Best Rat Poison UK – 2020 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Having a rat infestation is a more common problem than you may think, in busy cities or commercial spaces problems with rats can be rife. The next logical step is considering how you can get rid of the infestation and importantly assure it doesn’t re-occur.

We understand that choosing the best rat poison can be difficult, you might have a lot of questions about how it works, whether it’s safe for your pets and how long you can expect it to take to get rid of the infestation.

In the below article we’ve picked out some of the best rat poison choices and written a complete buying guide to accompany it, answering any questions you may have about the process, how humane it is, and more.

So without further ado, let’s get on with getting rid of those pests.

Our 10 Best Rat Poison Picks

We’ve done our research and determined which are the 10 best rat poison products that are easily accessible on the market, we’ve listed them below, but you can find a more in depth description of each of the products by selecting find out more.

  1. The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait 15 x 10gFind out more
  2. Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse killer – 300gFind out more
  3. Roshield 500g Whole Wheat Bait Rat & Mouse Poison KillerFind out more
  4. Racan Force Paste – Xtermin8 Pro B – Powerful Rat Mouse Poison Bait KillerFind out more
  5. Pest Expert Formula ‘B+’ Rat and Mouse Killer Poison 1kgFind out more
  6. Elixir Gardens Rat Poison/Killer 1kgFind out more
  7. Rentokil PSMR42 Rat and Mouse Weatherproof BlocksFind out more
  8. RatKil® Rat Poison 600g Rat And Mouse Killer Bait Blocks (2 x 300g)Find out more
  9. Pest-Stop PSWB03 Super Rat and Mouse Killer Wax BlocksFind out more
  10. Deadfast Mouse and Rat Killer Plus PoisonFind out more

Best Rat Poison Buying Guide

Through our research, we have been able to answer some of the most common questions we have found that people have around rat poison solutions. If you have a question that we haven’t provided the answer to, then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

How does rat poison work?

Rat poison is made of Bromethalin, which is the only type of rat poison that is considered safe for use in your home. The term, rat poison, covers three different types of rodenticides acute toxins which are no longer available due to their high rate of accidental poisoning, anticoagulants and calcium releasers. Typically rat poison is sold as a powder, block, pellet or treated seeds. These items will include both the rodenticides mentioned above.

The way that they work is the Bromethalin shuts down the rat’s ability to recycle vitamin K, which is needed to clot blood, and once it runs out the rodents blood thins and it bleeds to death. It can take several days for the rat to die, but one feeding is enough to be lethal.

How long does Rat poison take to kill a rat?

Some poisons can be extremely fast-acting, with many claiming that they can act in as little as 12 hours, however, it’s more likely that you should expect it to take 2-3 days for best rat poison to effectively kill the rodents.

It’s unlikely you only have one rat, however, so make sure you replenish the bait as soon as it looks eaten to ensure you get rid of the whole infestation. You also need to ensure that you find and remove the dead rat if it’s within your property or an area that it may be eaten by other animals, as there is a risk of secondary poisoning.

Is Rat Poison humane?

Rat poison is effective, but it’s not the most humane way to kill a rat. Here are 5 of the most humane ways you can do it:

  • Asphyxiation by CO2 – in which you can use common household materials like baking soda
  • Blunt force to the head – this isn’t exactly an ideal way to do it, and not for everyone, but a blunt force hit with a hammer to head, you need to ensure the rodent is trapped and can’t move to hit it accurately
  • Spring traps can be humane if they catch the rodent cleanly, but that isn’t always the case

Can I use rat poison for other animals?

It’s a common question, and most of the time people are thinking of using it for other animals such as mice or small pests. The answer to this one is pretty simple, yes, it works the same for other animals as it does rats.

Which type of rat poison is most effective?

In this guide all of our top picks are effective, they all contain Bromethalin which once eaten by the rat is guaranteed to kill them. That being said, a lot of the effectiveness of the rat poison depends on yourself, you need to ensure that you are refilling or replacing the bait at any sign of it being eaten. The placement of the bait is also important, you need to make sure it’s an area the rats are regularly travelling in, you might have to move it around a few times to get the desired result.

Is rat poison safe for pets?

Not all rat poison is safe for pets, a regular rat poison solution could do some serious harm. There are several solutions out there, such as our top pick “The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait” that are pet friendly. They offer lower toxicity than some of the other formulas and therefore won’t harm your pet.

Can rat poison go out of date?

Rat poisons do have an expiry date, so be sure to check it. When rat poison expires it becomes less effective as time goes on, it may still work for a while but it’s a reduced concentration and after quite a while it may not be effective enough to kill the rodent.

Can you get rat poison without an odour?

Unfortunately not anymore, there used to be a product that was odourless but it is no longer used in rat poison. The odour in rat poison is what attracts the rats, it’s strong garlic-like smell from the phosphine.

Can you create a DIY rat poison?

Yes, you can, and it can be really effective if used and made correctly. The most commonly used DIY rat poison is with baking soda. Here’s how you can make rat poison:

  1. Mix thoroughly 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of sugar and a cup of baking soda
  2. Get something like a jar lid & fill it with the bait mixture
  3. Set down the bait where you’ve noticed the rats or droppings
  4. Monitor the area until the dropping stop

It’s an effective method, but can be a little bit trickier than buying purpose-made rat poison and you may find it takes a longer time.

Do I need a bait station?

A bait station is advised by almost all rat poison product companies, in fact many of them state it is required by law when baiting rodents that you use a baiting station. They are a safe way of distributing the poison. As we’ve mentioned this poison can be dangerous to animals and children, by putting the poison in a bait station you can prevent the poison being eaten by those it shouldn’t.

We’ve picked out some of the most popular bait stations for you below:

Our 10 Best Rat Poison Picks

Without further ado, here is our best rat poison picks that will assure you that you rid your home of any infestation.

The Big Cheese All-Weather Block Bait (15 x 10g) Rat & Mouse Bait, Quick Acting, Indoor & Outdoor Use - STV212
Product Description
This fast-acting rodent poison is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, it’s specially formulated by Home Choice and has made our best rat poison list. The product has been designed with high-quality materials that will kill rodents quickly. It’s a solution that is effective and 50% less poisonous than their previous versions meaning that it’s less dangerous towards pets. One of its great selling points is that it’s moisture resistant, unlike some other mixes you can buy, which means it can withstand a variety of different weather conditions. It’s also suitable to use in any kind of bait station should you require one.

The Big Cheese brand also offers a bait station, which is suitable for their best rat poison product, and you should use whenever you are trying to kill rodents. (The Big Cheese Rat and Mouse Bait Station)

Main Features
Here are some of the main features and selling points of this poison:

  • Suitable both indoor and outdoors with its moisture resistance
  • 50% less poison than previous models – making it alright to have pets around
  • Chew through sachets, there’s no need to touch the actual bait
  • It’s so safe you can use it in kitchens
  • Fast acting

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this bait in our top 10 best rat poison list because of a variety of reasons. It has some great features which we’ve listed above, the reviews are terrific and the price is reasonable for what you get. It’s also a quite well-known range & offers the option to buy a bait station with it.

Read Reviews
You don’t just have to take our word for it. You can read some of the reviews for the product, mostly positive, but also a few negative ones so you can make an informed decision. Read Reviews

Opkill Rat Poison & Mouse killer - 300g Strongest Bait Available Weatherproof Fast acting and Safe for Professional and Domestic use (Professional Choice Blocks 15 x 20g)
Product Description
These professionally formulated bait blocks by OPKill are tested to achieve optimal results. These like most others are a powerful concentration of Bromadiolone poison and they are an effective rat killer with a high concentration. It’s a multi-feed poison and sets itself aside from some of its competitors by being specifically designed to kill rodents over a few feeds, the difference being they consistently come back to the bait, which increases the kill rate and encourages other rodents in the vicinity to also join.

It’s recommended with this product that you use a bait box, to ensure other animals such as your pets don’t eat it.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out and highlighted some of the main features and selling points for the OPKill Rat poison:

  • Professionally formulated & tested by professionals
  • It’s designed to reduce bait shyness, meaning the rats continually come back to the bait and it attracts other rodents
  • They claim to lead the way against many others in the market
  • It’s easy to use and put in durable bait stations, the pre-formed blocks make it easier than some of the loose bait options
  • Safe for both professional and domestic usage

Why We’ve Chosen It
This rodent killer solution by OPKill has made our list for several reasons, the main one is that it’s a great value for money product which is evident by a lot of the great reviews. The fact it’s also used and tested by professionals must mean it is a reliable rodent killer.

Read Reviews
You can read the reviews of the product on the page itself, it’s always worth reading both the positive and negative reviews to form a balanced opinion: Read Reviews

Roshield 500g Whole Wheat Bait Rat & Mouse Killer Sachet Kit+ 20% Extra Free
Product Description
Roshield’s rat poison solution can be used both domestically and commercially and is suitable for anything between small houses to farms. It’s a ready to use product with high temperature treated wheat.

The micronisation of the bait prevents any germination and allows it to convert from starches to sugars which sweetens it and becomes more appealing to rodents. It’s not odourless, but this bait doesn’t smell as bad as some others, it has a chocolatey smell which improves the bait take. It’s highly effective and is an ideal bait to use in most conditions.

Main Features
Here are some of the main features and selling points of the Roshield Whole Wheat Bait:

  • It’s in ready to use bags
  • A unique chocolatey smell, which means it doesn’t smell as bad as most other baits
  • Red dye in the bait allows to easily monitor when it’s eaten
  • The small bag is suitable for light to medium infestations
  • Includes Bromadiolone like most other best rat poisons, but it’s a whole wheat solution

Why We’ve Chosen It
Like the others we’ve chosen this mostly because of its affordability, however, the unique point we liked about this was its the chocolatey smell. As you can find above, we regularly get asked if you can get odourless bait, which is tricky, but this is one of the nearest things you can get to it.

Read Reviews
This is a highly rated product with some great in depth reviews, you can find all the reviews on the product page: Read Reviews

Racan Force Paste - Xtermin8 Pro B - Powerful Rat Mouse Poison Bait Killer - Blue Pasta Block - 15 Brodifacoum UK Strongest Strength blocks that kills rats mice with 1 single feed.
Product Description
This product by Racan Force is a poison delivered in a pasta sachet block. It claims to be one of the UK’s most powerful rat killing products. They offer an extremely strong solution, meaning they aren’t seen as safe for pets but could be good if you’ve tried a few other rats killing solutions that haven’t had the desired effect. It claims to kill rats in a single feed, which is unlike some of the other products on the market.

In the description of the product, they also mention that it is suitable for use outdoors and indoors. It’s slightly more expensive than a few of the other solutions but that is due to it only taking a single feed to kill rats.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out some of the main features and selling points of this Racan Force products for you below:

  • It claims to be the UK’s strongest strength rat and mouse poison
  • Kills rats in a single feed
  • Suitable to kill all mice rodents both indoor and outdoors
  • Advises to put their product in a tamper resistant baiting box
  • Pasta based block

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen to feature this product in our top 10 because it’s claims of being the UK’s strongest strength rat and mouse poison, which seems to be true based on some of the reviews. The fact it kills in a single feed is also better than a lot of the competitors which is why it’s made the best rat poison list, although it’s a little bit more expensive than a few other solutions.

Read Reviews
Before jumping in and buying this product, make sure you read the reviews both positive and negative, which you can find on the product page below: Read Reviews

Pest Expert Formula ‘B+’ Advanced Rat and Mouse Killer Poison 1kg (10 x 100g) - Strongest Maximum Strength - Single Feed Brodifacoum
Product Description
This highly effective Pest Expert Formula Rat & Mouse Poison is a professional grade product that offers quick results. Must like some other products it also claims to be the most effective and strongest product available to the amateur market.

It kills in a single feed and is made from high-quality wholewheat grain. It’s a completely wax-free product which helps make it more palatable and ensures that the rats or mice eat the product. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, they detail in particular kitchens, lofts and sheds. It can also be used on business (commercial) premises and is even safe for restaurants as an example.

Unlike some other products, Pest Expert goes the extra mile and provides you with safety gloves to handle the product and ensure your safety.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out some of the main features and selling points for Pest Expert which you can find below:

  • It’s up to 6x stronger than all other rodenticides on the market in the UK (Difenacoumm)
  • It states that it is 4x stronger than those containing Bromadiolone
  • It will kill in a single feed and is the highest strength legally allowed
  • The top quality products used ensure a rapid uptake
  • It’s easy to use in the supplied measured sachets

Why We’ve Chosen It
Just like the above choice we’ve chosen this one due to its strength, again it states that it can kill in a single feed. This one also mentions that it contains the highest strength it is legally allowed for amateur use so you shouldn’t have an issue killing the rodents once they have fed. It’s a slightly more expensive product, but it may mean you don’t require repeated purchases due to its strength.

Read Reviews
Don’t just take what we say though, make sure you read all the reviews you can, both positive and negative so you can get a full picture. The best way to do this is to visit the product page: Read Reviews

Elixir Gardens Rat Poison/Killer 1kg Strongest Available Online 10 x 100g Sachets Rodex Rodent Control PRIME
Product Description
This fast acting rat poison by Elixir is easy to use and suitable around your home or outside, specifically stating it’s good for gardens. It can tackle any vermin issue with it’s highly palatable bait, the whole wheat bait is attractive to rats, unlike some other baits.

They’ve specifically designed the bait with sweeteners to improve the bait take and inhibits the growth of bacteria or fungi if used outdoors. It’s very simple to use and is ideally placed along the edges of walls, fences or near any sites of activity. A single bait pack is enough to kill about 2 rats so it’s extremely effective.

They do mention it can be delayed and take between 4-10 days for the bait to take effect.

Main Features
We’ve picked out a few of the main features and selling points for the Elixir product and listed them below for you:

  • They are ready to use, there’s no mess or hassle
  • There’s a red dye with the feed that means you know when it’s been eaten
  • It’s made for amateur use, so you can rest assured that it’s easy and effective
  • It’s highly palatable and will mean that all the rats that are infesting your property feed on it
  • It takes around 4-10 days to wipe out the infestation once eaten

Why We’ve Chosen It
This one has made our list because it’s particularly developed for use by amateurs meaning it should be easy and effective to use yourself. It takes around 4-10 days to kill rats once eaten, which is a little longer than some of the other products, but it’s extremely effective.

Read Reviews
In order to get a full picture of the positives and negatives around this product, the best thing to do is to read actual customer reviews. You can read all of them on the product page by clicking the below button: Read Reviews

Rentokil PSMR42 Rat and Mouse Weatherproof Blocks, Black, 11.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm
Product Description
Rentokil are a well known name in the industry, you may have seen some of their pest control vans on the road. The box contains 10 blocks that can be used inside or out but it’s recommended that you use a bait station.

This rat killer solution kills in a single feed and they say it’s suitable to kill over 40 mice or 16 rats. They have a hole in the middle of the blocks which makes them easy to put through a rod.

Main Features
We’ve pulled out some of the main features and selling points we could find for this Rentokill product and listed them below for you:

  • New and improved formula
  • Kills rats in a single feed
  • Kills up to 40 mice and 16 rats, at a good price
  • Easy to use with bait stations
  • Can be used inside and outside

Why We’ve Chosen It
This one has made the list because of the brand attached to it, Rentokil are extremely well known and trusted in the pest control industry. The product itself doesn’t provide much detail or description but you can rest assured with the brand name that it can be trusted to do the job.

Read Reviews
Want to purchase this product? Before doing so, the best way to determine the pro’s & con’s is by reading the reviews, you can do so by reading them on the product page below: Read Reviews

RatKil Rat Poison 600g Rat And Mouse Killer Bait Blocks (2 x 300g)- Professional Strength Difenacoum - Fast Acting Poison For Pest Control - Weatherproof And Home Friendly!
Product Description
The RatKill Rat & Mouse Killer is a great product formulated and produced with 15+ unique sugars and cereals which makes them irresistible to rodents. It’s an ideal product that is safe for pets and around young families. Designed with multi-feed technology it’s suitable for infestations of all sizes from a few around the house to several around a farm, it will irredicate them in a few feeds.

They are also designed to easily secure into a box or bait station with a hole through the middle for a rod to easily go through. It’s also safe enough to use in sensitive areas even where food is prepared. It claims to wipe out any infestation within 4-10 days.

Main Features
We’ve picked out for you some of the main features and benefits of choosing this product and highlighted them below:

  • Developed to be highly attractive to rodents
  • Safe to be around children and pets
  • The blocks are designed to eradicate infestations of all sizes
  • It’s easy to use both indoor and outdoors
  • Large brand, one of Europe’s largest family owned manufacturers of pest control chemicals

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this one to make the list because it’s developed to attract rats and will be a good choice if you’ve tried other baits and the rats aren’t biting. It’s also safe to be around children and pets which is a sticking point for many.

Read Reviews
If you want to purchase this product then you should always be sure to read the reviews before you do so. Read the positive and negative reviews in order to get a full picture of the pros and cons. You can do so by visiting the product page below:
Read Reviews

Pest-Stop PSWB03 Super Rat and Mouse Killer Wax Blocks, 15 x 10g
Product Description
This product by Pest-Stop is an extremely effective solution to controlling rodent issues. It’s a known brand in the pest industry and they provide a leading knowledge which they’ve poured into their product.

This high-quality rodenticide with detailed instructions which is safe and effective. It’s suitable for use in all weather conditions, it’s fast-acting, and suitable for use as both indoors and outdoors and is ready to use straight out the box.

This rodenticide should always be used with a bait station that is lockable.

Main Features
Here are some of the main features and selling points which we’ve pulled from their product page:

  • Suitable to use in all kind of weather conditions
  • It contains the powerful ingredient, brodifacoum
  • Unlike some of the others in the list, it’s got a nice chocolate smell
  • It’s easy to use in lockable bait boxes
  • It’s kept in plastic tubs to ensure it’s fresh and durable

Why We’ve Chosen It
We’ve chosen this product mainly because of its price, it’s cheaper than a lot of the other products on the market but still retains some of the great selling points. Another one of the main selling points is the smell, a lot of people don’t like the smell of traditional baits, so it provides an ideal solution to that.

Read Reviews
If you’re interested in buying this product, then ensure that you read all the relevant reviews you can. You can find them by clicking the below button: Read Reviews

Deadfast Mouse and Rat Killer Plus Poison, 15 Block - Green
Product Description
Dead Fast claim to use the most innovative anticoagulant available in the rat poison market. They point out that their product has no genetic resistant ingredients known to rodents and can be very effective even at a much lower concentration than some of the other competitors. They claim that their product, although not the strongest, will kill rodents in a single feed and that you can use it in confidence to get rid of any rodent infestation.

It’s low on wax content and is made from a mix of whole grain. It’s suitable for high moisture conditions and can remain effective from temperatures ranging from -15C to 50C. It’s a long-lasting reliable bait.

Their product can be used indoors and outdoors in a variety of different buildings, however, they must be put inside a tamper-resistant bait station, which we’ve picked out a few above, this is by law and is to prevent children and pets from accessing the bait.
Main Features
We’ve picked out some of the top features and selling points to help you decide on the product:

  • Contains advanced ingredients in difethialone, which rats are not resistant to
  • Kills rodents in a single dose – great for high infestations
  • Ready to use both indoors and out
  • Can be used at a wide range of temperatures & moisture resistant
  • Comes with the option to buy with a bait box that is suitable for this product

Why We’ve Chosen It
This product has made our top 10 list for a few reasons. Its description and detail are very in-depth compared to some of the competitors, it provides a lot more facts around how to use the bait and what it is suitable for, which shows confidence in their product.

Read Reviews
Make sure that you read all the reviews of the product itself, both positive and negative to get a full picture of the pros and cons. You can find all the reviews on the product page: Read Reviews

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