Zanussi Washing Machine Error Codes

Zanussi Washing Machine Error Codes

Zanussi, an Italian company, is a well-known home appliances brand, leading the marketplace since 1916. It has triumphed in maintaining its decorum in the world for over 100 years. The innovative designs and outstanding qualities are the key factors that made Zanussi popular among its customers.

However, no machine is created with miraculous power, never to get flawed, and the same goes for Zanussi’s products. The best part about the Zanussi appliances is their error codes that alarm the user about the machine’s issues. Hence, it becomes crucial to comprehend the error codes as programmed by Zanussi.

Today, we are presenting a few error codes of Zanussi washing machines that are frequently faced by many Zanussi customers. Do you own a Zanussi washing machine? Are you facing difficulties with your appliance? Are you not able to decrypt the error codes of Zanussi? Read on to get the answers to all your queries related to Zanussi’s error codes.


What Are Zanussi Washing Machine Error Codes?

At times, your washing machine may malfunction, or even it may stop working due to certain conditions or damages. This may leave you dumbstruck. How to know what happened to your ideal machine out of nowhere?

Just look at the display screen of your washing machine. An alphanumeric digital code must be flashing on that screen. This is called error codes that show up when your device is going through some concerns.

It is uniquely programmed for the various kinds of challenges that your washer may face. This aids you in understanding the cause of the problem. It gives an idea about the fault to the engineers that aids them to fix your appliance.

If you acquire knowledge about decoding these error codes, you can quickly fix your machine yourself. This will save you money and time as well.


Where To Find These Error Codes?

The Zanussi washing machine displays these error codes based on their models.


  • If you own a Zanussi model with an LCD screen, the LCD will show a digital code starting with the letter E followed by two different numbers.


  • In case you possess an old model that does not have an LCD screen, you will have to pay heed to the pause/start button. This button will flash green and red colour a few times. You will have to count the number of red flashes and then the green flashes to know the error code.


Decoding The Error Codes Of Zanussi Washing Machine

Now let us directly get to the different error codes you may see on your machine when the Zanussi washing machine stops functioning.


· E 11

When your washing machine is not filling the water as it should be doing during a wash cycle, the device will display the E 11 error code.

This can happen due to various reasons ranging from the faulty hose to lack of water pressure in the system. If the cause is as minor as a squashed hose or a blockage in the pipeline, you can immediately solve the issue with the help of some tools.

However, when the E 11 code occurs due to complicated causes like the burning of the valve winding, call your technician to get rid of this problem.


· E 13

E 13 is an error code displayed on the screen only when there is a leakage of water in the base of your machine.

As soon as the water seepage starts and gets collected at the bottom, this code will flash on the LCD screen. Thus, you will spot the actual problem even before it begins.

This will save you from unnecessary water leakage on your floor and needless damage to your washing machine.

You will be required to find the reason behind the leakage. Generally, the leakage issues are not prominent, and you can fix it on your own. However, this code applies only to those machines that come with a leak detection system.


· E 21

Generally, all E 2 codes signal the concerns related to the Zanussi washing machine’s drainage system. E 21 error code occurs when the water in the machine’s tank is not drained out entirely after a wash cycle is completed.

This fault may occur due to an inoperative drain pump or clogged nozzles.  You should inspect the whole drainage system in order to seek the reason for the E 21 error code.


·  E 23

This error code is also related to the drain system of the washing machine. If your appliance displays E 23 on the screen, it means the triac that controls the drainage pump has stopped working correctly.

The triac or controller may be damaged due to the harsh use of the machine. Therefore, it is crucial to use the washing machine appropriately.  This problem is complicated, and the professionals should handle it.


· E 24

When the control circuit of your machine’s drain pump gets burned or damaged, then the E 24 error code shows up on the screen of your washing machine.

This error can cease the functioning of the drainage system of the Zanussi washing machine. Therefore, it becomes crucial to contact the technicians as soon as you see this error code flashing on the device.


· E 31

Now, we come to the error codes beginning with the number 3. All these codes are related to your washing machine’s pressure switch that monitors the amount of water in the appliance.

E 31 means that the pressure sensor that displays the amount of water has stopped working. It is not able to transmit the signals. This may happen due to wiring issues or faulty switches.

You can handle this issue at your home itself but make sure your machine is turned off before starting. Also, research and find a few best ways to correct the pressure switch.


· E 32

When the pressure sensor becomes unable to gauge the water level as per the requirements, the E 32 error code is displayed. This error indicates an incorrectly calibrated pressure sensor.

It can also occur when the water level in the tank has not reached the permissible level. Also, when the filter or filling valve is clogged, error code E 32 will turn up on the machine’s screen.


· E 33

The water level sensors start operating incorrectly. It may happen either due to defective sensors or due to jammed liquid level meters.

Be it any reason, replacing the sensors is not an easy-breezy task. Therefore, you need to either consult a professional or hire a technician to change the water level sensors.


· E 35

You may have noticed this error code frequently on the display screen as it is the most common mistake we all make while using a washing machine.

The E 35 error code appears only when the machine’s tank has recorded an excess water level than permissible limits. In simple words, when the water overflows the machine, you can see E 35 flashing on the screen.

This issue can be solved without any professional consultation. Make sure the water filler switch is opened for the appropriate time.


· E 36

The tubular heater of the washing machine is secured with some sensors for overall protection. When these sensors are out of order, the error code E 36 shows up on the display screen or flashes the green and red colours.

The sensor may be broken or faulted; therefore, you may require to call the machine professional to treat the same.

· E 3a

The Zanussi washing machine has the feature of heating the water before the wash cycle. Thus, it has a tube heater fixed in the machine. E 3a error code occurs at the screen when the heater is not working.

You may be required to get it replaced with a new working heater. Though it does not stop the machine’s overall functioning, getting it repaired at an early stage is a good idea.


· E 41

All the error codes with E4 indicates an issue related to the door or the locking mechanism of the washing machine. When you face problems while opening the machine’s cover, you will notice the error code E 41 flashing on the display screen.

You can try solving the lid’s closing problem, but when you cannot open the cover of the washing machine, you need to contact some technicians.


· E 42

The error code E 42 signifies that the door of the machine is not getting closed properly. This may happen due to various reasons ranging from the door’s damaged lock system or the overloading of clothes in the machine.

You can try a few tricks on your own, like opening and closing the lid for more than once or accommodating fewer clothes in the tank. If this doesn’t work, contact an engineer to fix this issue.


· E 43

Every machine has a control board that controls the door lock of the washing machine. When there are some problems in the control board of the locking mechanism, the E 43 error code will appear on the display screen.

You are required to check the wirings and the connections of the door lock. Some wires may have got burnt or spoilt. Therefore, once the wiring is corrected, the locking mechanism will start working correctly.


· E 44

When the sensor that manages the opening and closing of the Zanussi washing machine’s door gets broke, the error code E 44 will flash on the machine’s screen.

This code will inform you that the cover locking sensor is not working, and you are required to get it replaced.

At first, check whether the sensor is broken or is not working due to some other reasons. If it is broken, replacing the sensor is the only option you can select.


·  E 51

E 51 error code appears when there is some issue in the washing machine’s motor control triac. The PCB that controls the spinning speed is a component of the motor control triac. When it gets damaged or stops working, you will see E 51 code on the screen.

It is also possible that a short circuit occurred in the control triac. Therefore, you are required to inform your washing machine professional about the same.


·  E 52

When the motor tacho generator element of the motor control triac is at fault, you will notice the error code E 52 on the machine’s LCD screen.

The tacho generator may have shifted from its place, or it may have gone through some breakdown. This is why your washing machine may not be working as it should be doing. You should definitely call any professional to look into the matter.


· E 61

E 61 is an error code that signals some concerns in the heating system of the washing machine. It means your Zanussi washing machine is not heating the water effectively for washing the materials.

Though this error will not cease your machine from functioning, it is always a good idea to get the heating system corrected at the early stage of the problem.



· E 62

Like E 61, this error code is also related to the heating framework of the washing machine. When you see the E 62 error code appearing on the machine’s display screen, it means that the water inside the appliance has been overheated.

This can happen due to faulty control panels or damaged heating mechanism. Overheating can even damage your clothes. Thus, make sure to pay heed to the display screen before washing anything.


· E 71, 72, 73, 74

We all know that our washing machines are a combination of different sensors. When even one of them gets faulty, the overall working of the device gets hampered.

If you notice any error code displaying the numbers 71, 72, 73, or 74, it means any of the sensors of your machine has been damaged or broken.

E 71 signifies that the temperature sensor of the washing machine is not working adequately. This may be due to wiring issues or any other problems. Similarly, all the other number implies a problem in different sensors.

Make sure you contact your machine technician and get the sensors corrected for the machine’s smooth functioning


· EA 1

This is a rare error code as it occurs only in top-loading washing machines. If you own a front-loading machine, you don’t need to worry about this error code.

EA 1 is an error code that indicates the fault in the position of the drum inside the machine. It can happen due to a lot of different potential issues. You cannot solve this problem independently; therefore, you must appoint a technician for this issue.


· EF1

If you see EF1 error code on the display screen, it means there is some blockage in the filter or drainage system of the washing machine.

You can clear all the debris that has been collected in the system on your own. Therefore, contacting a technician is not required if EF1 appears on the machine’s screen.


· EF2

When you fill the drum of your washing machine with excess detergent powder, the EF2 error code will flash on the machine’s screen.

Your machine will not work properly if it has extra detergent powder in it. Therefore, you should clean out all the excess soap before running the wash cycle.


· EF4

Accurate water pressure is the most crucial part of running a washing machine adequately. If the pressure is high or low, the machine will not wash as it should do.

Thus, make sure the water pressure in your Zanussi washing machine is as per the limits permissible. EF4 indicates that water pressure is low in the machine. You can call the technician to correct the pressure.


· EF5

The machine does not work properly if it is overloaded or underloaded. Inadequate load in the machine can damage the appliance and the clothes as well.

EF5 is an error code that appears on the screen when the load is unbalanced. You can adjust the load before running the machine.

Need a replacement?

Here’s a look at some of the current best selling Zanussi washing machines you can choose from, should your current washing machine error code, unfortunately, prove fatal.

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  • Included components: Washing Machine, Manual, Inlet & outlet pipe
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End Notes

When any of your home appliances cease functioning, it leads to massive wastage of time, efforts, and resources. Therefore, it is necessary to get the tool repaired as soon as possible. The fastest way possible to anything is by doing it yourself. Though the problem seems significant, sometimes the solutions are just a piece of cake.

However, to fix any issue, the first and foremost step is knowing the cause of the concern. We hope this write-up helped you to understand the reasons behind the inapt functioning of your Zanussi Washing Machine. Most of the time, once you know the cause, you may correct these errors yourself. This will save you a lot of your time and money.

Apart from this, when the problem seems difficult and complicated, we would suggest not to try your own hands on the appliance. You can always get help from the technicians. This will protect you from any significant mishap. Therefore, if you feel that the problem is not under control, we would recommend you to call the engineers instead of decoding the error codes yourself.

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