How Much Does A Plaster Cost?

Have you pulled down a bit of thick layers of wallpaper only to reveal that part of the wall itself has come with it? When doing a bit of decorating it often comes hand in hand with needing to contact a plasterer, especially if the house is relatively unknown, as you won’t know the last time the walls where plastered.

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Is it time for a re-plaster? If you’re looking for a ball park figure then we may be able to help you out!

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Is Plastering something I can DIY?

Plastering is a skill. It’s something that takes many years to master & be good at. That being said, there are a few basic things that you may be able to try your hand at, such as putting up plasterboard which is easy enough & you can try your hand at rough plastering, just don’t expect the nicest of finishes! We’ll write a guide on this later, but to some up, I wouldn’t attempt to plaster a room yourself if you’ve never done it before.

When should I get a plasterer?

It’s somewhat obvious when it’s time to get a plasterer in. If cracks are appearing in your walls or you’ve pulled back a bit of wallpaper only to have the wall be taken with it then chances are you need to look for a tradesman. You can also sometimes be preemptive, walls that need plastering are often quite spongy and have a bit of give in comparison to fresh plaster, so prior to starting any decorating, go push on your walls! It’ll give you the time to save up for a plasterer prior to starting.

There are a few different types of plastering jobs that you may require, including:

  • Plastering a ceiling
  • External house rendering
  • Re-Plastering walls
  • Newly plastering walls

How much will it cost me to get a plasterer?

Tricky question. Mostly, it depends on the day rate of the plaster himself and the materials he is going to use on the job, so to give an accurate quote is hard. That being said however, we can provide a rough estimate:

Job TypeRoom SizeEstimate QuoteTime Taken
Completely Plastering WallsSmall£595-£6742-3 Days
Completely Plastering WallsMedium£575-£9202-3 Days
Completely Plastering WallsLarge£995-£1,3753-4 Days
Re-plastering WallsSmall£378-£4961–1.5 Days
Re-plastering WallsMedium£430-£5501–2 Days
Re-plastering WallsLarge£536-£6902–3 Days
Plastering CeilingsSmall£210-£3526–10 Hours
Plastering CeilingsMedium£270-£4358–12 Hours
Plastering CeilingsLarge£410-£7362–3 Days
Exterior RenderingTwo Bed Bungalow£2,158-£2,9404–6 Days
Exterior RenderingThree Bed Semi£3,840-£5,3005–8 Days
Exterior RenderingFour Bed Detached£6,320-£7,8001–2 Weeks

*Prices are referenced from Trusted Traders and are correct as of 06/02/19.

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How long will it take the plasterer to complete the job?

We’ve given an indication about based on the specific room size of how long it may take, however this obviously depends on the plasterer himself

When can I paint on the plaster?

Plaster has a varied dry time, it depends on the conditions in your house & the heat, so it’s generally advised that you should wait a week in order to start painting on the plaster. Make sure any wet looking patches have disappeared before doing so.

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