Best Zero Gravity Chairs, Sun Loungers and Recliners

In case you are searching for a perfect zero gravity chair, recliner, or sun lounger here in Britain, we have compiled a list for you that we hope will help you get the right chair. We have some of the most popular and high-rated outdoor chairs for improved relaxation and comfort. Most of the chairs we have here have four of five stars ratings on Amazon retailers. These high ratings are an indication that these chairs perform exemplary well, and users seem pleased with what they offer. 

After a long day at work, you always want to get somewhere you can lie down comfortably. When it comes to relaxing in your patio or garden, nothing beats our top picks luxurious comfort, zero gravity, loungers and recliners. They are typically made of steel frames with adjustable supports and breathable mesh. Zero gravity chairs allow you to incline to a nearly horizontal position while distributing weight uniformly across your body. Seating horizontally on a chair gives you a zero-gravity feel that helps relieve muscle tensions and enhance blood circulation.

In case you want something like that, this guide will help you get the right zero gravity chair. It is good to get some guidance when looking for the right product to avoid low-quality products mainly over-priced. We did our homework well and ensured we give you products that have been tried, tested and proved to be very effective when it comes to giving you all the comfort you need.

Why do you need a zero gravity chair, sun lounger, or recliner

When summer is approaching, you can not wait to get out to soak up the sun or catch the fresh air in the shade. With Zero gravity chairs, you can do this comfortably as you recline in the air sipping your drink, reading your book or scrolling your tablet. During summer at the beach or in your garden, you have that one chair that you pull out when the season knocks. We think this might be the right time to upgrade your chair for something more comfortable, especially if you sit for a prolonged period. If you suffer from back pain, an upright chair might not be appropriate for you. 

A zero gravity chair works by releasing all pressure points and aligning your body along the spine. Experts advise such people to invest in a chair with an ergonomic design. It is very important to mind the design of your chair, especially when it comes to ergonomics and posture for more comfort.

So, suppose you have been looking to enhance your relaxation game during summers with a chair, lounger or an incliner that is more relaxing and ergonomically friendly. In that case, the following zero gravity recliners will do you justice.

Our best zero gravity chairs, sun loungers and recliners

GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliner with Side Table - Reclining Outdoor Sun Lounger - Relaxer Chair for Patio Decking Gardens Camping (1, Silver/Black)
1,076 Customer Reviews
GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliner with Side Table - Reclining Outdoor Sun Lounger - Relaxer Chair for Patio Decking Gardens Camping (1, Silver/Black)

Product description

The GardenCo Zero Gravity Recliner with Side Table is an excellent sun lounger designed to offer you great comfort. It has a design that allows you to find an ideal relaxing position that you would want to be in. What you will need to do is simply unscrew its tightening screws and lean back in the recliner. The chair will start reclining until you get that perfect position. It comes with a side table that easily attaches to its legs for keeping your relaxation essentials. 

The chair is incredible for outdoor use. It is created from a powder-coated steel frame to make it strong, rust-resistant, and long-lasting. The fabric used to make the seat is breathable and is equipped with UV protection to prevent it from fading away and withstand harsh British weather conditions.

This sun lounger chair offers excellent comfort. The fabric is connected to the frames using elastic cords, enabling the seat to recline fully while supporting your body weight. Away from full reclination, it is equipped with an adjustable head cushion to support your head when you need it, and you can easily remove it when not needed.

When it comes to folding, this chair folds flat, allowing easy storage and transportation. When hot months go away, you can fold it and store it in your storage unit or garage, taking the least space possible. 

Unfolded dimensions: 182 x 65 x 113 cm 

Folded dimensions: 93 x 68 x 16 cm

Main features

The following are the main features of this product:

  • It is made from strong and sturdy materials, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The frames are powder-coated, making them rust-resistant, while the fabric has UV protection. All this helps in making the recliner last longer.
  • For enhanced comfort, it has movable head pillows for supporting your head.
  • This lounger folds flat to make it easier for transportation and storage. Its folding dimension is slightly compact; hence you can easily carry it to your storage unit or any place you would want to use it.
  • The fabric is connected to the frames by elastic cords, allowing your chair to recline fully.

Why we have chosen it

This is an excellent chair. Its features impressed us greatly, and we felt that it deserved to be on our list. First, the material that makes it improves its durability. The frames are made from powder-coated steel, making them rust-resistant and strong hence preventing them from corrosion. Corrosion eats up metallic frames, reducing the life span of many recliners, but when these frames are coated with Powder, they become corrosion-free. The fabric also pleased us with its UV protection which prevents the material from fading away, keeping its colour intact. 

The ease of moving your recliner from one point to another is also something we considered when we were looking for a perfect zero-gravity chair. This chair is not heavy, meaning you can effortlessly lift it to move it from one area to another within your garden. Also, it compactly folds for enhanced portability and storage. You can easily fold and fit it well in your car’s limited space.

The elastic cords connecting the fabric to the steel frames give full reclination, which is the primary need for a recliner. Elastic cords are strong enough to support your weight and the fabric, so you are assured of security.

Read reviews

The manufacturer has said a lot of things regarding this product. To know whether the product does what it says, you should visit the review section and learn what verified buyers have to say about its performance. Although it has high ratings, you will still find some users outlining areas that need improvement. You should not underrate any review as it will determine whether to purchase this recliner or consider other options. This will be after weighing out its pros and cons.

Straame Garden | Zero Gravity Chair | Set of 2 | Heavy Duty Textoline | Outdoor & Garden Sunloungers | Reclining & Folding Chair with Cup Holder and Headrest Pillow
2,510 Customer Reviews
Straame Garden | Zero Gravity Chair | Set of 2 | Heavy Duty Textoline | Outdoor & Garden Sunloungers | Reclining & Folding Chair with Cup Holder and Headrest Pillow

Product description

These chairs also fold, making them more convenient for transportation and storage. They are perfect outdoor furniture for home use and outdoor camping, fishing, hiking, or a day at the beach. Their storage dimensions make it compact, which makes it easy to move to such destinations. These are those zero gravity chairs that you can use anywhere. 

Each chair has dimensions of 122 x 91 x 67.5 cm ( H x D x W) upright and 77 x 165 x 67.5 cm (H x D x W) lounging. It can bear a maximum of 110 kg, meaning it is suitable for all your family members and pets. 

For more flexibility, these chairs are rotatable, adjustable, and recline from zero to 170m degrees, allowing you to relax in different positions. They offer different positions for lounging, laying and seating. 

Materials used to make these chairs are robust and support a weight of up to 110 kg. The seat is made from rust-resistant steel frames and breathable Textilene fabric for prolonged lounging and reclining services. The manufacturer creates a zero gravity chair with an ergonomic design to ease back pain using these materials.

They feature detachable trays for holding drinks. You can easily reach these trays and sip your drinks as you enjoy the breeze or beautiful sun. When these trays are not needed, you can detach them from your chairs. In these trays, you can also keep other relaxation essentials such as books or phones. For more comfort, the headrests of these chairs are padded.

Main features

The following are the main selling elements of these chairs:

  • They have a padded headrest which can be removed when not needed. These headrests can be adjusted depending on your needs.
  • Seating in these chairs can be more relaxing as you can change its reclining angles comfortably up to 170 degrees. You can lock that position for consistency once you find a point where your body weight is distributed evenly. 
  • The sturdy design makes them bear a lot of weight and resist unpredictable British weather conditions. They are made from rust-resistant steel and robust Textilene fabric, making them durable chairs.
  • Also, they have detachable trays for keeping relaxation essentials. The trays are within your reach, and they help you enjoy a reclining experience as you read your favourite book, drink, and scroll your tablet.

Why we have chosen it

We were pleasantly surprised with these two zero gravity chairs. They are more comfortable than we thought. During our testing, we realised they have excellent size and can support plus-sized bodies and tall people. We studied different zero gravity chairs, and we decided to choose this set. These chairs come in green, making them align with most of your garden items. They are great, especially when sitting on your artificial turf.

Once you buy this set, there is no assembly or instruction manual needed. All that is required is just folding your chairs out, and you will be good to go. Each chair has two plastic cup holders, allowing you to enjoy your drinks as you soak up the sun. These trays stay in the same position, no matter how far your chair reclines. The cup holders can accommodate many relaxation essentials such as a coffee cup, a mobile, a book, a kindle, or a juice can. With such a relaxer, you may not even notice the passing of time. You can also stick your newspaper or a tablet onto your recliner.

Adjusting the relaxation angles of these seats is dead easy. You can secure your most comfortable position using twisting knobs located below the armrest using your body weight. You will know the position to secure once your body feels weightless. 

Another impressive aspect of these chairs is their compact folding feature. We all want a chair that uses the minimum storage space possible. The dimensions of these chairs are much more compact, allowing you to move them much more easily from one destination to another.

Read review

Get to learn what people who have already used these chairs have to say about them. Taking this road is important as it is more like testing out products in a shop. Since you are doing online shopping, reviews will help you understand these chairs more. Although most of this product’s reviews are positive, some take a dissenting approach. Appreciate each opinion as different people have different needs when it comes to services offered by recliners. From these reviews, you will know whether your needs have been met or not.

3 Piece Zero Gravity Reclining Garden Patio Deck Chair Sun Lounger & Table Set, 2 Chairs + Table, Charcoal
269 Customer Reviews
3 Piece Zero Gravity Reclining Garden Patio Deck Chair Sun Lounger & Table Set, 2 Chairs + Table, Charcoal

Product description

The chair of 3 Piece Zero Gravity Reclining Garden Patio Deck Chair Sun Lounger reclines up to 150 degrees to offer you your perfect seating position. What you need to do is just sit upright or lie, placing your feet up for that optimum weightless experience. This is a point where we say, “sit back, relax, and enjoy”. Once you are in this position, you can lock it in place using locking levers built in the armrest into the armrest.

It is designed with materials that are breathable and comfortable for extra relaxation. The chair features an adjustable headrest for supporting your neck and head. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the headrest to different positions. The Textilene fabric is breathable, strong, splash-proof and easy to clean and dries quickly. Once you are done with washing, you will be able to use your recliner within a few minutes. 

This set includes a matching pop-up table that features two cup holders for placing your favourite drinks. This table includes places where you can place your books, food, newspapers, magazines and entertainment devices or any other things you need when relaxing on this chair. Away from a table, it has a tray attachment for keeping your drinks. 

The recliner is equipped with a sun canopy to protect your face and eyes from direct sunlight while relaxing. When you do not need it, you can easily fold it behind the chair. When the sun is scorching hot, this chair will do you justice in protecting you from the sun, which can be uncomfortable. 

Main features

Below are the key features of this zero gravity chair that makes it stand out on the market:

  • It comes with a matching pop-up table with two cup holders; hence you won’t have to clutter your garden with extra furniture. 
  • For face and eyes protection, this recliner has a canopy that blocks direct sunlight from getting to your eyes, face and skin. This is a feature most garden loungers lack.
  • It is created with breathable and comfortable Textilene fabric. The material is easy to clean, and it dries faster.
  • Tray attachment is another important feature of this recliner where it has spaces for drinks, books and phones.
  • The locking system mechanism allows you to look at your most preferred relaxing position for extra safety.
  • It folds compactly to enhance its portability and storage.

Why we have chosen it

We went for this product for many reasons. This chair fulfilled our irreducible minimums: convenience, comfort, adjustability and portability; that is why it is on top of our best zero gravity chairs, sun loungers, and recliners list. It has a multi-position system that reclines up to 150 degrees for more comfort. You can easily lock your perfect position at any angle at a point where your body feels weightless to secure the position.

This recliner folds flat and becomes compact for easy transportation and helps you use the minimum storage space when it comes to portability and storage. Travelling with your sun lounger to the beach, park, outdoor garden, camping, or hiking has never been easier. You can place this lounger in your travelling belongings once you fold it.

Once in a while, you would be required to clean your chair. The materials that make up this chair are easy to clean and dries quickly: Textilene and steel. These materials are strong enough, and the chair can bear up to 150 kgs while the table is up to 20 kg. This zero gravity chair is splashproof, and you can leave it outside overnight in good weather or light showers. 

Read reviews

Reviews will provide you with a nutshell of what to expect after buying this product. Like our other top picks, this product has great reviews and ratings, which reflects how buyers are pleased with the services. On the contrary, some reviewers do not think this is an ideal zero gravity chair as it never met their expectations. Well, we respect their opinions as people have different tastes and needs. To know if this chair will meet your expectations, study all reviews and analyse them to draw a line between their pros and cons for a better decision.

DQCHAIR Sun Loungers, Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair with Cup Holder, Extra Wide Adjustable Lounger Chair for Patio Garden Beach Pool, with Cushions Support 200kg (Color : Silver)
2,653 Customer Reviews
DQCHAIR Sun Loungers, Outdoor Reclining Zero Gravity Chair with Cup Holder, Extra Wide Adjustable Lounger Chair for Patio Garden Beach Pool, with Cushions Support 200kg (Color : Silver)

Product description

This outdoor zero gravity reclining chair comes in silver with a cup holder and is suitable for gardens, beaches, and pools. It is comfortable, easy to clean, and straightforward to adjust. Away from the outdoors, you can use this chair in reflexology offices and beauty salons as well. It can support a weight of up to 200 kg, meaning it is strong enough to withstand heavy-weight persons.

This zero gravity recliner is made of strong frames to support a maximum weight of 200 kg.  The material applied in the manufacturing of this chair is a durable fabric and is more convenient. It is ventilated to make it suitable for use during the summer months. During the winter months, you can place a cushion and use the chair on your patio.

It has an adjustable reclining position feature, allowing you to recline until you get a perfect position. The recliner is created with a dual fingertip-aluminium alloy locking system for securing your most comfortable position. This is an advanced locking system that enables you to lock your recliner in any position. What you just need to do is lean back, lock your most comfortable position and enjoy your day.

This is a foldable chair for improved transportation and compact storage. Its enhanced portability makes it flexible for use in different places for different occasions such as at the beach, balcony, campsite, or park. It is simple to use, and you will not even need assembling instructions. After unpacking it, what you just need to do is open it 

Product specifications

  • Package contents: 1 × Zero gravity chair

                                       1 × Pearl cotton cushion

                                                     1 × Cup Holder.

  • Material: fabric + Pearl cotton + Steel pipe 
  • Frame finish: Plastic-spray coated
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 75 × 72 × 80 cm (L × W × H)
  • Dimensions (Folded): 72 × 98 × 15 cm (W × H × Thick)
  •  Color: Grey / black
  • Weight capacity: 440 lbs /200 kg

Main features

The following are the key selling areas of this product:

  • This chair is designed with high-quality tear-resistant fabric with excellent weight-bearing capacity and is odour-free.
  • A detachable headrest offers additional comfort and can be used to support the lumbar as well.
  • The dilated armrest of this chair gives your arm a more relaxing and comfortable experience.
  • A double bungee system connects the seat’s fabric to the frame for enhanced safety and weight-bearing capacity.
  • It has a non-slip foot cover that protects your floor to ensure your chair does not produce any noise when using it and prevents its legs from wearing out.
  • It easily folds and opens within seconds; hence no assembly is needed.

Why we have chosen it

We could not afford to ignore this chair. It has a lot to offer for your comfort and relaxing experience. Its flexibility is an impressive feature. This chair is suitable for use in both the summer and winter seasons. It is ventilated for use in the summer to make it more breathable to avoid sweat sticking on your chair, causing too much discomfort. You will only need to place the pearl cotton cushion during winter and use it on your patio.

Its design is something else that makes this product more attractive. It is created from weather-resistant frames which are connected to the fabric using a double bungee system. The robust fabric, a double bungee system and strong frames enables this chair to bear a weight of up to 150 kg. This is a lot of weight, meaning all your family can use this chair.

The adjustability of positions and locking system mechanism is an area of interest in this chair. You can recline up to an angle where your body feels comfortable. For consistent comfort, the recliner allows you to lock the position you feel most comfortable in. You can detach the headrest to either support your head or lumbar. Also, you can remove the cushions during winter and place them back during cold months. 

Read reviews

For more insights, read reviews of this product. Some users who have bought this product have left feedback that either praises it or gives reasons why they did not like it. This chair has great ratings and reviews. At the same time, some users think some areas need to be improved to make this chair perfect for all. All these reviews will help you make a wiser decision to either buy or go for other options available.

Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Sun Bed with Cushions Recliner Garden Chair
39 Customer Reviews
Rattan Garden Sun Lounger Sun Bed with Cushions Recliner Garden Chair

Product description

The Rattan Sun Lounger is suitable for patio, poolside, garden, porch, or anywhere you prefer to use it. It allows you to lie on it as you enjoy warm summer seasons with family and friends or with a good book and your favourite drinks. 

This lounger is made from iron and PE rattan. It has a five centimetres-thick cushion which is comfortable and cosy. The eight-strong legs offer a higher bearing capacity and improve the lounger strength. You can adjust this recliner into four different positions until you achieve your most preferred position that meets all your relaxation needs. Whether lying or sitting, this lounger will offer you an outstanding experience. This garden recliner is designed with PE rattan which is weather-resistant to give you long service life.    

Main features

These are the key features of this product:

  • It is made from durable hand-woven weather-resistant PE rattan and rust-resistant frame and can support up to 150 kg.
  • It has an adjustable backrest position. This chaise lounge offers four heights from 11.2 inches to 37 inches which you can easily adjust to find your right resting angle.
  • It comes with a detachable cushion filled with a thick and soft sponge to add seating and lying comfort. You can fix your lounger with ropes to keep the cushion in place.
  • It is flexible for different occasions, such as in patios, balconies, gardens, poolsides, and any other perfect places where you feel you can use your lounger. 

Why we have chosen it

This lounger has a great design that allows you to enjoy warm summer months comfortably. It has four adjustable comfort positions, and depending on your needs, you will choose a position that meets them all. The good thing with this lounger is that you can use it in different places such as a balcony, garden, patio, beach, or any other place you feel like you need a lounger. 

Read reviews

It is through reading reviews you get to decide whether you need this lounge or not. You will learn if all your needs will be met by reading different experiences buyers have had with this lounger. Reviews of this lounger are excellent, indicating that most users are pleased with what this product offers.

This guide has some of the best zero gravity chairs, recliners and loungers. With our seven top picks, we believe you will find one that will work for you to enjoy your summer holiday comfortably. 

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