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How Much Does It Cost To Charge Your Electric Car At Home?

Charging an electric car at home can vary in cost, it depends on the car itself, your home & of course the cost of your electricity.

You can figure out exactly how much your car costs to charge at home by using this simple equation:

Size of battery x pence per kilowatt hour = total cost from empty to full

Just as an example, if your car had 100kWh, just to keep things easy, and pulling an example price of roughly 14.37p per kWh at the time of writing the cost of fully charging this example car would be £14.37.

To provide you with more examples we’ve pulled together a few of the most popular electric vehicles, their battery sizes and the cost based on the average kWh price stated above:

Car ModelBattery SizeCost (14.27p per kWh)
Volkswagen e-Golf35.8kWh£5.14
Tesla Model X100kWh£14.27
Tesla Model 350-70kWh£7.19 - £10.06
Renault Zoe41-52kWh£5.89 - £7.47
Nissan Leaf40-62kWh£5.75 - £8.90
Mercedes EQC80kWh£11.50
Kia e-Niro64kWh£9.20
Jaguar I-Pace90kWh£12.93
Hyundai Kona Electric67.1kWh£9.64
Hyundai Ionic28kWh£4.02
BMW i318.8kWh£2.70
Audi E-Tron Quattro95kWh£13.65

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