Things to Consider Before Buying a Table Saw

The table or bench saw is the most popular tool when it comes to the category of circular saws for the precision of cuts in large pieces. Choosing the ideal table saw will depend on some factors such as how it will be used, how often and how much budget you have. Reviewing product comparisons is essential to select the one that has the best value for money. 

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It allows to make precise longitudinal or transversal cuts in panels, boards or laminated floors of PVC, wood, etc. Its power, size and cutting height are characteristics to take into account when making our choice. 


What is a table saw

The table saw is a  fixed circular saw, in essence, it is a circular saw installed on a table. It is possible to adjust the height of the saw blade so that it protrudes more or less from the table on its surface . This way, you can cut a good amount of planks, planks and other pieces of wood, pushing them along the table using always pushers.


What are the characteristics of a table saw

Installed under the table, the circular saw can cut panels  (wood, pieces, etc.) and also cut soft metals depending on the type of saw blade.

Saw blade

The saw blade is chosen according to the type of material we want to cut, and its height is adjustable according to the thickness of said material. The diameter of the blade varies, in general, between 190 and 315 mm, with carbide teeth . The saw blade is surrounded by a protective casing, which guarantees the safety of the user.  


The table saw  of  aluminium  or  cast steel , is not too large: a small model has dimensions of  60 x 30 cm, while the larger reach  80 x 70  per one meter. In any case, the work surface  is not too large, therefore, there are various accessories such as table extensions, which allow to improve the comfort of use, increasing the useful surface.


The power varies between  1000 and 3800 W  and is related to the ability of the saw to cut pieces of wood. A thick, hard wood will need more power than a 30mm pine strip. Consequently, the machine can be single-phase or three-phase of higher power.


The weight  is  variable  and is related to the power, the dimensions and the material of the structure and the table. Typically weighing more than  30 kg, they  can  be equipped with a wheeled frame  for easy handling.

Mitre function

The function of the mitre saw is rare. It consists of  adjusting the position of the saw to be able to use it above the table. This option is for miter cuts, that is, cuts at 45 ° to the piece of wood. To do this, the table has a graduated rotating platform and an articulated arm that allows to hold the piece of wood that we are going to cut.

What table saw should we use

It will depend on the work you are going to do and, of course, on the frequency of use.

The three main criteria are:

  • Cutting height
  • power
  • work surface 

Occasional use

If you only want to install parquet in the living room, a small model of a  basic range table saw, also known as a bench saw,  will give us a good service. You can cut the ends of the boards with precision and finish the job quickly, comfortably and safely. A low power and cutting height will suffice.

Continuous use 

If you need to regularly trim panels, make cross cuts or even mitre cuts, you’d better opt for a larger model that combines optional accessories, as well as an  angle cut of up to 45 °.

A primary criterion should be power, determined by the thickness of the wood sections you are working with, as well as the cutting height. You should not neglect the weight and dimensions, especially if you do not have enough space or if you intend to move the table saw from one place to another. Handyman guide has covered also about dado blade, this article includes reviews guide. 

Some best table saws to buy

  1. Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw
  2. SawStop PCS31230 – Professional
  3. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Table Saw
  4. Dewalt DWE7491RS
  5. SawStop PCS175

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