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How to make your house a smart home

What if you could automate many aspects of your home to make it work for you? With smart devices, you can make your homework harder for you and automate some of the aspects of your day to day living. There are many new technologies on the market that can help to make your house into a smart home which will be explained in this article. So here are just a few examples of fantastic smart home improvements! 


Hook up Smart Lights and Devices to a Personal Assistant

Personal digital assistants and hubs are all the rage and are a staple piece of a smart home. Whether you opt for Amazon’s Echo systems or a Google Home, these devices are a lifesaver for hands-free home automation. Most of these systems work alone as a speaker, where you can use voice activation to play music, but they also have many more functions. If you purchase smart lights such as Philips Hue bulbs, you can use your hub to create systems where you can voice activate your lights or even program them to turn on at a certain time of day. Some smart light bulbs allow you to set the colours so that they can change to suit the time of day. You can even set your lights to a warm colour on a gloomy day to make the room feel a little bit brighter. 


Install Automated Air-Conditioning to Control Temperature

One of the things that can be easily automated in the home is temperature. Air conditioning companies such as Christy Cooling provide air conditioning units that can hook up to a thermostat to automatically regulate the temperature to your needs. It is as easy as programming the thermostat to a certain temperature and the units will do the rest. You may never have to think about manually turning on radiators or fans again as these units are super effective at regulating temperature!


Use a Smart Video Doorbell
If you are frequently out of the house or expect packages often then a smart video doorbell such as the Ring doorbell is a fantastic addition to your smart home. These can hook up to the aforementioned hubs and allow you to be notified when someone is at your door, even if you are not at home yourself. You can choose to answer the doorbell with your voice and directly communicate with the person at the door. The doorbells are also a nifty home security item as you can see if anyone has tried to come into your house or use your door – particularly helpful for catching package thieves!

Overall, the technology surrounding home automation and turning your house into a smart home is amazing and ever-evolving. Many of these items are easy to set up and use and are not reserved for wealthy households only. Even installing a simple air-conditioning unit or taking advantage of smart hubs can make you feel like you are making a start towards a fantastic smart home!

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