily attach two or three (or more) sections of trellis together to make a large feature wall if that’s the aesthetic you’re after!

NOTE: The maximum permitted height for any fence or trellis in the UK is 2m


Garden trellises may be divided into several types based on their shape, but let’s start with the shapeless kind, trellis netting. Trellis netting is a form of net used to support climbing plants. Their major benefit is that they may be organised and fastened in a variety of ways to meet your specific requirements, but they lack their own type of support and must be erected on existing foundations.

Then there are the garden trellises that are shaped. Large towers and obelisks are among them, as are modest trellis frames and walls. There are also trellises with unusual shapes, such as A-frame trellises. These diverse forms produce varying aesthetics and levels of intricacy, so you may choose one type over another depending on what you want in your landscape.

In conclusion, the most crucial element to consider is the trellis form. If you want a specific shape, look for ones that are arranged in a specific way. However, if you want more flexibility and customization, trellis netting is the way to go.


The first thing to think about is the style of the trellis you want to go with. If you want to grow climbing plants up your trellis (which, let’s face it, is the whole point of the fencing! ), you’ll need to consider the sort of climbing plant you want and how simple it is to “climb.” If you discover a powerful climbing plant, you can generally get away with greater gaps in your trellis, but for smaller, more delicate climbers, you’ll need trellis that are closer together.

Not only that, but trellises come in a variety of forms, depending on your garden and the feature you want to create. If you want a practical solution, go with a V-style trellis that extends to the top of the trellis; this will assist to “mould” the climber in the direction you wish. However, bigger, more attractive trelli may occasionally serve as a stand-alone element in your garden while you wait for the plants to develop. There are also arching patterns that, when combined together, provide a wonderful appearance.

You may always go with a “half and half” fence panel if privacy and security are more important than growing plants up your trellis. These are regular fence panels at the bottom (so the dog won’t get out), but with trellis at the top, so you’ll still receive the benefits of this! This is truly the best of both worlds! We’ve seen some remarkable gardeners who have managed to grow more stout climbers on the upper part of this fence – despite the fact that this must be a very difficult task!

TOP TIP: To climb efficiently, more sensitive climbers will require very little openings in their trellis. Look for trellis with a little diamond pattern to provide those valuable plants the best chance of survival.


While you may believe that colour isn’t as significant as you think when it comes to trellises, you’d be wrong. The trellises will be in full display in the absence of the plants, thus you’ll mostly see the trellis until they’re completely developed. Also, even with the plants growing on the trellis, the colour of the trellis will be evident, but not as prominently.

Get a trellis in a colour that complements the plants, such as green or even brown, if you want your plants to take centre stage. However, if you want your structure to stand out as much as the plants, you should use a different colour.


The capacity of the planter is critical when looking for trellis planters. You may see that a model has a larger trellis but a tiny soil compartment capacity. This isn’t a problem if you’re growing little shallow-rooted plants, but larger plants require a larger soil compartment to thrive. Always check the product description to see how much capacity a trellis planter has; if that doesn’t work, look for clues in the customer reviews, as shallow planters are frequently mentioned.


Although it’s self-evident that wooden fence trellis will be built of wood, the sort of wood will be critical if you want your fence trellis to survive!

If you want something a bit different than regular wood, willow trellis is a great option. It will add a little more variation to your garden and give it a more natural appearance.

On your wooden fence trellis, you’ll see two different forms of treatment. A pressure treatment or a sprayed pre-treatment. Sprayed pre-treated wood is fantastic since it eliminates the need to treat your trellis again as soon as you get it home – but you will need to consider doing so at some time if you want to keep the material from rotting. Pressure treated trellis, on the other hand, has been handled in such a manner that the treatment is pressed deeper into the wood’s interior layers. This is excellent since it means your trellis will be much more protected from the weather and will last much longer.

TOP TIP: While most wooden trellises will arrive in their original form (albeit treated), many individuals desire their trellis to liven up their landscape. Almost any fence trellis may be painted with ordinary wood fencing paint, which is available in a number of colours! Willow, on the other hand, is much more difficult to paint, so if you know you want a brighter colour, go with sawn wood instead.

Outdoor Suitability

Planters spend the majority of their time outside, so they can quickly deteriorate if the materials used to construct the trellis planter are not weatherproof. Whether made of wood, metal, or plastic, trellis planters should be weatherproof; wood trellis planters should be treated to prevent decay and pests, while plastic models should have UV protection. The appropriateness of the planter for outdoor usage is often stated by the manufacturer; thus, it is vital to read the product description for further information.

Ease of Assembly

Trellis planters, unlike jigsaw pieces, are simple to put together, especially with the right directions, although many instructions aren’t as clear as they should be, such as Chinese instructions.

If the assembly holes don’t line up, you may need to use some power tools, but it’s not an insurmountable problem. Always read the directions before doing anything to avoid being frustrated for no apparent reason. If you despise putting things together, have a buddy over to help you since it will take less time.


While not all trellis planters come with warranties, some do, such as the Bama 31982 Flower Box, which comes with a lengthy guarantee. If you’re dealing with a new brand and aren’t confident about the quality, go for a model that comes with a guarantee. Your money will not be wasted if something goes wrong with the trellis planter.


A robust trellis is required for a trellis planter to support the weight of climbing plants or vines. For improved longevity and strength, the trellises should be made of metal rather than plastic.

A sturdy base is also required for the trellis planter. Even though the trellises are heavy duty and sturdy, they are at risk of turning over if they are not well-supported. Stakes may be required to hold the base in place, or an anchoring system may be used for further security.

When your plants grow taller than their trellis supports, a trellis planter without a strong support system might damage them by ripping them out.


The weight of trellis is significant since it will affect where you may place it. If your trellis will be used against other fence, such as fencing, you will need a lighter trellis, however if it will be used against a sturdier, brick wall, you can probably get away with a heavier trellis.

You also need to think about the climbing plants that you are wanting to grow…heavier climbing plants are obviously going to need heavier trellis that can hold their weight, whereas lighter climbing plants will be able to get away with less high quality materials. Willow is going to be a lighter material, so if you know that you need a light trellis then this might be the way to go!

Best Trellis Planters

vidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Raised Bed with Trellis Flower Raised Bed Pot
The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is beautiful and sturdy, thanks to its acacia wood construction and oil finish for further protection.

The trellis on the rectangular planter supports whatever climbing plants you have, including decorative climbers like clematis and climbing fruits and veggies like beans, beans, and even blackberries.

As previously said, I enjoy that it has a light oil finish that protects the wood from water damage while also making it seem much nicer than it would if left untreated. To keep it appearing new, I recommend applying a fresh coat of oil every couple of years.

This planter involves some assembly, but it doesn’t take long and is quite straightforward; I’d guess it takes around 5-10 minutes. It comes with clear instructions and galvanised hardware to make installation simple; basically, the bolting components are galvanised, so they won’t rust.

The planter is 60cm (2ft) long, 28cm broad (just under a foot), and 100cm tall when fully completed, from the bottom of the planter to the top of the trellis. It weights 15kgs, which should be easy to carry about if necessary, but it will weigh a lot more once loaded.


  • Robust acacia wood planter.
  • Features a protective oil finish.
  • Offers a sizeable trellis to give plants adequate room to grow climbering plants.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.


  • Lacks drainage holes or a lining. ( make sure you drill your own and maybe line with a plastic liner but don’t forget to make holes in the bottom of the liner too)

The VidaXL Solid Acacia Wood Garden Planter is a medium-sized planter that you can get for your garden and I think it looks amazing. It has an attractive look, and the trellis provided is robust enough to provide support, even for plants with thick vines.

Gaspo planter with trellis Hellbrunn | honey colour, made of solid wood | L 136 cm x W 37 cm x H 140 cm, planter for balcony and garden
224 Customer Reviews
Gaspo planter with trellis Hellbrunn | honey colour, made of solid wood | L 136 cm x W 37 cm x H 140 cm, planter for balcony and garden
The Gaspo Trellis Planter is a great option if you want a planter with a wider trellis and something a little more sturdy than our Best Pick. This planter is from Austria, and it’s made of wood with a lovely honey-coloured finish. The planter has a unique design that will make it stand out wherever you place it. In comparison to many of the other models we looked at, it is quite nicely made..

This type is flat packaged, which means it will need to be assembled before use. This is common for planters because it makes them easier to transport. Even if you’re putting it together by yourself, it comes with detailed instructions to make the process go smoothly.

The planter is 136cm wide (over 4ft) by 32cm wide (just over 1ft) and 140cm height (about 4.5ft), making it a good size and suited for a variety of plants.


  • Fairly large at 136cm wide x 140cm tall.
  • Features an attractive design.
  • Easy to assemble but instructions could be better.
  • Robust and durable pine planter.


  • You may have to drill other holes because the available ones may misalign.

The Gaspo Planter With Trellis Hellbrunn is a great product that you can use to plant anything you like, from gorgeous clematis to sweetpeas, or forget about climbers and start some vegetables in there instead.

This trellis appeals to us since it has a lovely design, is quite simple to assemble, and is reasonably priced. More significantly, the wood is of high quality, as is the size, which is 32mm thick. It’s a shame that individuals don’t always understand the directions; perhaps they might improve this. We’d suggest this planter to anyone seeking for a large, high-quality planter who isn’t frightened of a little DIY.

CASARIA Poly Rattan Planter Trellis Flower Box Outdoor Garden Patio Balcony Deck Furniture 146x83x30.5cm Support Cream
The Casaria Poly Rattan Planter is another wonderful planter with separated portions for three pots. The rattan planter has handwoven poly rattan wickerwork that provides a tidy and elegant surface to fit your décor, as well as a rattan trellis to support the plants as they develop. This planter will blend in perfectly with your existing rattan furniture.

Because the rattan is synthetic, it lasts longer than genuine rattan. Because it is also UV-resistant, the weatherproof rattan does not fade in the sun. You don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning it; just a quick wipe will suffice.

Keep in mind that each pot is 25cm high, 25cm tall, and a little over 20cm broad; this is the size of each pot, and there are three of them. We appreciate that they feature a re-sealable water drain, which is convenient since you can choose whether or not to have drainage holes. You’ll need drainage holes if you’re using it outside, but you won’t need them if you’re using it indoors; nevertheless, you’ll need to be careful not to overwater in this instance.

The total planter is not that large; it is 146cm tall from the bottom to the top of the trellis and is 83cm wide. The planter section is 59cm tall (excluding the plastic containers). To put the planter together, you’ll discover galvanised hardware that’s long-lasting and ready to use. This essentially implies that it will not rust.


  • Made of durable and weatherproof poly rattan.
  • It is a handmade planter that can be decorative.
  • Comes with re-sealable drainage doe use indoors and outdoors.
  • The pots can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It is affordable.


  • Pot sizes are a little small at 25 x 25 x 20 cm.

The total planter is not that large; it is 146cm tall from the bottom to the top of the trellis and is 83cm wide. The planter section is 59cm tall (excluding the plastic containers). To put the planter together, you’ll discover galvanised hardware that’s long-lasting and ready to use. This essentially implies that it will not rust.

It has three pots to hold your plants and is divided into sections, which we like. It’s worth noting that the pots are little, so you can only grow plants that don’t require a lot of space to survive. They might benefit being a bit deeper, which is a shame considering there’s plenty of area.

This planter is reasonably priced, and it would make a great accent to any light-coloured rattan furniture you currently own. It is sleek and takes up little room, making it ideal for individuals with limited space. It would also work well as a garden divider.

Bama Flower Box with Espalier, 80 cm
The Bama 31982 Flower Box is a rectangular planter that stands 150cm tall and is made of durable plastic. It won’t rot like wooden alternatives and won’t need to be treated every couple of years. This might be the planter for you if you require a huge, low-maintenance trellis.

The plastic is UV treated in the same way that plastic sheds are to prevent it from becoming brittle and fading in the sun. Our is significant since many plastic troughs eventually break and fade because they are not UV stable, but this planter is.

It’s a huge trellis planter with lots of area for larger plants and plenty of composting space, which is where many other models fall short. The planter is 80cm long and 42.5cm broad, with a total capacity of 120 gallons, allowing for deep-rooted plants to thrive. The trellis’ overall height is also 150cm (5ft), making it one of the highest.

The black planter arrives flat-packed for construction, but it’s not a difficult structure to assemble; simply slide the parts together.

Bama The manufacturer has been in business for more than three decades, so you can be confident in the planter’s quality, which is backed up by a three-year warranty.


  • It offers a large capacity of 120 litres of compost.
  • 5ft tall by 80cm wide.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble, just slots together.
  • The plastic used is shockproof and UV-stable.
  • Offers good value for money as it is durable.
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • No problems to report.

The Bama 31982 Trellis Planter is ideal for individuals who want a big capacity, robust plastic planter. This planter may be used to grow your favourite plants or veggies since it has a tall espalier (trellis) that supports the plants. It’s also a wonderful choice for climbers because it has 120 litres of space for the roots.

This lightweight planter requires little effort to put together; in fact, it is one of the easiest types to put together. When you buy this planter, you get a 3-year guarantee, which is plenty of time to use it several times and get good value for your money. Overall, this is a fantastic planter that requires very little upkeep.

Rowlinson Rectangular Planter and Lattice
Another lovely wooden type acquired at a premium price is the Rowlinson Rectangular Planter with Lattice. Because it is composed of pressure-treated wood that is resistant to decay, you may use it for many seasons.

If you want to make the planter stand out more in the garden, you may paint over the natural surface, however we recommend painting or oiling it every couple of years to keep it looking nice.

This lovely planter is elevated from the ground to allow for proper drainage. It only has a maximum capacity of 85 litters because it is just 138cm high, 91cm wide, and 42cm long. The lattice, on the other hand, is sturdy and long enough to allow for expansion. The 15.2kg planter does not arrive pre-assembled, so you’ll have to put in some effort, but it’s not too difficult because the instructions are really helpful.


  • Made from pressure-treated wood that will not rot.
  • Robust and sturdy construction.
  • Holds 85 litres of compost.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Features a natural finish that can be painted over or stained.


  • Does not come with pre-drilled holes.

The Rowlinson Rectangular Planter With Trellis is built of high-quality wood and has a sturdy and durable design. This attractive planter will look right at home on the balcony or in the yard. You can paint it whatever colour you want to match your existing decor. It is not inexpensive, but it is well worth the money due of its style and the fact that it is constructed of treated wood, which means it will endure for many years if properly cared for and treated every couple of years.

Relaxdays Planter Box with Trellis, Weatherproof, Wooden, Balcony, Garden Bed, Wine, 147 cm Lattice, Wood, grey/silver/metallic, L
58 Customer Reviews
Relaxdays Planter Box with Trellis, Weatherproof, Wooden, Balcony, Garden Bed, Wine, 147 cm Lattice, Wood, grey/silver/metallic, L
The Relaxdays Planter Box, which includes a trellis, is the tiniest of all the planters on our list. Because of its reduced capacity of 23. 5 x 31. 5 x 31. 5cm (the planter box’s interior dimension), this planter is only appropriate for one or two plants.

What it lacks in width and length, it more than makes up for in height, standing at 147cm, or just about 5ft. Because the trellis takes up of the planter’s height, tall plants like climbing roses and clematis can thrive.

This wooden planter is constructed of fir that has been treated to prevent decay. I strongly advise re-applying a wood preservative yearly, or at least every two years, to keep the planter’s longevity. This planter is not only durable, but it also has a grey finish that makes it look nice wherever you put it. Although the planter does not come with a foundation, you may add one during the building process.

The planter comes flat packaged with instructions for easy assembly; most individuals should be able to put it together in under an hour. You may go through the different planter sizes available and choose the one that best fits your area.


  • It has an attractive design.
  • Made from robust and treated weatherproof fir.
  • Features a tall trellis at nearly 5ft for more support.
  • Sold at an affordable price.
  • Can be used without a base.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The wood is maybe a little more delicate than other planters in this round-up post.

Although the Relaxdays Planter Box is inexpensive, don’t expect it to be of the same high quality as more expensive models. This slated-design planter is manufactured of treated fir, which is robust, but be careful not to crack the wood during assembly owing to excessive force.

You’ll love gazing at this planter once it’s put up since it has an attractive design, especially when the plants are flourishing and climbing up the trellis. This is an excellent option for people seeking for a budget-friendly planter.

Tower Pot Kit Large Patio Pot Saucer Matching Lattice Style Tower Frame Stunning Black Burnt Gold Effect Ideal Planting Climbing Flowers Vines Vegetables 1 x Tower Pot Kit By Thompson and Morgan
227 Customer Reviews
Tower Pot Kit Large Patio Pot Saucer Matching Lattice Style Tower Frame Stunning Black Burnt Gold Effect Ideal Planting Climbing Flowers Vines Vegetables 1 x Tower Pot Kit By Thompson and Morgan

This trendy, elegant Large Patio Pot Saucer with Matching Lattice Style Tower Frame is a robust, stylish piece of garden equipment. It’s a 1.3m tall outdoor planter with drain holes that may be removed. It has a matching lattice tower structure on top of a pot that serves as a trellis alternative. Climbing plants can be accommodated and vibrantly supported. It’s perfect for a patio or yard. It is weatherproof and ideal for usage outside.


  • Nice colour and overall look
  • Weatherproof and durable quality plastic material
  • Tall height is ideal for planting climbing flowers and vegetables


  • The tower proves a bit tricky to fit into the pot
  • It is a bit too complicated
Relaxdays Planter Box with Trellis, XXL, Privacy Screen, Lattice for Climbing Plants, Fir Wood, HWD: 152x90x35cm, Natural

The Relaxdays XXL Planter Box with Trellis is a huge planter box that will help you develop your plants while also adding to the beauty of your outside space. It has a large trellis that provides plenty of area and support for climbing blooms. To contain enough plants and function as a partition screen, the flower pot is built extra-large. It’s constructed of naturally grained fair wood and has a replaceable base with a separate compartment. It’s simple to use and put together. Setup is simple, and you may use it to adorn your balcony, garden, or patio.


  • Very large trellis provides more space and shapes for climbing plants
  • Ideal for growing tall plants


  • Not rainproof and can get damaged easily
  • It cannot be used for free-standing
Garden Mile Trellis, Set of 3 Expanding 6FT X 3FT Wooden Trellis Outdoor Flexible Wood Trellis for Climbing Growing Plants & Flowers Fence Panel Gardening Decor Support Structure
117 Customer Reviews
Garden Mile Trellis, Set of 3 Expanding 6FT X 3FT Wooden Trellis Outdoor Flexible Wood Trellis for Climbing Growing Plants & Flowers Fence Panel Gardening Decor Support Structure

If you like the aesthetic of a wooden garden trellis but want a bit more freedom, this triple set is for you. You’ll have a lot more creative freedom with three individual pieces: group them together as part of a feature wall or scatter them across your garden.

When planting climbing plants, you have a total of 54 feet to work with, with separate measurements of six by three feet. And, because each trellis is constructed of FSC-certified, pressure-treated wood, it will blend in with the surrounding plant life. However, you get what you pay for, so while these trellises are inexpensive, they aren’t the most durable!

GYMAX Garden Planter with Trellis, Wood Flower Plant Stand, Free Standing Plant Raised Bed for Patio, Garden & Yard (64 x 28 x 120cm)

When you first see this trellis, the first thing that hits you is how lovely it is. It’s a genuinely luxury piece of garden furniture, made entirely of solid wood and with spherical balls adorning the tops of each pillar.

It’s a gardener’s dream, as well as being pleasing to the eye. You may use a two-metre tall trellis and huge planter to house a variety of plants or even use the trellis as a support for growing tomatoes and beans. There are even holes in the bottom of the planter to keep it from becoming too wet.

weatherwell ltd Square Garden Trellis Panels Treated Timber Garden Brown Wooden Trellis 6ft (6ft x 6ft)

We don’t know about you, but when we picture a garden trellis, this is the sort of thing that comes to mind. This square panel’s 6 by 6-foot dimensions provide you a generous 36 square feet to work with for you and your climbing plants.

Its timber structure gives it a natural aesthetic that will compliment your plant life much more readily than artificial materials such as plastic. It’s equally effective leant against a wall or used as a divider. We think it’d look wonderful in almost any garden, and it even has a ten-year ‘anti-rot warranty.’

Sungmor Large Wrought Iron Garden Trellises for Climbing Plants - 82.5 Inch Tall & 2PC Green PACK - Beautiful Retro Style Metal Fence Trellis - Gardening Vines Plant Support for Flower Rose Climbing
43 Customer Reviews
Sungmor Large Wrought Iron Garden Trellises for Climbing Plants - 82.5 Inch Tall & 2PC Green PACK - Beautiful Retro Style Metal Fence Trellis - Gardening Vines Plant Support for Flower Rose Climbing

When it comes to ornamental garden elements, this magnificent trellis is at the top of the list. It’ll provide a sense of sophistication to any outdoor place in need of some freshening up, thanks to its complex natural and floral designs.

It’s built of high-quality iron, so you can be sure it’ll last a long time and become a permanent fixture in your yard. Because it stands over two metres tall, it gives plenty of room for climbing plants to flourish, adding even more opulence to your outdoor environment.

OUTOUR Garden Arch Arbor Arbour Trellis Archway for Climbing Plants Roses Vines Support Rack, Outdoor Garden Lawn Backyard Patio, Matte Black

With this Trellis Archway, you can enter a magical world.

Walking beneath an archway, especially one that is interwoven with plant life, is always a lovely experience. You’ll adore this arbour trellis if you want to give the impression of walking into a private garden every time you step outside.

It’s one of the most exquisite garden features we’ve ever seen, with a variety of elaborate designs. It’s made of iron and stands about two and a half metres tall, making it an ideal spot for growing climbing plants.


What factors should you think about while selecting a trellis planter?

If the planter’s capacity is sufficient, the size of the trellis should be considered. As previously said, the size of the trellis planter is determined by the plants you wish to grow. But what other variables influence your trellis choice?

  • Stability

The plants continue to develop in mass and weight as they mature. Even when completely developed, the trellis you choose should be robust enough to support the climbing plants. You don’t want your trellis to fall apart unexpectedly, leaving your plants vulnerable.

  • Decorative Feature

A large trellis is required for trellis planters to serve as the main point of a garden. If you’re planting climbing roses, you’ll want a trellis that’s wide and long to keep the display tidy. You can appreciate each flower without crowding or straining the vines when the flowers are in full bloom.

  • Easy to Repair

You should choose a trellis planter that can be repaired easily if it is damaged. When compared to a wooden planter, a shattered ceramic planter is difficult to repair. Before you buy a trellis planter, investigate if you can find replacement materials locally, or ask your supplier if they provide any replacement components and how much they cost. The majority of wooden planters can be readily mended; however, the majority of other varieties cannot and must be replaced.

Which is the Best Location for a Planter?

Are you purchasing the planter for its aesthetic value or to grow something in it? Trellis planters for decoration should be put in a prominent location that does not obstruct human traffic. You don’t want to stub your toe unnecessarily, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, regardless of where you decide to put the trellis planter, whether in the garden or on the balcony, keep in mind that some plants require a lot of sunlight to grow. Place the trellis planter in a prominent location that receives plenty of sunlight.

If your planter has a fragile trellis, lean it against a wall for added support and to keep it from shifting too much.

Is it possible to fix a damaged trellis?

Yes, depending on the amount of the damage, you can restore a damaged trellis. Simply pick a substitute material, whether it’s a wood or metal stake, and measure it to suit the broken portion before getting to work. To avoid more problems, it’s critical to strengthen the frame where it’s been damaged.

Place the trellis on the ground instead of fixing it while it’s upright so you can hammer the replacement spokes in peace. Try to repair the model without harming the plants if the trellis planter is damaged and currently housing plants. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, you may use medium-gauge wires to secure the stake to the frame for more stability.

What are the different types of trellises?

There are many different varieties of trellises on the market. Among them are the following:

  • Flat trellises

These are trellises that may be moved around. They are used to produce climbing plants and generally have a tall big lattice.

  • Arch trellises

This form of trellis is greater in size and is another intriguing alternative for growing adornment. They frequently resemble a doorway in appearance. These are typically seen in bigger gardens with a lot of open area.

  • Obelisks

Garden obelisks are a common type of trellis. They are used to develop lovely decorations that do not climb beyond the scope of their construction and may be placed directly on the ground.

  • Wall trellis

These trellises are used to create a pattern for climbing plants on walls. They’re generally permanently installed at a location.

What are the best planters for container gardening?

Any type of container garden can be grown in any of the planters. As long as they are built to contain soil and water and allow adequate area for plants to develop, they should be OK. Container gardening also saves both time and money. It also helped to reduce weeding and make the most of limited garden space.

What kind of plants can I put in a trellis planter?

A variety of plants, such as vines and climbing roses, thrive in the trellis planter. Vegetables such as beans and potatoes can also be grown in trellis planters.

What is the best material for planters outside?

Trellis planters are frequently made of wood. Trellises made of wood are usually weather-resistant and do well in humid conditions.

What plants do you think would look good in tall planters?

Plants with a long, trailing vine, such as morning glory, perform well in tall trellis planters.

When it comes to steel planters, how long do they last?

Steel trellis planters have a five-year lifespan.

When it comes to plastic planters, how long do they last?

Trellis planters made of plastic usually last three years.

What do you put in the bottom of a planter for drainage?

A tray that lays on the ground to gather water is usually included with a trellis planter, although pebbles can also be used.

To keep your trellis plant from overwatering, dig a small hole in the bottom of the pot and fill it with stones; this will assist absorb excess moisture while allowing for continual air circulation.

How do I attach trellis to a fence or wall?

Trellis is simple to install on your fence or wall, using only galvanised screws or staples. Otherwise, you may connect battens to your fence and then tie your trellis to them, which will keep the climbers away from your wall while also giving them more area to twine, making it a win-win situation!

Can I attach trellis without drilling?

If you’re concerned about the potential harm that drilling into your walls may do, don’t worry; there are other methods for fastening your trellis, such as specific trellis fasteners. If you wish to dismantle your trellis at any time, you may also use a heavy-duty adhesive, but this may do more harm in the long run!

How often should I treat wooden fence trellis?

Wooden fence trellis, like any other wood in your yard, should be treated at least once a year (but preferably twice a year). However, trellis on existing plants can be difficult to execute without risking “burning” the plant with the paint. In this case, you’ll need to treat your trellis throughout the year’s lulls, when your climbing plant begins to retract. This is why choosing pressure treated wood, which is known to be more durable and rot resistant than other types of wood, is even more crucial!


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