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Best Table Saws For Woodworking – All Budgets

Are you looking for the best table saw? We’ve done all the research for you, looking into the main aspects of table saws, what you should consider, budgets, reviews, feedback, product descriptions and more, in order to provide you with a comprehensive list of the best table saws for woodworking to suit a wide range of different budgets.

On this page, we have detailed pretty much every question we’ve come across in our research, each of the top products, their descriptions and why we have chosen them. It’s quite a long article, so you can quickly navigate through using the links below:

  1. What is the best table saw?
  2. Quick overview of our 10 best table saw picks
  3. Current best selling table saws
  4. Our table saw buying guide
  5. Our best table saws for woodworking choices (In-depth)
  6. Frequently asked questions

What is the best table saw

Well, this is what the whole article is about, there’s no straight answer to what the best table saw is, as it completely depends on your budget and what you are looking to do with it. Table saws are all different, and you can buy them on a wide range of different budgets.

That being said, if you’re not interested in reading through our whole article to figure out which the best table saw for you is, then here is the best table saw in our list, based on it’s reviews, price & the features, we think it’s the best value for money buy:

ParkerBrand PTS-250 High Power Table Saw

Quick overview of our 10 best table saw picks

We’ve done all the research for you looking into the reviews, customer feedback, price, product description, main selling aspects and used all this information to pick out some of the best table saws for you. It’s a long article and we go into depth on each product, so you can find out more about them individually by clicking the “Find Out More” link, but without further ado, here are our top 10:

  1. ParkerBrand PTS-250 High Power Table SawFind out more
  2. Makita 2704 110 V 260 mm Table SawFind out more
  3. Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw 250mm 110vFind out more
  4. SwitZer Table Saw 10″ Inch 250MM Blade Bench Table with 165mm Side Extensions and Long Fence Blade Mitre 1800W 230V TS01 GreyFind out more
  5. Einhell TC-TS 2025 U 1800 W (250 x 30 x 2.4) mm Table Saw with 5000 rpm UnderframeFind out more
  6. Dewalt DCS7485T2-GB DCS7485T2 XR Flex Volt Cordless Brushless Table Saw with 2 DCB546 Batteries, 54 V, Yellow/Black, Large, Set of 12 PiecesFind out more
  8. Draper 69122 254 mm 230-Volt 1,500-Watt Table SawFind out more
  9. Cast Iron Table Saw 1800 WattFind out more
  10. MSW Bench Table Saw Circular Bench Saw Extensions Dust Extraction Blade Ø254mm C-SAW254N (1500W, Protection Class II, 4800rpm, Cut Depth at 90°: 74mm)Find out more

Current Best Selling Table Saws

Want to keep up to date with the latest popular models? Here are the three current best selling table saws available:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Einhell TC-TS 200 Table Saw | Angle Cuts (To 45°), Angle Stop (+/- 60°) For Mitre Cuts, Dust Extraction Adaptor | Powerful, Compact And Portable Circular Bench For Woodworking
1,989 Customer Reviews
Einhell TC-TS 200 Table Saw | Angle Cuts (To 45°), Angle Stop (+/- 60°) For Mitre Cuts, Dust Extraction Adaptor | Powerful, Compact And Portable Circular Bench For Woodworking
  • BENCH-TYPE CIRCULAR SAW - A Compact, Powerful And Low-Maintenance Electric Tool For DIY Enthusiasts For Woodworking, Cutting Fibreboard And Many Other Materials. The Work Table Measures 505mm x 373mm
  • ACCURATE CLEAN CUTS - The 200mm Carbide Saw Blade Tilts To The Left And The Included Angle Stop (+/- 60°) Enable Precise, Clean Mitre Cutting (Max. Cutting Height At 90° = 45mm, At 45° = 27mm)
  • PORTABLE AND ROBUST - Ideal For Every Work-Bench. The Tubular Frame Construction With Crossbars Makes Makes This A Lightweight Table Saw Yet With High Stability Whilst The Plastic Feet Absorb Vibrations
  • BENCH SAW WITH ACCESSORIES - Comes Complete With A 45° Stop, Parallel Stop With Clamps On Both Sides, Carbide Blade, Push Stick, Dust Extractor Adaptor And Blade Changing Tool
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - Einhell Power Tools Come With A 2 Year Warranty As Standard With An Extra 1 Year Available On Registration
SaleBestseller No. 2
Einhell 4340490 Bench-type Circular Saw TC-TS 2025/2 U (Maximum 2000 W, Saw Blade with Height/Angle Adjustment Facility, Parallel Stop, Angle Stop +/- 60°), 113.5 cm*89.6 cm*87.0 cm
4,841 Customer Reviews
Einhell 4340490 Bench-type Circular Saw TC-TS 2025/2 U (Maximum 2000 W, Saw Blade with Height/Angle Adjustment Facility, Parallel Stop, Angle Stop +/- 60°), 113.5 cm*89.6 cm*87.0 cm
  • BENCH-TYPE CIRCULAR SAW is a powerful helper with a rating up to 2,000 W with which keen DIY enthusiasts can perform work on solid wood, wood fiberboard and similar materials.
  • PRECISE CLEAN CUTS - The Upgraded, Extremely Sturdy Parallel Stop Makes Light Work Of Precise Longitudinal Cuts, Whilst The Angle Stop Angle Stop (+/- 60°) And The Tiltable Saw Blade Are Perfect For Mitre Cuts
  • 2-in-1 BLADE ADJUSTMENT - The Height And Angle Of The 250mm Carbide-Tipped Precision Saw Blade Can Be Easily Adjusted With Just A Single Hand Manoeuvre (Max. Cutting Height At 90° = 85mm, At 45° = 65mm)
  • ROBUST METAL BASE FRAME - Provides A Comfortable Working Height Of 850 mm. The Left And Right Side Table Extensions Enable The Saw Table To Be Made Even Larger (Max. 583 x 893mm) To Accommodate Wider Work Pieces
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - Einhell Power Tools Come With A 2 Year Warranty As Standard With An Extra 1 Year Available On Registration. Customer service Helpline number: 0151 649 1500
Bestseller No. 3
Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw, Multi-Material Multi-Purpose & Portable, Cuts Wood, Metal, Plastic & More, Bench Saw, 3 Year Warranty Included & TCT Blade 255 mm (230 V, 1500W)
1,224 Customer Reviews
Evolution Power Tools Fury 5-S Table Saw, Multi-Material Multi-Purpose & Portable, Cuts Wood, Metal, Plastic & More, Bench Saw, 3 Year Warranty Included & TCT Blade 255 mm (230 V, 1500W)
  • MULTI-MATERIAL: Blade Included - Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) cuts steel, aluminium, wood with embedded nails, plastic & more
  • ACCURATE: Assisted by an adjustable rail guide; 0 - 45 degrees bevel tilt & 60 - 60 degrees mitre covers all common cutting angles, for accurate cuts every time
  • RELIABLE: ‘Best-In-Class’ 3-year warranty included
  • POWERFUL: 1500 W optimised gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade life to cut through a variety of materials with ease
  • PORTABLE: Easy to store, quick to assemble or collapse & simple to transport – perfect for the keen home DIYer or construction crew on the job site

Our Table Saw Buying Guide

Not sure about what to look for? We’ve pulled together some of the most commonly asked questions we regularly get and that showed up when researching the best table saws. Below we’ve answered the main questions to try so you can be fully informed when you come to look at buying a new table saw, so keep reading!

Different types of table saws

The 3 kinds of table generators that are stationary include hybrid, contractor & cabinet table saws. In comparison to your standard handheld saw they’re larger and heavier, more precise, and powerful, by quite some margin. They aren’t really mobile, even though they may be mounted throughout the workshop into a base for transport. They also have iron tables, and rely upon belt-drive motors to run. You can get a few different types with aluminium or even stainless granite plank tops. Tables typically measure around 27×10 & with the ability to extend on some of them by 10×12 inches. Table saws that are sophisticated may contain elongated fence railings, tables, router tables, etc.

  • Contractor saws: Authentic builder saws were the go-to table saw for both professionals, including belt drive and big outboard motors. Envisioned as an alternative to the much larger choices they had originally been easy to move about and very mobile. Their motors became even stronger, as their design evolved and the components became more heavy, weighing up to 90 – 135kg.
  • Hybrid saws: Would be definitely the toughest to categorise and there’s a good deal of confusion online on what they’re. Saws that have precisely the same features as the contractor saws, however, possess inboard belt push induction motors. They are more of a middle ground between full-size cabinet saws and the contractor saws. Hybrid saws have leg racks, however, there are a few models that have timers, which raises the confusion which makes it more difficult for buyers to tell the difference.
  • Cabinet saws:
  • Would be definitely the most effective of the entire group. Actually, every one of the attributes is superior to the different kinds of saws. So far as looks are concerned, they do not seem far different than hybrids that are cabinet-enclosed. Each element of a cabinet saw is powerful and durable. Cabinet saws are extremely well designed for a precision cut, but they’re heavy and bulky so might not suit all scenarios.

How to choose the best table saw for a beginner

As a beginner it can be a little bit overwhelming to decide which is the best table saw for you to choose, there are so many on the market with so many different features. If you’re new to buying a table saw and haven’t used one before, or have had very little interaction with them, then you might be thinking, what are the most important things to look at? Essentially, as a beginner and being new to the market these are the things you should be considering:

  • Minimal features: This may sound a bit counterproductive but you want to pick one with minimal features, sometimes having too many features on it can be a bit overwhelming for a beginner.
  • Safety: Look at what kind of safety features or precautions it has in place. Always make sure you take your own safety precautions as well.
  • Ease of use: Every table saw product will tell you that it’s easy to use, it will almost always be a selling point. You can’t be sure they are telling the truth, however, so ensure that you read all the reviews and try to find someone of similar experience to yourself and see what they have written.
  • Cheap: Go cheap for your initial one, you’ll likely want to pick a more expensive one with more features at a later date when you have a bit more experience anyways, so you wouldn’t want to buy an expensive one with minimal features.

What should I look for when buying a new table saw?

When buying a new table saw, you might be a bit overwhelmed with the number of things that you need to look at, each of them have their own unique selling points, but how do you decide the right one for you? Here we’ve detailed a few of the main features that you need to look at when trying to choose the best table saw:

  • Flatness: In order for your cuts to be accurate, you of course need the table to be as flat as possible
  • Fence Type: You can upgrade this, but you want to ensure that a good fence comes with the saw, it should be solid and perfectly parallel to the blade
  • Mitre Gauge: Look for a saw with an accurate miter gauge, one which stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees
  • Dust Collection: Table saws as you may imagine spit off a lot of sawdust, you want to ensure that you choose a saw that has a good dust collector as part of it, this will help massively with clean up
  • Easily Changed Blade: Make sure you pick a table saw that has an easily changed blade, you might have to switchblades quite often, you don’t want to be spending half your time doing it
  • Blade Tilt: Does the table allow you to tilt the blade slightly so you can make angled cuts? This is a feature only available on some tables
  • Safety: What safety precautions are built-in? Some table saws come with a feature that automatically stops the blade if it touches skin

Do you need a stand for a table saw?

Some of the solutions that we’ve picked out mean that you don’t require a table, as it’s built in, like in our top pick, it comes all within the single unit: ParkerBrand PTS-250 High Power Table Saw

However, some other table saws we have featured in the list will mean you need to get a heavy-duty table stand to support the unit. There is a lot to choose from, and it could be a blog in itself on picking the right table for your table saw, but we’ve chosen our top one for you by the reputable brand Dewalt which should be more than suitable if you require a table.

How much HP do you need for a table saw?

Standard table saws that are around 12” come with typically around 5 horsepower in the standard motor, but there are a few that offer a bit higher than this, but is it important?

It depends on what you are looking to cut through, hardwood you need around 3 horsepower so 5 should be more than enough. However, that being said, the horsepower will allow for higher speeds and avoid the motor burning out, so if this is a concern and you’re going to be using your table saw regularly, you might want to go for a model with higher horsepower.

Should I buy a table saw or miter saw first?

In reading around about table saws, you may have come across people suggesting miter saws. We won’t go into too much depth about what exactly miter saws are, but which one is better for you depends on what you need.

Table saws are better and more versatile than the miter saw, they are easier to use and for most beginners, you would typically go for a table saw over a miter saw.

A miter saw is good if you are looking for precision and bevel cuts, so typically you might need this in your tool arsenal if you’re a bit more of an advanced woodworker.

What could I use instead of a table saw?

Table saws are excellent, and they will get you a fine cut with ease, so there aren’t many reasons you should opt for a different type of saw. There aren’t too many things that will get you as good of a cut, you obviously have your typical hand saw, or you could perhaps use a circular saw or a jigsaw, but nothing will be quite as precise.

Is a table saw dangerous?

All home power tools should be considered dangerous, from your nail gun to your circular saw, all of them have an element of danger, the table saw, however, is one of the worst offenders, there are a high amount of accidents that happen when operating table saws.

There are no two ways about it, table saws are extremely dangerous tools and it can be easy to have a quick lapse in concentration and cause a serious injury. Table saw manufacturers have taken precautions in putting safety measures in place such as the plastic guards & you can now even get blades that stop on contact with human skin.
That being said, there are a few things that you should always do when operating a table saw to ensure your safety, which we’ll dig into next.

What safety precautions should I take when using a table saw?

As we’ve touched on above, table saws can be extremely dangerous, perhaps one of the most dangerous home power tools, so you need to ensure that you stay safe when operating such machinery. Here’s a list of things that you should do in order to, well, not lose your fingers:

  • To prevent kickback, keep a splitter or riving knife in place
  • Don’t ever release the piece of wood that you are passing through the blade until it’s all the way through
  • Use the blade guard
  • Turn the table blade off every time you look to change what you are cutting, make sure it completely stops
  • Set the blade to the proper height
  • When you’re changing the blade, completely unplug the saw from the mains
  • Don’t ever position the piece of wood you are working with so that your hands are lined up with the blade
  • Make sure your blade is regularly cleaned and sharpened, keep the table well tuned
  • If the saw begins to slow down, slow the rate at which you are feeding the wood through

How to maintain your table saw

Even the best table saw is going to need regular maintenance, that’s just a part of owning tools of this calibre. You always need to keep on top of looking after the saw, and here are a few tips of how you can do this:

  • Make sure you keep up with regular maintenance – keep your table tuned to make sure it keeps cutting precisely and safely
  • Don’t let it rust, make sure you keep it in good nick and clean it off – they can generally rust quite easily
  • Clean it after every use, make sure you remove all the saw dust
  • Lubricate the gears and pivot points regularly to ensure it operates smoothly
  • Polish the tabletop, it will allow materials to move more freely on the surface as it ages
  • Clean the cutting blades regularly with pitch and gum remover
  • Clean any of the plastics with a liquid detergent

Doing all this regularly will prolong the life of your table saw significantly, make sure you keep on top of it and treat it well, and it’ll treat you well. These tips aren’t just for prolonging its life, it also allows it to run safely.

Our Best Table Saw For Woodworking Choices

Now you’ve read through the buying guide, and know what you’re looking for, you’re now ready to see our top product choices for the best table saws. We’ve researched these thoroughly and looked at the brands, descriptions, features, reviews and more in order to pull together this list. These are all quality products, but they range massively in terms of price, so choose the one that is best suited to your requirements i.e if you’re a beginner you might want to go for a cheaper option first, but if you’re a more advanced woodworker looking at a longer-term solution, then perhaps you’ll want to go with a more expensive higher quality product, we’ve tried to cater for all ranges!

So without further ado, here are our choices:

ParkerBrand 10' Table Saw - 2000W 5000RPM
624 Customer Reviews
ParkerBrand 10" Table Saw - 2000W 5000RPM

Product description
ParkerBrand are perhaps a lesser-known table saw manufacturer, they aren’t a big brand in the power tool industry, however, this product we believe is a little gem. Table sawing can be fun with this table, honest! It has a 10-inch carbide-tipped circular saw which has 24 teeth and spins at a significant rate of 5000rpm, powered by it’s 2000W, 220-240V powerful motor. The table it comes on is fully extendable and super easy to use at 64.2mm x 938mm, the rip fence that will help your cutting precision is also extremely easy to adjust.

That’s not it only features however, it’s got a few little further surprises. One of the things we mentioned that is extremely beneficial for angular cuts is if the blade can be adjusted, and this product allows for an adjustment of +/- 60 degrees to allow that flexibility.

Not enough? It’s also got a dust extraction pipe to keep itself clean and last the test of time. It’s got a lot of features, is really easy to use & generally is a high-quality product at a very low price it’s a great choice for beginners.

Main features
This ParkerBrand table saw has some great features, and we’ve highlighted the main ones for you below:

  • Strong motor with 2000W (220-240V) that produces 5,000RPM
  • Easy to use extendable table comes with the saw
  • You can move the blade at an angle for a more precise cut
  • High quality blade
  • Dust extraction hose

Why we have chosen it?
We’ve chosen this because of a few main reasons. Perhaps the biggest one is the price, it’s a fantastic budget table saw at a very cheap price point for what you get. It has some great advanced features, and along with it, excellent reviews. As well as that, it’s currently an Amazon bestseller, which must be for a reason!

Before buying any power tool product like this, you should always be sure to read the reviews, especially if it’s from a lesser-known brand like this one. You can read the reviews for yourself to get a full picture by clicking the button below:

Read Reviews

Makita 2704/1 110V 260mm Table Saw
2 Customer Reviews
Makita 2704/1 110V 260mm Table Saw

Product description
This is a more expensive table saw than the previous, and perhaps it’s more for an intermediate to the advanced user because of that. It’s a great product, by a very well known brand Makita and is one of the leading power tool manufacturers in the market. This saw is powered by a 1,650W motor and can handle up to 8x4ft sheets. It delivers extremely accurate cutting with its telescopic guide rail which you can glide along with the rip fence. Located at the surface of the table is the centre of the swing arc on the saw blade.

With this product you get quite a lot in the box, including obviously the Makita 2704, as well as a TCT blade, the rip fence, push stick, bevel guide rule, 22mm wrench and a 19mm offset wrench.

The motor is capable of delivering 4,800 rpm, it’s also fitted with an electronic soft start and an anti-restart function. The table is extremely smooth so you can easily pass wood over the surface for a precise cut. It’s got an easy to read scale so you can set your cutting requirements quickly and easily.

This tool allows you to cut at between 45 – 90 degrees with 64mm to 93mm depth respectably.

You’ll need a table to use with this saw, and we would recommend the: wolfcraft 6906506 Master Cut 1500-precision Saw Table and Work Station, Black

Main features
Being a Makita product you know that you’re going to get quality, and some great features. Here we detail some of the top features on this table saw:

  • Cutting angle of 90 & 45 degrees (93mm – 64mm depth)
  • Angle settings of -0.5 to 45.5 degrees
  • The blade diameter (TCT) is 260mm
  • The main table is 625mm wide x 567mm in length – the sub table is 1050mm wide x 1060mm in length
  • Electronic soft-start, anti-restart & brake
  • Extremely sturdy guide rail clamp

Why we have chosen it?
This product is fantastic, Makita is a very well known and trusted brand in the industry. Although this is more expensive, you can clearly see why with its advanced features and quality. It, unfortunately, doesn’t have any reviews on the platform we have been looking at, but around the web with a bit of research, you can see it’s a high-quality product that you won’t be disappointed with.

At the current time of writing this, unfortunately, there are not many reviews on the platform that we are using, that being said, there could be some at the time you are checking, so it’s worth taking a look by clicking the button below:

Read Reviews

Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw 250mm 110v
9 Customer Reviews
Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw 250mm 110v

Product description
Another of the more expensive products in the list, but again a very well known, Dewalt is a trusted brand that supplies a very wide range of power tools to all kinds of markets, including for professional use, so you know you can trust them.

If you have the budget and want a quality product then this table saw is an excellent choice. It’s got a compact design and weighs a hefty 22kg. It’s available in two different power versions with 240v and 110v options. It’s a great choice if your workshop is a little cramped for space, but you still need a quality saw.

It comes with a ready to use 210mm saw blade. It’s high-quality motor delivers an extremely high RPM of 5800 which will be more than capable of cutting any type of wood, it’s extremely durable and efficient.

The depth of cut at 90 degrees is 65mm, and at 45 degrees is 45mm & the square table measures 485x485mm. It also comes with a dual rack and pinion fence system which allows for increased accuracy of the cut. Some of the other features include one-handed bevel control, NoVolt release switch, a cast aluminium bed & an airlock compatible dust extraction port, which are all added in the name of safety and accuracy.

Main features
Dewalt is always slightly more expensive, but you know and can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product that is going to last the test of time. If you’re interested in finding out more, and just want to know some of the main features, here they are:

  • 5800rpm to cut through any kind of construction material
  • NoVolt release switch for added safety
  • Cast aluminum bed
  • Compact size making it easily portable
  • Blade diameter of 210mm

Why we have chosen it?
Although more expensive, it’s a high-quality brand and you can clearly see by some of the advanced features on the table saw, why exactly it’s made our best table saws list. This table saw features a very powerful motor in comparison to some of the others, so we added it to our list to add a bit of diversity as this product is suitable for use on all construction materials and is a model you can buy for professional use.

Unfortunately, again, on the platform that we are using to highlight this product, there are yet to be any reviews at the time of writing this. The reviews across other websites we research this on are great.

That being said, at the time you are reading this there may have been some user reviews added, so be sure to check that out here:

Read Reviews

SwitZer Table Saw 10' Inch 250MM Blade Bench Table with 165mm Side Extensions and Long Fence Blade Mitre 1800W 230V TS01 Grey
34 Customer Reviews
SwitZer Table Saw 10" Inch 250MM Blade Bench Table with 165mm Side Extensions and Long Fence Blade Mitre 1800W 230V TS01 Grey

Product description
A lesser-known brand with this one, SwitZer, with great budget options below £200. Although the brand may not be well known, this product is still a quality buy on a cheaper budget, so you should consider it!

This product features a well designed circular and mitre saw that is powerful, versatile and importantly reliable. It’s designed to a high specification and features a cross stop which scales the angle from 60+/- which allows you to increase the accuracy of your cuts and makes working with this table saw extremely easy.

It features a 10inch carbide tipped 24 teeth circular saw – which is the same as our top pick in this list. It spins at 5000RPM, which is more than enough to cut through the majority of materials you may require it for. It’s compact & powerful.

The table is easily extended allowing you to work with larger bits of wood. It’s extra sturdy and creates a comfortable working space, being at the perfect height and stable on all surfaces. It also features a quick clamp for the rip fence which ensures you get a quality cut.

It’s the ideal product for the have-a-go-diyer (such as myself!) and it also features a dust-extraction port and can be attached to a vacuum to make sure the table stays clean of any debris or sawdust.

Main features
Skim reading? You may want to know what the main features of this saw are. Well we’ve compiled them here for you for ease:

  • 5000rpm motor & 1800W
  • Cutting range of between 0-45 degrees
  • Extendable table from both the left and right – original table size is 583x563x28mm (WxLxH)
  • Features a quick clamp on the rip fence for a precision cut
  • The blade size is 250mm and has 24 teeth

Why we have chosen it?
So, as you may have guessed, we haven’t chosen this one based on its brand, because we researched it and couldn’t find out too much about it. That being said, it has some excellent reviews, great features, high-quality specification, and importantly is very cheap considering it comes with the table itself that you can use straight away, which are the main reasons it’s made it into our best table saws list.

Interested in buying this product? You should always be sure to read the reviews, especially because it’s a lesser-known brand, you need to find out what people’s actual experience is in using the product.

It’s mostly positive, but you should read them all yourself which you can do below:

Read Reviews

Einhell TC-TS 2025 U 1800 W (250 x 30 x 2.4) mm Table Saw with 5000 rpm Underframe
3,201 Customer Reviews
Einhell TC-TS 2025 U 1800 W (250 x 30 x 2.4) mm Table Saw with 5000 rpm Underframe

Product description
I had heard of Einhell before and know that they develop quality products, but they aren’t as well known as some of the bigger names like Dewalt or Makita for instance. This table saw, although not by the most well-known brand, is a high-quality addition to our list and available at a really low price point.

It offers a 5000rpm blade, with a 2 in 1 saw that can adjust in the height and angle from 0 to 45 degrees. This saw is perfect for those who regularly get involved in DIY woodwork and can make accurate and exact cuts through fiberboard, solid wood and several more materials, both straight and at an angle.

It comes with a precision blade with carbide coated teeth. The table is also easy to use in general as it extends in width for larger pieces of wood if required, it also has great sliding properties to allow you to saw without issue and achieve those precise cuts.

The table also has several safety features with a saw blade guard, parallel stop with clamp, a stable base, holder for the power cord and a push stick holder within easy reaching distance. As we mentioned previously, table saws are extremely dangerous so it’s important to have these features.

Main features
We’ve pulled out some of the main features for you just so you can quickly see some of the important factors when deciding whether to buy this product:

  • 5000rpm motor at 1800W
  • Carbide coated tooth blade 250x30x2.4mm
  • Quick clamp for the rip fence to ensure a quality cut
  • Extremely stable base
  • Cross stop with angle of 60+/-

Why we have chosen it?
It’s not a brand that is a household name but they’re offering a great product at an extremely cheap price point (the cheapest in our list). It’s reviewed by thousands, and the overall outcome is extremely positive, which for a power tool at such a cheap price point is terrific. It’s perfect for beginners and is probably our second favourite budget option, next to the first in the best table saw list.

As we’ve touched on, there are loads of reviews from this product and for the most part, they are extremely positive, which we are quite surprised about considering this is one of the lowest-cost models we could find.

If you’re looking at buying this, we would highly recommend that you read the reviews, and you can do so by clicking below:

Read Reviews

DeWalt DEWDCS7485T2 FlexVolt XR Table Saw with 2 x 6/2 A Li-Ion Battery, 54 V, Yellow
7 Customer Reviews
DeWalt DEWDCS7485T2 FlexVolt XR Table Saw with 2 x 6/2 A Li-Ion Battery, 54 V, Yellow

Product description
Another Dewalt, but with the quality of the product that they produce time and time again, can you blame us? As we’ve mentioned before, Dewalt is a well-known brand & a leader in the power tool industry, so it’s no surprise they’ve made our list twice. This one again is another quite expensive model, so we would only recommend it if you are doing a lot of woodwork.

This is a cordless option so it contains a battery, which is great if you need that kind of portability as there are no trailing cables. It’s a brushless saw which is capable of cutting 50m of 18mm OSB. It can complete some of the toughest jobs with its high quality 210mm blade.

It has a table size of 480x480mm which is decent, considering its portability, although it doesn’t appear to be extendable. In the description it states that this is a great product for a wide range of different works including for fitting decking, sizing of panels, concrete form and fitting the solid wood floor. It also comes with a steel roll cage to protect the saw, as it’s portable it obviously has a higher potential of being dropped, which this aims to combat.

Main features
We know that this product is quite the investment, but it’s more than worth it, especially if you need to be freely moving about. Here are some of the main features:

  • Completely cordless, powered by a battery
  • Rack & pinion rip fence system with a rear and front lock
  • Accurate adjustments can be made thanks to the quick bevel lock & large scale
  • The way the tabletop is designed ensures an accurate cut
  • Steel roll cage for that heavy-duty work – and if you drop it, of course

Why we have chosen it?
We’ve chosen this because it offers a bit of an alternative. If you’re working in an area that might be hard to get an electric cable to, this is perfect. It’s completely cordless and operates on a battery, which you may think means it lacks power but judging by all the reviews that are definitely not the case. It offers a great alternative option compared to the rest, for our best table saws list.

This product has some great reviews, we even saw one saying it was the best DIY tool they’d ever purchased, some high praise!

If you want to purchase this product, then you want to ensure that you read all the reviews, especially at the price point it is. You can read the reviews by clicking the button below:

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Ryobi Table Saw 1800 W
21 Customer Reviews
Ryobi Table Saw 1800 W

Product description
If you’ve been to a DIY store in the UK, you’ve probably seen Ryobi, usually in their luminescent brand colour making them easily recognisable and standing out from the rest. It’s not just because of their colour though, they are a well known and trusted tool brand in the UK, so you know you’re going to get a good quality product.

This table saw is an advancement on its predecessor model, Ryobi has worked hard to improve the previous model and add some great features. It’s 20% more powerful with a 1800W saw that will cut through most materials. It’s also small in size and lightweight, which makes it easy to move about which is great if you’re working in different areas of your home for instance.

The table itself is aluminium and has adjustable legs and extensions in order to make it more comfortable for use. It offers great stability which is obviously important for safety and precision cutting. Talking about precision, it offers a TCT blade with 48 teeth which is one of the best on the list, so durability and precision is guaranteed.

Main features
Interested in purchasing this product? For those who are wanting to skim through this rather large article, here are some of the main features:

  • 1800W power motor
  • Easily adjusted for a precise cut with it’s dual function handle
  • Quick and precise cuts thanks to the miter cutting guide which can cut between +60 degrees and -60 degrees
  • Removable structure and easy to store, it’s a folding table
  • Quality TCT blade with 48 teeth

Why we have chosen it?
This is a great product and is easily portable, it’s not quite cordless like the above Dewalt but it’s partway between a static heavy-duty table saw and a cordless solution. It’s from a quality brand and has some great features, it’s perfect for those who would use this a moderate amount and need to easily store it in the garage without taking up too much space.

There are only a handful of reviews on this product at the time of checking, but it’s worthwhile reading them before making any purchase to ensure that it’s the right product for your requirements.

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Draper 69122 254 mm 230-Volt 1,500-Watt Table Saw
26 Customer Reviews
Draper 69122 254 mm 230-Volt 1,500-Watt Table Saw

Product description
I’ve seen and heard of Draper a few times, the brand is known but maybe not widely. They tend to produce budget power tool products, but typically deliver high quality, which is the case with this table saw that we’ve picked out.

This table saw offers a 230V, 1500W motor, that is easy to use and has a host of different features, and is beneficial for those who do quite a bit of woodworking DIY. It has a rip fence that is front locking, extension wings and a mitre guide as well as a feature that allows you to rise and drop the arbour for different cuttings.

This model also comes with the facility for dust extraction meaning that the sawdust won’t get in the way. It also comes with two blades which have 40 teeth and are carbide tipped. On top of that, they are confident in the reliability of their products as they are offering a 2-year warranty, which a lot of the other models we’ve researched don’t seem to have.

You’ll need a table to use with this saw, and we would recommend the: wolfcraft 6906506 Master Cut 1500-precision Saw Table and Work Station, Black

Main features
If you’re interested in buying this Draper table saw, you might want to know some of it’s main features, which we’ve highlighted for you below:

  • 1500W motor that has a speed of 4500RPM
  • Aluminium table top with a sturdy steel body
  • Locking rip fence (front)
  • Dust extraction facility
  • Side extension wings and a miter guide

Why we have chosen it?
We’ve chosen this mainly because of its features, it’s a slightly less powerful motor than some of our other options, but it has a steel body and aluminium table top which is higher quality than a lot of the cheaper options. We see this as a good option to choose if you don’t want to go for the cheap budget options, but don’t really want to splash out for the £700+ models.

There are mixed reviews for this product in all honesty, at the time of checking, and there are a few bits of negative feedback, so we struggled as to whether we would feature the product. Draper, however, are known for quality products and I’ve had a few before and have always been impressed so we wanted to include it in the list.

Before buying the product, you should read all the reviews, both positive and negative to make an informed decision. You can read them by clicking the button below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered a lot of the commonly asked questions within our buyers guide, however if you have any lasting ones, we’ve answered a few of them below for you:

What is the best budget table saw?
In our top 10 list, there are quite a few you could consider budget table saws which we found, they are great products and high quality. If we where to pick one however, it would be the one at the top of our list, ParkerBrand PTS-250 High Power Table Saw.

Should I consider the table saw brand?
For any power tools we would always recommend buying products from a recognised brand like Dewalt, Ryobi, Bosch, Makita or MacAlister for instance. That being said, you can often find some great bargains from lesser known brands, so you shouldn’t discount them, but it just means you need to research them in more depth.

How do I choose a table saw?
There are several aspects to choosing a table saw, which we go through in this article in much more depth, but we would say the main aspects you should consider are the reviews, features, how easy it is to change the blade and the safety precautions it has in place.

Is 1.75hp enough for a table saw?
No, not really. We would recommend at the very least that your table saw is 3 horsepower, although you’ll really want to go for something 5+.

How much do table saws cost?
There is a massive range of prices for table saws, you can get a budget one for anywhere between £100-150, but you could spend £1,000+ for a high quality one which we would only recommend if you’re going to use it professionally. Most of the quality range we found was between £300-600.

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