JVC TH-D227B Review

JVC TH-D227B is a soundbar that you can use as an alternative to your inbuilt TV speakers. When you use a soundbar, the quality of audio on your TV  will be much better. After some years of buying the TV, soundbars are often used when the sound quality gradually decreases with time.

If you have chosen JVC TH-D227B to be your new soundbar, here is a detailed review of the product’s specifications and usage. The sole purpose of a soundbar is to enhance the audio quality of your television. Let us investigate how effectively does JVC TH-D227B serve its purpose.

When your TV’s sound gradually loses its efficiency, you do not have to go for costly speakers or home theatres. That is when a soundbar comes in. It is much cost-efficient and gives you a much better experience than you will have on your TV. You don’t have to repair your TV spending thousands on it.


What Is a TV Soundbar?

Sound Bar is nothing but a source just like speakers that project sound in high quality. They are not the same size as speakers. They are little like just like a bar. You can connect a soundbar too,

  • A television
  • To a DVD player
  • A satellite receiver
  • A Video camera
  • An MP3 player
  • Any wired and wireless headphones.

A soundbar is so small that you can store it anywhere. You can place it on the TV, the wall or on the couch or anywhere else in your house. A soundbar is designed to be compact and handy to use. They save you a lot of space. Standard measurements of a soundbar are 42cm X 6.2cm X 9.2cm.

They also cost much lesser than speakers. It is an excellent choice for budget homes and small living spaces.

JVC Compact Sound Bar
538 Customer Reviews
JVC Compact Sound Bar
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 3.5mm Aux, Digital Optical and Coax inputs
  • Remote Control
  • Music and Movie Sound Modes

Features of JVC TH-D227B Soundbar

  • Produces high-quality audio
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has an inbuilt equalizer.
  • Multiple connectivity methods (wired or wireless)
  • An LED light indicator and
  • A personalized remote control

If you are going to connect a soundbar through a wire to your television, you have to look for the connecting options in the soundbar’s back panel. Since there aren’t many complications in a soundbar structure, you can keep it as an extra device near your television.

This product will not spoil the aesthetics of your room. The only thing you have to be careful with is that it should always face the TV or right in front of it for better connectivity. The LED light sparkles when you connect Bluetooth devices to it.

The Bluetooth connection ensures uninterrupted audio services.


Installing JVC TH-D227B Soundbar

It is not rocket science. You don’t need any professional help or specific software to install the JVC TH-D227B sound Bar at your home. You can either connect it through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm coaxial cable to your primary device.

You can also use an optical cable since it enables you to listen to high-quality audio. You have to buy an optical cable separately for this as it is not attached to the device.


Connecting JVC TH-D227B to your Phone

Connecting a soundbar with your smartphone is quite an easy process. You can find the instructions for it in the JVC TH-D227B manual. Just follow the simple steps,

  • Open Bluetooth on your mobile phone
  • Switch to the Bluetooth option in the soundbar
  • Now you will see the Bluetooth devices available near you.
  • Choose the ‘TH-D227B’ option.

Now your device should be automatically connected to the soundbar. If your Bluetooth does not detect the soundbar, then try turning on the location. It might help your mobile pick up nearby devices.

JVC Compact Sound Bar
538 Customer Reviews
JVC Compact Sound Bar
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 3.5mm Aux, Digital Optical and Coax inputs
  • Remote Control
  • Music and Movie Sound Modes

Detailed Review Of The Sound Quality Of JVC TH-D227B

JVC TH-D227B gives the one unique theatre experience at a very affordable price. The price is much lesser compared to some other soundbars available in the market. If you wish to get a fully-fledged movie experience at home, you can go for this JVC TH-D227B soundbar.

Another main positive in JVC TH-D227B is that you can also use it for gaming. Most PC gamers at the beginner level prefer soundbars but instead of costly speakers and headphones. This budget-friendly mate will let you enjoy yourself within your budget.

Movie Experiences

You can watch movies with crystal clear sound. The sharp audio makes the dialogues crispy.

This soundbar can not be stated as the best. Its performance is also not most appreciated. Since it goes on without any complaints till now, it can be considered as an above-average product.

If you’re already on an optical cable of 3.5mm the experience will be extremely good for home theatres.

For Video Games

The surround audio helps you to focus more on your games and enables you better knowledge and control. Since the bass is adjustable, you can cover the background noise with clarity. If you are a solo gamer, you should use noise-canceling headphones for a joyful experience.

Indoor Use

Inside your house, you can connect JVC TH-D227B to Bluetooth and use it for other purposes. It can not be limited to television usage alone. The soundbar will be enough to cover medium-sized rooms. If you are in a large hall, you should increase the volume to listen without any disturbance or sound breakage.


JVC TH-D227B Remote Control Experience

The remote control for JVC TH-D227B is provided entirely for your convenience. You can use the remote to control volume and keep songs or videos from anywhere in the room. Just like a TV remote, You can use this remote to manage the soundbar.

There are separate buttons for movies and music. You can also use this remote as a replacement for your television remote. When you connect a soundbar to your television, the audio produced is controlled mostly by the soundbar.

It will save you the time and pressure of using both the remote and confusing. If you are going to you this soundbar for gaming and other purposes, there are also bass and treble buttons for you to access them quickly.

Like any remote control, this also has a mute button. Since it is easily accessible from anywhere in the room, you can quickly mute your TV or music while answering the door or a phone call.


Pros and Cons of JVC TH-D227B

We also have a round-up of all the pros and cons of this product. Once you go through them, you’ll be able to better judge this product. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this product.


The soundbar pack includes a wall mount kit which allows you to mount it anywhere you wish either behind the TV or anywhere in the room.

There is a physical on and off button. You can turn the soundbar on either physically or remotely using the given remote. The soundbar also has buttons for volume adjustment and audio source including Bluetooth.

You do not have to buy any extra cables since a coaxial cable already comes in with the JVC TH-D227B pack. Buying an optical cable is entirely your choice and is purely optional.

Another important feature that deserves mention here is the automatic power-saving mode of the soundbar. This power-saving mode turns on after 15 minutes of inactivity. It automatically switches off the soundbar.

Even if you leave the volume very low, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. The soundbar is made with power consumption in mind so that you do not have to charge it often.


If you wish to connect a sound using an optical cable, you have to buy one separately as it does not come with the pack.

Also, there will be no HDMI connectivity available. With the rise of flat-screen TVs that feature HDMI and RCA outputs, this can be considered a significant lag for this soundbar. For minimum usage, this soundbar will be suitable.

Another possible drawback you can expect is that you cannot take this soundbar everywhere connected to your TV. You cannot place this soundbar in another room while watching TV. Only with mobile Bluetooth connectivity, you can make the device portable.

JVC Compact Sound Bar
538 Customer Reviews
JVC Compact Sound Bar
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • 3.5mm Aux, Digital Optical and Coax inputs
  • Remote Control
  • Music and Movie Sound Modes

To Sum Up

With some excellent features and great affordability, this product is best suited for a budget home. It is essential to check your television for optical connectivity before buying this soundbar.

If you are about to experience using a soundbar for the first time, then JVC TH-D227B will be a great choice. Since the device is mainly created with wireless connectivity in mind, it is best suited.

That does not mean it cannot work well with television and other devices. If you have the needed cables and suitable products, the soundbar will be good as new for a long time.

Apart from the unavailability of certain features, there has been no major complaint about the soundbar’s working or sound quality. You can highly rely on the quality and longevity of the soundbar. The JVC TH-D227B soundbar is now available on Amazon at the best price.


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