Best Anti-Snap Locks

Are you concerned that your lock with snap? There is an increasing concern regarding security with respect to locks snapping.

The solution to this is to find the best anti-snap lock for your doors. Anti-snap locks are basically Euro lock cylinders that provide high security. These locks are designed to protect the locks from snapping. This is something a thief can do and break the lock into two halves.

These cylinders are generally utilized on uPVC doors.

To make sure that your anti-snap lock will provide you with the security you need, it is best to purchase anti-snap locks that have been tested and are satisfy a standard.


Where to use them?

Lock snapping is a method that thieves or burglars can use to gain entry into your home. It involves literally snapping or breaking the most fragile part of your lock system. This is most probably a Euro cylinder lock.

Anti-snap locks are of great help if you have very valuable items in your house or any room. It can save you a lot of hassle, and it is pretty easy to install. Some anti-snap locks can be expensive, but they offer great protection, too.

The budget-friendly anti-snap locks might not offer that much protection, but they are better than a regular lock system.

If you are unsure what doors you can fit an anti-snap lock on, we have a list made for you. You can fit them on the following places

  • Patio doors
  • Front, back as well as side doors
  • Wooden and composite doors
  • uPVC
  • Aluminium doors

Now that you know this, you might be wondering which are the best anti-snap locks to buy.

Well, we have that ready for you, too.

Read on and prepare yourself for some intense lock shopping!


Avocet ABS HS7878 35 mm Int TS007 3 Star Ext Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Pairs - Chrome
104 Customer Reviews
Avocet ABS HS7878 35 mm Int TS007 3 Star Ext Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Pairs - Chrome

The Avocet Euro cylinder lock has a TS007 certification with three stars. This look is great at resisting snapping, bumping, drilling, as well as picking. The strength of the diamond grade cylinder is so high that it can stand well against any attack of snapping. However, this would not need to showcase its strength.

This is because this anti-snap lock has another anti-snap technique. If the lock does detect some attempt, the molybdenum can that is present will lock into a position for securing the lock.

Molybdenum is much stronger when compared to steel. The cam, therefore, is good at resisting any twisting or snapping attempts.

There is another feature that increases your security from thieves. There is a personal key card that is present along with the lock and keys. No one can duplicate your home keys without the key card.

Additionally, the anti-snap lock can be installed very easily. There is no requirement of drilling through anything. It will take you around just 15 minutes, and the installation will be done.


  • Strong anti-snap features
  • Shows resistance to drilling, bumping, and picking
  • Quick and very easy for installation
  • Presence of key card for additional security


  • It is a little on the expensive side

Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Pairs - Anti Snap Locks - TS007 3 Star 50mm Int 45mm Ext Chrome
72 Customer Reviews
Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Pairs - Anti Snap Locks - TS007 3 Star 50mm Int 45mm Ext Chrome

If you are looking out for two locks for a double door or a front as well as back door, this is a great, but slightly expensive option.

The advantage of this anti-snap lock over the yale anti-snap lock above is that it is TS007 certified and also has a rating of 3 stars.

If you are someone living in an area that tends to have quite a few burglaries, the anti-snap locks will give you good protection.

These locks provide security similar to the single Avocet ABS reviewed above. They offer a diamond grade cylinder, one key card, as well as a locking cam.


  • Great protection against snapping, drilling, bumping, as well as picking
  • Since they are keyed similar locks, there is one key for both the locks.
  • Very easy installation


  • Can be on the high cost or expensive side

Yale Anti-Snap 3 Star Euro Tumbturn Cylinder, High Security, Nickel Finish, 35:35 (70 mm)
1,726 Customer Reviews
Yale Anti-Snap 3 Star Euro Tumbturn Cylinder, High Security, Nickel Finish, 35:35 (70 mm)

This anti-snap lock is ideal if you are someone who is looking to purchase a budget-friendly anti-snap lock with medium level security.

You cannot expect an equal amount of security as that of higher-priced locks. Also, this Yale lock is rated with only one-star TS007 unlike the 3-star rating of the Avocet lock.

However, you can install this Yale lock in areas that are relatively safe already and are not at high-risk areas. This lock comes with the anti-snap, pick, drill, and pick protective qualities.

To avoid snapping, this lock comes with a hardened steel bar that has sacrificial cuts. Assuming the burglar successfully snaps the outer cylinder, the inner part of the lock is still safe. The most important and significant part of the lock is inside the cylinder.

To prevent picking, there are four anti-pick pins present at each of the ends.

This lock also contains V-pins that avoid bumping and also contains anti-drill pins as well as balls for resistance against any drilling.


  • Most homes gain an average to a good deal of security from this lock.
  • Resistance against attacks like picking, drilling, bumping, and snapping
  • Easy installation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Only has a 1-star TS007 rating and security levels are not as good as the 3-star rated anti-snap locks

Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinder - UPVC Door Lock - Dual Finish - Schlosser Technik Ultimate² - 30/30
10 Customer Reviews
Anti-Snap Euro Profile Cylinder - UPVC Door Lock - Dual Finish - Schlosser Technik Ultimate² - 30/30

This lock is not the best for any major entryway or door. It makes use of the Euro profile cylinder that is relatively easy for burglars to snap.

However, it can be used for the doors for rooms inside the home. This lock is pretty cheap, for someone who cannot afford to spend too much. It offers medium security. This lock guards you against three major attacks, that are picking, drilling, and snapping.

For protecting against snapping, there is a present of a sacrificial cut that tends to break off due to too much pressure. When it comes to picking and drilling, there are anti-pick and anti-drill pins for protection.

This lock does not protect you against bumping. It is not as good as the Yale or Avocet anti-snap lock even for the job it does do.

However, this lock can be used for low to medium security rooms that do not hold anything too valuable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Good lock for interior doors
  • It is available in many sizes.
  • Takes just a few minutes for installation


  • It does not protect you against bumping.
  • Cannot be used for main or major front or back doors
  • Offers low-medium security


Buyer’s Guide

Lock snapping is a way that many burglars resort to, in order to break into a house. The other name for this is cylinder snapping. Lock snapping is done by using some tools and using some force to snap the lock cylinder.

This exposes the lock mechanism. Once this happens, it is very easy to manipulate it using household tools.

The good news is that all locks do not allow lock snapping. There are locks known as anti-snap locks that can be used to prevent burglars from snapping locks.

Here are some tips you can utilize while buying an anti-snap lock.


How to know if a lock is an anti-snap lock or not

When you look at the lock, look out for the 3-star Kitemark logo. This means that the lock has a certification of TS007 3-Stars. Locks that have been certified with this can usually withstand many attacks such as snapping.

Another certification to look for is the SS312 Diamond Certification. This standard is much stricter, and anti-snap locks with this particular certification are much stronger and resistant to snapping.


Finding the right cylinder size

There are many cylinder sizes that are available in the market. Unless you find the correct size for the anti-snap lock, the burglar will easily snap the lock.

A locksmith will fit the lock correctly as if you do not fit it right; it can easily snap.

Euro cylinders differ depending on the handle and door thickness.

The more amount of cylinder there is for the burglar to access, the more likely that it will snap.


How will you know the Euro cylinder is fitted correctly?

The Euro cylinder should not be protruding more than 3 mm from the surface of the handle.

Ideally, no external overhand should be there. It should be flush with


The kind of Euro cylinders that are more likely to snap

Single-cylinder: you can gain access from only a single side

Double cylinder: you can get access from both the sides

Thumbturn cylinder: these can both lock as well as unlock from inside with no key


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my Euro cylinder is too old?

If the Euro lock cylinder on your door was put there before the year 2011, it is most probably not anti-snap.


How much time does a burglar take for lock snapping?

A thief or burglar can take merely 5 to 10 seconds to snap a lock. 25 per cent of burglars use this way for breaking into homes.


How do anti-snap cylinders work actually?

A regular cylinder lock can be broken with ease if the body of the cylinder is extending beyond 5mm of the door. An anti-snap cylinder offers a false front for your lock. This can be broken by the burglar, but it leaves the inner major part of the lock intact.


How do I measure the size of the Euro cylinder?

There are ideally two methods by which you can do this.

One method is by measuring it in the door itself, and the other method is by removing the cylinder from the lock and measuring it after that.

You will measure it starting from the middle or centre of the screw hole. You will measure it until the edge or surface of the backplate present on the outside.

You will have to then round it up to the next increment of 5mm. for example if the size is 32mm, you will round it up to 35mm.


Summing Up

Your safety and the security of valuable items is not something that can be compromised on. This is why it is time to take your security into your own hands. Most burglars enter houses through the main front or back doors.

If you have already had an experience of burglary or are afraid, you might experience one; it is time to invest in a good security mechanism for your door. Especially if you live in areas that experience frequent burglary incidents, it is even more vital that you invest in this.

Most houses nowadays have anti-snap locks, as people realize their value. Although burglars keep finding ways and methods to break into doors with every upgrade of the lock system, this is the latest and best option right now.

Anti-snap locks are way better than regular locks in making it challenging for the burglar to figure it out. Since thieves don’t have that much time to figure things out, they will tend to let it go and actually get caught red-handed.




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