How Much Does It Cost To Get My Home Electrics Rewired?

Before deciding on getting your home fully rewired, it is imperative to do a bit of homework and understand what a fair price to do so is before getting an electrician to quote. You should always get a professional electrician to do this work & not attempt to do it yourself. Inspections are required to test the work done by the electrician in a house, so it is necessary to ensure the job is done by a professional so it’s safe.

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Is rewiring a house necessary?

Rewiring a home can be an expensive job, and not one you should jump into head first. There may be other things that you can do in order to remedy issues prior to jumping in for a full rewiring. The best way to determine whether you need a full rewire is to get an electrician in, however be warned that if you do get an electrician in and they start testing your system and deem it dangerous / in need of replacement then you will have to get it done, so ensure you have the savings together before hand.

How much will it cost to rewire my house?

Fully rewiring a home can cost you anywhere from £1,500 to upwards of £6,500, but it completely depends upon the size of your home. Here is a rough guide and estimate of how much rewiring may cost you.

Amount of bedroomsEstimate Cost

Prices considerably vary depending on what electrician that you choose to go with for the work.

What effects the cost of an electrical rewire?

When looking to get your home rewired there are a few specific elements that can effect the cost. Here are a few of the factors that you should take into account when quote hunting:

  1. Size of your home
  2. Electrical fixtures & fittings in your home
  3. Number of sockets and outlets
  4. The electricians day rate
  5. Location – places like London can generally be more expensive

How much does an Electrical Installation Condition report cost?

When your looking to get your home rewired you will want the extra piece of mind in getting an Electrical Installation Condition report. This report essentially checks the electrics and certifies them as safe, it will often be required when you look to sell your home, and can be proof of a recent rewiring which will add value to your home.

What this is essentially is a survey in which a qualified electrician checks your homes main electrical elements, which includes:

  • The fuse board
  • Some switches, fixtures & fittings at random
  • Surge protection devices
  • Polarity of the install

Having someone in to do this again will range in price dependent on the size of your home, but typically it will be anywhere between £120-300+.

Get a quote from an Electrician

Are you looking to get your home rewired? Then you will need to get in touch with an electrician. As this can be quick a costly job it’s definitely worth comparing as many quotes as you can, using our below selector & then subsequent quote form will put your details across to local tradesmen & companies who can all quote on the job, offering you a great basis for comparison:

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