Space under the staircase

How much does it cost to build a child’s area under the stairs?

Where you keep your dogs bed, the graveyard of shoes you’ll ‘definitely’ wear if you keep them out or the place you keep the hoover that has no permanent home. Under your stairs is a great space if you are able to utilise it fully.

I remember as a small(er) child when my parents had their huge circular dining table partly wedged under the stairs in their kitchen / diner and so badly wanted the space for myself. I was convinced that my dressing up rack would be a great addition and all my dresses would look great on show.

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What can I do with under the stairs space?

Reading nook
You could have a storage seat created under your stairs so your child has their own mini-sofa with drawers underneath for them to have a dedicated reading nook. You could let them pick their own cushions and really make their space their own.

Art area
Fit some storage boxes and a small desk or table top and under the stairs could be your child’s own little studio. The space under your stairs can be deceiving and I’ve personally seen this done and it looks great!

A play house
If you’re super dedicated to giving your kids extra room for themselves then an under the stairs play room could be your answer. A wall is put up and then styled into a house and the inside of the house is the underneath of your stairs. You’re kids will love it, your only issue will be trying to get them out!

A dressing up area
Fit a mirror, some pots for costume jewellery or superhero masks and a rack for their costumes and your little prince or princess will have a fabulous area for them to dress up and change up their look.

A study / quiet area
A beanbag and a shelf could transform your under the stairs into a cosy little quiet area for some relaxing time or even a time-out area? (We’re sure you won’t need it)

Or… add a desk and some storage bins and you could create your child a homework zone. You could hang posters such as the A-Z of animals or other age-appropriate posters to make the area fun and make homework less of a chore. You can thank us later.

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