Rude Garden Gnomes

Rude Garden Gnomes

Looking to liven up the look of your garden with some rude garden gnomes? We can help you with that, we’ve found a whole bunch of naughty gnomes to spice up your garden.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of rude garden gnomes on the market from the mooning one to the swearing one all the way to the topless.

Some of these gnomes may not be suitable for children.

Here’s our list of naughty gnomes so you can easily navigate to see the one you think you may prefer:

Design Toscano QM22997 Loonie Moonie Bare Buttocks Garden Gnome Statue, Medium 20.25 cm, Polyresin, Full Color
This unusual bearded gnome has something a little bit different, it features a beard that drops to the ground and a bird, oh yeah, and his buttocks are out. This would be a great gnome to place at your front door, greeting people with a 360-degree of gnome buttocks. Ideal for a gift or great for the rude gnome collector.

The gnome itself is high quality, made from crushed stone and bonded with durable resin so you can rest assured that your mooning gnome will last the test of time.

It comes in two sizes, the medium one is 19 x 15 x 20.5 cm and weighs 0.5kg but you do have the option of a larger one which is 30.5 x 23 x 30.5 cm and weighs 1.75kg.

DWK – Gnome Sculpture with Amazing Detail – Large Rude Garden Gnomes Figure – 33cm Naughty Funny Cheeky Outdoor Lawn Ornament – Giant Hand Painted Polyresin Statue – Go Away Garden Gift (Finger)
This giant naughty gnome is a great addition to your garden, it simply says, go away, along with a lovely rude gesture. Pesky salesmen, annoying neighbours or an angry mailman? Send them a message with a perfectly placed gnome. This cheeky guy is pointing his right middle finger to really hammer the point home.

This outdoor decoration is a great gift which you can have a laugh about, it’s also quite large standing 17.5 inches tall and 7.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide. It’s hand-painted and has suburb detail, for those that care about the quality of the gnome.

Bits and Pieces - 'Caught with His Pants Down Garden Elf Statue - Naughty Garden Elf Yard Art, Funny Gnome or Elf - Polyresin Statue Measures 13-1/2' high x 5' Wide
617 Customer Reviews
Bits and Pieces - "Caught with His Pants Down Garden Elf Statue - Naughty Garden Elf Yard Art, Funny Gnome or Elf - Polyresin Statue Measures 13-1/2" high x 5" Wide
This cheeky little elf has been caught with his pants down, quite literally, he’s having a wee. This adorable little innocent, but rude, the garden gnome is a great addition to any garden that you want to just add a bit of laughter for your guests. He’s clearly been caught in the act, with his cheeky little smile and buttocks out.

It’s hand made and hand-painted, standing 13.5 inches tall & 5 inches wide you get a lot of rude garden gnome for your money.

BigMouth Inc Hungover Garden Gnome
Your gnomes been on a night out and unfortunately had a few too many, he’s feeling it in the morning that’s for sure. This naughty gnome is suffering from a bit of a hangover offer a hilarious take on the traditional prim and proper garden gnomes you typically see.

Do you have that one family member that gets a little to drunk at family parties? This could be the perfect gift for them! It’s a quality product made of durable cast poly resin, which is built to withstand all weather conditions. It also stands 9 inches tall.

BRUBAKER Topless Female Garden Gnome 8.66 Inches (22 Cm) Funny Gnomes Statue Nudist - Outdoor Garden Ornament
Now I would say that this gnome is probably the naughtiest or sauciest in the list rather. This little dwarf exhibitionist comes complete with just bikini bottoms and a glass of champagne. It welcomes your visitors with a smile and a laugh, it really brightens up your garden, so to speak.

It’s probably not the best if you have little children, but if you’re a fan of nudists this could be a great addition to your garden. A real eye-catcher, wink wink. You even have the option of changing the colours of the bikini bottoms and hat as well as a few others, so you can get this naughty gnome made to your personal preference.

This weatherproof synthetic stone gnome is around 8.66 long, and the height isn’t specified.

Vivid Arts - Gnaughty Gnome Mowing Lawn Home or Garden Decoration (BG-PN75-F)
Need a bit of help with your gardening? This gnome has the answer. This innocent little guy will help you trim your grass, but, he’s naked, although not to worry, his beard covers everything that might be a bit 18+! I’m also not sure he will be much use with his hat covering his eyes, but it’s the thought that counts right?

This is a high-quality gnome made of durable resin materials and is frost resistant to prevent any damage in cold weather. Its dimensions are 14cm (L), 8.8cm (W) & 18.8cm (H).

Garden Gnome Statue - Stinky the Garden Gnome - Naughty Gnomes - Mooning Gnomes Statues
So this is definitely one of the ruder gnomes in the list, this little cheeky guy is having a poo on your garden, or well wherever you want to place him. This gnome has the gall to be taking a poo, holding his nose and smiling at you when you do it. A great gift that will definitely provide a good laugh to whomever you give it to, provided they have a sense of humour of course!
This is a high-quality hand-cast gnome, using real crushed stone and bonded with durable designer resin. It’s painted with UV resistant paint to add to its durability and is sized 14cm (L) x 12.5cm (W) & 24cm (H) and it weighs 0.5kg.

Top Toys 4U Set Of 2 Mini 8cm Tall Mankini Gnome Figurines - Home/Garden
What I like to personally refer to as the Borat gnome, this wonderful old school gnome is sporting a mankini, they come as a set, one in red and blue for your personal preference. These wonderfully rude garden gnomes seem to have come from the beach, as one has a surfboard and the other has a floating ring.

This set will make the perfect gift for those looking to add a bit of spice to their garden or front porch. They are 8cm tall, so compared to some of the other gnomes there a little on the small side, but that makes them suited to both indoors and out.

6.5 Inch Go Away Gnome Leave Anti Social Garden Gnomes Cement Figures - Set of Two
This set of wonderfully anti-social gnomes have a very classical look to them. One of the gnomes features a yellow hat, blue coat, and red trousers with a sign that simply states “Go Away” and the other is a gnome with a green hat, yellow coat and red trousers with a sign that reads “Leave”. They also both look wonderfully excited to be holding the signs, and in case you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm.

These gnomes are 6.5inches tall or 16.5cm if you prefer that metric.

Gnometastic Smoking Gnome Indoor Outdoor Garden Statue, 8.5 Inches
Now, this is a rude garden gnome unless it’s medicinal of course, wink wink! This gnome comes with a name, Gerry, and he’s one laid back dude, it’s 420 all the time with this guy in your front garden! This little gnome is just smoking his joint, relaxing, watching the world go by in his weed t-shirt.

If you know a “chilled” out friend or family member that would appreciate this little guy, then he could make the perfect gift. He’s weather-resistant, weighs 1kg and made of quality polyresin. He stands 8.5inches tall and 4.5inches wide.

Ebros 4" Tall Badass Naughty Gnome Figurines Collectible Set of 4 Whimsical Dwarf Gnome Decors
This set of 4 garden gnomes really allows you to liven up your garden, all of these little guys are doing something a little bit, well rude. They’re all in a very similar style, with a red hat, blue t-shirt and black trousers but there all slightly different in what they are doing. The first gnome is quite simply showing the V, the second appears to be having a poo, the third smoking a joint, and last but not least, the fourth is showing a little too much with a good old moon.

These badass gnomes are all hand-painted, polished and are made of hardened resin and fibreglass. They each measure around 4inches tall, 2.5inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.

Vivid Arts - Gnaughty Gnome Sitting on a Deckchair (BG-PN73-F) Frost Resistant Garden Ornaments, Garden Decor
I mean, I can’t really fault this gnome, he’s just enjoying the sun in his deck chair, but well, yeah he’s naked. Don’t worry, it’s not too rude, everything is covered by his long white beard. He’s in a red hat and sat on a classic blue and white deck chair, perfect for your garden on a sunny day!

He’s expertly designed and painted, made of durable resin and is frost resistant. If you’re worried about how big this gnome is, he is 16×10.5x17cm (LHW).

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