Cost of carpet fitting

How Much Does It Cost To Get Carpets Fitted?

When you visit someone’s house, what is the first thing you notice? Well yeah, of course, the door, but as you go in it’s the carpets! Having a dirty, used carpet can really bring down your houses appeal.


Cost of carpet fittingCarpets, on a lighter note, are floor clothes, well kind of. They are the floor coverings used in almost every home or building. I mean, did you know that the existence of carpets dates back to as far as the 4th century?

Carpets are usually rectangular segments of woven textile which are used for diverse purposes. They are placed on floors for decorating a room, to offer prayers and also for children to play on. Walking on a carpet is cozier and more comfortable than hard floors made up of concrete, wood or any other rigid material, on account of being cold and hard.

Currently, carpets come in many appealing and ravishing colours and designs that add to the aesthetic appeal of a place. The desired colour medley can be obtained by fibers or wool dyed in different colours. The various colour patterns and designs crafted on carpets are considered to be extraordinarily beautiful. Countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey are known worldwide for manufacturing and selling some of the most beautiful carpets.

Fitting Carpets

The job of fitting carpets is not as easy as it seems. As proper carpet fitting should only be performed by professionals. You can fit a carpet by yourself but it never quite comes out right, I’ve been there several times cutting the carpet slightly short and having to decide whether I cover it with a bit of furniture or bite the bullet to buy some new carpet! Carpet fitters become skilled in their job after years of practice. Below you will find the details related to amounts one should pay for having a carpet fitted at their home.


Acrylic is an artificial fiber which is used widely in making carpets and rugs. It can be used anywhere around the house or building as it can withstand moth, stains and mold. It is also resistant to wear and tear and increases the life of the carpet. Carpets made from acrylic are resistant to static charges and are washable, resembling wool in appearance. The price per square feet of an acrylic carpet is around £3.


“PET” polyethylene terephthalate is also used for manufacturing of carpets. Carpets made from PET have good physical properties and are resistant to moisture, stains and withering caused by sunlight. Such carpets are non-allergenic and are famous for having a diverse colour scheme. They are eye-catching and delightful. These carpets have some disadvantages as well, as they are prone to clumping if used roughly. Their price varies from £0.53 to £2.97 per square feet.


Olefin is a much-desired fiber that is made up of a polymer called “Polypropylene”. It has a wool-like texture, is brawny and resistant to moisture. It is used to make Berber carpets. It is better than polyester due to its ability to stop mould, moth, stains and fading. It performs well in areas where a lot of people move about, such as offices and other commercial buildings. Commercial grade carpets or outdoor grass carpets are usually made up of olefins.

Although such carpets are not good against oil-agents and stains are often difficult to get rid of. The price of olefins carpets is between £0.75 to £1.44.


Nylon has been used in the manufacturing of carpets since the 20th century. It is an ordinary fiber that is used for wall to wall carpeting. Carpets made from Nylon are well-manufactured and sturdy, keeping their shape for years. Nylon is a great choice for families with kids and pets, as they are easily washable and do a great job confronting stains. Nylon dyed in molten form could be designed and printed with ease and also has wear-resistant properties.

The use of Nylon carpets in industries and commercial building is common. Nylon carpets, to restore their fibers, should be steam cleaned every year. Nylon carpets can be found in the market at prices ranging from £0.17 to £0.45 per square feet, but it may vary with the prices of oil as it is a petroleum-based product.


Wool is a conventional choice when it comes to rugs or carpets. Available abundantly, wool can be dyed easily and has extreme longevity. Wool fibers provide durability which protects it from dirt and stains. The permanence of wool-based carpets can’t be matched. Wool absorbs moisture which causes problems, such as mildew, to occur.

In order to make wool more persistent, wool blends are manufactured which contain a certain amount of other materials, along with wool. For example, wool is mustered up with a certain amount of nylon, to enhance their properties further. The price of wool carpets is around £2.97 to £8.41 per square feet.


Cotton is one of the most widely produced crops in the world. Usually, rugs are made up of cotton. As it is a natural product, cotton carpets have their own charms and delights. The natural beauty of cotton could be seen in these carpets. As cotton is warm, the carpets made out of it are heat and static resistant. The cons of such carpets are that they can be stained easily like normal clothes, are flammable and also could lose their colour if exposed to sunlight for long periods. Its cost per square feet is around £4.82.

Average Costs

The average cost scheme for different sizes of carpets and rooms along with padding and removal of previous carpets is provided in the table below:

Room Size Cost of fitting

  • 10×10 – £215
  • 10×12 – £258
  • 12×12 – £310
  • 15×15 – £485
  • 20×20 – £862

For this purpose, we take an average of £2.16 per square feet, including the service charges. Many other expenses may be encountered while carpeting, such as door easing, floor screening, lifting of the old floor, and room clearance etc. Once carpeting has been done, you can enjoy its perks and benefits for a long time.

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