How Much Does A Patio Awning Cost?

Looking to give a brand new look to the exterior of your house? Having a patio awning is just the solution that you might need.

The purpose of having a patio awning installed is it would serve as a shade by protecting from the sun & it can create a nice place to relax, along with providing the functionality, they impart a new look to the house.

One of the major factors that can influence our decision of having a patio awning installed at home is simply the cost…. The cost of such a project can be quite high, so the question that often crops up is, will it fit into the budget? Well, let’s have a look at different awning options and how much on an average it would generally cost you.

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Off the shelf patio awning

These are considered to be one of the relatively cheaper options in comparison as they come in standard sizes already set by the company. Off the shelf, patio awning does not come with customization options and are known to be manufactured in specific sizes. You should go for this option only if you are sure that it perfectly fit in the available space.

These typically are the low-cost options are ideal for short term usage as they serve the purpose well. All the components used in this awning are of low to medium quality which includes motors fabric and arm mechanism.

It will cost you approximately £100 in the online retail stores in the UK. The cost would further vary depending upon manual or electric operation.

Bespoke patio awnings

This is one of the best awning options available in the market. Though they are a bit costlier than the other options they are a complete value to money. The awnings are ideal for long-term usage provide complete satisfaction in terms of functionality. These awnings can be completely customized. The technician will make a visit at your place to take measurements after which you can select the design according to you and your need.

These types of patio awnings need a bigger investment initially but it will serve you for the longest time.  Higher quality components make the investment worth it. Its starting cost is estimated to be around £1000 which is exclusive to the installation and other charges. Again like Off the shelf patio awning there could be price differences owing to the manual and electric operation choices.

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Additional costs

Depending upon the type of the awning you choose there might be additional costs associated with it. Size plays an important factor in the cost addition. As you would expect, the larger size will cost you more & if you have a pretty larger size property then only bespoke patio awnings will be suitable. This is because they can withstand much pressure. There are some special features which can be added to these awnings and they will definitely increase the cost such as sensors for electric awnings. This will protect the awnings during increased wind speeds.

DIY Patio Awnings

Alternatively you can always choose to fit your own patio awning, there’s a wide range of ready made awnings that you can buy, here are just a few examples:

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