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5 Best Shed Alarms For Elevated Security: Reviews and Buying Guide

In a world with rising security concerns, there is no aspect you can overlook. You may have a consolidated alarm system for your home, but what about your shed or garage? Over 22500 households report instances of shed and garden burglary every year. You can save yourself from joining this statistic- through the installation of a shed alarm.

A shed alarm is affordable and incredibly convenient to set up. It is an excellent additional layer of insulation for your overall home security- but only if you pick the right one.

With shed alarms becoming more accessible, you have a diverse assortment at your fingertips. It can be a little challenging to select a suitable and constructive shed alarm. This guide is here to help you in your endeavour.

In this guide, you will find a curated list of the top 5 best picks for shed alarms. You can be confident of the reliability of each. These options are present following careful evaluation of all aspects- reviewing noise projection, security features, and quality.

Read on to find out all about the 5 best shed alarms to boost the security of your property!

Why do you need a shed alarm?

Before you delve into the best options for shed alarms, you may want to review the reasons you should install one. The most eminent reason is that your shed may have expensive tools and equipment. Lawnmowers, motorcycles, power tools, and ladders are some ordinary belongings that people store in sheds.

Recently, there has been a surge in garden shed burglaries. Insurance policies do not always cover the property that you keep in a shed. An alarm system will act as a deterrent against thieves and burglars, alerting you of any trespassing.

Top 5 Picks: The Best Shed Alarms

Here are the best shed alarms available in the market at present. You will find a comprehensive review of each option. In this manner, you can add more value to your decision.

JC Wi-Fi and cellular Switchable Security Alarm System, Home and Business Burglar Security, 99 Wireless Defense Zones, Pet-friendly PIR Detector, Work with Alexa and Remote APP Control
58 Customer Reviews
JC Wi-Fi and cellular Switchable Security Alarm System, Home and Business Burglar Security, 99 Wireless Defense Zones, Pet-friendly PIR Detector, Work with Alexa and Remote APP Control
While the JC Wi-Fi and Cellular Switchable Security Alarm System may not always find a spot among the most appreciated shed alarms, it is a worthy candidate nonetheless. It is an unpretentious and compact unit that offers seamless functionality.

The wireless alarm kit includes a TFT full touch screen with a 4.3-inch screen. It also boasts of 90 wireless zones for the remote controller, and ten additional zones for RFID tags.

The shed alarm functions through lithium polymer batteries- which are a part of the deal. You also get three door as well as window sensors and a PIR sensor in the kit. In addition to these, it includes two remote controls and two RFID imposers.

The alarm system uses Wi-Fi as well as cellular data, requiring a micro SIM card too. What’s more, is that the system is compatible with Alexa!

The JC Alarm Security System has various intelligent features making it all the more convenient. These include operation via a smartphone app and a pet-immune PIR sensor. It also features a Wi-Fi-enabled camera, enabling you to monitor the surroundings of your shed.

The manufacturer extends a 30-day refund and a 2-year warranty too.


  • Supports varying alarm channels
  • Compatible with Alexa and smartphones
  • Capable of storing daily alarm and operation records
  • Features a timer for arming and disarming
  • Boasts of intelligent features
  • Reliable warranty
  • Cost-effective


  • The current app does not support iOS devices properly, requires updates
  • User manual lacks helpful information regarding Alexa compatibility
  • The screen is unreadable in bright, direct light
Yale Shed and Garage Alarm, Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted Wireless Alarm, Easily Secure Outside Buildings and Caravans,
3,775 Customer Reviews
Yale Shed and Garage Alarm, Free-Standing or Wall-Mounted Wireless Alarm, Easily Secure Outside Buildings and Caravans,
Yale is a household brand name when it comes to home and property security. You can rely upon the Yale SAA5015 for excellent performance and effectiveness. It is a wireless alarm system, and a breeze to set up. With a considerable range of up to 12 meters, it features a loud and bold 100dB siren.

The Yale SAA5015 Wireless Shed and Garage Alarm also comes with a tough padlock with brass composition, flaunting a 1290-millimetre hasp. For installation, you can either let it stand free or mount it on a wall.

It functions on four AA batteries. After you initially insert them, all you need to do is assign a 4-digit security code. Follow up by pressing on the numeric key 4, and your alarm will be set.

Once you activate the Yale SAA5015, its sensitive motions detectors will pick up all unwarranted movement, setting off the alarm if required. You can deactivate the alarm via your 4-digit code within 10 seconds.

The Yale SAA5015 is perhaps the best shed alarm system currently in the market. It offers precise and reliable security at a valuable price.


  • Considerable 12-meter range
  • Sensitive motion detectors
  • Package contains a reinforced brass padlock
  • Loud 100dB siren
  • Features indicator to notify when batteries are running low
  • Cost-effective


  • The alarm can be used with a wire, a feature the product does not mention
  • Consists of only 4 buttons, restricting security code options to generic combinations
  • Plastic construction may be easy to destroy
Tech Traders ® Wireless Pir Motion Sensor Alarm + 2 Remote Controls Shed Home Garage Caravan
1,118 Customer Reviews
Tech Traders ® Wireless Pir Motion Sensor Alarm + 2 Remote Controls Shed Home Garage Caravan
The Tech Traders Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm boasts of an effective motion sensor that can detect even slight movements. It has a built-in PIR motion sensor with a scanning range that spans across 110°. In case of any intruders, the 105dB alarm goes off with unmissable clarity and volume.

You can install this shed alarm with relevant ease- it includes a mounting bracket in the package. A feature that sets the device apart from others in the same range is that it comes with two remote controls. You can use these controls to activate or disarm the shed alarm.

The Tech Traders Wireless PIR Motion Sensor Alarm operates using four AA batteries. Make sure you use batteries with a long life for this device, since they tend to drain at a quick rate. The versatility of this shed alarm system allows you to use it as a deterrent in your garage, caravan, or any other location besides your garden shed.


  • Impressive 105dB alarm
  • Comes with two remote controls for convenience and practicality
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Suitable for a budget


  • Quality of bracket is not up to the mark
  • May go off even if you deactivate it
  • Drains batteries at a fast pace
Minder MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor Home Garage Shed Burglar Wireless Security Alarm with IR Remote Control (Without Batteries, White)
289 Customer Reviews
Minder MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor Home Garage Shed Burglar Wireless Security Alarm with IR Remote Control (Without Batteries, White)
The Minder MA30 MkII Mini PIR Motion Sensor Wireless Shed Security Alarm is a small but relatable alarm system for you shed or garage. It features a PIR range of up to 6 meters, operating at 90-100° angles. It also comes with a remote key fob with a working distance of about 30 meters. It will dedicatedly protect your garden shed from trespassers and unauthorised visitors.

You can either use the shed alarm as a free-standing unit or mount it on a wall. It is easy to install, not requiring any wiring. It runs on batteries, and you have the option of buying a variant that comes with Panasonic Powerline batteries.

The Minder MA30 MkII shed alarm consists of a loud 130dB siren that is audible even from quite a distance. When someone activates it, it goes off for 30 seconds before rearming automatically. As for entry and exit, it allows a 30-second delay for exiting, with a 5-second entry delay.

The shed alarm has two modes- a Home mode, and an Away mode. The former is especially utilitarian if you use the shed alarm with door or window sensors.


  • Loud 130dB alarm
  • Available in two colours: black and white
  • Offers two modes
  • Easy to install


  • Micro-switch under reset button may lose contact
  • Key fob batteries drain at an unreasonably quick speed
  • Sometimes inconvenient to turn off
Yale HSA Essentials Alarm Kit, Battery Powered, 5 Piece Kit, Self Monitored, No Contract, Wireless, PIR Movement Sensors, Door/Window Sensor External Siren, Keypad, No Monitoring Fee
847 Customer Reviews
Yale HSA Essentials Alarm Kit, Battery Powered, 5 Piece Kit, Self Monitored, No Contract, Wireless, PIR Movement Sensors, Door/Window Sensor External Siren, Keypad, No Monitoring Fee
The wide range of modular shed alarms available today includes the Yale Essentials Alarm Kit. You can never go wrong with a Yale security system, and the Essentials Alarm kit is a testament of this.

Even though it is slightly more expensive than the other options here, it offers better security. The kit includes a PIR motion sensor, a door or window contact, and a keypad.

The Yale Essentials Alarm Kit comes with the capability of accommodating as many as 20 accessories. You can customise your security system in any way you like. It implies if you have a pet, you can expand the functions of the alarm by enabling a pet-friendly sensor.

It is suitable for external as well as internal purposes, operating on batteries. The Yale shed alarm offers an entry or exit time of about 20 seconds. There is no hidden monitoring fee in the deal that comes with a 2-year guarantee. A drawback of this system is the siren- which has a limitation of below 100dB.


  • Allows customisation with up to 20 accessories
  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Offers 2-year guarantee


  • Incompatible with app
  • Does not support cameras
  • Door detectors are short-range
  • Siren operates below 100dB

Things To Consider When Buying A Shed Alarm System: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Shed alarm systems are exponentially gaining importance and popularity. It has caused an eruption of options available, all with different functions and features. When the subject is about the security of your property, you cannot settle for anything but the best.

This buyer’s guide will take you through the most crucial factors to look for when buying a shed alarm.

Take a look at the criteria you should use to judge a shed alarm. In this manner, you will be able to find a suitable solution for the security of your shed.

Type Of Sensor

There are three prominent types of sensors for detection that shed alarms use: Door and Window Frame contact sensors, Vibration Detectors, and PIR shed alarms. You can purchase a system with a combination of different types of natures as well.

Contact shed alarms generally comprise of two components- one attached to the door or window, and the other one onto the frame. They have magnetic contact and the alarm will go off if this contact breaks. They are useful only if a trespasser attempts to break in through a door or window.

Alarms with vibration detectors go off if the sensors catch any movements within the range. They often offer the option of adjusting their sensitivity. However, since they detect vibrations, a nimble trespasser may be able to evade them.

PIR or Passive Infra-Red shed alarms are the third types of systems. They have motion detectors that detect movement via infra-red body heat. PIR shed alarms are the most popular, offering greater intelligence and utility than the other types.

The Loudness Of The Siren

A shed alarm is efficacious as a deterrent only if it features a loud, bold and frightening siren. The minimum loudness should be 100dB, though louder sirens offer better security. They are audible over farther distances as well.

Notification System

Many shed alarm systems can notify you of trespassing via text messages or automated calls. These fall in the GSM alarm category. Such alarms require a SIM card. They are extremely useful when you need to leave town. Other methods of notification include App alerts.

Sensor Range

The range of the sensor is an aspect you must not overlook. If you are considering a PIR shed alarm, make sure the range covers a considerable area. There should not be any chink in the armour, or a thief will be able to use it to their advantage. If you have a spacious shed or garage, you may want to invest in an alarm with multiple sensors.

Wired vs Wireless

When you are selecting a shed alarm, you will have to choose between wireless and wired models. Both of these options are effective in providing security, but wireless systems have undeniable advantages. They allow you to monitor activity from a remote place using a laptop, your smartphone, or a specific screen that comes with the model. Wireless shed alarms also eliminate the possibility of an intruder disabling the system by tampering with the wiring.

Additional Features

While the factors above are intrinsic in judging the quality of a shed alarm, you should look out for additional advantages too.

Here are some beneficial features that increase the efficiency and value of a shed alarm:

  • Warranty
  • Compatibility with smartphones and devices such as Alexa
  • Scope for customisations- Range of accessories available for the device
  • Inclusion of batteries
  • Battery indicator
  • Two components instead of a single unit- A separate siren and sensor offer better protection to the shed alarm against sabotage
  • Option to use the shed alarm as a free-standing unit or mount it on a wall
  • Remote control operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions about shed alarms to which people widely seek answers.

1. What are some measures that can reinforce the effectiveness of a shed alarm?

A shed alarm is always an effective deterrent against intruders and trespassers. If you wish to reinforce the security of your shed or garage, you should install a heavy-duty padlock as well. In addition to this, make sure the hinges of your shed door are secure and high-quality.

You can also put up motion-sensing security lighting as another layer of protection. If you have expensive equipment and items in your garden shed, try accommodating them in a safer location. You can also include your shed in your insurance policy to have a safety net in position for any unfortunate incidents.


2. Is it possible to prevent the shed alarm from going off because of pets?

Yes, many shed alarms come with pet-friendly sensors. PIR motion sensors offer the ability to calibrate the shed alarm in a way that lets your pet pass through without triggering it.

Many systems extend the option to customise them with accessories. For instance, Yale alarm kits allow you to add Pet-Friendly sensors.


3. Are shed alarms effective in preventing burglaries and thefts?

It is a common misconception that shed alarm do not offer any protection against intruders. Despite this, a research report from the University of Carolina shows that more than 60% of convicted thieves and burglars admitted that they remain wary of alarm systems. Typically, if they discover a shed alarm, they skip the home and settle for an easier target.

Another study by the University of New Jersey established that residences with alarm systems substantially decrease the risk of burglaries.

To Sum Up

It is undeniable that shed alarms add an extra layer of security and protection to your property. Often, people overlook the safety of their storage spaces like sheds and garages, despite their susceptibility to burglaries.

If you seek a highly effective alarm system for your shed, you should ideally combine different factors. A magnetic door and window sensor with a PIR motion detector and siren should suffice in deterring an intruder.

This guide spells out the 5 best options for shed alarms based on their effectiveness, reliability, and versatility. You must always evaluate the value of the items in your shed before buying an alarm system.

Stay safe!

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