Best Sander for Skirting Boards UK – Electric Sanders

Do you wish to repair or replace your skirting boards? Sanders is the best and essential tools for this job. With an electric sander, you can do this task without too much effort! This powerful equipment will give you better results in a shorter duration.

There are, however, a large array of sanders available in the market. Which one is the best for your skirting boards?

While choosing the most efficient sander may be tricky, we make it easier for you.

We bring you a comprehensive list of the best electric sanders in today’s market. To help you make an informed decision, we also bring you a buyer’s guide.

Read on to know the best sander for skirting boards in the UK. Let’s dive right into it!

Current Best Selling Sanders For Skirting Boards

We’ve written a comprehensive guide, but one of the best things to do is to keep up with current trends as new sanders come out & technology advances. See below the most popular sanders currently:

SaleBestseller No. 1
BLACK+DECKER 55 W Detail Mouse Electric Sander with 6 Sanding Sheets, BEW230-GB
12,425 Customer Reviews
BLACK+DECKER 55 W Detail Mouse Electric Sander with 6 Sanding Sheets, BEW230-GB
  • Note: Finger extension not included. Ready to use with 6 additional sanding...
  • Ideal for many DIY projects including sanding bare wood and removing paint...
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use ensuring fatigue free sanding
  • Dust extraction port connects to a vacuum for a cleaner work area
  • Hook and loop pad ensures quick and easy sandpaper replacement
SaleBestseller No. 2
Bosch Home and Garden Multi Sander PSM 100 A (100 W, in case)
7,670 Customer Reviews
Bosch Home and Garden Multi Sander PSM 100 A (100 W, in case)
  • Bosch Microfilter System
  • Two-piece sanding plate. Vibration emission value ah 6.5 m/s²
  • Velcro-type fastening system
  • Tool dimensions (L x W x H) 210 x 105 x 120 mm
  • To ensure optimum dust extraction, pay attention that the punched holes in...
Bestseller No. 3
Orbital Sander, HYCHIKA 300W 13000RPM Random Orbital Sander, 6 Variable Speeds, 125mm 12Pcs Sandpapers, Electric Sander with Dust Collection Ideal for Sanding, Polishing Wood, DIY, Home Improvements
832 Customer Reviews
Orbital Sander, HYCHIKA 300W 13000RPM Random Orbital Sander, 6 Variable Speeds, 125mm 12Pcs Sandpapers, Electric Sander with Dust Collection Ideal for Sanding, Polishing Wood, DIY, Home Improvements
  • 🌟【6 Speed Control &Powerful Motor】 This orbital sander with a 300W...
  • 🌟【Efficient Dust Collection】 The sander for wood upgrade the dust...
  • 🌟【Vibration and noise reduction】The ergonomic double-sided non-slip...
  • 🌟【Complete accessories】Provide 12 PCS 125mm sanding papers (4pcs 80...
  • 🌟【WHAT YOU GET】 1 * HYCHIKA Random Orbital Sander, 4 * 80 Grits...

Top 5 Sanders for Skirting Boards UK

Read along to know our top picks for the best electric sanders to work on your skirting boards. You will find the best features of each, along with their pros and cons.

The following are the best sanders for skirting boards UK:


Bosch Home and Garden Multi-Sander PSM 200 AES (200 W, 2x sanding papers, rectangular sanding plate, in case)
7,670 Customer Reviews
Bosch Home and Garden Multi-Sander PSM 200 AES (200 W, 2x sanding papers, rectangular sanding plate, in case)

If you prefer a detail or multi-sander, this electric sander is one of the best out there. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, it works well for everyone. It is lightweight and compact. This makes it very easy to use.

Its design comes in an iron shape. It makes sure to send all the edges and corners closely. You can also access all the harder areas with this multi-sander. It is efficient for skirting boards.

Another best feature is its system for Velcro fixation. It allows you to place your skirting boards securely and with ease. Additionally, it has two sanding plates: a rectangular and an iron shape.

This multi-sander is also popular for its durability. It is built with sturdy materials. Moreover, its handle is soft-grip. It makes it comfortable while using, even during long working hours.

It also includes a carry case along with some sanding sheets. This Bosch Multi-Sander gives you good value for money.

It is also backed by a free guarantee of two years. That is not all that this multi-sander has to offer. You can also extend its warranty for three more years. All you have to do is register your sander on its manufacture’s website before 28 days.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


  • Difficult to remove dust container
  • Sanding pads may wear off with misuse.

Makita 9404/2 240V 100mm Belt Sander
752 Customer Reviews
Makita 9404/2 240V 100mm Belt Sander

This belt sander stands out with its power and superior performance. It comes with a powerful motor of 1,010 watts. Additionally, it has high endurance and capacity. You can easily use it for your other larger projects as well.

When it comes to skirting boards, this belt sander can easily finish the task in a much shorter time. Moreover, it can do so even with the minimal vibration mode. With the help of this tool, you do not have to put in a lot of effort or time.

You can also adjust its speed with ease. It can go from 210 – 440 meters in a minute. You can choose a higher speed if you want to ensure fast-paced work.

Its design ensures that you can sand all the edges and corners well. It gives a smoother finish to your skirting boards.

This belt sander also comes with a longer power cord. It allows you to move around your workspace with ease. Additionally, it helps in covering larger areas.

Its auto-tracking belt system makes it easier for you to change belts. You can then focus on your skirting boards instead of manually fitting belts. It saves you a lot of time. You also get a free dust bag. It makes it easier to clean up later.


  • Superior performance
  • Long cord
  • Adjustable speed
  • Dust bag


  • Expensive
  • No carry case

Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander
404 Customer Reviews
Metabo SXE450 240V Orbit Sander

This orbit sander is highly powered. Yet, it is lightweight and comes in a compact size. It makes it easy for you to handle and maneuver it. Additionally, the orbit diameter is adjustable. You can choose the travel diameter that suits your needs the best.

Are you worried that sanding your skirting boards may leave some gouges and swirl marks behind? This orbit sander prevents this with its power control systems.

Its functions are similar to electric brakes. It slows down or stops when you place it on your skirting boards at too much speed. It prevents scratches, and you will get a better finishing with this tool. It is also built with high-quality materials.

It also has one Intec filter for dust. You do not have to worry about much mess while sanding your skirting boards. Moreover, it comes in two modes.

The standard model is for sanding. Meanwhile, the Turbo Boost mode is for shaping and removing materials swiftly. It ensures stock removal to the maximum.

You can set it at six different speed settings. This orbit sander also reduces vibration. Its bearing system can decrease it by around 25%. It makes this tool very smooth to use.


  • Power control systems
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Adjustable speed
  • Prevents scratches


  • May overheat
  • No indicators for oscillation settings

Orbital Sander - VonHaus 430W 1300 RPM 125mm Random Orbital Sander with 3 Polishing Pads & 9 Sandpapers - Electric Sander with Dust Collector, Variable Speed - Sander for Wood, Metal and Plastic
414 Customer Reviews
Orbital Sander - VonHaus 430W 1300 RPM 125mm Random Orbital Sander with 3 Polishing Pads & 9 Sandpapers - Electric Sander with Dust Collector, Variable Speed - Sander for Wood, Metal and Plastic

This random orbital sander comes with a smooth and powerful electric motor of 430 Watts. It is lightweight and cost-effective as well. This lightweight design, along with its sensitive motor, makes it a good choice for delicate sanding.

You can also easily use this compact tool for longer durations. It has a soft-grip handle, and its front handle is adjustable. This tool will not cause you any strain or discomfort. It is an excellent choice for beginners as well as experienced hobbyists.

It ensures maximum and efficient performance while working on your skirting boards. It allows quick and professional sanding. You can also adjust its speed from 4000 RPM to 12000 RPM.

This tool ensures your safety with its trigger lock. It also has a long power cable of 2 meters. So, there is no need for you to worry about doing your job next to the power socket all the time.

Its dust filter bag makes sure that there is only a minimum amount of airborne dust. It keeps your workspace mess-free.

It comes with 12 sanding discs with multiple grits. Additionally, it includes nine sanding pads and three polishing pads for free. Moreover, you get a warranty of 3 years with this random orbital sander.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Trigger lock
  • Adjustable speed
  • Value for money


  • May have higher vibrations.
  • The dust bag is not durable.

Ryobi ROS300 Random Orbit Sander, 300 W
555 Customer Reviews
Ryobi ROS300 Random Orbit Sander, 300 W

This random orbit sander is not very aggressive like the other electric sanders. However, it can sand efficiently. It also functions with much higher control. The motor is of a powerful 300 Watts.

It has a good oscillation speed that can smooth all the rough edges and surfaces. You can adjust its variable speed from 7,000 RPM to 12000 RPM according to your needs. Moreover, you can use this tool comfortably. It comes with a compact handle for a better palm grip.

It has a large orbital base of 2.4 mm. It enables it to perform a higher level of stock removal. You will also cover a larger area quickly. Additionally, its effective rotational motion gives you a much smoother finish. It also prevents any sanding marks.

Dust collection becomes easier with this random orbit sander. Its cyclonic action dust box effectively collects dust. It makes it easier for you to clean.

This random orbit sander is not very expensive. Yet, it packs some good features to help you with your skirting boards. It is a versatile and efficient tool. It will not only help you to sand your skirting boards with ease but also make the task hassle-free.


  • Smooth functioning
  • Adjustable variable speed
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money


  • Not very durable
  • The base plate can get loose easily.


Buyer’s Guide

There are numerous electric sanders available in the market. How will you choose the best one for skirting boards?

With a wide array of choices, it can be tricky to pick the most efficient one for your use. We bring you this buyer’s guide to help you make your informed choice.


Type of Sanders

There are various types of sanders in the market. It is essential to have a proper understanding of how each of them works.

Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the type that suits your requirements the best. It also depends on your preferences.

Below are the most common types of electric sanders:

Belt Sander

A belt sander is the most effective for removing plenty of material. It works well by shaping skirting boards. Belt sanders work with an abrasive paper belt that is stretched through its rollers.

This sanding belt goes about in continuous loops. A powerful motor constantly spins it in one direction. It gives you a smooth surface. However, this tool can be very aggressive. It ensures quick and efficient removal of the stock.

The belts can come at a width of about four inches. Most electric belt sanders come with adjustable speed controls. It allows for more flexible usage.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders can give you a much smoother finish than a belt sander. It also works well with large surface areas. Moreover, it gives you better access to edges and corners.

Orbital sanders move in tight and rapid orbital actions. It will not leave behind any scratches. They are also comfortable to use. Most of them come in lightweight designs. It makes an orbital sander easy to maneuver as well.

Its base plate comes in various sizes. You can select the one that works the best for your skirting boards. Additionally, they are usually not very expensive.

Random Orbital Sander

Do you want a tool that has the speed of belt sanders along with the smoothness of orbital sanders? A random orbital sander brings this perfect combination for you. It comes with sanding discs that will orbit while simultaneously rotating.

It ensures that there are no scratches at all on the surface of your skirting boards. You will also get a smooth and fine finish effortlessly. Moreover, it enables a higher rate of stock removal.

A random orbital sander is also much more flexible in comparison to the other models. They work well on both flat surfaces as well as rough edges.

Multi-Tool Sander

This electric sander is amazingly versatile. It works well on flat surfaces as well as contoured surfaces. You can also use it for plenty of other tasks. Multi-tool sanders are the best choice for small and intricate jobs.

Its sanding pad is usually triangular and smaller. It helps you to reach all the edges and corners with ease. Additionally, they generally come in compact and lightweight designs. It contributes to ease of use.

There are many accessories available that you can use with a multi-tool sander. Some of them enable you to sand tiny areas of mortar and tile as well.


How to Choose the Best Sander for Skirting Boards?

Before you buy a sander for your skirting boards, you have to look out for some essential factors.

Make sure to consider the below factors before you purchase your electric sander:


Various types of sanders come with different power levels. However, you also have to check for the power levels of every individual model. The power that you require is dependent on the effort and toughness of your job.

Another factor that determines the power is time. The more powerful your electric sander is, the faster you will finish your task. However, you should also keep in mind that sanders with lower power can do delicate jobs better.

Electric sanders come with power cables. Longer ones will not require you to work right next to power sources all the time.


You have to take your time to consider the size of an electric sander. It determines how comfortable and easy it would be to handle this tool. If you are going to work in tighter spaces, a compact electric sander will be the best.

Even if you have a larger workspace, a bigger model may not be the perfect one for the job, especially if it feels uncomfortable or clumsy while handling.

You should also consider the size of the discs of orbit sanders and random orbit sanders. For a belt sander, there are many standard sizes of belts that work well for most tasks.


Speed is another essential factor to consider before you purchase an electric sander. Orbit sanders and random orbit sanders come with RPM (Rotations Per Minute). The higher its RPM, the quicker its disc spins. It will then give you a much smoother finish.

For a belt sander, speed is measured in FPM (Feet Per Minute). The higher this is, the faster its belt runs. It will then be capable of higher levels of stock removal.

Better speed will also save you a lot of time. Many electric sanders are now available with adjustable speed. It gives you better control over your tasks.

Dust Collection

While sanding your skirting boards, you are bound to rise plenty of dust. It will not only make it messy but also be quite hazardous. Moreover, it distracts you from your task.

It is best to choose an electric sander that comes with a dust collection feature. You also have to check that the dust bag is of adequate size. Some electric sanders come with a dust port. You can attach your vacuum cleaner to it.

Such features remove all the airborne dust that rises while sanding. You do not have to pause to clear it up frequently. It saves you a lot of time and effort as well.


You have to consider the intensity of vibrations that an electric sander gives out while in use. A higher level of vibrations can make it very uncomfortable for you. It becomes difficult to hold it securely, and it affects the precision of your task.

Overexposure to vibrations can also be very dangerous to you. There is also a possibility of permanent damage to it. Make sure to follow all the usage recommendations from the manufacturer.

It is best to go for an electric sander that has a lower vibration level. It ensures your safety as well as comfort. Moreover, it keeps your tool more durable.


Final Thoughts

An electric sander is the best choice for your skirting boards. It works efficiently to give you the best results. You can get a smoother finish with its help. Moreover, it makes your task almost effortless and saves you a lot of time.

You have to pick the right type of electric sander to do the job for you. Make sure to look for the essential factors before you purchase one.

A good electric sander will be an excellent investment for skirting boards!

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