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Best Home Alarm Systems

As crime rates in major cities continue to rise, a lot of homeowners are taking decisive measures to protect their homes against potential harm. Installing home security systems is perhaps one of the most recommended moves. A security system does two things. First, it notifies relevant authorities if there’s an intruder in your home and secondly, it can be a deterrent for would-be burglars. But with so many alarm systems available in the market today, it’s really hard to pick the right product.

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What to Look For in an Alarm System

There are a few things you must always look for before you buy a home alarm system. First, set up and usability are crucial. You want a plug and play system, something that can be easily set up in a few minutes. It must also be easy to operate. There is also the issue of cost. Although a lot of people would do anything to secure their homes, this doesn’t mean you should spend a huge amount of money for a security system. The great thing is that you can still find high-quality alarm systems at very affordable costs. Finally, you may also want to get a few recommendations from neighbours on the system they are using and whether it’s effective or not.

Top Home Alarm Systems in 2019

Despite the massive diversity of home security systems out there, there are some that actually stand out from the rest.

Here are our top three picks:

GE Personal Security Alarm Kit

The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit is a relatively affordable and easy to use option from a top brand. The kit comes with three window alarms and one deluxe door alarm. The alarms are all battery operated and don’t need any wiring.


  1. The kit features 120 Decibel alarms which are pretty loud for anyone within the neighbourhood to hear and report.
  2. The kit is also very basic. It can be installed within minutes without the need for any extra help
  3. You get protection for your windows too with three extra alarms


  1. The alarm is not hardwired to the door or window. It can easily be unscrewed from the inside.

KERUI Home Security System

The KERUI Home Security System is a little bit more advanced compared to the GE alarm system. It features sensors on the windows and doors which activate an all-weather outdoor siren if they detect any movement.


  1. Very difficult to tamper with since it uses sensors
  2. The system features a loud SOS alarm
  3. It’s a plug and play device that’s easy to install
  4. Relatively affordable for its advanced features


  1. Requires a remote control to set the security code which can be hard to do for some users.

Wsdcam Door Alarm Wireless Anti-Theft Security Alarms
This is a remote controlled alarm system for windows and doors. The system is quite expandable too since it can be paired with additional alarms if needed.


  1. Features a simple peel and stick installation that takes a few minutes
  2. You get a 105 decibel alarm
  3. Can arm and disarm using a remote


  1. No physical switches meaning you can’t control the alarm if you lose the remote

These are three of the best and the most affordable home alarm systems you can find online at the moment.

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