Best telescopic ladders

Best Telescopic Ladders

Whether you are a professional seeking a heavy-duty model or just a regular Joe who wants to get their hands on a DIY suitable model, there is a ladder for you. Conventional models not only tend to be bulky, but they also require a lot of space to be stored away. This is where telescopic ladders come to the rescue. But with so many products in the market, it is easy to get lost in the variety and be utterly confused. Fret not; this article will not only list some of the most highly rated models available in the market but also share insights about buying the perfect model to suit your needs.

Our Picks for the Best Telescopic Ladders, 2020

Hang tight as we unveil our top picks for the best telescopic ladders available in the market as of writing this article.

Youngman Telescopic Ladder - 3.8m
10 Customer Reviews
Youngman Telescopic Ladder - 3.8m
Youngman Telescopic Ladder is among the best of its kind. This general-purpose model is collapsible. It has a specific design that aligns it perfectly with the safety standards set forward by the governing bodies. The ladder boasts an impressive and praiseworthy lock and release system. This system allows users to operate it with ease, knowing that it is perfectly safe.

The model is also very rigid and hence perfect for field use. It can easily support the user’s body weight. Its dampening system makes sure that the user’s hands and fingers remain safe and don’t get trapped during use. An aesthetically pleasing look complements the ladder’s rigidity, which never fails to impress, another major selling point.

Noticeably, safety has been the foremost priority of the manufacturers. This model falls entirely under the shade of EN131 regulations and standards. That makes it perfectly safe to use for DIY tasks. The position of the locking catches is at the ladder’s base, instead of being placed beneath every rung. Overall, this model offers the perfect package of aesthetics, sturdiness, comfort and safety, making it ideal for DIY.


  • This is an affordable and cost-effective model.
  • The automatic lock and release system makes it very easy to use. The dampening system also ensures safety for the user’s hands and fingers.
  • The locking catches are present at the base of the model and not beneath each rung, making it more safety-oriented.
  • Since the ladder is telescopic, it is relatively compact and hence very easy to transport and store away with convenience.
  • You can use it in small confines too due to its versatility.


  • The ladder weighs more than some lightweight models, around 13 kg to be exact.
  • Some lighter models are more portable.

If you are looking for a safe to use, highly compact and versatile model, this may be the one for you.

WORHAN® 5m (16' 4'') Double Telescopic Foldable Extendable Multipurpose Aluminium A Frame Robust Ladder Step Ladder (..5m A-line) K5A
34 Customer Reviews
WORHAN® 5m (16' 4'') Double Telescopic Foldable Extendable Multipurpose Aluminium A Frame Robust Ladder Step Ladder (..5m A-line) K5A
When fully extended, the WORHAN Double Telescopic Ladder can reach a maximum height of five meters. The multipurpose model has an aluminium frame, making it sturdy, durable and resistant from rust that can ruin other metallic ladders. Being one of the longest models of its kind, this extendible ladder has multiple rungs. Since the model is made in Germany, UK-based clients have access to nationwide customer support.

Since the model is foldable, you can store it away with ease. Transporting it from one locale to another should not be a problem either. Additionally, its extendibility allows you to use it even in the smallest confines. When you fully extend it, it can help one reach otherwise inaccessible points. The rubber paddings fitted on its base allow the ladder to remain stable when in use and not slip.

The model perfectly aligns with the European safety standards as dictated by EN131. Since it weighs around 18 kg, which is a bit excessive for portable models, transporting may involve slight duress. However, the model can also bear the user’s weight up to 150 kg, which is quite impressive. The dual stabiliser mechanism and superior safety locks make it perfectly easy and safe to use.


  • The model is perfectly easy to use.
  • The automatic locking mechanism is perfect for safe usage.
  • You can use it as both an extendible ladder and as a simple one.
  • It is perfectly safe to use since it has two stabilisers.
  • You can fold it into small size; hence, it is very easy to transport.


  • The ladder, though very stable and extendible to great lengths, is also very bulky, weighing around 18 kg.
  • The absence of a dampening system is a threat to the user’s hands and fingers.

If you are looking for a highly extendible model that follows all parameters of safety dictated by EN131, this model is for you.

Finether 5M Aluminium Telescopic/Telescoping Loft Extension Ladder
1,904 Customer Reviews
Finether 5M Aluminium Telescopic/Telescoping Loft Extension Ladder
This is another model boasting an eye-catching aluminium construct. It not only possesses a visual appeal but also has a sturdy and durable construct. The slip-resistant rungs of the ladder are another stunning addition to its frame, making it perfectly safe to use. The ladder can extend to an impressive five meters distance. Many have hailed this product as one of the best extendible ladders. This is because the ladder’s 14 rungs are resistant to water, corrosion and rust.

Finether Telescopic Ladder can bear a maximum weight of up to 150 kg, which is quite impressive in itself. Moreover, the ladder is not that bulky. Extension and retraction are swift, allowing users to adjust

the ladder’s height according to the task at hand. The hands of the user will not slip from the rungs as there are anti-slip threads on each one of them. Additionally, the base is highly stable, allowing users to use the ladder without any fear of falling.

Despite its remarkable extendibility, the telescopic ladder is impressively lightweight, measuring in at 11 kg. However, it is still a little bulky in comparison to lighter models. It is still highly mobile and easy to transport. You can store it in limited spaces with ease. What’s more, you can carry it with you in the trunk of your car. Since the build meets the standards set by EN131, you can rest assured about its safety and excellent performance. It is also environmentally friendly.


  • The durable aluminium construction is ideal for a long-lasting and sturdy model.
  • Its extensibility and versatility make it ideal for multiple locales and working scenarios.
  • It is highly portable, weighing in at 11 kg, meaning that transporting it should not be an issue.
  • Its build meets EN131 standards, making it safe to use and environmentally friendly.


  • The ladder has some stability issues, especially when you fully extend it.
  • The absence of a dampening system is also a major demerit.

If you are looking for a model that is versatile, highly extendible, yet lighter than similar models, then this option is perfect for you.

5M 16.4Ft Multi Purpose Telescopic Folding A-Frame Ladder + Free Carry Bag
10 Customer Reviews
5M 16.4Ft Multi Purpose Telescopic Folding A-Frame Ladder + Free Carry Bag
EAZYGOODS offers a versatile telescopic model that can tackle most tasks, whether they be professional or DIY-oriented, with great effectiveness. This five-meter extendible ladder has a durable aluminium framework which makes it sturdy and ensures the user that this model is here to stay. However, its superior construction also makes it much bulkier than average models. It weighs in at 18 kg, which is not a problem for some but may bother others.

Since the model is foldable, it can become pretty compact. Hence, you can store it even in small confines or transport it in the car trunk. At maximum extension, the ladder can easily access far away points. Its frame includes 16 standard width rungs measuring between 1.3 and 1.4mm. Overall, the model can offer support for a user weighing as much as 150 kg which, needless to say, is beyond the average weight range of a healthy individual.

You can fix a stabiliser bar at the base of the ladder for better stability when you’re working on it, especially when you extend this the model. Safety should not be a concern for you (however, operate with caution) as the manufacturer has taken care of that by designing it in accordance with EN131 standards. Its versatility allows you to use it dually: either as a step ladder or an A-frame type. This versatility makes the ladder perfect for both indoor and outdoor tasks and especially useful for DIY-ers.


  • The model has an extremely sturdy aluminium frame. It can also become highly compact, and hence, it is easy to transport.
  • You can use it for several indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The stabiliser base adds to the stability and safety of the ladder, making it one of the safest models on the market.
  • The base of the ladder has slip-resistant rubber padding to keep it held in place.


  • The lack of a dampening system can make retracting the ladder a tedious process until you get used to it.
  • It is a bulky model, and you need some notable upper body strength to carry it from one place to the other.

If safety is your primary concern and you don’t mind a little bit of bulkiness, this ladder can help you get the job done with ease.

Todeco - Telescopic ladder, Foldable Ladder - Maximum load: 330 lbs - Standard/Certification: EN131 - 13.5 feet, FREE Carry bag, EN 131
2,574 Customer Reviews
Todeco - Telescopic ladder, Foldable Ladder - Maximum load: 330 lbs - Standard/Certification: EN131 - 13.5 feet, FREE Carry bag, EN 131
This is another highly effective model for domestic DIY projects, although you can use it in the professional arena too. Todeco’s entry can extend up to an impressive 13.5 feet in height. That is enough for almost all indoor and many outdoor projects. The ladder has 14 steps, and the rungs are placed equidistant from each other at an interval of 30 cm. Even though its construction consists of durable aluminium alloy, the ladder weighs only about 12 kg. This may not be very lightweight but is still quite impressive.

After intensive testing, the ladder proved itself capable of supporting 150 kg weight, meaning that your body should be a breeze for it. You can fold the extendible model with ease. Hence, it is highly compact and allows users to carry it with them without any duress. Since the frame is pretty light, although not so much when compared to smaller lightweight models, it offers superior portability than most competing models. The US and European versions have different folded dimensions, with the latter being a little smaller.

With EN131 certification, the safety standards of this ladder are superior to most options in the market. It is perfect for beginner-level use as it assures its user of unparalleled safety features. Its eco-friendly design is also something amazing. Whether you wish to use it for household projects or commercial purposes, it will stand out from the sea of options available on the market. Moreover, the model is highly durable and resists degeneration from rust and other agents.


  • This model is highly durable and resists destructive agents like rust, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • The foldability of this model gives it a compact design. This allows users to store it in small confines and transport it with ease.
  • The lightweight frame is also easier to carry when compared with rival models.
  • The model’s design complies with the EN131 standard of safety.


  • The absence of a dampening system is disappointing.
  • The quality is not the best in the market.

This lightweight and rust-resistant model is ideal for commercial and DIY projects, and it allows you to carry it with ease.

Todeco - Telescopic ladder, Foldable Ladder - Maximum load: 330 lbs - Standard/Certification: EN131 - 12.5 feet, FREE Carry bag, EN 131
2,574 Customer Reviews
Todeco - Telescopic ladder, Foldable Ladder - Maximum load: 330 lbs - Standard/Certification: EN131 - 12.5 feet, FREE Carry bag, EN 131
The Todeco 12.5 feet model is just as excellent as its bigger cousin we mentioned earlier. The ladder is highly versatile. Hence, you can use it for both home-based projects and commercial level work. In both cases, the ladder can make a huge difference, making your work easier for you. The body of the model consists of a durable aluminium alloy which is lightweight and resistant to rust. These are some of the most outstanding features that buyers seek in a ladder.

You can fold the 12.5-foot ladder into a much smaller size. Its European version is smaller than the US variant. This reduced size makes portability, transport and storage of the ladder quite easy. You can easily place it in small confines, including the trunk of your car. Moreover, you can also extend it to reach otherwise inaccessible points. The ladder can withstand a burden of 150 kg, which is more than enough. What’s more, it perfectly aligns with EN131 safety standards.


  • The non-slip feet of the ladder make it perfectly safe and stable, irrespective of the surface.
  • Its compact size makes it easy to store even in smaller confines.
  • The surface is very smooth. Therefore, cleaning it is no trouble at all; just wipe it thoroughly with a damp cloth.
  • Its durability and resistance towards rust make it a cost-effective solution.


  • If you want to extend the ladder, you might find it challenging. Watch out for your fingers.
  • The dampening system is absent.

If you are looking for a durable, stable and rust-resistant option then the Todeco 12.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder should be your choice.

Telescopic Multi Purpose Combination Step Ladder System | 4x4 RUNGS
345 Customer Reviews
Telescopic Multi Purpose Combination Step Ladder System | 4x4 RUNGS
Sterk Systems’ multipurpose model is another example of a two-in-one model which you can contort into a straight version or a step ladder. This makes the model versatile and hence useful in multiple contexts. The ladder’s frame consists of aluminium alloy, which is lightweight yet durable and sturdy at the same time. The frame is also resistant to rust, meaning that it will be an investment for the long run. When extended completely, the ladder can reach a height of 3.7 meters at maximum.

The sturdy frame can easily take on a load of 150 kg while weighing only a meagre 11 kg itself. This lightweight body allows users to carry the ladder when folded with ease. You can even store it in small confines owing to its compact size. You can also equip the model with a stabiliser bar that can make your work drastically easier and safer. Overall, the ladder has a multipurpose design, lightweight frame and durable construct. That potent mixture of features has earned it a place on our list.


  • Since it’s a multipurpose model, you can use this ladder in multiple contexts.
  • When folded, it can become very compact and hence easy to transport and store.
  • The lightweight frame is also very convenient portability-wise.
  • The addition of a stabiliser bar makes it much safer to use.
  • It has EN131 and GS certification.


  • Be careful when you retract the ladder as your fingers may get trapped in the rungs.
  • Typically, it will be safe for you to use. However, it lacks some advanced safety features.

Sterk Systems’ multipurpose model has a durable and lightweight frame. It is safe to use, and you can deploy it in two manners. All of these qualities make it a worthwhile buy.

VonHaus 3.8m Soft Close Aluminium Extendable Telescopic Ladder - Heavy Duty DIY -Conforms to EN 131 Part 6:201 Safety Requirements
46 Customer Reviews
VonHaus 3.8m Soft Close Aluminium Extendable Telescopic Ladder - Heavy Duty DIY -Conforms to EN 131 Part 6:201 Safety Requirements
The VonHaus Telescopic Ladder is one of the most compact and versatile models on the market. Hence, it surpasses competitors in many areas. You can deploy it both indoors and outdoors for a variety of tasks. It can help you reach otherwise hard to access points of your home or commercial work area, up to 3.8 meters away.

The model is a bit bulky, weighing in at 13.5 kg but makes up for it by becoming highly compact when retracted. The product is highly reliable and durable; it will be with you for the long haul. Another salient feature of this model is that you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting pinched when retracting the frame. This is a pretty common issue with some other models.

Having an aluminium frame gives the ladder an impressive tensile strength. That allows it to bear up to 150 kg of your weight. The rungs have anti-slip grips to provide additional safety. The model is entirely safe to use. It also has a stabiliser bar, alongside safety measures installed in the frame and rubber padding on its feet. Overall, this model offers superior safety than many competitors. Its design complies with European safety standards.


  • You can utilise this ladder in various situations, and you can extend it up to 3.8 meters.
  • You can retract it completely to form a compact, easy-to-store form.
  • Safety features like a stabiliser bar, rubber padding, protection for fingers and so on provide a major addition to its product value.
  • It has a durable construct.


  • The stabiliser bar can become a little problematic when you extend the ladder completely.
  • Weighing in at 13.5 kg, this ladder is not completely lightweight.

This model provides excellent safety features which set it apart from the rest of the crowd. If you don’t mind carrying a 13.5 kg model, this one may be quite suitable for your safety needs.

Telescopic 3.8M Aluminium DIY Foldable Extendable Builders Multi Purpose Ladder
162 Customer Reviews
Telescopic 3.8M Aluminium DIY Foldable Extendable Builders Multi Purpose Ladder
This model is one of the most lightweight options available on the market. Remember when we commented that 11 kg was not light enough? This is because ParkerBrand’s 3.8-meter extendible telescopic ladder weighs a mere 10 kg. What makes it even more impressive is that despite its lightweight build, the model can tolerate a load of 150 kg. This ladder is a multipurpose model and is highly versatile. Hence, you can use it for various functions and in different situations.

When retracted completely, you can carry the compact frame without even the slightest duress (what is

10 kg, after all?). You can store the ladder away in limited space, owing to its compact size. The frame consists of a lightweight aluminium alloy which is durable and can resist rust and corrosion. Therefore, your model will last longer than an average telescopic ladder. Built upon the EN131 safety standards with CE certification, this ladder deserves the user’s confidence regarding safety.


  • It is one of the most lightweight models in the market. When folded, it can become highly compact too.
  • It is a multipurpose model, meaning that you can deploy it for various situations.
  • It aligns with EN131 safety standards.
  • The aluminium alloy frame is durable, resilient and resistant to rust and corrosion.


  • Though very affordable, the ladder lacks in quality in some areas.
  • When you completely extend the ladder, the stability isn’t as good.

If you are looking for an affordable, compact and lightweight model that follows all quintessential safety regulations, then this is your model.

Buyer’s Guide

With a plethora of models and variants in the market, you can easily get lost in the variety and become clueless as to what to get. This buyer’s guide will highlight some important factors and features to consider before losing your heart to a model. Consider these features in any telescoping ladder that you find online.

Maximum Weight Bearing Capacity

The maximum weight bearing capacity of any ladder is the sum of all weight put together that it can tolerate. You will come across this rating when browsing through models online and may even ignore it. However, you must not neglect this number; it is vital.

Another mistake in this regard is to only account for your body mass and nothing else. You will be taking tools and assorted items with you up the ladder at times. You must consider the weight of the entire ensemble before finalising the decision. Hence, an ideal option should have decent burden-bearing strength.

As is the case with the models mentioned on the list above, the capacity should be around 150 kg or more. This way, the ladder will not only be able to carry your weight but also that of your tool belt or case and any other item you carry up.

Be sure to check the weight capacity. Don’t settle for a product that falls short of the 150 kg threshold. However, in some cases, even this may not suffice, especially if you frequently have to carry weight to the top of the ladder. In such cases, a conventional model would be more appropriate.

Safety Standards

Safety should be one of your prime concerns when buying a telescoping ladder. Subpar and non-standard models cannot satisfy safety requirements. You should avoid these models at all costs because while they are cheap, they can also cost you dearly if things go wrong.

Standardised models usually adhere to safety standards set forward by regulating bodies. These standards can vary from area to area. However, almost all of them require the ladder to have certain features deemed necessary for safe working. Some regulating bodies include:

  • ANSI: American National Standards Institute
  • OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Organization
  • EN 131: European Safety System

Models that adhere to these standards will state so explicitly. Don’t buy a ladder otherwise, no matter which brand it belongs to. It’s simply not worth it. The only way to have any faith in the integrity of a ladder is to ensure that it aligns perfectly with all necessary safety regulations.

EN131 is the most relevant series of standards for UK-based people. However, some models also offer an additional CE certification. The more, the merrier. You should not ignore safety protocols and features. They are imperative for the proper usage of the ladder. Even the slightest negligence in this matter can prove to be very costly.

Maximum Extendable Height

Telescoping ladders can extend to much greater heights, with most models listed above being able to reach five meters. However, the longer a ladder extends, the more unstable it becomes. As the length increases, the ladder’s base must be wider to offer stability.

Moreover, a long ladder will also have more joints in it, which are all potential weak points. This means that longer is not always the best. However, the whole idea behind getting a telescoping ladder is to get a product that can reach greater lengths, while allowing you to fold it into a compact form.

The best way to approach this is to get a ladder that goes as far as you need it to. That’s a better option than picking the longest one available. This way, you will end up with a more compact option. If you try to go for the longest option, the base will also have to be broader, killing the whole purpose. If that’s the case, get a conventional ladder instead; it will make more sense.

User-Friendly Features

The ladder you pick should be able to perform well for you. The model should have user-friendly features, allowing you to operate it safely and without any duress. For instance, the multi-height adjustment feature will enable you to extend your ladder to various heights without fully extending it.

This feature saves valuable time and effort. It also imparts a certain versatility to your model. It allows you to utilise your ladder indoors just as well as you can use it outdoors. Moreover, this feature ensures that you can perform bigger projects, requiring multiple height settings, with ease.

Similarly, your fingers and hands are another concern. When retracting your ladder, the whole thing might suddenly collapse at top speed. If that happens and there are no safety features set in place, you can hurt yourself. Be sure to buy a model that offers protection against this and if it doesn’t, be extra careful.

Another critical factor is the weight. Models made up of aluminium and plastic tend to be lighter than those made up of other materials. Such models are easier to carry and hence offer superior portability. Be sure to pick a model that you can lift singlehandedly with minimal effort.

Compactness (After Folding)

The whole point of buying a telescoping ladder is to get a model that you can fold into a compact form. This means that bigger is not always better. The greater the extendible height of your ladder, the less compact it will be when you fold it up. Therefore, you should prioritise compactness.

However, at the same time, it is also important to get a model that reaches places. There is no point in being stuck with a smaller model, knowing all too well that it cannot reach the spots you want it to. You should hence find a balance between these two parameters: extendibility and compactness. Be sure to give the latter more weightage, though.


Always avoid the cheapest option you can see. There are several non-standard and subpar models lining the catalogues of online marketplaces. However, they are usually not worth it. If you are investing money, make the smart choice.

Of course, you cannot afford to dole out money like it is water. But you must also ensure that the product you do end up with is of an appreciable quality and will last. This way, you get something worth your investment. As for the features, choose those which you need instead of those that you fancy if you’re on a tight budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that buyers put forward.

Are telescopic ladders any good?
Yes, indeed! Telescopic ladders are versatile, and you can fold them into a compact form. You can also transport them easily. Additionally, many of them are more durable than some conventional options. The plethora of features and safety protocols make them a worthwhile buy. You can use them flawlessly for both DIY and commercial projects with ease.

Do telescopic ladders have to be fully extended?
Of course not. Many models have a multi-height adjustment feature. This allows you to set the ladder at variable heights, ranging between the minimum and maximum to better suit the task at hand. You should consider the requirements of the project you’re working on before deciding whether you do or don’t need to extend your ladder fully. This is one of the things that distinguishes a telescoping model from a conventional one.

What is the storage protocol for telescoping ladders?
There are no hard and fast rules. However, you can consider a few things. For instance, an ideal storage place should be neat and tidy. This way, your model will last longer, and dust and dirt will not ruin it. As for the storage space, most telescoping ladders are compact, meaning that they don’t require much space.

Are there any warranties for telescoping ladders?
Most manufacturers offer a warranty period of around 12 months, while some may go as far as three years. If the model you’ve selected does not make its warranty period clear, contact the manufacturer to get a quote.

How can I use my telescoping ladder safely?
Here are some safety precautions you should consider when using a telescoping ladder:

  • Read the instructions carefully before using the ladder.
  • Ensure that the feet of the ladder are planted well on the floor and that the rungs are secure.
  • Ensure that the safety locks are working and don’t mess with them when you’re on the ladder.
  • You must place the ladder on a secure surface.
  • Place the ladder on a slight angle and make sure that the feet are fixed in place, i.e. they don’t slip.
  • Avoid using your ladder on a slippery surface, even if it has an anti-slip rubber padding on its base.

What are the EN131 standards for telescoping ladders in the UK?
Here are some of the EN131 standards that telescoping ladders should adhere to, to gain certification:

  • Rungs should be almost 50% larger than non-standard models.
  • There should be a safety mechanism to decelerate the descent of the ladder.
  • Rungs should all have a visual lock with indicators to show that it’s safe to climb.
  • The design must be ergonomic, and a locking mechanism should be present.
  • The feet should be over-moulded with a rubber padding.


The products listed above are some of the best options available in the market. We prepared this list after an arduous testing process and after comparing them. However, both facts and opinions can impact the final decision. Personal preference may even guide you towards another product not mentioned on the list. In that case, be sure to check the features mentioned in the buyer’s guide to ensure that you get something that is worth what you’re paying.

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