How to get rid of bed bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are small brown oval bugs that look like apple seeds that hide within your room in places such as mattresses, bed frames and headboards. Hiding spots such as these give the bedbugs easy access to people so that they can bite during the night when they are active. Though they cannot fly, they can move very quickly over fabrics and floors. A common disbelief is that bedbugs transmit diseases although this has been proven to not be the case.

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A bedbug bite presents itself as painless at first but as the bedbugs bite more and more, they turn into itchy bites they can cause irritation.

Signs of a bedbug in your bedroom include:

  • Blood stains on your sheets or your pillowcases
  • Dark or rust coloured spots on sheets and mattresses (This is bedbug excrement)
  • Areas of mass bedbug excrement, or skin sheddings.

How to remove bedbugs from your room

If you suspect you have bedbugs the first thing you should do is remove all bedding and check it very carefully for signs of bedbugs or their excrement. It is best to throw these straight into your washer and wash them on a 60 degree wash. Wear gloves and begin to check your mattress. Pay attention to the seams of your mattress and be wary of any tears or rips in the fabric. Carefully examine all around your bed and any other fabrics in your room. Rugs, carpet, curtains & lampshades are areas to take a careful look at. You can buy mattress protectors if you want to protect against them in the future, though hopefully you won’t need to.

Scrub any affected areas with a stiff wire brush to dislodge any eggs or excrement and ensure you vacuum the room well. It’s best to use the crevice attachment with the vacuum so you can apply a scraping motion over the mattress to rid it of bedbugs and their eggs.

You can also buy purpose-created insecticides and aerosols that flush them out of their hiding spaces and then eradicate them from your room.

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Bedbug insecticide checklist:

  • The bed – Headboard, Frame & Under
  • Inside wardrobes (empty as insecticides should not be sprayed on clothes)
  • Door frames and doors
  • Chests of drawers and bedside cabinets
  • Skirting boards
  • Around any areas where it is dark and bedbugs could hide and gather.

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