Karcher T350 Review

Karcher T350 Patio Cleaner Review

It is the beginning of the spring, and your patio is covered with debris and dirt. The garage, garage door, and driveway look like a mess. They haven’t been cleaned for the whole season and, in some cases, probably in years. You take the pressure ward and start cleaning. A few hours into it, exhausted and ready to give up, you still have not finished cleaning, and the area still looks messy.  

A neat and clean outdoor space reflects the home’s general cleanliness. The outdoor space cleanliness gives a fresh and relaxing feel to share with friends and family for outdoor activities once spring kicks in. 

Outdoor cleaning should not be a back-breaking affair. It can be easy and enjoyable and cut down on the hours spent on cleaning.

The product we are going to review is the Kärcher T350 patio cleaner made by Kärcher. The surface cleaner promises to clean large outdoor surfaces in a short time. According to the manufacturer, the T-chaser reduces cleaning time by half. 

The pricing is affordable, and it has good reviews, making it a valuable addition to a home.

Product Overview

The Kärcher T350 patio cleaner is ideal for cleaning floor and wall surfaces. The surface can be of natural stone, wood, plastic, concrete, or tiles. It has twin rotation arms, which cover large dirty surfaces and cleans twice as fast as a spray lance. Power on the T-350 is controlled by the big yellow dial on the unit; it moves the water sprayers near or far from the ground. 

The hood guards surrounding surfaces from sprayed water. It has a hovercraft design over the area it is cleaning, making it easy to move around. The hover is controlled by the lever on the product that opens vents increasing water pressure.

The surface cleaner allows for continuous regulation of pressure. Pressure can be adjusted per the material – hard and soft surfaces. Hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete, and stone can withstand high pressures. For sensitive surfaces such as wood, you need to regulate it to speeds that do not cause damage. We recommend you test for the ideal speed pressure in an out-of-sight area. For hard surfaces, the higher the pressure, the faster and the better job output it gives. 

The T-chaser comes with three colour-coded nozzles that are compatible with different pressure washers. The green nozzles go with k2-k3 pressure washers, giving delivery of 350l/h. The purple coded nozzles go with k3-k5 pressure washers, and they have a delivery of between 351L/h to 450L/h. The beige pressure washers are compatible with k6-k7 pressure washers with the delivery of 450L/h. 

The surface washer unit does not include the pressure washer wand. To increase the power and ways of use of the item, you can use Kärcher’s pressure accessories kits. The kits increase the usability of the pressure cleaner for specific tasks such as car cleaning, roofing, or gutter cleaning. Kärcher’s brushes are a practical addition to the surface washer to give a clean surface for vehicles, motorbikes, and glass.

Kärcher’s also has foamy nozzles which are a suitable addition to the surface washer. It allows the addition of a foam layer effortlessly. 

It has an ergonomic handle to clean vertical surfaces such as garage doors. 

Product Features 

  • Brand: Kärcher
  • Weight & Dimensions -depth: 712 mm x height: 971 mm
  • Weight: 1.48 kg>
  • Product type: brush
  • Brand compatibility: Kärcher
  • Compatibility: K2 to K7
  • Colour of product: Black, yellow
  • Box Contains:
  • 2 x Beige high-pressure nozzles
  • 2 x Purple high-pressure nozzles
  • 2 x Green high-pressure nozzles
  • 1 x T350 surface cleaner
  • 2 x extension tubes
  • 1 x Bayonet connection with union nut
  • 1 x Rotor arm

What and who is this Product useful for?

It is a must-buy for a person who uses the pressure washer to clean the patio and driveways. It saves on time spent cleaning and easy to use. The user holds on the T-chaser like a broom, with enough grip to prevent it from lifting off the ground.  

This product is ideal for a person with a huge outdoor area. The surface cleaner cleans large outdoor surfaces at half the time used in cleaning using the pressure wand. It can clean the patio, around the swimming pool, garage, and garage doors. 

It cleans different surface materials both hard and sensitive materials. This makes it suitable for a person with diverse cleaning needs. It can efficiently clean wood, tiles, concrete, and natural stone. 

It’s ideal for you if you are looking for a vertical cleaner. It has an ergonomic handle, for cleaning vertical surfaces such as garage doors. 

It is ideal for you if the outdoor surface is too filthy. The pressure cleaner is efficient, giving clean and even surfaces. To use the cleaner, sweep the surface to remove large objects that can damage the washer.  

Pros of the product

  • It is affordable.
  • It is easy to use and operate. The washer comes with a product manual clearly showing how to use it for cleaning different surfaces. It also shows the procedure for correctly assembling and operating the product and its accessories. 
  • It comes with customizable accessories kits and the adaptor fits female and male outlets. The adaptor makes it possible to fit other pressure cleaners, not only from the Kärcher brand. The kits give the cleaner a wide range of specific tasks such as car, roofing, and gutters cleaning.
  • It has a round handle for vertical cleaning. 
  • It is light and portable. It is less than 1.5kg making it light and portable to use in cleaning. It also has a tall handle that suits even tall people.  
  • It has a water splash guard. The guard protects the surrounding surface from being water-soaked. 
  • It is fast and efficient. The product is fast and efficient in cleaning with its double rotary arms and hovercraft design. 

Cons of the product

  • It does not include the pressure washer. You have to use it with the Kärcher pressure cleaner for it to work. It might not be compatible with other wand pressure cleaners.
  • You have to buy the different kits for specific cleaning tasks such as car, roofing, and gutter cleaning. The kits have to be compatible with the Kärcher T350.
  • You cannot use it to clean indoor surfaces. It uses and leaves a lot of water on the floor. It is also advisable to have an outdoor water source or hose pipe connection while cleaning the outdoor surfaces.
  • You will get soaking wet and filthy while cleaning on the bottom of your pants. Consider using protective clothing. 
  • You might have to go slowly over a surface or several times over it to get it evenly clean. The time spent going over might be negligible compared to using a cleaning wand.
  • The T-chaser cleans in circular, and it will not get in tight areas and corners. The pressure washer will be most suited for those tasks. The cleaner, however, gets 95% of work surfaces cleaned. 


Our honest review

We got the Kärcher T-350 cleaner, and it is a small powerful cleaner that works well with the K-2 pressure cleaner. The adaptor that comes with the kit fits perfectly with the k-2 pressure cleaner. It is easy to use and assemble. The product was unbelievably light, that it felt like it was hovering while cleaning. 

It is easy to assemble and use as per the instructions on the manual. 

We were able to clean the patio, garage, garage door, and driveway. It took us less time to clean all the areas. The driveway had not been cleaned in years, and it was surprising how clean it is. The cleaner was effective in cleaning stubborn mud, dirt, and moss on the tarmac driveway. 

Cleaning the garage door was easy, and the finish was unbelievable. 

After cleaning half, we noticed it was not cleaning as before. It was dispersing water, but the rotary arms were not moving. A quick check and there was dirt a particle lodged in the blades. Removing the particle was easy, and the T-chaser cleaner efficiency was restored. 

We did not have the Kärcher foaming machine, and the manual did not indicate where we would add detergent to the cleaner. We found it a great idea to soap and soak the area before using the T-350 cleaner. Cleaning the super dirty twice with the T-350 got the area clean. We used it to clean concrete and tiled surfaces, and we got great results every time. 

The T-350 cleaner felt like a hover, moving it along as such. It was fun cleaning with the cleaner. The guard on the cleaner prevents the dirty water from splashing and sloshing around. There was water discharged from the rotating head that will get you wet and filthy. Consider using protective clothing while cleaning to protect against filthy water. 

The T-racer is well worth the money spent on it. It was economical, we saved on gas and the time spent cleaning. It also cleaned different surfaces evenly without leaving dirt marks. Cleaning became fun, and it did not feel like a chore at all. It cleans easily and with minimal effort. It is one of the best accessories that we have ever purchased. 

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