Best decking oil

Best Decking Oil

It is vital to keep your wooden decking safe and secure from warping, drying, swelling, splitting as well as weathering. We look at the top best decking oils to seal and protect the wood from algae and moisture. Through the seasons, your deck faces different moisture levels and temperatures.  This results in the drying of the wood. In some cases, this is an eyesore over time and dangerously slippery. To keep your decking safe from elements, you have to depend on the best decking oil, and it must be used or applied at least once a year.

Admittedly there are hundreds of reliable brands out there, but your aim is to look for the best decking oil for your specific deck. To get the best one, there are factors that need to be considered. We will discuss these factors in the buying, but for the meantime, let us first review the top five best decking oil available on the market today.

Top 5 Best Decking Oil 

Our decking oil review breaks down the list of products to meet or suit your budget and your needs as well. So, here they are!

Roxil Wood Protection Cream - Instant Waterproofing Clear Treatment, Weatherproofs: Fences, Decking, Furniture, Sheds (1 Litre)
2,515 Customer Reviews
Roxil Wood Protection Cream - Instant Waterproofing Clear Treatment, Weatherproofs: Fences, Decking, Furniture, Sheds (1 Litre)
This is one of the best decking oils available. This is a silicone cream emulsion utilized to keep the wood safe and sound for many years with one application only. It protects wood or timber from various effects on water or moisture that can lead to degraded look, moss, and warping. 

When applied, the cream will go deeper into the timber and make a waterproof barrier, thus protecting decking, sheds, fence, and more from weather elements without compromising the appearance. 

  • Avoid the Growth of Algae and Mould

Weather exposure can make the looks of your deck dirty and degraded in a short time because of the bad effects of moisture. This worse effect is accelerated in places subject to shade or rain. Algae and mould growth occurs as the wood surface is damp. Recurrence can permanently discolour timber. This product goes deeper into the wood surface and makes a barrier to repel water and avoid moisture ingress. This reduces the growth of algae and mould, which keep your deck cleaner and longer. 

  • Sustain Natural Appearance

A lot of wood treatments available slowly change the look of the surface. They introduce colour stain or make the unnatural texture. This product has a super formula, which makes a barrier. So, this avoids the changing of the texture and appearance of the deck. Thus, retain the natural beauty of your material. 

  • Soft Washing 

Dirt that is ingrained because of moisture can make wood hard to clean. An acidic cleaner is usually utilized to clean messy and dirty algae stained timber. This product works by stripping the surface of the timber. The result can be satisfactory; however, it can cause damage in due course. 

This product resists ingrained grime and other biological growth, which makes acidic cleaner unnecessary. When cleaning is needed, then Roxil is a very reliable and non-destructive approach to bringing back the natural beauty of the wood. 

  • Avoid Infestations of Wood 

Woodworm infestation is active before visible signs, like exit holes. The perfect place for this to nest is warm and damp wood. The infestation of woodworm is destructive. This product from Roxil goes deeper into the wood and slays woodworm, which is present.  Also, it avoids future infestations. 


  • Sustain normal breathability of the wood
  • Can be rolled or brushed it depends 
  • No greying or runoff  
  • No cracking 
  • Superb coating against mould and algae 


  • It is costly, almost twice the price but provides amazing results
Ronseal Decking Oil Natural 5 Litre RSLDOCL5L
681 Customer Reviews
Ronseal Decking Oil Natural 5 Litre RSLDOCL5L
Are you looking for a decking treatment that will provide you deck the natural look and offer long-lasting finish? If so, look no further than Ronseal Decking oil. The best thing about this oil is that it has an exceptional formula to go deeper to the timber to bring out good adhesion for long term effects even if harsh winter weathers. 

Not like the usual decking oils available, this oil from Ronseal offers a tinted finish to improve the resistance to stern weather factors as well as foot traffic protection. Another best thing about this decking oil is that it is water-based, which combines Linseed oil technology to rainproof and colour the deck with ease. You will get a more natural appearance on the deck, and it turns out to be rainproof and dry in just one and a half hours. It doesn’t matter if you need to recoat it or not. You have to allow it dry for four hours. 

When it comes to performance, Ronseal is remarkable and provides a stunning finish. However, it takes time to dry, and while drying, it is a hazard to children and animals. In short, when you are not certain neither of the above will have a chance to get onto the decking waiting to fully dry, it is great stuff. 

In general, prior to applying this oil, you need to make sure the surface is clean. You can do it by scrubbing it with a brush to open pores to eliminate any contaminants. Make sure the surface is tidy and clean in order to obtain the needed result. 


  • Durable and tough decking oil product 
  • Always offer the best possible outcomes on formerly untreated weathered and grey decking 
  • This is perfect for keeping oak hardwood as well as softwood decking safe and sound 
  • This is a remarkable treatment that offers double protection for many years to come 
  • It offers a natural look 
  • Easy to use, apply and remove the stain 
  • Your deck will be rainproof in 1.5 hours


  • Despite the many perks, it also comes with some drawbacks, such as it needs many hours of drying time. 
Osmo 016 Bangkirai Dark Exterior Wood & Decking Oil 2.5 litres
245 Customer Reviews
Osmo 016 Bangkirai Dark Exterior Wood & Decking Oil 2.5 litres
If you need a decking that is anti-slip, look no further than Osmo 016 decking oil. If you have a deck made of wood such as Teak, Bangkirai, Koto, Iroko, Massaranduba, Garapa, as well as other woods, you can choose this decking oil. This is also a preferred choice is you have a pressure impregnated wood, Douglas Fir, Pine, Larch, and many others.

This is also ideal for the cure of other garden tools that need security against moisture and dirt.  This maintains the deck surface and keeps it from drying. It also provides UV protection, so this gets rid of the greying of the wood. 

This is a combination of superb formula. Thus, it makes a superior and high-quality decking oil available today for deck, doors, fence as well as windows. On the other hand, the absorption is deep, which creates a barrier to deter and resist moisture and, at the same time, provides UV resistance. 

The threat to deck wood is the growth of fungus and algae that is totally secured by this product that has strong oil, wax as well as a result. It provides a deep colour appearance to softwood while lighting touch to hardwood. On the other hand, it all depends on many variables and could alter accordingly. 


  • Worth the money
  • Easy to apply
  • Looks great to deck


  • Expensive 
Liberon Decking Oil 2.5 Litre - Medium Oak
70 Customer Reviews
Liberon Decking Oil 2.5 Litre - Medium Oak
This is a superb and extraordinary type of decking oil that will surely surpass your expectation. It offers durable results and many years of resistance. Aside from keeping the deck secure, it also feeds the wood to improve the looks of the surface, which makes it the most sought after oil at this point. 

This decking oil will surely reduce all your worries and give you the results you want. This revives and, at the same time, brings back the natural colour of the outdated deck and considered the best one for fences, gates, sheds, and many others. 

The discolouration of the wood is due to too much exposure to sunlight. And as the decking is exposed to harsh weather, it’s susceptible to change in colour. This decking oil offers the superb protection feature against UV rays as it comes with UB filters which help in minimizing discolouration, change as well as fading effects. 

This is easy to use; all you need is a dedicated applicator. If you want a second coat, just wait 24 hours to obtain a perfect finish. 


  • This is a good way of reviving and at the same time enhancing almost all kinds of wood decking 
  • This also works to avoid fading, changing as well as discolouration of outdated woods and bring back colours and grains 
  • It is integrated with a UV filter to offer utmost security against UV rays 
  • Ideal for fences, gates, garden sheds, and many others 
  • The effect lasts longer and provides year-long resistance 


  • Has a high level of VOC, which might be accountable for the powerful smell which is risky to living things 

Buying Guide to the Best Decking Oil

A high-quality and reliable decking oil available will nourish wood decking and keep it safe and sound against weather, and anything nature can throw at it, like contaminants and pollutants. There are decking oils available that come with UV filters to keep safe against the bad effect of sunlight. So, it is vital to pick one ideal for your decking and, of course, the outcomes you want.

Hardwood or Softwood

The first thing you need to consider is to know if you have a hardwood or softwood decking. Softwoods like larch pine, fir, as well as spruce, can be tough and durable. However, to make it last for many years, you have to give it heavy-duty protection against water ingress and weathering factors. Hardwood, on the other hand, comes with natural robustness; however, it gains from adequate and utmost protection.,

Softwood deck could have decking oil applied immediately. However, hardwood deck is naturally oily, and therefore, it is best to leave it to the season for a moment to dry prior to applying decking oil. Once you apply the oil straight away, it might push out by the wood’s natural oil and pool on the board’s surface. This is not a waste of money and time but can lead to accidents as it is slippery.

Choose Whether You Need Colored Decking Oil or Colorless Decking Oil

Clear or colourless decking oil is not transit; it is likely to intensify the wood’s natural shade, which gives it a wet look. A coloured decking oil, on the other, is not as strongly pigmented as paint or stain. However, it can be brightened up dull-looking decking while making it relatively easy for you to back out just in case you change your mind.

The best thing about coloured decking oil is that it has more ultraviolet protection compared to clear decking oil because of the presence of the pigment.

Decking Oil Colours

The colours of decking oil are likely to be relatively restricted in variety and relatively muted in the shade. Like for instance, you will usually get different wood colours like blacks, greens, and greys. You are unlikely to get the choice or strength you would acquire from making use of the paint. Therefore, if you have set your choice on having an Instagrammable decking look, then you may need to opt to a decking paint instead of decking oil. Perhaps, it will be costlier. However, the chance of getting the result you want is higher.

Anti-Slip Decking Oil

Anti-slip decking oil has small particles to provide additional grip. So, if you walk on it without slippers, you will feel like walking on sandpaper. It might not be perfect if your decking is used by your kids as a playground. It might be priceless once you have to walk over it regularly once it’s raining.

Some decking oils are advertised as decking oil, which is, in fact, water-based. Still, they do a good job. They will not sink into the deck or wood as much, so meaning they are unlikely to provide the same level of security so that it might be better for hardwood than softwood. However, it means they will dry more quickly.

Other Things You Need to Know

Durability is also a factor that needs to be considered. Since the decking is intended to be out and exposed to the outdoor environment, the oil for decking that you choose must offer long-lasting effects to lessen the maintenance value. The moisture and hear would beat down on your deck, mildew, and dirt spores would settle on top of it, and snow can pile up during cold weather.

This factor will play a vital in the endurance of your decking oil. It depends on the quality. In case you buy cheaper, low-quality teak oil, in due course, it breaks and leads to the buildup of mildew. Just the most reliable one will last long in spite of the conditions they are out to, and some also ward off the dirt. It is advisable to read the reviews from those who have utilized the product, as it will help a lot in choosing.

Preservation properties matter as well when selecting decking oil. The main point of decking oil is to give protection against harsh environmental conditions. A famous and eminent teak decking oil makes sure these products have formulations which treat as well as protect the treated deck against UV rays, staining algae, and mould growth. This also makes your decking water soak as well as dirt-resistant.

Decking oil with a clear finish provides basic protection. This also allows the wood decking to become grey without warping, cupping, cracking as well as splitting. The coloured one is advanced to keep and protect the treated deck board against harm much better than a clear decking varnish or stain.

How safe the decking oil is when applied is also a vital factor to think of as, of course, you do not want your decking oil to affect your wellbeing or your pets and those around you. The product must pass or meet environmental standards that justify lower volatile organic compounds.

Decking oil that contains high VOC content is associated with various kinds of pollution, smog as well as respiratory issues which would result in dizziness as well as headaches. So, ensure to buy a brand that generates decking oil that contains a low value of VOC.

What are the perks of using decking oil? 

There are many good reasons why you must use decking oil. Some of the most popular benefits offered by decking oil take account of the following: 

It Protects against Mold and Algae: As the oil fill in small, porous parts of the timber, mould and algae don’t have a place to grow. You will have to maintain the decking by washing as well as brushing it on a regular basis to keep decking oil in the right place.

Applying is Easy: There is no need for stripping the current timber. Just open the can, stir and use it on your decking. All you need if to brush off your decking prior to putting oil or put in extra costs when the decking oil has sealed the whole area of your decking.

Fast Application: Upon applying it to your deck surface, it’s ready for light foot traffic in four hours. It all depends on the brand and type of oil you use. So, meaning you can oil your decking in the evening, allow it to sit for 12 hours, and it will be reading the next morning.

Traction: One perk of decking oil is that it makes the decking less slippery opposed to deck stains. This is due to the fact that oil doesn’t cover your timber with a firm, rather go deeper the surface of the wood. Thus, let the natural oil or grain to stand out.

Natural Oil Replenishment: The oil is utilized in filling in the areas which have evaporated or lost in due course, thus keeping your timber in the natural condition or state.

UV Protection: Sunlight can break down your wood in due course. A lot of decking oils available comes with UV ray’s protection that slows down the effect which otherwise would take place. Decking oil that darkens your deck provides more protection, as opposed to clear decking oil. However, each also comes with pros and cons.

Water-Resistant: Decking oil makes your deck water-resistant. It will just roll over the surface and will not go deeper than the timber. Certainly, there are some cons of using natural oils too. It is vital for you to know these problems prior to getting one.

  • Exotic wood might require special decking oil
  • Can’t have stain used on the surface unless stripping takes place
  • Colour might be different compared to what is displayed on the bottle or can

Exotic woods, including Balau, Cumaru, Iroko, teak, might need a special oil to protect and cover them against elements properly.

How to Treat deck with Oil?


  • You might cover weathered or new decks with decking oil. New wood needs at least four to six weeks to weather prior to applying decking oil.
  • For new wood, light standing is highly suggested to get rid of grain raise. A weathered wood, on the other hand, can be sanded in order to eliminate stains. Sanding needs to be eliminated prior to using oil.
  • Clean the deck using sugar soap to eliminate grime or former coating. In case there is an appearance of mould, it should be processed using bleach.
  • Clean the surface with water and allow wait to dry
  • Know the weather; make sure it is sunny as you cannot apply oil when raining. It will go to waste. Also, check the area if it is ready to be applied with oil. You can do this by sprinkling a small amount of water. Once it absorbs the water, it means it is now ready. Water beads, on the other hand, shows that the former coating is still present.
  • You can use the oil by using a floor applicator or use a synthetic brush. Ensure your coat corners as well as end-grain thoroughly. Leave it to dry and then check the guide for the number of houses you must allow between coatings.
  • Apply second coating and let it dry and think of if you want another coat. Normally it is suggested for porous wood in damp areas or areas in which sun exposure.



What works best, decking stain, or decking oil? 

A: There is no much difference between these two. Both create a layer that looks like plastic over the surface of your deck, which will cover and keeps the wood safe and sound from foot traffic and weathering. Deck stains will enhance your deck’s look by altering the shade or colour of your wood. On the other hand, deck oils will only boost wood’s natural colour. This is ideal to use if you wish to leave the natural shade or colour of your wood as it is. 

Is there any difference between decking protection and decking oil? 

A: None. Decking oil serves as a security or protection of your wood/timber from various kinds of weather elements and opposed foot traffic as well as other natural environmental elements. 

How much staining or oil will I need? 

A: Experts suggest using around one to two litres of decking oil for every four square meters of a deck; however, this differs it depends on how you applied the oil. This must cover two applications. When buying, make sure to choose decking oil that has preservative, UV blockers, insecticide, or mildewcide as they are very effective and reliable in protecting your deck from various elements. For example, if you reside in a wet climate, it is vital to use moisture repellant. In case your deck is a sun trap, then use a product that avoids damage from ultraviolet rays. 

How long does decking finish last? 

A: It’s so hard to know or forecast how long a deck finish last prior it begins to look worn and weathered. Normally after 12 months and 4 seasons of different weather, tear, and high deck footfall and general wear, you’ll start to see the effect on the superiority of the finish. PVC, composite as well as hardwood boards tend to last one year or more. However, they will still show indications of damage and fading after a while. 

Because of this, you should not rely on lifespan warranties provided by manufacturers; this is because they are not aware of the level of exposure and application the decking will experience. There are lots of factors to make hard guarantees. According to experts, it is vital to assess the finish after a few months of application to ensure whether oil is needed or not. 

How to colour my garden decking?

A: It is almost possible to alter the decking shade, most particularly if you’ve used generic timber or the softwood. It is highly suggested to sand the board prior to colouration to eliminate current oil and staining products as well as bring them back to the original state and colour. There are many choices available to change the colour of the deck surface, such as: 

  • Staining: Using staining products can help in changing the colour of your deck garden.
  • Painting: Paint the deck in the preferred colour with the use of special paint intended for the deck.
  • Decking Oil: You can use this to darken the existing appearance of the boards. 

As a whole, the application of decking oil is preferred; this is because paint can result in the retention of water or moisture. You can also crack as well as a peel in due course that can look ugly. 

Is it easy to clean my decking? 

A: It all depends on the problem with your deck. Once it is grimy, plant matter, and debris, you can clean your decking by sweeping using a stiff bristle broom and then cured with decking cleaners. In case your deck is affected by algae and mould, sweep using a stiff broom, or you can brush it to eliminate as much surface and then treat using a mildew and mould cleaner. If your decking is heavily soiled and then it might need another treatment. 

Why is my decking slippery? What can I do about it? 

A: The growth of algal is the major reason your decking is slippery, and it can be avoided using a cleaner. Once you have a bare wood decking, you can use preservative treatment in order to avoid the growth of the algal. Treating your decking using a specialized decking oil when the preservative is totally dried can enhance the protection of the wood against water penetration as well as biological growth. 

What should I do to make my decking non-slippery? 

A: Normally, a slippery decking happens when wood decking boards have algae, mould as well as other biological growth, normally identifiable by black or green wood staining. Usually, this occurs on bare wood decking, which has not been cured or formerly oiled, one which has not been maintained for many years. 

Remove biological growth using a stiff broom, scraper, or brush. After this, treat your decking using a specialized cleaner and one which is made exclusively to kill algae spores and mould in the timber. A heavily soiled deck might need another treatment. After this, use a wood preservative to assists in avoiding the biological growth in the future prior to putting decking oil. For extra anti-slip properties, you can utilize slip-resistant decking oil, as it is ideal and works best for decking steps. 

To avoid your decking from becoming slippery, you have to clean it regularly. Cleaning on a regular basis using a cleaner and then decking oil will ensure that your deck will look good and enhance its lifespan and, at the same time, avoid being slippers. This will keep you and your loved ones safe and sound from an accident. 

Is it advisable to use decking oil a few days following the initial coating? 

A: Well, this will depend on the product you are using. There are some decking oil available out there that comes with wax as one of the main ingredients that harden in just a few days. This can protect your decking by repelling water as well as other spillages. Once this is the case, you might struggle to apply another coat for a long span of time after the initial coat. So, it is advisable to read the instruction at the back of the product in order to avoid making an expensive mistake. 

Do anti-sleep decking oils work? 

A: Anti-slip oils are a remarkable option for your decking steps, deck areas around your swimming pools, as well as for commercial decking located at clubs, pubs, community centres, and a whole lot more. An anti-slip oil works as it has small, microscopic beads or particles which dry in the soil once used or applied. The small particles signify that on a microscopic level, the surface is sealed with small bumps and lumps that make more friction between feet, shows as well as cured area than a stain. Improved friction leads to remarkable or greater slip resistance. 

Why should I oil our decking? 

A: Staining plays a vital role in enhancing the looks of your deck; on the other hand, decking oil can help preserve the condition of your deck. Decking oil is preferable as wood decking is a huge investment that needs to be maintained as it is expensive to replace. 

What happens once it rains on a newly oiled deck? 

A: Once it rains in forty-eight hours after applying, the moisture will go deeper to the wood and will displace the oil. This will lead to a surface that is splotchy instead of having an even shade or tone. Once it rains after applying the oil, it will flake off or peel. So, knowing the weather is very essential in this aspect.

How often to oil my deck? 

A: The rate of which depends on the product you used during the construction. Reapply oil at least every one year is enough for toughness as well as keeping its original appearance. On the other hand, a decking that gets exposed to UV rays and water needs frequent restoration. 

This is my first time to oil my deck. Any advice, please? 

A: When applying deck oil, run the brush along with a single wood board, make sure you don’t touch nearby boards. Oil one row at a time, and when done, go to the next row until you are done. Avoid rushing the application for an even and thorough penetration. 

How many hours do I need to wait prior to walking on it? 

A: In most instances, you just need to wait an hour, most especially if you do t in hot weather. After 3 hours, you can try walking on it with slippers, though it is highly recommended barefoot. In just a matter of five, you can walk on it without worry. But, then again, it all depends on the weather. 

Is it possible to oil the deck when it is damp? 

A: This is ideal as you are able to apply oil without the fret of blackening the wood. However, if the wood becomes dark grey when wet, much like a power pole does. 

How to get an oil stain out of timber deck? 

A: It is easy to do this; all you need to spray the part with water and then spray a special cleaning product straight on the area. Let the solution stay for one to two minutes and agitate the stained part with the use of a stiff brush and rinse with water. This is an easy way to eliminate oil stain. 

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