Cost of laying turf

What’s The Cost To Lay Turf?

This article contains everything you you need to understand about laying grass in your back garden, including the price of products, labour and the most likely timeframe.

Just How Much Does Garden Lawn Cost?

The typical cost to provide, prepare and lay new yard lawn is normally around ₤650- ₤750 for a 50 square metre garden.

Nonetheless, various other factors can considerably change the price. A crucial one is the grade of turf you select. The higher the quality of the lawn is the greater your costs will certainly be. You also need to take into consideration any kind of other prices that may be involved like clearance or landscape design. Ease of access and also shape of your garden can also raise your labour prices.

Garden Grass Turfing Rates

The below are some price examples of how much it may cost to lay your lawn, based on the size of your garden:.

  • Small (under 10 sq metre) – £30-125
  • Tiny (10-25 sq metre) – £75-300
  • Medium (25-75 sq metre) – £150-500
  • Large (75-100 sq metre) – £250-600

The instalment price will vary depending on several factors such as the size of your garden, grade of turf required and other factors.

Low Budget Turf Option

A general-purpose grass is suitable for most back gardens and is extremely simple to maintain all year round. Nonetheless, it’s possibly not suitable if you plan to do more than simply look at your grass.

Cost range of between £2-4.

Hard-Wearing Grass

Constructed to endure hard usage on football and rugby pitches. It consists of 60% ryegrasses and also is perfect for back gardens that may be subjected to hefty use, or generally if you have children!

Cost range of between £5-7.

Luxury / Premium Grass

Will certainly have a thick, deep environment-friendly coating as well as is both fantastic as well as hard-wearing to consider. It’s also simple to maintain, just like the budget option.

Cost range of between £7-10.

Wildflower Lawn

If you’re trying to find something a bit different from a regular lawn, you might want to take into consideration wildflower turf, which will certainly transform your back garden into a lovely field. It is particularly helpful for shaded zones such as below trees and also reduced light areas in your yard. Wildflower colour tolerant grass is likewise ideal for open areas with complete sunlight and where added plants will certainly thrive. To obtain your attractive wildflower field, you will be required to do a lot of added planning as well as preparation, which will certainly add to the cost of your job.

As soon as laid; nevertheless, wildflower turf is reduced upkeep in comparison to other options.

You can anticipate to pay between £15-20 for wildflower turf.

Work Costs and Time Frames

A professional gardener will normally bill around £150-200 each day, depending upon your location, and will typically work with a basic labourer priced at around £100-150 daily, so all in you’re looking at a daily fee of £250-350.

The job generally will take about 2-3 days to complete which is a guess, as it completely depends on the size of the back garden as well as any type of problems preparing the ground.

Below are some approximated prices of hiring a professional to lay new turf for your project.

Please note that these expenses presume the ground is fairly level with no significant weed growth or concrete, as these are additional costs.

  • Small (under 10 square metre) – 4-8 hours.
  • Tiny (10-25 square metre) – 1-2 days.
  • Medium (25-75 square metre) – 2 days.
  • Huge (75-100 square metre) – 2-3 days+

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