Definitive List of UK Spiders

Definitive List of UK Spiders

Autumn in the UK marks the beginning of the Spider Season. It’s a time where the arachnids will crawl out of the holes for mating and eating. There are as many as 650 species of spiders in the UK, but luckily most of them you’ll never spot in your house. In case you do, or … Read more

Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

Best Portable Air Conditioner Without Hose

You are walking down the streets in summer at midday, with the hustle and bustle of the crowd. Colourful sleeveless shirts, tops, and dresses cover the street sidewalks, with the occasional office guy in a designer suit complete with a tie.  You love the energy that comes with summer days, the laughter, and the loud … Read more

Pest Dropping Identification Guide UK

Pest Dropping Identification Guide

Pests can become a major headache in the most unexpected ways. Usually, we don’t realize we have an infestation until we discover animal’s droppings somewhere inside our homes. Such findings are very repulsive, and they can be additionally concerning if we’re uncertain about what we’re dealing with.  They are usually very tiny bits, some of … Read more

Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews UK

Best Portable Air Conditioner Reviews UK

Portable air conditioners are becoming very popular across the UK. Why are portable air conditioners growing in popularity? These come in various capacities and settings to cool and dehumidify a room, ranging from the simplest, minimalist models. From intricate ones with LED lights, multifunctions, personalized features you might want to have in a single device. … Read more

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360c Review UK

Flymo Speedi-Mo 360c Review

As spring rolls in, lawns start to grow back at full speed and it’s time to start planning the first cut of the season. Cutting your grass during the spring is important to bring your yard back into life after so many days deprived of sunshine’s extravagant potential. After assessing your yard’s situation and clearing … Read more

How Long Do Wasp Nests Last?

Wasps Nest

The warm sunny weather can be very pleasant, but also brings along bees, wasps, and other flying pests. There are many concerns about these stinging pests since they quite often build their nests in urban areas and increase the risk of somebody being stung. Infestation can also be very concerning, there are almost no boundaries … Read more

Best Slow Cookers with Timers

Best Slow Cooker With Timer

A crockpot, as slow cookers are sometimes referred to, helps you save time, enhances convenience, and is an excellent aesthetic addition for your kitchen. Kitchen appliance makers are always innovating new ways to make your cooking experience enjoyable, and there are new technological developments on the slow cookers available in the market. One of the … Read more

Best Fly Killer For Home Use

Best Fly Killer For Home Use

If you are tired of flies, mosquitoes and other insects hovering around your home, this guide will help you choose the best fly killer for home use product. When you’re all set to enjoy your night, put your newborn baby to bed, or have a meal with your family, the only thing that could deter … Read more

Best Baits for Mice Traps and Stations

Best Mice Traps & Stations

Mice are more than just a nuisance. They are pesky little intruders who can take over your spaces, spread dangerous diseases, trigger allergies, contaminate food, and damage your property. But how do you protect your home and property from these nefarious rodents? Of course, the first step is to go on the offensive, which means … Read more

Evolution Mitre Saw Review

Evolution Table Saws

For all you handy readers out there who may need just another essential part of their workshop, this is a rundown of the mitre saw from Evolution Power Tools. Whether you enjoy the occasional DIY project as a hobbyist or you are a full-time luthier/carpenter we reckon this review will be of interest to you. … Read more