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Is the rendering on your house looking a bit worse for ware? It may be time to refresh your rendering, so we’ve written a one stop guide on exactly how you can do that. Here you will find a quick navigation so you can easily find everything you need to know:

  1. What Is Wall Rendering?
  2. Types of Rendering Explained
  3. Cost of Rendering Per Square Metre
  4. Example Rendering Prices
  5. What Else Should You Consider?
  6. FAQs About Rendering
  7. Get a Rendering Quote

What Is Wall Rendering?

Rendering is a solution applied to the external of a building in between the brick work. Traditionally this is through the use of sand and cement but sometimes silicone and acrylic can also be used. Typically this isn’t expensive materials, the cost is brought up by the requirement to hire a professional and scaffolding is usually a costly necessity.

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Types of Rendering Explained

When it comes to rendering your house there are a few different types of rendering you can choose from, we’ve broken down each of the types for you and explained a bit about each to help inform your decision:

Sand & Cement Rendering
This is the most traditional method, and as it says on the tin it’s a mixture of sand & cement to a specific ratio which is applied in two or three layers to the exterior of a wall. Once it has dried, and one of the reasons it is a popular choice, is that it’s easy to paint & you should be able to achieve the desired look.

This method tends to be quite cheap in comparison to others as the materials aren’t as costly, however where the cost can really ramp up is the amount of time it takes due to the coat requirements.

Polymer Rendering
This is usually sold as a pre mixed solution, they have either lime or white cement as a base typically. This can be quite expensive in comparison to other options, but take into consideration that due to the colours you can select it does away with the need for painting so you will save in that department.

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Silicone & Acrylic Rendering
This is quite a thin layer & generally should only be used for repairs as there intended to improve the appearance of underlying rendering. The great thing about the silicone is that it’s “self-cleaning” which is often an issue with rendering as it begins to look tired fairly quickly, this type of rendering prevents dirt from gathering and discolouring it.

Monocouche Rendering
The new boys on the block. It’s supplied in bags that you mix with water and apply with a trowel, like grouting in a way! You don’t need to paint it as colour is in the mixture, it has a base layer and a finishing layer.

Cost of Rendering Per Square Metre

The cost of rendering per square metre depends where in the country you are. As an estimate here are the typical costs per square metre:

Sand & Cement Rendering Prices

  • North: £25-35 per square metre
  • South: £35-40 per square metre
  • Midlands: £30-35 per square metre

Monocouche Rendering Prices

  • North: £35-55 per square metre
  • South: £50-70 per square metre
  • Midlands: £40-60 per square metre

Silicone & Acrylic Rendering Prices

  • North: £45-60 per square metre
  • South: £60-70 per square metre
  • Midlands: £50-60 per square metre

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Don’t quite know how many square metres your property is? We’ve got a few examples of typical sizes of properties in square metres:

  • Small Terrace – 40-50 Square metres
  • Large Terace – 70-170 Square metres
  • 3 Bed Semi-Detached – 90-140 Square metres
  • 3 Bed Detached – 110-160 Square metres
  • 4+ Bed Detached – 180+ Square metres

Example Rendering Prices

We’ve put together a table on example rendering prices based on the property and type of rendering you choose. For examples sake I’ve applied the lowest cost of rendering per square metre for each type (North).

House TypeSand & CementMonocoucheSilicone & Acrylic
Small Terrace
(40-50 Square metres)
£1,000 - £1,250£1,400 - £1,750£1,800 - £2,250
Large Terace
(70-170 Square metres)
£1,750 - £4,250£2,450 - £5,950£3,150 - £7,650
3 Bed Semi-Detached
(90-140 Square metres)
£2,250 - £3,500£3,150 - £4,900£4,050 - £6,300
3 Bed Detached
(110-160 Square metres)
£2,750 - £4,000£3,850 - £5,600£4,950 - £7,200
4+ Bed Detached
(180+ Square metres)

Please keep in mind that these prices are by no means accurate and are just provided as examples, all houses are different and all tradesmen costs vary, so it’s impossible to provide accurate figures until you get a quote.

What Else Should You Consider?

There are a few things that you have to consider when looking at getting your house walls renders, including:

  • Scaffolding costs a lot of money and is a requirement
  • Your house insulation will need to reach current requirements, so you may be required to pay for insulation as well
  • Before you go ahead, consider a patch repair, we’ll go into more detail about this later but it could save you a lot of money

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FAQs About Rendering

Can I Patch Repair?
Just like anything else if there are only a few small cracks and issues then you are likely to get away with a patch repair, however this will often signify the rest of the rendering is on it’s way out. It may just be cheaper overall to get the whole house rendering done if it looks a bit tired.

Can I Claim Rendering On My Home Insurance?
Ultimately it depends on the cause, if it’s due to damage from flooding or extreme weather then potentially but in most cases if it’s just due to it being old then no you will not be able to.

How Long Will It Take To Render My House?
It really depends on the size of the house and how stubborn the current render is to remove, a 3 bed semi detached should take around a week.

How Long Will The New Rendering Last?
If applied correctly and there isn’t any extreme conditions for it to withstand you can typically expect your rendering to last 40+ years.

Does Rendering A House Add Value?
Of course it does. I wouldn’t say that you will get back directly what you spend on it but it’s quite costly and a newly rendered house will have a lot fresher look from the exterior and may be more appealing, thus helping you sell your house faster.

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