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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost To Install?

Quick Answer: Artificial Grass costs with installation included is anywhere between £50 to £75 per square metre based on the quality, without installation you are looking at £30 to £45 per sqm.

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Artificial grass or also known ‘fake grass’ was first introduced in the 1960s. It was admittedly an increasing market and ever so populated success right off the bat. Sport teams, clubs and people wanting a low maintenance garden, were granted the perfect setup.

Since then, we’ve seen much further improvements down the line over the years with the quality and how realistic it looks. I mean, who doesn’t want freshly cut grass throughout summer with little maintenance?

Outlining the cost breakdown for installing artificial grass for your garden will ultimately depend on two factors.

The first factor involves the sizing you require for your garden or other areas you wish to lay down, and secondly, the actual design of the garden itself, for where the installation will take place. Both of these factors will play a big part in the overall cost.

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Shapes and designs, to sizing, all matter when determining how much it will cost you. With unusual shaped lawns, to larger gardens, to small gardens, the first step you will need to do is correctly get your measurements ready.

Getting your correct measurements

Sizing up the exact area you need will stop any doubt with overwhelming costs on your searches. It’s important to note that each sized cut is provided with a specific cost.

Before you start searching for artificial cut grass and looking up the general cost of it all, your first step is to correctly size up the area you desire to lay down.

Once you’ve gathered your measurements, the next step is to ensure you fit your artificial grass on a mesh or membrane, which will stop any weeds growing through your new lawn. This is highly recommended and is important for the future to lower any further maintenance.

Also worthy to note, you will need to make sure that your turf has suitable drainage, otherwise on rainy days, patches of water pools will be on your new surface.

Square and rectangular shaped lawns are the most common fittings. The design of the cut is important as it will determine the overall cost your garden holds.

The more complex the design, in some cases the higher chance it will cost you. This is down to shapes such as round or triangular having expensive off-cuts.

If you are trying to incorporate artificial grass surrounding an object, such as a garden pond or any garden furniture for example, then the fitting will be slightly more than a straight simple cut, which doesn’t involve any twisting or circular shaped designs.

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General cost breakdown

All measurements will vary in price with the different types of artificial grass available out there from the many companies that provide them.

Breakdown of what we’re looking at here:

  • Artificial grass cost
  • Installation cost
  • Maintenance cost

As labelled, there’s 3 parts we’ll cover. We’ll first look at how much artificial grass will cost in general, and figure out how much it will be overall.

Artificial grass cost

£50 – £75 is averaged out the standard price per square metre of cut including the cost of installation. If you want to DIY, then you can expect to pay between £20-£30 per square metre.

For lawns that have square and rectangular designs, the general rule is to multiply the width by the length. This gives you the number of square metres you require.

If we look at an example, you would need 12 square metres of artificial grass for measuring 4 metres in length, and 3 metres in width.

You can actually get what’s called ‘budget grass’ which is a cheaper alternative and this will cost you around £10 or £15 per square metre. However, as expected from the difference in price mentioned above, this looks extremely fake and probably best not to go down this route.

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You know what people say.. If you buy cheap it won’t last as long. In this case it’s true. Buying luxury fake grass will last you 20-25 years. Whereas buying the cheaper option won’t see you many years down the line in comparison and won’t look as appealing or realistic.

Let’s put that into perspective based on the size of garden, we’ll take the lowest two prices for the example so £50 with installation & £20 without, and £10 budget grass.

Garden SizeArtificial Grass Cost (With Installation)Artificial Grass Cost (Without Installation)Budget Grass (No Installation)
Extra Small Garden (15m²)£750£300£150
Small Garden (50m²)£2,500£1,000£500
Medium Garden (100m² to 320m²)£5,000 - £16,000£2,000 - £6,400£1,000 - £3,200
Large Garden (320m² to 800m²)£16,000 - £40,000£6,400 - £16,000£3,200 - £8,000

As you can see, if you have a very large garden then getting complete artificial grass coverage can be costly and it’s a more popular option for smaller gardens.

Do be aware though, that obviously with artificial grass you won’t have to mow it, so you’re paying for a completely hassle free garden that’s always going to look brilliant!

Installation cost

Hiring a professional to help you with the fittings can be an expensive route, but if you have no experience and are worried about messing up fitting it yourself, then you need to know the cost breakdown.

It’s worth noting that it is possible for you to do this yourself before we go ahead.

Most installation jobs will be one day’s labour typically. Averaging around £450-£500. Again, you can fit the grass yourself but may take longer than a day’s work and you’ll need the essential tools to go ahead.

Tools involve: Turf cutters, Vibrating plate compactors, Jointing tape & jointing adhesive, Membrane sheet & other smaller tools such as shovel and spade.

Rough installation cost guide:

  • 10m2 surface – £450 – £500 – +1 day labour
  • 20m2 surface – £600 – £650 – +1 day labour
  • 30m2 surface – £750 – £800 – +1 day labour

The average lawn size in the UK is around 12m2. To keep things easy to digest, looking at a 10m2 lawn, this would cost around £1,400 which includes buying artificial grass and buying installation.

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Maintenance cost

No cost will be involved to maintain the life of your new artificial grass but every now and then, you may need to brush down the surface and provide an occasional wash.

Artificial grass – All the benefits

They’re many benefits that withstand having artificial grass for your garden.

  • Saves you money – With maintenance costs, electricity costs, any garden essentials such as soil, and money saved with water bills.
  • Boosts house value.
  • Low maintenance – Perfect for busy households.
  • Perfect for children and pets. Also will prevent children bringing grass and mud into the house.
  • Little wear and tear.
  • Healthy and natural looking lawn all year round.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • All-round safe.
  • No more allergies and hayfever.


Although considered to be a bit scary at first with the commitment of transforming your garden with such purchase, having artificial grass can hold many benefits in the long run. Not only will your garden look fresh with a neat and tidy viewpoint throughout, but will ultimately save you money and boost your home’s value.

For your garden, you want to create a relaxed and natural looking area where possible. Perhaps daunting, but spending that little bit extra in getting a nice looking piece of grass will go a long way and in time, be a saviour.


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