Landscaping adds value

How much can landscaping add to your homes value?

Can you add value to your home by having your garden professionally landscaped? The experienced team at Eden Horticultural Ltd knows that a great looking garden will help to sell your home. Eden Horticultural Ltd have been landscaping in Essex for many years. They pride themselves on creating both beautiful and practical gardens for their clients. 

The Importance Of Having Your Garden Professionally Landscaped

You should consider having your garden professionally landscaped for a variety of reasons. Of course, mainly you should do so for yourself. There is nothing like looking out and seeing a garden which seems to flow into the home. In recent years, our gardens have become increasingly important to us. Most of us like to create a natural habitat for local wildlife as well as create a unique space for family and friends to spend time in. 

It is not always easy to know what plants or trees to choose from. A professional landscaping service will take many factors into consideration. For instance, are you a passionate gardener or would you like to have a low-maintenance garden? A professional garden service will discuss your personal lifestyle and make sure your garden fits in around your personal needs. 

In the long run, having your garden landscaped will save you money. It allows you to focus on perennial planting. No longer will you need to rush down to the garden centre every weekend to keep up with the next-door neighbour. 

Another reason you should consider using a local landscaping service is simply that they are much more likely to be aware of local conditions. You will probably find yourself wondering if the garden is north or south facing. Local service has that knowledge and they will also be familiar with what plants grow well in the area. 

Will Landscaping Add Value To My Home? 

That is a question which many Essex homeowners ask themselves before they call in landscaping service. Yes, a landscaped garden will add value to your home. These are the reasons why: 

  • Your home will look more finished.
  • Landscaping takes up a lot of time. Most home buyers want a turnkey solution. 
  • A mature garden looks inviting.
  • Exterior design and finish are just as important as indoor design. 
  • A landscaped garden makes a great selling point. 

It is hard to estimate how much value a landscaped garden adds to a home. One thing is for sure, properties with landscaped gardens stay on the market for a shorter period of time than their counterparts. 

How Long Does It Take To Landscape A Garden? 

That depends on your choice of design and planting. If you feel like adding structural elements, it is going to take longer. However, excavating beds and planting does not normally take very long. 

It is a good idea to plan ahead. A mature garden looks amazing and will very much feel like part of the home. 

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