Patio Installation Cost

How Much Does A Patio Cost

Patio Installation CostPatio, traditionally known as front porch or veranda, makes a great addition to your house. It enhances the property value and offers 55% ROI straight. Other than economic aspects, a patio offers increased space which you can use to relax, dine or for some entertainment activities. So if you are planning to build a new one or renovate the one you own, adding a patio is the best decision.

Factors that Determine the Cost of a Patio

Moving from advantages to the cost of a patio, know that you need to consider a number of factors. There are various elements that determine the cost of a patio. The two significant determinants include the size of your patio and the material you choose. Other than these, instalment costs, design, and labour costs are also a few important factors.

Following is a detailed explanation of each of these factors:

  1. The Size of a Patio

  2. A patio can vary in size depending upon the size of your property. If you are going to build a new house, you can keep the patio of your desired size. However, if you are renovating, you will need to manage the size according to the available space.

    Another thing that decides the size of the patio is what you want to do with space. If you simply want to sit back, relax and admire your garden, a small patio is enough. However, if you want to hold parties and use it for outdoor dining, you need a large patio.

    Following are some size choices you can make:

    Bistro/Sunroom Patio: It can usually include a table and a few chairs. The average size of a bistro or sunroom patio is 6 x 7 feet. You and your partner can simply have a good time enjoying the sun in this patio.

    Entertaining Patio: This is the patio where you can gather your friends/family and have an entertaining evening. It comes in an average size of 12 x 18 feet.

    Outdoor Dining Patio: Well, the size actually depends on how many people will be dining out. If you want to do family dining, a patio of size 12 x 14 feet is good enough.

    However, the average size of a patio is 12 x 12 feet. It can be used for relaxation, sunbathing, gatherings and dinners alike.

  3. Material Choice

  4. The second most important factor is material. Some people prefer building only a few blocks using material and growing grass in the rest while others want materials to be laid out on the entire patio. However, it depends on the size and style of your patio.

    A few great material choices for patios include:

    Brick: It is the most commonly used material as it is very durable. Bricks come in different designs and sizes. On average, it costs $8 to $12 per sq. feet.

    Gravel: It is a type of crushed stone and offers very artistic look. Also, it is cheap but

    difficult to maintain. On average, it costs between £0.70 and £2 per sq. feet.

    Concrete: It comes in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns and costs £1.50 to £5 per sq. feet.

    Pavers: It is another commonly used material costing between £7 and £20 per sq. feet.

    Considering the average 12 x 12 feet size of a patio (which makes 144 square feet), you can calculate the cost of your preferred material.

  5. Design and Pattern

  6. The cost of laying the materials on the patio depends on the design and pattern you choose. If you go for a simple square, the cost remains quite economical. However, if your patio has a lot of curves and complicated patterns, the cost increases accordingly. This is because it takes a lot of time and effort to create an intricate design.

    Every time the labourer has to define cuts and patterns, the cost keeps adding up. Therefore, it is a good idea to consult your contractor to come up with suitable designs and choose the one that remains in your budget.

    Now, you must be thinking how much does it take for a simple design and complicated pattern? Well, that depends on the area you live in. In developed areas, labourers demand higher costs while in less-developed areas, you can get a patio done for as low as £60 to £70.

  7. Installation

  8. An important factor that adds to the cost of a patio is installation. By installation, we mean your sub-grade material, drainage, excavation, grading, and other relevant labour tasks. These are important to ensure that your patio has a proper drainage system and the surface over which you settle your material. Otherwise, your patio will start cracking after a time.

    Make sure you do not compromise over the right excavation and framing of your patio. Once you invest in, it will save you from larger repair costs later on.

    So, if the installation has to be done from scratch, you need to look up to different contractors. Then, compare the cost and quality to hire the best one.

    You can easily get a quote for a new patio installation using our online quote system, which will send your details to local and national tradesmen to provide quotes:

  9. Drainage

  10. A lot of people like to have a separate drainage system for patios. In regular patios, the floor is lowered by 1 inch after every 7 to 8 feet to make water naturally drain. However, if you want to for special drainage, know that it adds up to cost greatly. This is because it takes additional time, effort and material to build these drains.

    Some different types of drains include:

    French drain: £600 to £800
    Trench drain: £350 to £600
    Drain between concrete: £1,300 to £1,800

    However, we recommend going with natural drainage flow built for small or mid-sized patios.

Final Thoughts

So when it comes to the total cost of a patio, it can cost as low as £500 and as high as £3000+.

When you decide to add a patio to your home, do not forget to budget it costs. If ignored, it can result in over-budgeting later on. With the above guide, you are able to calculate the total cost of your patio to have a good estimate.

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